GH Update Monday 1/22/18

General Hospital Update Monday 1/22/18


Written by Anthony

Jason stands on the footbridge and thinks about talking about Sam with about the footbridge.

Sam opens her window and thinks about admitting to Jason about all that has been taken from him. He said it was ok but she knows that it isn’t. Sam closes the door. She walks back over to her vanity. Molly and Alexis walk in. Alexis wonders if she is ready to get married.

Curtis and Jordan walk into Drew’s living room. Curtis explains his plans canceled so he figured they might as well come on through. Drew thinks it is nice that he penciled in his wedding. Jordan hopes it is ok that Curtis brought her along as his plus one. Drew thinks they are glad to have him. Curtis has been texting with the justice of the peace all morning. He should be here in a little bit. He is about to be married for real this time.

Bobbie wonders how things went with Joss. Carly explains that matter has been put to bed so to speak. Bobbie asks how so. Carly thinks that Joss has better judgement than she thought. Bobbie assumes that means she overreacted. Bobbie guesses that sometimes it feels good to be wrong. Carly admits it is a relief to not worry about Joss. She cannot say the same about Michael.

Michael finds Nelle at GH. He is sorry that he is late. He was stuck in traffic due to protesters on Charles Street. He hopes she wasn’t waiting long. Nelle explains it wasn’t that long of a wait. She had to take the appointment when she was scheduled though. Michael guesses he missed the appointment. Nelle has something that might compensate. She shows him the first picture of their baby.

Sonny thinks the good news is that Faison knows that Henrik is gunning for him. He can stop his son before the son stops him. They have to get Henrik and use him as bate. Anna will not do that. They cannot exploit him like that. Sonny will do whatever he needs to the man who kept Jason locked away for five years. Anna feels that if he exploits Henrik then he will just start a war. He doesn’t know who will get caught in the crossfire.

Obrecht is still passed out on the floor outside Anna’s house. A man whose hair looks like Faison’s stands over her.

Laura tells Lulu at the Metro Court, that there is something she needs to tell her. Lulu is pretty sure that she knows what she wants to talk about. Lulu assumes that she thinks she has gotten over her head since her article about Faison went viral. She assumes that Laura wants her to take a step back from reporting and look at things. Laura knows better than to do that. She is her daughter. Saving the world is genetic. Ned walks over. He wants to say sorry for how quickly tis race got nasty. Ned didn’t want it to. He has a problem with Julian. Not with Laura or Alexis. He wants a race they can both be proud of. He wants a clean slate. Laura thinks this is wasted on her. She is dropping out of the race.

Anna doesn’t think that Faison would hesitate to kill his own son. Sonny thinks she says this like it is a problem. Anna doesn’t think that he knows that he is bad like his father. She wonders how he could know. He could be an innocent. It could explain why he kept Jason alive. Sonny reminds her that Henrik paid Klein and three mercenaries to come to PC and bring Jason back to Russia. Along the way he shot up the Metro Court and took Sam hostage. Anna thinks that if Henrik dies then there goes all his questions about Drew and Jason. Sonny wants to know how they get Faison without Henrik.

Curtis reminds Drew about the bachelor party. Drew isn’t so sure they will be able to squeeze that in before the waiting. Curtis wants him to role with him for a moment. He thinks it is tradition the best man shares a drink with the groom. Monica shows up smiling.

Spinelli finds Jason. He hoped he would find him here. There is still time. Sam is marrying Drew tonight and he has to stop it.

Jordan tells Curtis that the station just called. She has to go to work. Curtis wonders if she cannot find another office that can take care of it. Jordan explains she has to check on this personally. She hopes things are ok. She is sorry to leave him like this. She explains to Drew she got called in. She is so sorry. Drew really appreciates Monica being here. It means a lot to him that she stood by him. Monica thinks that Drew is Alan’s son. She wished that she knew him when he was little. She could have raised him like she did Jason. Since, she didn’t she would like to adopt him. Drew reminds her that he is an adult. Monica wants him to legally be apart of the family. If she had the chance she would have. Monica wants him to know that he will always be a part of the Quartermaine family. She loves him very much.

Michael asks Nelle if she knows if it is a boy or a girl. Nelle asked the technician not to say. Michael asks if she really doesn’t want to know. Nelle says she wanted to wait until he was there. She wanted him to be there every step of the process. Nelle thinks that the heartbeat was loud and strong. There will be a lot of appointments. Michael thinks that is fine by him. Carly and Bobbie walk over.

Anna doesn’t think there is any reason to involve this Henrik person. Anna knows how to bring Faison out into the open. She could use his obsession with her. She doesn’t need any surprises. She knows he has made contact with Henrik. Sonny explains they have an email for Sinclair. If that is Henrik, then uses. Anna doesn’t want him to respond if he makes contact again. Anna wants to make a plan. Sonny isn’t sure he can do that.

Spinelli wants Jason to interrupt the vows. Spinelli knows that Jason still loves Sam. Jason doesn’t want to make thinks harder for Sam. Spinelli realizes it would make it hard to lay his heart at his feet and ask her. It would take an act of tremendous courage, but he is the bravest man he has ever met. He needs to save Sam from making tremendous grief for them both.

Drew thanks the Justice of the Peace for coming. Molly walks down stairs Sam stars as the music starts. She looks very nervous. Sam looks at Danny and goes to kiss him.

Anna doesn’t think this is a suggestion. If he hears from Henrik she wants to know. Sonny doesn’t want any trouble with Anna. She is Robin’s mother and he thinks she is brave and honorable. He doesn’t think she deserves the hell that Faison has put her through. If Henrik is his best shot then he will use him. Anna leaves. She gets on her phone. Anna needs his cyber team to intercept all emails from an account.

Carly asks Michael why he is here. Michael explains that Nelle just had her first photos of the baby taken. Bobbie wouldn’t mind looking at the paternity tests. Nelle says to ask Michael. She had the results sent directly from the lab. Nelle explains the baby is healthy. She wants them to keep the photo. She will be in touch. Michael thanks her for being mostly civil. Carly knows that this is real and it is happening. She will support him and the baby. Michael thanks her. It means a lot. He says goodbye to both of them.

Ned asks if Laura is really dropping out. Lulu thinks that Laura has this in the bag. Laura explains that Spencer had a really bad skiing accident in France. She has to go take care of him. She has the time and means to just drop everything. Lulu understands but is disappointed. Ned didn’t realize he would win on a technicality. Laura doesn’t think he won yet. This might be a good time to discuss terms. She needs certain promises made for her endorsement.

Spinelli thinks that Jason would do anything for Drew. Spinelli doesn’t think that Sam wants to be with Drew. She knew all along who Jason was. She lied for Drew’s benefit. It is that fear that will make her marry him tonight. Spinelli thinks that they have misguided loyalty right now.

The justice understands that they have prepared their own vows. Drew guesses that peoples lives don’t start until they meet the person they are meant to be with. It is literal for him. Sam gave him something that really is true. She gave him love. He is so thankful for her. He takes the ring from Danny. He promises to love, honor, and cherish her until death to them part and even from beyond. Sam couldn’t stop thinking about how much has changed over the past few months. She realizes how much has stayed the same though. She still absolutely loves and adores him. They share an incredible bond. They have had a chance to make an amazing family. With Drew she has a life that is richer and fuller than anything she could have ever imagined. This is a life that she wants to continue to share with him always. She takes the ring from Danny. She promises to love, honor, and cherish him till death to them part and beyond. The justice wonders if Drew takes Sam to be his lawfully wedded wife and if Sam takes him to be her husband. They both say I do. They are told to kiss one another. Everyone claps and cheers.

Anna walks up to her house. She takes out her gun. She calls out for Obrecht. Anna turns around to find Jordan pointing a gun at her.

The man who may be Faison throws Obrecht into a pile of hay.

Laura thinks that Ned is going to need the backing of her supporters which will cost him. Ned wonders what it would cost him. Laura needs the Charles Street development to have tight limits. Ned reminds her that is up to the voters. The district would be zoned for redevelopment. Laura wants the pre-1930’s buildings to be made historical landmarks. He needs to stop people’s homes from being destroyed. She thinks that they can have a deal. Lulu asks if he really doesn’t want to help people keep their homes. Ned thinks that if he made a promise right now it be in bad faith. Laura appreciates his honesty. Ned is sure that she would have made a fine mayor. Ned leaves. Lulu guesses they lost.

Spinelli remembers that Sam said that Jason was the first and only for a long time to respect Sam. She learned to truly love him because of that. He doesn’t know who Drew would have been if he had lived his own life. Drew doesn’t know himself and if you don’t know yourself you cannot give up yourself. Spinelli saw him in the police station. He expected Sam to take care of him and he wasn’t thinking about what Sam needs. Spinelli thinks that Sam deserves someone like Jason. It is the wrong choice to be with Drew. Jason heard what he said. He appreciates Spinelli but he has to leave it alone. Spinelli explains that Sam said in their early days together, she had a familiar feeling that she couldn’t exactly place. Then she realized he made her feel safe. Spinelli walks away.

Curtis toasts to Sam and Drew. He wants them to rest easy in each other’s arms tonight. Danny wants to make a toast too. He wishes them a happy wedding. Sam rubs cake in Drew’s face. She says got you.

Michael walks into Sonnys house. Michael assumes he hasn’t spoken to Carly yet. Michael explains he is definitely the father of Nelle’s baby. Sonny asks how he feels. Michael is trying to wrap his head around the idea of having a baby with Nelle. Sonny thinks he can find a way to co-parent. Michael just doesn’t want this to drive a wedge between the family. Sonny just wants him to know that he will never lose his love. He loves him unconditionally and knows he will love the baby the same way.

Bobbie wouldn’t blame Carly for being upset right now. Carly thinks she should celebrate but doesn’t know how when Nelle is in their lives. Carly sees Nelle. She thinks that she gave a great performance at the hospital today. Carly tells her that the only connection she has with Michael is the baby. If she thinks she is going any further then she will not. Nelle thinks the only person that gets to decide if Michael is with her is Michael. She is having dinner with someone. Monica walks over. Carly is shocked that Monica is having dinner with Nelle. Monica wonders if she has an issue with that. Nelle hopes she didn’t pull her away from anything. Monica explains the wedding was very small for Sam and Drew. Carly is shocked that Drew and Sam got married. Monica cannot wait to hear about her grandchild. Nelle goes to check on the table. Bobbie tries to warn Monica. Monica wants to try to get along. Bobbie wants her to at her own risk. Carly thinks that Nelle will show her true colors. It is only a matter of when.

Jordan explains that one of her neighbors reported a disturbance in front of her place. She came as soon as she heard. Jordan thinks everything is in its place. Anna explains that Obrecht came by and was falling down drunk. Anna asks if she was taken away from something. Jordan was at a wedding. Jordan asks if this had something to with Faison. Anna doesn’t think it was anything. Anna thanks her for checking on her. She didn’t have to do that. Jordan thinks she surly knows her by now. Anna says goodnight.

Obrecht’s phone rings.

Anna tries leaving a message. She needs her to call her back. She gets a text saying Obrecht is fine. Anna doesn’t think they are finished. Obrecht says she will be seeing her soon.

Obrecht starts to wake up in the hay. She asks herself what happened. She looks up in shock.

Michael is shocked at how well Sonny and Carly are handling this. Sonny doesn’t think they have any use for Nelle but they love Michael. Sonny knows Michael has a generous heart and Nelle took advantage of it. Sonny thinks no matter how bad it gets the baby is innocent. He promises they are behind Michael and will support him regardless.

Bobbie wants Carly to let it go. Monica is Michael’s grandmother. She gets to decide how she wants to do things. She thinks it is a huge mistake to get anywhere near her. It is Monica’s mistake to make. She will get them a table far away. Carly decides to talk Michael out of this. She calls someone up and thinks they need to talk about Nelle.

Alexis finds Laura and is so sorry that Laura is not running. She is furious that Ned will run by himself. Laura doesn’t think it will be easy sailing for Ned. Laura thinks that Alexis should run.

Sam tells Drew in bed she loves him. It is to late to turn back now. Drew is very excited and cannot wait to see what their future holds.

Jason sits down on the bridge and thinks about when he first met Sam and she admitted he makes her feel safe.

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