GH Update Thursday 1/25/18

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/25/18


Written by Anthony

Anna storms into her house pulling out a gun. Faison is holding a gun to Finn. He thinks it is so lovely to see her. He wants her to drop her gun or he will blow the head off her lover. Anna claims he is not her lover. Faison doesn’t give a damn. He will kill him if he doesn’t do what he says. Finn doesn’t want him to do it. Anna puts the gun on the ground.

Ava walks into Franco’s office. He asks if his muse has returned. Franco explains that his wedding is weeks away and yet again is a disappointment to Elizabeth.

Shane storms into Maxie’s apartment. He says it will just take a minute. He looks around and gives her the all clear. Maxie thinks they need Nathan and the PCPD to find the grandfather. There is no way that the baby will live like this.

Nathan writes Henrik’s name on the blank piece of paper representing him. Nathan has to assume the only worse thing than being Faison’s enemy is being someone that Faison might actually care about.

Anna kicks the gun over to Faison. Faison feels that Anna would do anything to make sure he lives. He thinks she is stupid.

Kevin tells Elizabeth the good news about Spencer is that they were clean breaks and the are already healing. Elizabeth imagines only Spencer could do something like this. Kevin knows, to break both legs. Everyone, seems to say that. Kevin knows he has a lovely grandmother there to look after him. Elizabeth guesses that Laura really did drop out of the race then. Kevin explains she really wanted to be with Spencer. Kevin has a new project to work on. He is writing a paper on psychopaths and how it affects the mind. Elizabeth would like to hear more.

Ava looks at the piece of paper Franco was using, and it shows his guest list. Kiki and Scott. Franco assumes that everyone on Elizabeth’s list probably is hoping that Elizabeth leaves him before the wedding. Ava thinks it is a possibility if they think about it. He was thinking about calling his mother, but he doesn’t think that would be a good idea. Ava might have a work around for him. She was going to suggest he invite her. Nobody, knows better what it is like to fight for happiness. She will be more than happy to be there.

Griffin asks how it feels to survive the MCATS. Kiki says that is over. Griffin wonders what is wrong. Kiki called Dillon in the middle of the night last night and his new girlfriend answered the phone. Griffin asks if she misdialed. Kiki was in such shock thinking she jumbled her contacts. Then Dillon called back and explained the long distance thing was just not working. Griffin thought they were going to meet up last month. Kiki guesses he was over compensating. She thinks they would have broken up then. Kiki guesses it just wasn’t working. She chose to get into med school and he chose someone else. Griffin doesn’t think he deserved her.

Nathan calls Maxie. He wants to make sure she got home today. Maxie thinks it is extremely awkward to have a police guard. Nathan knows but they need to make sure that everything is alright for Maxie. Shane knocks and says that Amy is here to see her. Maxie will talk later. She loves him. Maxie says that she wasn’t expecting Amy. Amy has news about her baby.

Nathan needs someone to check up on the neighbor who called the police about the disturbance at Anna’s house. He needs to know exactly what happened. Peter walks over to both of them. Dante ask what they can do for him. Peter explains the paper has been flooded with tips on Faison. Hopefully, one will pan out and their officers can find him.

Faison feels anything from Anna and he will kill him. Anna understands. Faison closes the door behind Anna. Faison calls her beautiful. She thought he was done with her. Anna thought that he was done with her. Faison doesn’t think there will ever be another man with a passion for her like he does. Anna thought she made him angry last time. Faison thinks she tried. If he desires a woman he will have her. Anna asks what he wants. Faison thinks that there are a lot of things he wants and Anna is the first on the list.

Ava does know a lot about redemption and the pursuit there of. She thinks that they have changed. She feels that there are a lot of people with skeletons in their closets. Ava thinks if he only has three people on his side who cares. Ava turned her life around and so has he. Franco wonders if he ever looks over his shoulder wondering what could happen next. Ava knows if she looks back she will be consumed by the doubts and regrets and drown in them. Ava just looks forward. She thinks Elizabeth is his future. Franco wants her with every fiber. Ava tells him to kiss the bride. He needs to give himself time to be happy.

Kevin wants to examine the possibility that there might be physical reasons to drive the impulse to matter. Elizabeth asks like biological. Kevin realizes he blabbers on all the time like this. Elizabeth knows the perfect subject. Franco.

Amy wants to know why Maxie has a guard outside her door. She thinks it has to do with that article Lulu wrote about Nathan’s father. Amy wonders if they are in danger. Maxie thinks that Nathan has things under control. Amy hands Maxie papers. She sold the production writes to Man Landers. She only wrote the book to pay for Chet’s medical bills. She feels she wants to share these profits with Nathan. If he hadn’t agreed to be Man Landers, they never would have got the attention in the first place. Amy explains the money is not for Nathan. The money is in a trust fund for the baby.

Peter asks if there is anything they can use. Dante explains his readers claim to have seen Faison everywhere from London to Pittsburg. So, they will see what he can find. Nathan reads letters to him saying that he should be proud to have Faison as a father. Nathan is grateful that he doesn’t know Faison. He just needs to protect his child and lock Faison up for good.

Faison thinks that Anna is dangerous. Especially, to men’s hearts. Anna didn’t want to tell Finn everything about her past. One without him. Faison asks what he wants her to do with him. Anna smacks Finn over the head with a voice message box. He passes out. Faison doesn’t want her to cry. Anna is not crying.

Kiki isn’t that shocked. She turned him down when he went to Morocco with him. She wants to know who does that. Griffin thinks someone who puts their passion for medicine first. That is fair and understandable. He doesn’t think Dillon could hack this. Kiki used to be amazingly supportive. Dillon is absent to see how much she accomplished. Kiki never realized how much she gave up just to get into med school. It doesn’t even include that she will get in. Kiki hopes she will get into med school. Griffin explains he has a friend on the admission board. She did it. She got into med school.

Ava tells Franco that she and Griffin are going to come to his wedding. She wants him to believe in second chances. Franco guesses he believes it. Pigs are flying and ice skating in hell. He will believe.

Dante asks if Nathan is still looking through the letters. Nathan took a break. He shows him the baby picture. He cannot believe how responsible he is for a little life. He will be a father. Dante thinks it takes more than genetics to make a father. Nathan thinks that Dante is more of a brother to him than Henrik will ever be. Nathan has been talking with Maxie. He wants him to be the baby’s godfather. Dante would be honored. He hugs Nathan.

Maxie is so sorry. She cries at songs and even trailers today. Amy does to and she is not even pregnant. Maxie doesn’t know what to say. This is so generous to her. She loves that she found a way to give them a money without Nathan turning her down. Amy knows Nathan is smart, kind, and direct. The only way he would accept anything from them is if it were for his baby. Maxie gets a call. She explains she is Nina’s backup. She doesn’t want her to do anything and she will be right there. Maxie has to go to Crimson. She will talk over this with Nathan. Maxie leaves. She tells Shane they have to roll.

An office tells Dante that someone spotted someone who looks exactly like Faison outside of Anna’s house last night. Dante is on his way.

Anna wants to know how many lifetimes they have been playing this game of cat and mouse. Running from his obsession. Faison thinks she loves being cruel to him. Anna is tried of running and protecting her family. She is sick. She has an incurable disease. Faison is sorry. Anna knows he is not. He is an evil old man who will never get what he wants from her ever. She doesn’t want to hear about his love because she is sick of it. She asks how this will end. Faison thinks it will end with them the way it was supposed to. Faison thinks it is over.

Kevin wonders if Elizabeth is really volunteering Franco for his story. Elizabeth wants to know who would be better. He knows his medical history. She doesn’t think Franco has ever been able to come to terms with his past. She assumes it might help him learn from his past. Kevin asks if he might be interested. Elizabeth knows working with Andre helped him feel better. Kevin thought that it was a widely accepted theory that Franco was only responsible because of the tumor. Elizabeth thinks that Jason and Sam never believed that. If he can prove that Franco wasn’t responsible. She doesn’t expect him to outright forgive Franco, but it might help people realize he is a good person. They confront Franco with the idea and he says no. Kevin says it is for research. Franco is not going to be the next episode of mind of a murderer. Elizabeth says that it was her idea. She thought it be good for him. Franco thinks that this will only appease Franco fans. Elizabeth says that some people still doubt that the tumor was even responsible for the dark time in his life. Franco knows she means Jason. Franco says that Jason will never hate him less. Not even a study by Kevin. Elizabeth thinks he might no for himself Franco doesn’t think removing the tumor automatically removes all the bad things about him.

Griffin was given the inside track. She got the scores she needed to be admitted. Kiki hugs Griffin. Ava walks over.

Anna thinks this game is in Faison’s hands. Faison doesn’t think this has ever been a game for him. The life he wanted for her is more real than that. He wants a family. Anna thinks he should look elsewhere. He is running out of time. (Sirens go off outside). Faison storms out. Anna tries to wake Finn up.

Kiki is so happy. She tells Ava she is going to med school. Ava thought it was to early to find out. Kiki explains that Griffin found out for her. Ava guesses it is nice to have friends in high places. Griffin explains they were coming out anyways. Kiki thanks him for telling her. She cannot wait to go tell David. She thanks him. Ava thinks that Griffin is good. Griffin explains that Kiki was a little overwhelmed this morning. She did all this hard work to get into med school.

Franco thinks that Diane came up with a plausible explanation for why he did things but the tumor didn’t automatically make him a good person. Kevin would have access to his medical records. Ideally, he would be able to look at the growth of the tumor. Franco would need to explain to him what took its place. Franco does believe the tumor would make him kill, but when it was removed he still was unsure of how to move on with life. If he wants to study him, he needs to tell him how Elizabeth saved him.

Anna tells Finn to sit on the sofa. Dante walks in. Anna says they are good. He went after Nathan she is pretty sure. Dante calls Nathan. Faison could be anywhere in PC.

Someone at Crimson, tells Peter that Nina is not here. Peter is just going to put some papers on Nina’s desk. He can see himself out. She will see him later then. Faison walks in wondering if he came to the wrong office. Peter says his face is everywhere. Faison thinks it is thanks to him putting his face in the paper. Peter explains the entire police department is looking for him. Faison knows it is because of him.

Kiki tells Amy and Elizabeth she got into med school. Amy thinks that is so great for her and awful for us. She is the best nurses assistant they have. Elizabeth guesses they cannot boss her around anymore. Amy reserves the right to complain about the doctors to her even when she becomes one. Amy asks who the friend was…

Ava thinks that a celebration will be in order. Griffin doesn’t want to intrude on her family time. Ava will not take no for an answer. Kiki knows how important he is to her.

Kevin wonders if Franco is working on sketches. Franco says it was his guest list. It was slim. Kevin thinks all that matters is he is getting married. Kevin thinks he made interesting points. He wants to explore them. Franco thinks it is a dark place in his head. Kevin thinks that there is a lot about him that he doesn’t know. He thinks that Franco knows where his office is.

Finn feels fine. He asks if Anna feels fine. Finn thinks that Faison is obsessed with her. Anna knows. Finn guesses it was all just a bluff. Anna thinks he bought it.

Nathan walks into his apartment and calls for Maxie. He gets on his phone and tries to call her.

Maxie needs to get file proofs off Nina’s desk. The open the door. Peter is at the desk. Faison knocks out Shane. Faison thinks it is lovely to see his daughter-in-law.

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