GH Update Monday 1/29/18

General Hospital Update Monday 1/29/18


Written by Anthony

Dane and Sonny walk into the barn at Windemere. Sonny smells gas coming from a room. Dante kicks down the door and finds a blanket. Dante wonders if this was Faison. Sonny assumes it has to be. Dante asks why Faison would put a gas bomb in an empty room. He wants to know where Lulu is. Sonny knows it is a big island. They have to keep searching.

Carly asks Jason what happens if Faison dies without answering his questions. Jason guesses that at least he will be dead. Carly wonders if he is really going to be ok with that. Jason explains that he and Sonny were working on this with Anna. The entire time they were working together, his name brought fear to her eyes. It wasn’t just Anna that this guy has gone after. It has to stop. Carly doesn’t know how Jason is able to lock in on what matters. She would be desperate for answers. She wants to know why they had to spend five years without him. Jason cares. If Faison dies before he can tell him why, there is still someone else who knows.

Anna begs Henrik to come on. She wants to know where he is. She can help him. Peter watches from behind a bush. He makes a noise. Anna takes out a gun and asks if Henrik is there.

A nurse tells Finn that Faison’s pressure is dropping. Finn explains that they have to change out his bag.

Griffin walks into the ER. Maxie wonders if he is here for Nathan. Griffin explains that Lucas found him. The bullet is lodged against Nathan’s spina column. Maxie wants to know what they can do for him. Griffin needs to get him prepped for surgery. Maxie asks when that will be. Griffin guesses when he is stabilized. Maxie screams asking how he is not stable yet. Bobbie needs Maxie to listen to her. The best thing they can do for Nathan right now is to pray.

Griffin goes into Nathan’s exam room. Amy explains that the blood blank is low because they have two victims. Griffin tells the other nurse in the room to go coordinate with the blood bank. Amy needs Nathan to stay with her.

Faison and Nathan lose consciousness at the same time. Griffin and Finn both work on stabilizing from their respected rooms.

Valentin and Nina are in their living room. Nina thinks this place gets so cold when no one is home. Valentin realizes this is a departure from the beach. Someone knocks on the door. Nina points out they haven’t even been home. She wants to know where is here. Valentin suggests they ignore them and they will go away. Dante screams police. Dante asks if Lulu is here. Sonny wonders how long they have been back. Nina asks why they are here and why Sonny is with him. Valentin explains that he and Nina have only been home a half hour and have not seen Lulu or anyone else for that matter. Dante explains that Lulu disappeared and is out here looking for Faison.

Finn tries to revive Faison’s heart.

Griffin does a charge at two hundred.

Maxie wonders what is happening. Bobbie reminds her that they have to wait until the doctors tell them something. Maxie asks if that is Nathan. She needs it to be Nathan. Bobbie claims it is.

Amy tells Griffin that Nathan is back.

Finn’s nurse tells Finn that Faison is back. Finn thinks they can move Faison to the OR.

Maxie asks Griffin what is going on. Griffin tells her that his heart stopped. Once he stabilizes they will be able to operate. Maxie wants to know why he is not stable. She wants to know what is wrong. Finn and his nurse wheel out Faison. She wants to know where he is going. Finn explains he needs surgery. Maxie reminds them that Nathan does too. They need to take Nathan first. Bobbie tells her that they have to treat all the patients. Not just the ones they love. Maxie wants to know why Faison gets to be treated before Nathan. Bobbie knows they will as soon as they are ready. They have to get the OR prepped. Griffin wants to give Nathan the best chance at survival at full mobility. Maxie knows that Nathan will be fine.

Anna tells Henrik she doesn’t mean him any harm. They share a common enemy. Faison has hurt them both and she can help him. Jason shows up. Anna gestures for him to be silent. Jason walks behind the bushes and Peter is gone. Jason wonders if he was here. Anna doesn’t know but someone was. She wonders what happened at the Metro Court. Jason tells her that Faison took Carly hostage. He shot him. Anna wonders if he killed him. He admits that he is still alive and is at GH. Anna hopes that they don’t operate. Jason guesses it is up to the doctors.

Jordan walks over to Maxie and Bobbie. She asks if there is any word on Nathan. Bobbie explains they are going to operate as soon as he is stable. Maxie guesses that Faison is already stable because who ever shot him did less damage. Jordan tells her it was Jason. Jason shot Faison when he took Carly hostage. Bobbie is shocked that Carly was taken hostage. Jordan assures her Carly is alright. Maxie wonders what is wrong with Jason. She wants to know why Faison is still alive. She wants him to be killed already. She has no compassion for Faison. Just like, how he has no compassion for Robin, Anna, Nathan or any of the people he has hurt. Amy and Griffin walk out with Nathan. Maxie begs for a second. She is right here. The baby and her will be right there when he pulls through this. She needs him to pull through for her and the baby. Griffin is sorry but they really need to go. Maxie begs Griffin to not let his history with Nathan hurt the chances of Nathan being saved. Griffin will do everything he can to save him.

Dante knows that Faison has hidden in this house before. Valentin explains that he was out of the country and the staff were on vacation. Sonny believes that Lulu was being held in the stables. They have foot prints and an open canister. Nina wonders why they are convinced she is here. Dante says that Peter told them that Lulu was following up on a lead. She thought Faison was out here. Nina is shocked that Lulu would do this after only two weeks of being a reporter. This is just like what she did with Nathan pulling him into that ridiculous interview. Sonny explains that there used to be tunnels underneath the house. Valentin says that there still are. Sonny wants to know if any of them lead to the stables. Valentin thinks among other places. He opens a secret passage way. Lulu sees the opening. She runs up to Dante. Obrecht walks out. She says hi to Nina.

Jordan wants Maxie to take her through what happened. Bobbie wonders if she needs a little room. Maxie is fine. It was a little blurry because it happened so fast. She had to go handle something because the intern couldn’t handle it. She went back in. She took Shane with her. They walked into Nina’s office and Peter was there with the strangest look on his face. She heard a thump and Faison knocked Shane out. Peter got his gun ad shot him. Jordan asks if Peter was shot. Maxie saw it happened. She thought he had been hit but he wasn’t. He came after Faison later. Maxie was so focused on Nathan and Peter called 911. There wasn’t much they could do. Bobbie suggests a little break and they will get tea while they wait.

Peter walks into the Metro Court. Carly walks over and asks what he thinks he is doing. Peter assumed the shooting was over. Carly says it is but the guests have been asked to stay in their rooms. All public levels and office levels are sealed off. Peter just needs to get his iPad off his desk. Carly wonders if he really plans to work right now. Peter though… he honestly didn’t know what he thought. Carly imagines that it isn’t every day you get shot. Carly thanks him for helping. Peter gets a call from Jordan. Jordan wonders if he is alright. Jordan needs him to meet her at the station to answer a few questions.

Anna asks what happened with the cops. Jason guesses they let him go. He will have to make a statement at some point, but the security footage showed exactly what happened. Anna wishes that he had jut killed him. All these years and he finally runs into the one person who could put a bullet in him. Anna doesn’t want him to tell Robin she said that. Jason won’t. Anna has always tried to be her best for her. She wants to be an example of ethics and principles. Anna wasn’t always like that which is why Faison was able to get to her. Anna realized she couldn’t just put a gun to Faison’s head the way she wanted to. The way she dreamt of doing. Anna realizes that Faison always comes back. Jason says not this time. One way or the other Faison is done. Anna is going to pretend she didn’t hear that. Just the way she will pretend to be surprised to follow through. Anna is going to GH to see if she can get Faison to reveal anything all drugged up. Jason explains before Faison took Carly hostage, he shot Nathan. That was the call. The disturbance was he shot Nathan.

Dante knows that Lulu could have been killed. Lulu realized there was an entrance to the hotels. Obrecht woke up and remembered the way to the opening. Lulu couldn’t just wait around. Sonny asks how Lulu is. Lulu thinks she is pretty good. Sonny is glad that she escaped. Lulu explains that Faison is going after Nathan. Dante tells her that Faison has been taken care of. Obrecht wonders if he is dead. Dante tells her that he is wounded badly. He took Carly hostage. Jason shot him. Lulu wonders if Carly is ok. Sonny thinks so but he has to go the hotel. Dante thanks Sonny. Dante has to go to the station. Nina thinks it is good that it is good they got home early. They would still be stuck in the tunnels. Obrecht memorized the tunnels. She would have lead them to the exist. Lulu says that Charlotte and Rocco are with Olivia. Valentin thinks that next time she leaves Charlotte with a third party, he would appreciate if she let them know. Lulu reminds him that Charlotte adores Olivia. It is a good thing she was with him this week. Lulu thinks it is a strange coincidence that the two of them went on vacation when Faison needed a place to hang out. Nina doesn’t even know Faison. Valentin only knows him by reputation.

Anna asks Finn how Nathan is doing. Finn thinks he is in the OR. Jason asks how Faison is doing. Finn tells him that he is out of surgery. There is only one bed available in the ICU and they are saving it for Nathan. Faison is in trauma one. He had to treat him. It is to soon to tell if he will survive. Jason is going to talk with Maxie. Finn was worried about Anna. He assumed she shot him. Anna wouldn’t hesitate, but she was pursuing another angle. Finn doesn’t want her to act like it isn’t difficult to deal with this guy. Anna explains it is her job to deal with him whether she likes it or not. Just like how he has to treat him. Finn knows whether he likes it or not. Anna looks into the other room where Faison is.

Jordan thanks Peter for coming in. Peter tells her she has his full cooperation. He doesn’t know what he can tell her. Jordan wants to know what happened. Peter was dropping something off for Nina when he showed up. He didn’t seem interested in him and then a moment later Maxie and her guard showed up. Jordan takes a call in the hallway. Dante says that Lulu is safe. Jordan tells him that there is something he needs to know about Nathan. Dante asks what is wrong with Nathan. Lulu asks what is wrong.

Jason walks over to Maxie. She heard he was the one who shot Faison. She wishes he got to him before he got to Nathan. Jason does as well. Maxie guesses he is out of surgery. She doesn’t think it is fair that Faison is not the one hurting instead it is Nathan. Jason knows. He is sorry it happened this way. He is glad that Faison has been stopped. He will make sure of it.

Anna sees that Faison is awake. They need to talk.

Carly wonders if Sonny is ok. Sonny promises they will be fine. Lulu and Obrecht were trapped in a room in the stables. They got out through the tunnels. Carly thinks she is lucky that she didn’t get shot like Nathan. He is in surgery. She can imagine how Maxie is doing. Sonny wants to know what happened. Carly was here with Bobbie and Lucas and a guest came saying there were gun shots and screams. Sonny is confused why Faison would go to Crimson.

Maxie wants to know how many times Jason has been shot. Jason guesses a few times. Maxie asks if it helps to have people you love there. She asks if he can feel their love. Jason can feel it and assumes Nathan can too. Maxie knows he would never say something out of politeness. Maxie needs Jason to make sure that Faison never hurts anyone like he did Nathan. Obrecht runs over with Nina and Valentin behind her. She wants to know where her son is. Maxie says that he is in surgery. Obrecht will scrub in. She can assist. Obrecht is an excellent surgeon. Bobbie reminds her that she is his mother. Bobbie suggests they can find out what is going on. Nina wonders how Maxie and the baby are doing. Maxie is fine. Nathan saved her and the baby. She thinks Nathan will be fine too.

Jordan heard from Maxie that Faison knocked out an officer. Peter noticed the officer’s gun and Faison took a shot at him. Peter dove to the ground. He found Nathan lying on the ground later on. He didn’t fire at Faison, but he is not so sure. Jordan will check out to see how many times it was fired. Jordan asks what made him think to pick up the gun in the first place. Peter explains he wanted to take Maxie because the baby is his grandchild. He had to do something. Dante and Lulu run over. He tells Peter if Nathan dies his blood is on his hands.

Faison wonders how Nathan is. Anna thinks he is fighting for his life. Anna wants to know about his other son Henrik. Faison asks how much she knows about Henrik. Anna only just found out about his existence. Which is a surprise given how many years he has been tormenting her. Faison thinks it is the most exciting game they play. Anna didn’t know he had a son. Faison never wanted him. It wasn’t his fault. Anna knows it never is. She wants to know whose fault it was. Faison thinks Cassadine’s.

Valentin kisses Nina.

A grief councilor walks over to Maxie. She is so sorry Nathan was injured. There are questions that need to be answered in the events that Nathan doesn’t make it. His license doesn’t indicate if he is an organ donor. Maxie tells him that he is but that it doesn’t matter. Nathan will be fine. She wonders if he knows something that she doesn’t. He doesn’t but they have to be prepared. Maxie knows Nathan will get through this. Bobbie can take over for this. She is family. Maxie explains that Nathan was shot twice before. Nothing will happen this time. Bobbie asks if she wants her to call Mac and Felicia. Maxie wants her to tell them that it is serious but that Nathan will be just fine.

Carly guesses the police will not tell her when the guests can leave their rooms. Carly assumes Faison went to Crimson for Maxie. It makes sense that Faison would want leverage with Maxie. Sonny thinks something seems off with this. Carly assumes it has to be leverage.

Dante reminds Peter he put this entire thing into motion. He wonders if this was about more money. He asks if Nathan’s life was worth it. Peter doesn’t know how he can be blamed for this. Dante reminds him that he brought Faison the interview that brought him to town. Now Nathan has been shot and Lulu could have been killed. Lulu doesn’t think that Peter made her do anything. If anyone is to blame it is her. Dante promises it is not her. Jordan tells Peter to make himself available if they have questions. Peter does hope Nathan pulls through.

Anna asks which Cassadine. Anna asks how he is connected to the Cassadine’s. Finn walks in and asks what she is doing here. Anna thinks he has answers she needs. Finn doesn’t think he will be much help if he is dead. Anna thought he said that he was stable. Finn doesn’t think that means she can mess with him. He promises that she can talk with him when he is put in a normal room. He wants her to bring someone with her. Anna can handle Faison. Finn needs her to bring a witness if he ends up dying so no one can say she did it.

Jason walks into the room where Faison is.

Sonny thinks that if Faison wanted Maxie then he would have had to go into the garage where cameras ware and potential witnesses. Carly knows he is arrogant and could think he could get away with it. Carly wants to know what else is at Crimson. Sonny has no idea.

Dante asks what Nathan’s chances are. Jordan thinks it is to soon to tell. Jordan knows that Nathan was shot right in front of Maxie. She gave a coherent statement.

Peter is at the park. He is wearing gloves and goes into a trashcan. There is a bullet proof vest and he yank out a bullet. Peter takes out lighter fluid and lights the trashcan on fire.

Finn asks what he said this time that had her so worked up. Anna guesses this was connected to the Cassadine’s somehow. Finn knows that he worked with Helena. Anna supposes so.

Faison wakes up. Jason is standing there.

Maxie wants to know what is taking so long. Obrecht thinks this is her fault. She should never have reclaimed Nathan as her son. Maxie thinks that he will want to see him as soon as he wakes up. Griffin walks out. Maxie asks if he is ok.

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