GH Update Tuesday 1/23/18

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/23/18


Written by Anthony

Olivia and Ned walk over to Lulu at the Metro Court. Olivia heard about Spencer’s accident. She asks if Spencer is ok. Lulu explains that Laura has been there all of five minutes and Spencer is itching to take his casts off. Ned certainly admires Laura’s devotion to Spencer but he did wish he could have gone against her in the campaign. Lulu guesses at least now he won’t have to write a losing speech. Lulu walks away. Ned thinks he will be the next mayor of PC.

Alexis cannot believe that there was no gas leak and Molly’s landlord lied to her. Molly prefers to look on the bright side but she does prefer to stay with Alexis. Julian wonders how Kiki and TJ went did on their exams. Molly guesses that TJ doesn’t like thinking about it before he gets the results. Alexis needs to find a way to get Molly’s landlord in court and fight to get her back in her apartment. Molly suggests she just run for mayor like Laura suggested. Julian asks if Molly agreed to this. Molly does. Julian does as well.

Anna explains that every time the person going by PK Sinclair sends Sonny an email it will go to her and Sonny will not know. Anna walks into the PCPD. Dante explains to her that the Charles Street protests got out of hand and Jordan wants a stronger police presence today. Nathan guesses the detectives have to play their part. Anna thinks that Faison would have loved to see a case revolving around him. Nathan is trying to wrap his head around Faison being his father. Nathan is not going to wait for Faison to make his first move. Dante asks who Anna thinks his next target will be.

Lulu walks into Peter’s office. She realizes she is supposed to go through channels. Even, though her article went viral she is getting cat shows… Lulu doesn’t appreciate the void left by Cat Fancy but she is going to make her pitch to him. If she is right, Faison is hiding on Spoon Island.

Obrecht wakes up to Faison screaming at her. Faison tells her to scream as much as she would like. No one is going to hear her.

Jordan explains as much as she would like to spend the day with her brilliant son… TJ realizes she needs to go and fight crime. Jordan thinks it will pay for medical school. TJ is paying his own way. Jordan thinks he can say that when the bill comes. TJ needs Jordan to take care of his landlord. Jordan promises the police will make sure the landlords cannot hurt anyone from the protests. Jordan promises to come down on the landlords if anything is proven. Ned walks over to them. He wants to pay for their meal. Jordan thinks it is a lovely jester but she doesn’t think it is appropriate for the police commissioner to get a gift from a someone running for mayor. Olivia told him it was a bad idea. Ned thinks once he took office, he will be the mayor the city needs.

Molly cannot believe she is saying this but Julian and her are on the same page. Alexis is in shock. Julian wonders why not go after all the landlords at once instead of one at a time. Molly feels like she already has what it takes to make a great mayor. Alexis is a lawyer not a politician. Julian thinks that most are lawyers. Alexis thinks she has already made a stand. Ned’s wife was the poster child of that situation. Alexis will not run or serve. Julian thinks they are at war and this neighborhood is fighting for its life.

Lulu explains that Faison used to live at Windermere. Which is why he hid out there the last time he was in PC. Peter assumes that is the first place the police would look. Lulu knows that there are so many places to hide there. Her brother owned Windermere most of her life. She spent a lot of time there. She knows a lot of the passages. She can not only take down a world class psychopath but it would boost Aurora’s circulation.

Faison thinks that Obrecht lied to her. All the years she claimed to worship him. She didn’t even tell him that she had his son. He doesn’t want anymore lies. He came here for one reason. Obrecht assumes he did find her at Anna’s. Faison doesn’t want to talk to her about Anna. She is dead to him.

Anna thinks that Faison always is one step ahead. Dante points out that was before the interview came out that he had a son. Nathan wanted to draw Faison out. Dante doesn’t think he is the only target. Anna guesses that after she locked Faison in the pit, he lost his love for her. Dante isn’t so sure that is the case anymore. Dante needs to figure out about why Jason and Drew are involved. Anna thinks that there should be another person up there to. There could be one other person he could be targeting. His other son.

Alexis asks if Julian really wants her to clean up city hall. He is one of the people who made a mess of it in the first place. He bribed judges and got kick backs. Julian knows he has a terrible reputation but he is clean. He is a small business owner. These streets are his now. He thinks it is the right thing to do to keep them here. TJ shows up. He guesses the landlord has claimed the property has been condemned. Alexis explains that they have to get a letter from the board of health. Molly wonders about all the stuff in their apartment. TJ promises they will get all their stuff back. TJ asks about the other people who will lose their homes. Julian guesses they need someone to fight for them.

Peter thinks this is all well and good but she needs an editor. Lulu thinks that her editor doesn’t like her. She wants to be weaving this companies profits while making gold. She needs him to tell the editor he has faith in her. She needs to do this before Faison leaves. This is the perfect time to go to the house. Peter reminds her that is breaking and entering. Lulu admits she shares a daughter with Valentin. She can claim that Charlotte left something at Valentin’s house. She could check out something else. Peter doubts that Faison will just be easily busted. Lulu thinks that Faison could have left a trail of breadcrumbs. He will follow those breadcrumbs where ever they leave.

Obrecht asks why he would even care about Anna. She left him in a pit to rot. Faison thinks that there is more than he remembers. Obrecht feels he should know that Anna would turn him in. Whereas she would do anything for him. Faison wants to talk about the years he didn’t have with his son. Obrecht will not give him his son. Obrecht wants to know everything about their son. Obrecht thinks their son is nothing like either of them. Nathan is good.

Nathan is shocked he has a brother. Anna explains his name is Henrik. Obrecht came to her house last night drunk and was rambling. Jordan asks why she didn’t tell her about this last night. Anna just came from talking with Sonny and needed to see if any of this added up. Anna explains that Jason found a manuscript in the hotel room they found Brit in. It was about a son who wanted revenge on his father. It was written by Henrik. It used a pen name that Faison used in the past. That coupled with the subject matter. Nathan puts a blank piece of a paper on the wall. It represents his brother.

Ned doesn’t feel like scrounging for votes today. Olivia explains that no one could show up at the polls and he would sill win the election. He wants to appeal to the best of his fellow citizens. He really is lucky to have Olivia standing behind him… Olivia asks so he can check out his ass. Ned guesses he means beside him. Olivia does have a mind of his own and a mouth to go with it. If she disagrees with him she will tell him. Ned wishes she wouldn’t do that in front of the public. Olivia knows better. Olivia and Ned walk into Julian’s place. Olivia is right behind him. Ned thought beside him. Olivia wants him to have a head start. Julian walks over. He is shocked to see Ned here. Ned explains he comes in peace. Molly wants to hear what he has to say. Ned explains he is the defacto mayor. He will have Alexis be in charge of overseeing the Charles Street development.

Obrecht thinks that Nathan would arrest Faison. He would use deadly force if no other choice. Obrecht begs Faison to leave their son alone. Faison will get what he wants and will not need Obrecht anymore. He tells her to shut up.

Nathan wonders why Obrecht would come to Anna. Anna guesses she is as afraid of Faison as everyone else. Jordan explains that Obrecht caused a ruck and the neighbors called the police. She came over and she was gone. Anna got a text saying she was fine and would be in contact. Sonny got himself involved. He has it covered. Jordan asks how. Anna is working on it. They can leave it at that. She will keep them posted. Anna leaves. Jordan doesn’t even buy that a little bit. Anna gets out her phone in the hallway.

Peter thinks that Lulu has a nose for news. Peter thinks when her editor assigns her to write a cat show she writes it. What she does on her own time is up to her. He needs her to be careful. Peter gets a call. He has to take this. He wants her to promise to do nothing crazy. Anna is on the other end of the phone. She needs a minute of his time.

Molly suggests that Ned just preserve Charles Street. Ned thinks it would benefit the whole city. TJ tells him that they have been locked out of their apartments. Alexis doesn’t want to rehash yesterday. She appreciates them coming here but Alexis thinks the giant elephant of what happens when his corporate backers build an arena. He asks if he thought he could pass that back without anyone noticing.

Nathan tries calling Obrecht but doesn’t pick up. Dante guesses no one has seen Faison. Nathan wonders if Faison is still here in PC.

Peter thinks it is an honor to meet Anna. Anna really does appreciate his time. Nathan gave an interview and Faison has not taken the bate. She asks if Peter would like to publish a follow up story. She wants to give a statement that Faison is in a life and death fight with his son. Peter doesn’t think that Faison knows about Nathan. Anna tells him that there is another son. Peter wonders how she knows about him. Anna explains that is classified. Peter asks how it would flesh out Faison. Anna would lead him to a clue to get Faison out in the open. Anna wants to bring a criminal to justice. Peter thinks this is where the trouble always starts. Peter knows about ethics. He is not going to compromise this company for anyone. Anna hopes nobody gets killed because of him.

Obrecht tries to get free. Lulu walks in.

Julian asks if he really thought he could hide an arena from the town when they are splitting the bill. Ned says that corporate naming rights will help pay for it. Olivia thought it was paid for by public funds. Alexis asks who will pay for the electricity for it. Ned thinks that he misses Laura. Alexis thinks someone needs to speak up for the people. Ned doesn’t think he is looking to get rich. He is rich. Somethings will come down. Other good things will go up. Life is change and progress is change. Alexis thinks that they should already be proud of Charles Street. Ned thinks unless she chairs this the street will fail. This is a done deal.

Anna admits that Faison does have another son named Henrik. That is fact. Peter needs proof. He needs to be able to protect his company. Anna thinks public safety is better than anything. Anna doesn’t understand. She thought he said he wanted to report for him. Peter is about shedding light on the truth. Anna thinks that Faison would never be a threat ever again. Everyone but Faison wins. Peter will not hurt the reputation for this company. Peter wishes he could be more help. Anna doesn’t believe him. She asks why he doesn’t want to help the WSB. Anna leaves.

Nathan figures out he has a father from hell and a brother who might be on the same block. Jordan has surveillance on Maxie. Dante is happy that Lulu did her first and last story on Faison.

Lulu wants to guess. Obrecht tells her to help. He could be back any moment. Lulu says the knots are complicated. Obrecht thinks it is a skill of his. Lulu is calling Dante. Faison walks in. he knows she wanted a story so she has one.

Ned is sorry they don’t see eye to eye on this. After he is officially mayor he will always welcome her suggestions. Alexis thinks this is a platform. Alexis tells him that she is officially running for mayor.

Anna gets an email meant for Sonny. Henrik is ready to meet.

Dante will meet Nathan in a moment. Jordan assumes that everyone is looking for Faison. Dante doesn’t think that Faison will leave PC empty handed.

Obrecht asks Lulu if she sees what hell she has unleashed. Faison thinks Lulu should have stayed out of this.

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