GH Update Friday 1/26/18

General Hospital Update Friday 1/26/18


Written by Anthony

Carly tells Bobbie and Lucas she is sorry. She is running this place by herself while Ned is on the campaign trail. Bobbie says that Lucas is jumping out of his skin to tell them something. Carly wonders what is wrong. Lucas doesn’t want them to freak out. Nothing is decided but it is decided, there is still a long way to go. He just thinks it feels weird not to tell them. Carly thinks they know he is gay. Lucas wants her to take this seriously. Lucas says that Brad and him have decided to adopt a baby. Carly and Bobbie hug him.

Sonny and Jason are all prepped. Jason has a wire set up so it can be heard from the car. Sonny wants to wait out here. They don’t even know if this is Faison’s son. Jason thinks that they will find out. Sonny thinks that Anna might miss the whole thing. Jason doesn’t think that is a bad thing. Sonny thinks that Anna might be to close to this.

Anna tries to help Finn get his head cleaned up. Anna either had to give him a bump on the head or Faison was going to put a bullet on it.

Jordan asks Dante what they have. Dante tells them that Faison left Anna’s house a half-hour ago. Jordan guesses that means he could be anywhere.

Nathan runs over to Amy at the ER. He wonders if Maxie is here. Amy doesn’t think so. She will check to make sure she wasn’t admitted.

Faison feels that Maxie looks beautiful. He guesses that Nathan has absolute wonderful taste. Maxie wants Faison to stay away from her. Faison thinks it is a pleasure to make his acquaintance. They have a lot to catch up on.

Lucas tells them that he cannot breathe. He says they considered surrogacy. They decided since they are both adopted it makes sense. Bobbie and Carly hug him again.

Sonny knows that Anna wants the son as much as they do. It isn’t like Anna to be late. Sonny thinks that if Anna doesn’t show up soon, he will be sending someone to her house. In the meantime, he is going to go to the car and check on things. They don’t know who this guy is yet.

Finn thinks this whole thing would have been avoided if she didn’t put her gun down. Jordan and Dante walk into the room. She wonders how it is going in here. Anna already gave a statement that Faison came to her house holding Finn hostage. She had to knock him out. Faison heard sirens and he took off. Jordan asks if Finn has anything to add. Finn thinks that he is obsessed with Anna. Jordan could use her help. Anna will connect with her later. Finn asks if he is supposed to pretend that this guy is not obsessed with him. Anna is sorry she had to knock him out. She wonders if he will be alright. Anna has to go and protect certain people. Anna wants him to take care. Finn tells her to be careful.

Lulu screams for someone to come help. Obrecht wants her to save her breaths. She will die faster is she inhales to much of the poison. Faison left them where he knew no one would come. His revenge is always swift. They have to accept they are done.

Nathan asks if there is anything about Maxie. Amy has nothing on Maxie. She tells Nathan that Maxie was going to Crimson like an hour ago. She stopped by his place and Maxie got a call from the magazine.

Maxie explains that there are a lot of people looking for Faison. The WSB and Sonny Corinthos. He is not so happy that he shot his best friend and made him disappear for five years. Jason did not enjoy that experience. Faison doesn’t fear street thugs. Maxie doesn’t think that Jason is just some thug. Jason has the best tech support on the planet and will track him down wherever he goes. Then Jason will show up and kill Faison which would be fine with her and Nathan. She is going to give him the one time chance to take off. She will wait a whole minute to call 911. Faison thinks that Maxie will make her a father. Peter doesn’t think that he will ever be anything to that child. Faison tells him to shut up. He wants him to make himself useful. He wants him to remove the office out of his sight. Faison asks how long Nathan knew about his father. Maxie asks why it would matter. Faison assumes that Nathan knows the baby might have a piece of genius in his DNA. Maxie knows that Faison is a psychopath. Faison explains that Nathan is not pregnant. She is. Maxie cannot believe that anyone would have ever slept with him. Peter pulls for Shane’s gun. Faison thinks that hiding Nathan was an unforgivable crime. Maxie realizes they went looking for answers and found him. Peter tries shooting Faison and Faison shoots him instead.

Jason has no movement from anyone. Anna shows up in Sonny’s car. She wonders what she missed.

Alexis tells Finn they missed him at the meeting. Finn was a little busy. She knows a good lawyer. Finn thinks if she got this from anyone but Anna he would take her up on the offer. Alexis thinks that this looks like something that happened on the fast lane for him.

Bobbie doesn’t think that this surprises her. Valerie mentioned seeing some papers. Lucas asks why she didn’t say anything then. Bobbie knows better than to ask her children about having kids. It is their choice. Bobbie knows in her hear this is going to happen. Lucas was wondering if they would write letters of recommendation for them. Carly thinks they will be incredible parents. Bobbie is so proud him and Tony would be too. Bobbie has to get to the hospital. Brad does too. An employee walks over to Carly. There has been a disturbance on the third floor.

Lulu starts to fall to the ground coughing. Lulu cannot give up. Obrecht thinks the gas has aged. It is deteriorated. It will not be painful. It is like going to sleep. Lulu thinks that there has to be a way out.

Carly is glad that Nathan showed up. Nathan wonders what she means. Carly explains that there have been complaints about commotion upstairs. She thinks at Crimson. Loud screams and pops. Nathan calls for backup as he goes up the elevator. Nathan hopes Maxie and the baby are ok,.

Maxie tells Faison to let go of her. Faison tells her to shut up. He thinks it is time to go. Faison thinks it would hurt him so much to kill her and the child she is carrying. He could deal with it though. Nathan walks in. Faison shoots him in the chest. He starts to fall to the ground and passes out.

Anna says that Faison was at her house. He had Finn captive. Sonny asks if he has any idea where he was headed. Anna says he is here to. He will want to meet Nathan. It will feed his ego even more to know he has such a strong and handsome son. Sonny asks about the other son. Anna assumes Henrik has a target on his back. Which is why they have to protect him. Anna thinks they can question Henrik but they cannot use him as bate. Sonny thinks they will play by his rules. Sonny gets a call. Carly thinks that there has been a shooting at the Metro Court. A couple guests heard loud noises at Crimson. Nathan showed up and went to Crimson. He called for backup and there have been more reports of gunfire. Jason hears all of this and is on his way. Sonny tells her they are on the way. Anna assumes that it was Faison. Sonny confirms it is. Anna will stay here. Sonny thinks if she does run into Henrik she needs to keep him with her. They need answers. Anna tells him to be careful. Sonny leaves.

Lucas walks back into the lobby and thinks he left his phone. Carly says she has it right here and needs him to leave. She thinks that there has been a shooting upstairs at Crimson. Lucas is going to go help. Someone might need a doctor. Carly wants him to be careful.

Maxie cannot believe he shot his own son. Nathan wants Maxie to run. Peter walks out and has the gun. He tells him to drop the gun. Faison runs off. Peter is calling 911. Nathan loves Maxie. Peter thinks this is bad. Maxie wants him to stay with her. Nathan wonders about the baby. Maxie promises they are fine. Maxie wants Nathan to focus on her. Nathan thinks it is his favorite thing. Maxie would come home to the apartment and hoping she would see him. She also loves to hang out while watching TV. He hums to himself. She loves it and the baby will too. Lucas shows up and tries to help out. Maxie thinks there is a lot of blood. Lucas needs him to hang in for Maxie.

Finn might have had something relationship related if he had been to the meeting. Alexis thinks that there is another meeting in the basement of Queen of Angels tonight. Finn thinks they have the worst donuts. Alexis thinks he can do better than that. Finn thinks he needs a good research project that will keep him in the lab. Alexis thinks running from problems only makes them bigger. Finn asks if this is a biproduct of the twelve step meeting. Finn is not keen on getting up in front of people and pouring his heart out. He doesn’t want to be told things he already knows like he is an idiot. No one will judge him for stepping back. Finn wants to go all in with Anna.

Anna wonders where Henrik is. He should know the risk he is taking. She wants to know why he would risk his life with Faison. Anna will not let Faison destroy him.

Lulu tells Obrecht that she will get them out of here,. There has to be a way. She finds a plaque. Se thinks that Spencer painted the sign for a reason. She begs that this is what she thinks it is.

Sonny finds Dante outside the hotel. He explains that Carly thinks that there was a shooting at Crimson. Dante is aware. They have had multiple 911 calls. Sonny tells him that Carly is inside. They have to keep civilian’s from being scared. Dante doesn’t want him to be going into the building. Jordan will have him arrested if he goes in right now.

Carly tells one of her employees that she needs him to leave. He asks if she is going to go. Carly just wants to make sure the guests get out. Faison holds a gun to Carly. He asks if she works here. Carly is the owner. Faison needs Carly to lead the way to a way away from the cops. Carly thinks he will have to kill her. Jason shows up. He wants him to let her go. Faison doesn’t think he will ever make the shot. Jason shoots Faison. He falls to the floor.

Alexis guesses that Finn still wants to make things work with Anna even after all that has gone on. Finn asks who would put themselves in the mind of so much risk. Finn should be putting so much distance between him and Anna. Alexis explains that Faison was a corrupt associate of her late step-mother. Finn could tell that Anna was still afraid with him. He could tell that Anna was playing just as many mind games as he was with her though. Finn thinks emotional courage is something else. He thinks it was all so valor. Alexis wonders what happens next. Finn doesn’t know. He just knows that he saw Anna down and there was a possibility that Anna could be shot. He didn’t like to think about not having Anna with him.

Anna thinks back to Faison showing up when she was going t marry Robert. He wanted her to sit so they could talk. Anna claimed she loved Robert.

Dante tells them that Faison is alive but will need medical attention. Jordan tell Jason to turn over his gun. Jason does so. Jordan guesses the scene is secure. Carly is glad that they showed up. Carly is glad he is here. Carly explains that Nathan and Lucas went upstairs. Peter comes over saying that Nathan has been shot. Sonny asks if Faison is going to make it. Faison thinks they better hope so if they want to see Lulu alive. Dante demands to know where his wife is. Peter says that Lulu said something about Windemere.

Jordan asks if Maxie is hurt. Maxie says that this is Nathan’s blood. Faison shot him. Maxie needed to come here for a work emergency. She thinks Nathan will be fine. The paramedics lift Nathan up. Maxie I not going to leave him. Nathan gives her a thumbs up.

Finn thanks Alexis for listening. He didn’t even realize he wanted to talk. Alexis knows what it is like to deal with someone that you shouldn’t technically be with. She wants her to be careful.

Anna continues to wait. She thinks about spending time with Faison. He wanted her to dance with her. Him kissing her. Anna sighs. She gets a call. It is from Finn. The further away he is from this the better.

Dante knocks on he door that Lulu is inside of and Sonny hears gas. Dante kicks open the door.

Jason asks if Carly is ok. Carly will be once she stops shaking. Jason thinks if he gave any warning at all Carly would have been shot. Carly has one question. She asks if he was trying to kill Faison. Jason would have taken a head shot. He wants to be able to talk for now. Jason knows he will have organ damage and blood loss. At least he will be dead if it comes down to it. He was working with Anna on this case. Every time she would say his name, you could tell there was fear. He thinks the drama was going to stop.

Anna wants to help Henrik. Peter is standing behind a bush.

Bobbie asks if Finn is cleared for work. She has two people who need medical attention. He sees the first is Faison. He asks who the other victim is. Finn wants him in trauma one. Amy finds Maxi with Nathan. Amy promises to take care of him. Bobbie promises he has the best team working on him. Maxie knows Nathan will be just fine.

Finn works on Faison.

Peter tells Amy to page another doctor.

Maxie tried stalling, but it wasn’t enough. Faison was going to take him, and Nathan saved her.

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