GH Update Thursday 1/11/18

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/11/18


Written by Anthony

Maxie wakes up in bed and asks if Nathan hears a noise. Faison is in the room and kidnapping their child. Nathan runs after him and Maxie screams not to take their baby. Maxie wakes up in Nina’s office. Peter walks in and wonders if she is alright.

Lulu walks over to Nathan at the PCPD. She isn’t here to see Dante. She wanted to find him. Nathan guesses she found him. She wonders if he gave anymore thought to her plan. Nathan has. He is in. Lulu wonders if he needs more time to think about it. Nathan thinks the best way to get to Faison is to use him as bate.

Jason feels that if they are right that Faison’s son is the person going after him, it might lead them to him. Diane walks over. She is sorry she is so late. Sonny wonders if he called a meeting. Diane is not here for Sonny. She is here for Jason. She is finalizing his divorce from Sam.

Sam asks if Drew remembers the walk in the woods they talked about. Drew remembers. Sam wants to take the walk on Saturday. Drew guesses it is a date then. Alexis walks in. Alexis tells Sam they should probably go down to the courthouse. Alexis promises she has Sam’s back. Drew thanks Alexis for helping them through all of this.

Dante shows up at Julian’s pub. He thinks it is weird that Julian of all people would be seeking the help of the police. Julian thought they would be sending a uniform cop. Julian asks if he got demoted. Dante wanted to check this out himself. Julian explains that someone threw this through his window last night. Dante doesn’t think that vandalism is completely unheard of on Charles Street. Julian thinks this is something else. Someone, is sending him a message.

Peter didn’t mean to startle Maxie. Maxie asks Peter not to tell Nina she was sleeping at her desk. Peter reminds her that he is one of her bosses as well. Maxie thinks that along with morning sickness there is a lot of stuff that comes along with pregnancy. Peter knows she is one of Nina’s best employees so she is obviously doing something right. Maxie knows that Nina has been really supportive through her pregnancy. It is probably because the baby is her nephew. Peter needs her to tell Nina he will find her later. Peter promises this never happened. Maxie needs to talk to him about something else. A mutual friend.

Nathan really has not gotten any sleep since he found out that Faison was his father. Neither has Maxie. Lulu can only imagine what Maxie is going through. Nathan thinks so long as Faison is out there, Maxie will not get any rest. Faison will find out about the article eventually, and he will come out of hiding. Lulu realizes she gets a major story and he gets a way to bust Faison. Lulu wants to know how they get this to roll out the way they need it to.

Julian points out in his old world, a brick through the window meant to back off. Dante asks if someone from his old life is responsible. Julian feels all his old rivals are dead minus Sonny. Julian was hosting a few town hall meetings. It could have been one of the protesters. Dante asks why he has no cameras. He cannot do something with that. Julian asks if there is anything they can actually do, or if this is a curtesy call. Dante will have a car round the block a few times. He can let them know if he sees anything else. Dante leaves.

Sonny is puzzled that Jason and Sam are still married. Diane confirms this is correct. There 2011 marriage was still valid at the time he disappeared. Sam got a divorce from Drew but her original marriage is still valid. Jason guesses it is just a glitch. Diane will take him to the court house to settle this unless someone wants to talk him out. Jason wants Sam to just have what she wants. Diane thinks this is where she comes in. She plans to obtain his best interests.

Sam doesn’t think there will be a problem. This is about signing paperwork. Alexis will be there in her best interest. Curtis walks in. He hopes this is not a bad time. Drew guesses Alexis and Sam were on their way out. Alexis will leave the two of them to it. Curtis explains it has been slow going looking into his past but he did fin something.

Maxie thanks Peter for giving Lulu a staff position at his paper. She is her best friend and was maid of honor at her wedding. Peter thinks she has great instinct. Maxie realizes that this wouldn’t mean anything to him yet, but Lulu is definitely a Spencer. Peter assumes it is PC trivia. Maxie feels that Spencer’s always get to the bottom of things.

Lulu explains that the article will be exclusive to Aurora media, but once it is published, Faison will know he is his son. Nathan knows he will either be either contacting or showing up in that case. Lulu suggests they contact the WSB. Normally, she would call Anna, but she has her own history with Faison. Nathan needs to talk with Jordan and she can call the WSB. Lulu thinks they can lure Faison out into the open. Dante walks over asking what they are doing.

Sonny walks into Julian’s pub. He always liked this place and then Olivia told him that he was the new owner. He just had to come down and see this for his own eyes. Julian already got his little present. Sonny has no idea what he is talking about. Julian thinks his goons threw this through his window. He asks what he wants and why.

Curtis started from his service record. It shows that he graduated from high school, in Sawyer, New York. Drew doesn’t think it looks familiar from what he looked at online. Curtis shows him his high school year book.

Alexis and Sam show up at the court house. They have a little bit of time before the proceedings if she wants to go over anything. If she has any doubts now would be the time to discuss them. Sam thinks she is sending mixed signals. One moment she is being told to stay clear from Jason and the next she is asking if she has any doubts. She wants to know which is it. Alexis feels in a perfect world none of this would happen, she just wants her to be happy. She thinks that everyone knows this. Jason and Diane are standing behind her. Jason looks sad.

Max shows up at Crimson. Felicia has been texting her all morning. He wonders if she lost her phone. He introduces himself to Peter. Maxie doesn’t think this is a great time. Maxie is sure that he has heard of Peter. Peter has taken up enough of his time already. Peter will see them around. Mac wanted to drop this off for her. It is green juice. It is loaded with vitamins for the baby. Maxie thinks it was sweet of her to make this but they don’t have to go all the way with taking care of her. Mac suggests hat someone might have to. She doesn’t look so great. Maxie wonders how he really feels. Maxie didn’t sleep well last night. She has been stressing out since she found out about who Nathan’s father was.

Dante asks what this is about Lulu and Nathan setting a trap up against Faison. Lulu says they found a stronger angle than just interviewing Faison himself. She is going to interview Nathan himself. An expose on the son of one of the WSB’s most wanted. Nathan feels the moment he finds out he exists he will show right up. Nathan doesn’t think this will be over until the guy is behind bars. This is how they do it. Dante doesn’t want to drag Lulu into this. Lulu explains this is her idea. Lulu knows there is a risk but she is going through with the story whether he likes it or not.

Curtis suggests that Drew should look at the book and see if anything rings a bell. Drew finds his year book photo with his old face. Curtis guesses he was an all around leader. Drew thinks this guy looks like his brother. It is funny. Curtis feels they all regret their hair at that age. Drew sees that he ran varsity track. He heard that Jason ran it as well. He guesses that this should be locked in the attic. Curtis guesses that even separated at birth, twins have a lot in common.

Diane guesses that all relevant parties are here. They can start. Alexis wishes this were under more pleasant circumstances. Sam thanks Jason for doing this. Jason will do whatever she needs. Diane asks to get started. Diane wants to start with the penthouse. Alexis reminds her that Jason promised Sam could keep it. Diane points out that it is prime real estate that Jason brought into the marriage alone. Jason is not going to take away the penthouse. Sam agrees with Diane. The penthouse was his far before he met her. She will find another place to live. Alexis thinks a fair compromise would be to give Sam and Drew six months to find a new place and then sell the penthouse and split the proceeds. Diane doesn’t think that Jason should accept half the value of something he has owned for twenty years. Jason is good with what Alexis is suggesting. Sam guesses it is better to have a clean break. They remember all the moments the two of them spent together in the penthouse together. The holidays that the two spent together… The two look at one another in sadness.

Curtis explains his cousins daughter’s are twins. When they were babies, they used to speak their own language to one another. Drew thinks that him and Jason are trying to separate and redefine their lives. Drew guesses that once the divorce is done he and Sam can get married. Drew hopes that Curtis can make the ceremony.

Julian feels that Sonny still has it out for him. Sonny will always have it out for him. He thinks all the time he spent at the big house has him nervous. He has no time for petty vandalism. He needs him to repay a debt. Julian doesn’t owe him a damn thing. Sonny thinks he owes him blood but he will settle for cash. Sonny congratulates Julian. His bar will proudly be serving Corinthos coffee.

Dante guesses Lulu is not going to let this go. Lulu is not. It is to important. She tells an important story and a major criminal gets brought to justice. Everyone, wins. Dante guesses he will agree but he wants in. Lulu wouldn’t have it any other way. She kisses Dante. Dante does think this is a bad idea. Lulu has to go run this by Peter. She will let them both know how it goes. She leaves. Nathan is sorry. He thought he knew about the plan. Dante knew about the article but not about the details. Dante thinks that Lulu likes to leap before she looks. Faison is another level. Dante cannot imagine Maxie will be ok with him using himself as bate to catch Faison.

Mac asks if Maxie is absolutely sure that Nathan’s father is Faison. Maxie was acting weird about Nathan’s father’s DNA test. Mac is sorry. He cannot imagine what her and Nathan are going through. Maxie dreamt that Faison stole their baby. Mac reminds her it was a bad dream. Nothing bad will happen. Maxie has been thinking of a way they can stay safe. She comes back to the only solution. She needs him to help her and Nathan disappear.

Peter asks Lulu to join him. He was just over at Crimson talking with Maxie about how incredible she is. Peter wonders if she already had her sit down meeting with Faison. Lulu explains she didn’t. She thinks she found the next best thing. Lulu found an interview with his son. Peter thought he had only one son. Lulu says Faison has a son he doesn’t even know about. Her husband’s partner. Nathan West.

Nathan hasn’t told Maxie about Lulu’s plan. Dante thinks she needs to know right away because her head will explode. Nathan knows but he is not expecting her to like it. Nathan isn’t going to just wait around. Dante wonders if this is worth the risk. Nathan doesn’t want their child to grow up with this man around. Dante has his back always.

Maxie needs Mac to get into contact with Robert and Frisco. They can help them go into hiding with the baby. Mac will not do that. Maxie has no other choices. It is not safe for them to be around with Faison still alive. Obrecht went to great lengths to make sure that Faison never knew. Mac doesn’t think he would ever come after her if he doesn’t know. Maxie thinks the old saying that two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. It was fine when Obrecht was the only one who knew. Now so many people are in on it. The truth could come out. She doesn’t feel safe in PC. Mac feels that PC is the strongest place she can be. Anna is here full-time and Sonny has a lot of connections. Sonny should be going after him right now.

Sonny assumes that Julian is aware that the New York state bar requires tat all bars serve food and coffee. The coffee is covered. Julian is not doing business with him. Sonny is not going to give him a choice. He is going to have his people send over a months-worth of beans. He will expect payment on time and in full. Julian thinks all he had to do was ask. He didn’t have to throw a brick through his window. Julian demands he admit it.

Drew wants the wedding to be about who they are now and what their future is about. They want their friends to be around. Curtis will be there. Drew thinks that Curtis is his one true friend. Drew needs a… Curtis will be his best man. Curtis thought he would get down on one knee.

Diane explains that Jason will not be going after the ELQ change in distribution of stock. He agrees to accept the shares in the will. In terms of Aurora… Alexis explains that Drew and Sam will pay back the cost over the next ten years in exchange for exclusive ownership of the company. Jason says no. Alexis doesn’t think that they can accept this as a gift. Diane wants to talk about the alleged mob money, it is exempt from things. The Corinthos coffee organization, the trusts set up by Lila, Edward, and Alan. There is money that needs to be repaid. Jason doesn’t think that they will. Diane explains that Drew and Sam have been living off him for the last two years. Drew has no income stream of his own. Sam knows that everything she has comes from Jason and she can never pay him back. Jason says enough. Jason signs the divorce papers. It’s done.

Mac gets off the phone with Robert. He is going to bring Frisco into the loop confidentially. Maxie wonders if this is enough. Maxie might need a panic room. Mac agrees Faison is dangerous but he has no idea that Nathan is his son and they might never find out.

Lulu tells Nathan over the phone they have the green light. They are writing the article. Lulu suggests they start now.

Sonny shows up at the PCPD. He explains that someone threw a brick through the window at Julian’s bar. He asks if he has any idea what that is about.

Julian opens the boxes of coffee. He reads the invoice.

Drew will give Curtis all the details. Curtis is going to give him a good bachelor party. Curtis gets a text from his other case. Drew thanks him for finding the year book. Curtis thinks that they have a wonderful future lined up.

Jason doesn’t think the money ever mattered. He just wants Sam to be ok. Sam knows. Alexis is going to advice Sam not to sign that right now. They have to deal with the custody of Danny.

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