GH Update Friday 1/12/18

General Hospital Update Friday 1/12/18


Written by Anthony

Jason hands Sam the divorce papers. The money never mattered. He just wants her to be ok. Sam knows. Sam goes to sign the papers but Alexis is going to advice her not to sign the papers yet. They have to talk about the custody of Danny Morgan. Diane explains that there is no issue with the custody. Jason is Danny’s father legally and biologically. Alexis knows, but Jason is not the father that Danny knows. Drew is.

Oscar shows up at the gym. Drew is glad he made it. Oscar asks if he brought workout clothes. Oscar would have if he had them. Oscar realizes he has a test to study for. Drew guesses it is not a good time. Drew does wonder why he wanted to meet here. Oscar wanted to learn how to fight.

Joss is wearing a dress and thinks it is the most hideous thing that anyone has ever worn in the history of clothes. Carly thinks it is lovely. Joss feels she looks like a sister-wife. Carly asks Sonny if she thinks she looks good. Sonny guesses so. He thinks Carly has a dress like that. Joss realizes she looks like her mother. Joss guesses they can kill her now.

Nina shows up at Crimson. Maxie says she missed the editorial meeting. Nina can imagine what happened. Maxie guesses she doesn’t want to be here either. Nina didn’t really want to leave her family today. Nina guesses Maxie is lucky since she gets to bring her family with her. Nina feels if Maxie is stressed then she can take the day off. Maxie doesn’t think that would help her find away to protect her family.

Lulu is glad that Nathan showed up. She was afraid he would change his mind about the article. She feels that the article is the best way to get Faison out of hiding. Nathan agrees. Lulu asks if they should get started. Lulu gets out her laptop and starts recording. She wants to know how he felt when he found out that Faison was his father.

Nina wants to know what is going on. Maxie guesses there are so many poisons out there that could harm her baby. Nina guesses she should check all her labels then. Maxie wonders if push came to shove how far would Nina go. Nina goes all he way and knows that Maxie would too. She asks if something is wrong about Nathan. Maxie explains it is about his father. Nina knows his father is dead. Maxie explains that Victor is not his father. It turns out he is someone much worse and alive and kicking.

Lulu guesses that about does it with the article. She feels that his description of Faison is perfect. Nathan asks how fast she can publish it. Lulu thinks he can look for it tomorrow morning. Nathan wants her to keep Maxie’s name out of it. Lulu is not going to focus on her but everyone knows they are married after the Man Landers thing. Nathan doesn’t want to draw attention to his wife. Faison will be after him.

Kim shows up at Julian’s bar and says he has coffee. Kim only has time for coffee then it is off to work for her. She sees he is a proud provider of Corinthos coffee.

Joss feels that she will look ridicules in this dress. Carly thinks that Oscar would love her if she wore a sake. Joss asks Sonny if he has an extra coffee bag she can wear. She just needs him to cut some holes. Carly thinks he is being ridicules. Joss wonders if that is what her and Oscar are to her. Joss has the perfect dress to wear. She will go put it on for her right now. Carly asks how his day is going. Sonny wonders what is going on.

Drew wonders if Kim knows that Oscar is here. Oscar asks if that is a problem. Drew feels if it were not a problem, it wouldn’t be a secret. Oscar just felt like it is someone that everyone man should know. He cannot ask his mom to teach him how to hit. Drew doesn’t want him to discredit his mother. Drew is not prying, he asks if he really wants him to teach how to fight. He needs to get him new clothes.

Alexis thinks that it is her job to bring up the custody. Diane guesses that she will happily rip up this document and they can all be in a courtroom. Alexis thinks the issue here is that Danny only knows Drew as a father. Diane doesn’t think that is Jason’s fault or choice. Alexis wonders if the same thing can be said about Jake. Out of fear for his sons safety he agreed to let Lucky Spencer claim to be the father. Diane thinks it is fascinating truly. She cannot wait for him to claim insight into his mind in court. Alexis thinks that Jason should take the consideration he did for Jake with Danny.

Nina asks why she would take Obrecht’s word. Maxie thinks she was telling the truth. Peter walks in. He informs Nina that her budget is out of control. Here is one that works. Nina takes a look and sees that he revised her budget. Nina assumed he has someone else could have done that. She throws it out. Peter wants to be directly involved. He thinks a successful business is a family.

Drew tells Oscar to get his hands up. He just wants to feel ho Oscar naturally throws a punch. He wants to show him something. Power comes from the core. He wants to try another one. He thinks that Oscar did much better. He wants a hard one. Oscar doesn’t want to hurt him. Drew will tell him if he is going to hard. Drew tells him to throw a jab. Drew thinks he is doing good. Oscar asks what happens if the guy he is fighting is bigger than him. Drew wonders how big the guy is. Oscar guesses dumb jock big. Oscar needs him to teach him how to fight more advanced. Drew would like to know what he is facing.

Sonny suggests that Carly just let Joss wear the damn dress. Carly wonders if he has seen the outfits that girls Joss’s age wear. They are obscene. Sonny thinks that you have to let children make mistakes. It is how they learn. Carly will remind him of this when Avery is a teenager. If she dresses a certain way then the behavior will follow. Sonny thinks if he had figured out a way to talk with Kristina then maybe her behavior wouldn’t have followed. You cannot be so controlling over kids. You have to let them figure things out themselves.

Alexis thinks it make sense to continue to allow Drew to be Danny’s father unless he is going to leave the organized crime. Sam tells Alexis to stop it. They already spoke to Danny. He already knows Jason is his father. She will not eliminate Jason from Danny’s life. Sam wants a pen from Diane.

Carly wonders if Sonny thinks she is controlling. Sonny thinks she should ask Joss that. He has to go meet up with Jason.

Oscar admits that there is this one guy who doesn’t behave the way that people want him to. He doesn’t fit into their categories. He is just living his life. Jerks won’t let them though and he is sick of it. Drew asks if he is talking about himself.

Kim looks at the coffee machine. She explains she is a doctor. Julian asks if she works at GH. Kim does. She used to work at Mercy. She now has some sort of a normal schedule. Julian thinks the food service industry and him are new. He was lonely.

Diane tells Sam where she needs to sign. Alexis guesses the marriage is dissolved. Diane wishes them luck with that. Sam doesn’t even want to talk about Danny. She would never keep him away. Jason gets a text. He has to go. He will see her around. Alexis knows that wasn’t easy for her. Sam thinks she made it worse. She is fired.

Peter thinks it is nice to see Nathan again. Nina asks if Peter is done here. Peter has to go do something. Nina tells Nathan she knows about Faison. Maxie couldn’t keep it in any longer. Nathan knows the feeling. Maxie doesn’t think that anyone needs to know who his father is. Nathan guesses until they get the paper tomorrow.

Sonny wonders how it went. Jason tells Sonny that it is over. His text said he had something. Spinelli has a way to get to Faison’s antagonist.

Peter asks if Stacy already has this. Lulu feels that she is just waiting for the go ahead to publish. She asks what he thinks. Peter thinks that this is gold.

Maxie wants to know why Nathan would give Lulu an interview that he is Faison’s son. Nathan was thinking he wanted to catch this guy and put him away for good. Nina blames Lulu and Nathan for making himself a target. Maxie thinks that Faison is going to come looking for him. Nathan thinks that it is the idea. They cannot live their lives worried that this guy is going to show up some day. Nina thinks that the easiest way to get to Nathan might be to get to Maxie.

Sam cannot believe that Alexis would bring up the subject of Danny to Jason like that. Alexis thinks as her lawyer she would be remise to not bring it up. Sam feels he just gave up everything. She couldn’t let him give up his son too. Jason deserves the chance to be a father. Danny already likes him. No one is going to take Jason away from him. Alexis wonders if Sam would be ok with Jason having custody of Danny if something happened to Sam instead of Drew the father he already knows. Sam knows that Jason would make the right choice. Sam knows Alexis doesn’t trust Jason. Sam wants Jason to teach Danny things. This is her life. She will handle things how she sees fit. She wants her to stay out of it. She won’t be used as an excuse to distract herself from Julian.

Julian realizes he is not supposed to be doing all the confessing. Kim asks if Julian is less lonely. Julian honestly doesn’t know what he would be doing if he didn’t own this place. He didn’t realize how much his social life stemmed from his marriage. Kim says that she really doesn’t have a social life in PC. They introduce each other. Kim liked his name better as Charlie.

Oscar swears that it is not him getting bullied. Drew only thought it was him because he asked him to meet under strange circumstances. Oscar doesn’t think anyone is asking him to get involved. Drew doesn’t think it is getting involved but stepping in. He knew that Oscar is a good kid. He is has heart. Defending someone who cannot defend themselves is a great thing. He is smart to ask for help. He needs to figure out a different way to figure this out. They start to practice fighting again.

Joss walks downstairs in one of Carly’s dresses. She assumes it looks amazing on her.

Diane asks if Alexis is hungry. Alexis was just doing her job. Diane knows. Diane tried to bring up the custody thing with Jason but he didn’t want to talk about it. Alexis thinks this is why she shouldn’t represent people in her family. She realizes that she shouldn’t have done this. Alexis admits she is not dating Davin anymore. It wasn’t working. Diane wants to try a new place for lunch.

Drew hopes that Oscar never has to fight. If a bully sees that you are going to back off then they are going to be fine. Sam walks in and asks if she missed class. Drew feels that Sam could teach it. Drew hopes they get to do this again. Oscar leaves. Sam wonders what that was about. Drew was getting to know his son. Sam says that Jason and her are divorced. Drew asks about the assets. Sam made sure he knew they are paying back for Aurora. Sam did but he doesn’t care about money. Sam explains there is one exception with Danny.

Joss thinks the dress looks great. Carly has Joss look in the mirror and asks what she sees. Joss sees herself in a beautiful dress. Carly sees that too. Carly wonders if she thinks the boys at the dance will think about her in the dress. Joss doesn’t think Oscar thinks she is a slut. Carly isn’t talking about Oscar. She means he rest of the school. One wrong idea and the whole school will Snapchat about it. Joss likes the dress. Carly thinks in a perfect world she should be able to wear what she wants. The world is not perfect though. You have to be stronger and smarter though. Right or wrong what you wear sends a message. Joss just wants to feel pretty. Carly thinks you can feel pretty showing less skin. Carly doesn’t think that slut-shaming was even a thing when she suffered through it. You have to have life experience to handle what the mud will throw at you. She asks if she is ready for that. She will back Joss one hundred percent. It is her choice. If she is not a hundred percent ready though, then… Carly shows her a dress in a Crimson magazine. Joss sees that it is designer. Joss asks if she would buy that dress for her. Carly would if she wore it. Joss thanks Carly.

Nathan doesn’t think Faison would hurt him or Maxie. Maxie asks why Obrecht went the levels she did to hide him. Nathan assumes she thought that he would have to hide in his footsteps. Nathan thinks if everything goes to plan then he will be locked up for good. Maxie thinks this is life or death. She knows he thinks he can handle Faison but she is asking him not to.

Peter thinks this interview is pretty amazing. Lulu gets a call from Nathan. Nathan is sorry but she has to pull the interview. Nathan cannot have the story ran. Lulu doesn’t think it is that simple. Nathan doesn’t care. She needs to kill the story. He doesn’t want to go public as being Faison’s son. Lulu hangs up. Lulu has to spike the interview.

Spinelli found the email of the traitor. He didn’t find much at first glance. All communication was over with the traitor. The email was opened the day that someone sent an email. Sonny guesses they could communicate with him though.

Sam doesn’t think there was a reason to get lawyers involved. Alexis didn’t though so she fired her. She is officially divorced. They can officially get married though. The two kiss one another.

Diane wants to try the menu at Julian’s bar. Alexis doesn’t want to go here. Julian owns it. Diane guesses that familiarity will bring contempt for her.

Kim tells Julian to give the coffee machine a try. It starts to work. Julian asks what se does. Kim just turned it on. Julian guesses that the coffee is on him. Alexis watches as Julian flirts with Kim.

Carly wonders if Oscar has his suit for the dance. Oscar thought he could wear nice jeans. Joss says they are going to the library. Carly expects them to be at the library. Carly will text her when she needs a ride. Carly says that Joss forgot her backpack. Condoms fall out of it.

Spinelli took he liberty to generate an email address for them. They could bate him with something they know he wants. Sonny needs to make sure he knows that he is on their radar.

Lulu walks into Crimson. Maxie asks what she was thinking trying to publish that interview. Lulu tried. She had already turned in the article. Peter already posted it to the website. There is no going back.

Spinelli guesses they all agree on this email. Jason tells him to send it. Spinelli wants to see if they get a bite.

Someone is on a computer looking up Faison. The email is opened. They loved the book. Cannot wait for the sequel.

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