GH Update Wednesday 1/24/18

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/24/18


Written by Anthony

Jason is on the phone with Spinelli. He wants him to let him know if he knows anything else. Jason walks into Sonny’s office. He asks if there has been any other word on Sinclair. Sonny says not yet. He asks what Spinelli said. Sonny guesses he was right. Someone has been intercepting emails. Anna walks in.

Finn walks up to Felicia at the Metro Court. He asks what he is doing here. Felicia wants him to take a seat. She ordered him an ice tea. Felicia wants to know when he is going to tell Anna he loves her.

Sonny wants to know what he can do for Anna. Anna needs a favor in Robin’s name. She needs them to back off Sinclair.

Maxie walks over to Kim at GH. She thought they had an appointment. Kim confirms they do. She was just running a bit late and was hoping that Maxie would be, too. Maxie is excited to see the baby. Kim wonders who the officer is behind her. Maxie explains this is Shane. Her security officer. She needs a little extra security these days. He will wait outside while they are in the exam room. Kim just needs one minute. Maxie wants her to take her time. Nathan walks over. Maxie kisses him. Nathan says that the protesters got to say their part at the protest. Maxie wonders why he looks so stressed. Nathan guesses that there has been an update with Faison. He has a brother.

Lulu informs Faison that her husband is a detective at the PCPD. He is partners with Nathan. She is sure they are both looking for her as they speak. Faison thinks that she will bring his son right to him. Faison asks if they really thought they could outwit him. Look how all this turned out. Lulu feels he is making this more difficult than this has to be. She can set up a meeting with Nathan. Obrecht asks if Lulu is insane and wants his whole family to die. Faison asks if he has a grandchild. Lulu doesn’t think that is what she meant. Faison tells Lulu to shut up. She drives him nuts. Faison turns to Obrecht. Obrecht was referring to his wife. Faison doesn’t want him to lie. He wonders if Nathan has a child. Obrecht explains not yet.

Maxie wants to know who all these people are that are having sex with Faison. Not that she would want it any other way with Nathan. She guesses that the baby has a half-uncle. Nathan says that the baby was raised by Faison and hates him. He is waiting to hear back from Obrecht before he tries to handle this. Maxie can only imagine how he feels right now, like this is somehow a lie. No matter, how many people come out claiming to be his family the only one that matters is theirs. Nathan agrees and kisses her.

Faison guesses this is their first grandchild. Faison cannot believe that neither of them told him about his grandchild. Obrecht doesn’t think that Nathan will let him anywhere near the baby. Lulu doesn’t think he will know until he asks. She will call him. Faison is sick of both of them. They are two pieces of trash. Obrecht claims that Lulu and Anna are practically family. If he hurts Lulu, Anna will never forgive him.

Finn asks if they couldn’t even order first. They have to go right into the crazy talk. Felicia wonders if he is not into Anna then. Finn claims he isn’t. Felicia claims that he must be all about the chase then. She thinks it is exciting, but it has gone on to long. Neither one of them want to admit it. She needs Finn to make the first move. Anna is hurt, and she knows he is too. Without, betraying anyone’s confidence Anna has had to deal with a lot. She has had to deal with a lot more trauma than anyone can comprehend. Felicia needs him to be the brave one. He needs her to man up and tell her he loves her. He will lose hr.

Sonny asks if Anna wants a drink. Anna doesn’t want a drink. She needs him to promise he will do what she asks. Sonny knows this is a big deal. Anything, that happens to do with Faison. He thinks that someone has been intercepting his messages with Sinclair. Anna admits that was her. Anna doesn’t want him to look at her like that. She asked him to notify if he heard from him and he refused. Anna thinks this is important to her. Anna doesn’t care about him. She doesn’t know him. She does care what happens to him. Anna has been there. Sinclair or Henrik or whatever his name is has been pushed to far by Faison. That isn’t a position she envies. Years go by and then he comes back and says he loves her only to have him torcher her. It is a special kind of hell. Sonny thinks they are on the same side. They want to stop this psycho from hurting anyone else. Jason feels in order to do that, they need to get Faison’s son.

Finn just doesn’t think that him and Anna fit. Felicia asks why not. Finn just thinks because. He had a really rough year last year. He doesn’t know what next week holds. He thinks that they are so different. He is a life saver. Felicia thinks that Anna does as well. Finn knows that Felicia gave him a B. Felicia thinks that it was a solid B. She remembers the way the two of them looked at each other. Felicia knows that there was something very real underneath what Anna Finn have for one another. Anna is lonely. Felicia knows they both love each other. She asks if he realizes how precious that is. They love one another and to let that go, is not ok. She doesn’t think he is foolish. She wants him to choose Anna and she will choose him right back. Finn wonders if she said that. Felicia thinks that she is just as stubborn as he is.

Jason explains that he was in the Russian clinic because of Henrik. They know that Faison ordered someone to have him killed, but that person decided to have him alive. Then you look at the manuscript. It is a story about a son trying to kill his father. Jason thinks that Sinclair is the son. Anna asks if he wants to ask why he kept him alive. Jason thinks the real reason they need Sinclair is to get to Faison. Faison replaced Jason with a guy so he could take his orders instead of Sonny’s. He didn’t know at the time but apparently, Faison wanted to get rid of him. Push him out. The easiest way to get rid of him was to get rid of Jason. Anna suggests he focus on getting rid of Faison and then deal with the son. Anna thinks if he uses Henrik to lure Faison, then Faison will kill him. She wonders if they really want Faison’s blood on their hands. The son saved his life. There has to be another way around this. Sonny wants them to forget about him and the threats of his business. Faison put Anna through hell. He took Robin away from them for years. No more. That bastard has to go.

Faison knows that Anna betrayed him and left him to die. He feels nothing for her. Obrecht guesses that he will not care that she has found love again. Faison wants to know who. Obrecht explains a good man. A world-renowned doctor. Hamilton Finn. It seems that Anna has put Duke to rest and is in the arms of a new suiter. Faison thinks that Obrecht recognizes this one. He says goodbye to her. He locks Lulu and Obrecht in.

Kim wants to know how Maxie is feeling. Maxie has been managing since to Nathan. She has him to talk her off the ledge. Kim has experience being a single parent and it is not easy. She asks if they can call in her husband. Maxie says yes. Nathan is standing right at the door. Nathan is anxious being a first-time dad. Kim asks if they are ready to see their baby. Maxie guesses they should do this. Kim is just doing a check before she shows them they baby. She thinks that they are perfect. Kim guesses that he or she is being a little shy, so she cannot determine the gender. Maxie doesn’t want to be told. Kim will write it down and hand it to them. Maxie knows that Sam might not have been into her gender reveal cake, but she is all about hers. Kim asks if she means Sam Morgan. Maxie explains it is Caine now, but she was not happy when she made one for Sam. Kim introduces their little one. Maxie realizes they made that. Nathan agrees they did.

Lulu asks what the hell that is. Obrecht says it is Carbon Disulfate. Lulu asks what is going on. Obrecht says that it is a lethal gas. Obrecht begs her to untie her. Lulu frees her. Obrecht thanks her. Obrecht thinks that if whatever is in that canister doesn’t kill her, then she will happily do the honors.

Finn knocks on Anna’s door. She doesn’t answer so he uses his key. He gets out his phone and calls her.

Anna hates Faison and doesn’t want him free but she doesn’t want his son hurt. Sonny knows they are on different sides of the law here. Anna doesn’t think it is about who is carrying a badge. Sonny thinks they need to stop Faison. Jason wants to show Faison’s face through Henrik. Jason needs Anna to trust him. He will do everything within his power to protect the guy. Anna gets a text from Finn waiting for her at her house. Jason asks if she is ok. Anna admits Henrik wants to meet tonight. She gets an email and admits it is set now.

Finn takes off his jacket ad walks around the foyer. He thinks about her saying that he is lucky he met her. Finn thought that if it weren’t for him, she would have adopted a cat. Anna thought there were plenty of men who would jump at the chance to be with her. She accused him of wanting to be with her and they kissed. Faison walks into Anna’s house and takes out a gun on Finn.

Kim thinks the head size looks good and she shows them the heartbeat. Nathan asks if the baby is sucking its thumb. Kim confirms it is. Nathan thinks it feels so real all of a sudden. He is going to be a dad. Nathan cannot wait to see Georgie bossing the baby around. Kim will make copies of the picture. Kim thinks the pregnancy is going beautifully. Felicia shows up. Nathan will be right outside. Felicia thinks that is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen.

Shane explains to Nathan that Obrecht arranged to have an uber to pick her up from Anna’s house the other night. She wasn’t there when the driver arrives. Nathan asks if she was home. Shane guesses no neighbors have seen her since yesterday.

Lulu doesn’t think this is her fault. Obrecht just got Faison all riled up over Anna. Obrecht thinks that Faison is always riled up over Anna. He doesn’t know an alternative. She was playing Chinese checkers with nuclear launch codes. Obrecht congratulates Lulu. They are all paying the price because of her. Lulu was trying to put a criminal in jail. Obrecht thinks that Faison was able to let the entire town think that Robin disappeared. He got Jason put away as well. She kept Nathan away from Faison for a reason. They will die in here and they cannot warn Nathan. It is over. Lulu thinks they can find a mistake.

Anna gave Sonny the location. She will be coming. Jason doesn’t think that Robin would want Anna being put at risk. Anna feels that Robin would make an exception for this case. She hates Faison as much as she does. Anna has to be the one to drive Faison away. Sonny doesn’t think that this guy will want to be around Anna. Anna will just go along anyway. It is better for them to work together than against each other. Jason guesses they will see her at ten. Sonny promises they will find Faison. Anna thinks when they do, they need to call the authorities.

Faison assumes he is Finn. Finn asks who he is. Faison explains who he is. He assumes that Anna must have mentioned him. Finn doesn’t think she ever said a word about her past. He guesses if he is a part of Anna’s pas then he doesn’t blame Anna for not talking about him. Faison thinks he is a part of Anna’s destiny. He always knew that Anna would be his eventually. They are playing a game. Finn thinks that is disturbing. He hopes that he realizes that people cannot own other people. Finn assumes that he has been obsessing over Anna for years. She is clearly not into him. Finn asks if he has really looked at himself lately. Anna is out of his league. Faison actually thinks that Anna would fall for Finn. He wonders if he should kill Finn. He could also keep her alive. Finn starts to fight Faison.

Felicia introduces herself to Kim. Felicia thinks it will be great to have a grandchild in their own tow. Felicia admits she is not blubbering like Mac was this morning. They put together a crib. Maxie asks if it was just a crib. Felica has a full nursery for the baby. Mac was thinking about Georgie. Maxie misses Georgie a lot. Felicia knows she is here in spirit. She knows it. Felicia thinks she has another healthy baby on the way. She wants her to count her blessings.

Felicia tells Nathan that he made a beautiful baby. Maxie tells Nathan she is feeling better. They will be fine. His father cannot touch them.

Lulu thinks that there is an entrance to the tunnel in here. She will send Dante straight to Anna’s. Lulu thinks that Faison will get captured. She wants Obrecht to help her find the tunnel.

Sonny thinks Anna is cared about Faison. It was the same looks his mother had in her eyes with his step-father. He couldn’t do anything about it then but he can do something about it now. Anna will not live in fear.

Anna finds a cigar outside her house.

Kim gives Felicia photos of the baby. Felicia thanks her for taking such good care of Maxie.

Maxie thinks that the baby totally has Nathan’s nose. She will want more than I told you so when she is right. Nathan guesses that it doesn’t matter. The baby will be so loved it isn’t real. Nathan has to get back to work. He will see her when he gets home. Maxie wants him to show off the baby to everyone in the squad room. Nathan loves Maxie. Maxie waves goodbye to Nathan.

Lulu asks if Obrecht has found anything. The gas start to go off and makes a cloud of orange smoke.

Sonny thinks that Anna wanted to say was she wanted to say don’t miss. That is what he is going to tell Jason.

Ana opens her door holding out her gun. Faison has a gun on Finn. Faison thinks it is lovely to see Anna.

Jason promises he will not miss the shot.

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