GH Update Wednesday 1/10/18

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/10/18


Written by Anthony

Jim asks Elizabeth if he can talk with Franco. Elizabeth explains he is not in right now. Jim will leave his card. He actually thinks he knew Franco when he went by Bobby Frank. He loves Elizabeth’s home. This was all part of the Water Front renovation. He wants to do something similar with Charles Street. Franco shows up and explains that Jim might have known Franco as a child. Jim thinks that Franco has really grown. He doesn’t expect Franco to remember him. He used to date Betsy as a child. Franco doesn’t remember him. He asks what he is doing here.

Olivia knows that Ned loves PC. Ned thinks she would make a great politicians wife. She is a woman who can get things done. Olivia asks what Ned says. Ned decides he will run for mayor. Olivia thinks this is the man she married. The New she can count on. He has one hell of a campaign manager. She doesn’t think anyone can stop them.

Kevin thinks this is Laura’s chance to do something for the city she loves. Laura decides to run for mayor. Kevin knows how important this is for her. Laura thinks it is clear that someone had to push this Jim guy back. Charlotte sees Laura outside with Nina. She runs in. Charlotte asks if she wants to see her new skating costume. Laura thinks it is lovely. Charlotte also got a new skating outfit from a nice woman named Cassandra, but Nina made her return it.

Valentin gets on his computer when someone rings the doorbell. He goes to answer it and it is Jordan. Jordan asks if she may come in. Valentin asks if he needs to call his lawyer. Jordan is just here to clear up a few lose ends. Jordan wonders why he went to visit Eric in his jail cell.

Finn promises Anna that he doesn’t need a babysitter. He thinks that the worse is over. He doesn’t even need to stay here tonight. Anna got flowers for the evening. They are going to have a New Years dinner tonight. They can have a proper farewell to their partnership.

Elizabeth loves that Franco went out for milk and came back with champagne. Elizabeth suggests Jim come in so they can talk. Jim plans to keep it brief. Jim knows he is Franco now. Franco can see that he knows a lot about him. Jim explains that Betsy and him keep in contact. She is very proud of him. Jim thinks that there is a misunderstanding because Betsy’s world revolved around Franco. Franco asks if his mother sent him.

Olivia pours the best champagne in the house for the future mayor of PC. They are toasting. Ned reminds her that others might want this job. Olivia doesn’t think that they would have the qualifications. Ned reminds her that they might not have his name attached either. Olivia feels that his business with the Charles Street project is spot on. Ned thinks that was before he quit his job. Olivia thinks that he is pivoting. A man like Jim is going to appreciate that. Ned and Olivia toast.

Laura is sure that what Cassandra gave her didn’t fit right they would have to return it. Nina explains that it wasn’t appropriate. Charlotte asks why. Nina says that the nice lady turned out to not be so nice. Nina asks if she wants some hot chocolate. She wants her to give Laura a kiss. Kevin asks what she thinks that was all about. Laura reminds him he is the shrink. He should tell her.

Valentin was prepared to kill the guy. He wanted to look him in the eye an tell him to enjoy prison. He can look forward to seeing him when he gets out. He is definitely making a threat. Jordan feels that when a man confesses as quickly as Eric did, he is either feeling guilty or looking for something to gain. Jordan wonders if someone paid him off.

Finn toasts with Anna. Finn thinks she has a lovely laugh when she is not doing the Emma Peal thing. Anna thinks that when you are not wrapped in irony he can be nice. Finn guesses they will not have to deal with these things after tonight. Anna thinks they know very little about each other. Finn thinks she knows he will always be an addict. Anna asks if he was always like this even as a child. Finn wonders if she always wanted to be a spy. Anna was always secretive as a child. Finn thinks it is bad they didn’t get to know one another. They admit to one another they sleep naked. Finn guesses they have something in common. The two end up kissing passionately.

Jim feels that Franco is a tough nut to crack. Jim finds the painting and thinks it is fascinating. He wonders what his inspiration was. Franco feels his inspiration was life because it turns out to be one thing when you are going for another. That is something he learned from his mother. Elizabeth asks if everything is ok. Jim will just get straight to the point. He would like to buy his art studio.

Kevin wonders if they should tell Charlotte that she is running for mayor. Kevin wonders what is wrong. Laura thinks the weight of the election is finally hitting her. This is really about making PC a better place for their children and grandchildren.

Charlotte wonders why she is mad at Cassandra. Nina asks why she thinks she is mad at Cassandra. Charlotte feels like she sounds mad about Cassandra. Nina is not mad. Cassandra is not going to be a problem anymore.

Valentin wonders if she really thinks he would have made some sort of deal with the man who tried to kill him and Anna. Jordan is suggesting there is more to his involvement. Valentin was only involved because of Anna. Valentin will call her if he has anymore information for her. She isn’t going to hold her breath.

Anna and Finn start to undress one another up the staircase of her house. Finn is kissing her neck. Anna tells Finn to wait a moment. There is a clock on the floor. It means the wrong man is in jail. Anna will explain later. She really needs him to think about New Years Eve. She knows she drugged him. She needs to find out what time it was when he came back. She wonders if he put the radio on. Anna asks if it was before the ball dropped. Finn thinks it was before. Anna asks when she drugged him. Finn guesses it was only fifteen minutes of talking. Anna will be right back. She doesn’t want him to go anywhere. Anna has to do this. He asks why she has to do it now. Anna promises to be back. She walks out.

Jim knows he owns an art studio, storage unit, and loft. Franco feels this information is kind of creepy to know. Jim feels it is public record. He could use the money to go anywhere else in PC. It be a great deal. Franco likes where he is. Elizabeth feels that Franco is inspired in his studio. Jim saw his last show and it was all older works. Jim is an art lover and doesn’t remember to many artists that he told to eat his vegetables. He suggests that he change where he work.

Olivia feels the first thing they have to do is announce his candidacy. They need to start this campaign at ground zero. Ned realizes she means Charles Street. Ned thinks that the smartest thing he ever did was marrying her. The two kiss.

Laura feels they need to move quickly on this before Jim gets a partner in this. Kevin knows who to call for advice. He wants her to work on her speech.

A police officer walks in. Charlotte asks Nina what is wrong. Nina thinks she is just tired from skating. They leave.

Valentin gets on his computer. He finds an image of Claudette on his computer and deletes it. Anna walks in. Valentin sees she is breaking and entering again. Valentin asks if he is here to thank her for his help. Anna thinks his time is up. She wants to know the truth. She asks if he recognizes the clock. Valentin wonders if he should. Anna says this was right next to the door on New Years Eve. Anna questioned if Finn remembered Eric drugging Cassandra. Anna knows that Eric didn’t drug him though. This clock proves it. When the police came to her house it has been wiped down. This clock was on the floor. It must have fallen. It stopped at forty-seven minutes past mid-night. Eric was with them though. Valentin suggests she has a defective clock. Anna thinks that Valentin went into her house after midnight and missed one little thing.

Franco thinks that his current space does inspire him. Jim shows him a number. The redevelopment will be moving forward. He congratulates them both before leaving. Elizabeth asks if he really doesn’t remember him. Franco thinks that Betsy kissed a lot of frogs. He does wonder why he remembers him.

Kevin explains to Laura she is officially filed with the county clerk. Laura hopes she can get a good speech ready by tomorrow afternoon. Ned walks in. Laura hopes that ELQ is not going to back the Charles Street change. Ned explains he is not working for ELQ. He is running for mayor. He wants her endorsement. Laura explains she is also running for mayor.

Jordan shows up at Anna’s house and asks Finn if she knows when Anna will be back. Jordan asks if Finn was in Cassandra’s hotel suite. Finn guesses a couple of times. Jordan assumes that she had a computer. Finn explains she had a laptop. Jordan tells him it is missing.

Valentin has no motive to clean up. Cassandra’s business associate’s did however. Anna asks who he is protecting. Charlotte runs in saying she has a new costume that is better than the one Cassandra gave her. Nina walks in. Anna looks at her. Valentin tells Charlotte it is time she get ready for bed. Anna wants Charlotte to have sweet dreams. Nina takes her away. Valentin asks if they can be done here. Anna got what she came for. Valentin suggests Finn put Cassandra in a coma. Anna asks if it matters. It is all tied off. Valentin thinks it was a pleasure doing business with her. Anna agrees.

Olivia asks if Kevin is really ok with Laura running for office when they only just got married. Kevin reminds Olivia that they are newly wed themselves. He asks why they aren’t off enjoying the good life. Ned loves PC and wants to do what is right for everyone here. Laura thinks she is best of the city. The press show up.

Jordan thinks that if the goal was to delete all of Cassandra’s info, they failed miserably. All the info is up on the cloud. They will find it and hopefully it will lead them to the rest of Cassandra’s operation. She will call Anna tomorrow. Jordan has been in similar situations and had to learn the hard way. It is one thing when danger is in the air. Then they get back to normal and you realize how much you really don’t know about one another. Jordan hopes things are different for him and Anna. She wishes him a good night. She leaves. Finn goes into the living room and looks at the flowers.

Valentin tells Nina that Anna left. She had questions about New Years Eve. Nina guesses she figured it out. In a flashback to New Years Eve, Nina was so nervous. She didn’t know how to rescue him. Nina went to Anna’s house and the door was open. She walked into the house and Cassandra informed her that she is with her husband. Nina wouldn’t let her hurt Valentin. Cassandra threatened to hurt her and her daughter. They fought and Nina accidentally pressed the needle into her. In the present, Valentin guesses that was just the nightmare. Nina asks what if that was just the beginning. Valentin didn’t want to let go at the Metro Court. Valentin wanted to call the police. Nina thinks the police would use her past against her. She doesn’t want to go back to her old life. Valentin promised to take care of everything. The two showed up at Anna’s house. He told her to close the door. She is only just alive. Valentin is going to clean up the house to be on the safe side. Valentin grabbed Cassandra. Valentin regrets a lot about his past but will always protect Cassandra.

Laura promises to let the citizens of PC decide who is best for mayor. Ned agrees. He wants the best man or woman to win. Olivia tells them they have her number if they have anymore questions. Jim walks over and has his support. Ned thinks they share a vision of what PC can be.

Franco rips up the business card. He wants them to celebrate setting a wedding date.

Anna walks back into her house. She finds a note from Finn. The Metro Court had a suite available and he and Roxie went back home.

Valentin gets back on the laptop. He officially deletes the photo of Claudette. He thinks it is in the past.

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