GH Update Tuesday 1/9/18

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/9/18


Written by Anthony

Alexis sits at the bar of Julian’s pub and he offers her various non-alcoholic drinks. Alexis thinks this is a terrible idea. Julian wonders which part. Alexis wants to know why she would ever ask for his help. Julian knows it makes sense. He knows she is worried about Molly’s safety. Alexis agrees she is worried. He has already been messing around with the heat. She can only imagine what he will do next. Julian promises if he sees or hears anything he will be there in thirty seconds. Alexis thanks him. She doesn’t think they are ever getting back together ever. Molly walks in and agrees what she said.

Laura is at Elizabeth’s house. She never had a chance to give the boys their Christmas gifts. Elizabeth asks if she has been busy or something. She hugs her and congratulates her. Laura thanks her. Elizabeth is sorry about not being at the wedding. Laura never thought this would happen again and here it is. Love can just surprise you. Elizabeth guesses it really can.

Franco is delivered the painting to his office at GH. He tells the delivery man that it was supposed to be going to his studio. He needs to take this back and redeliver it. The delivery man is not authorized. He tells him to call the company if he has a problem. Franco goes into his office and asks why the painting will not leave him alone.

Olivia wants Ned to hear her out. She is his wife and he vowed to love and honor her. He has to listen to everything she says. He would be the perfect candidate. Ned is not running for mayor.

Michael sees Carly cleaning and organizing. He assumes something is bothering her and asks if she wants to talk about it. Carly wonders how much time he has.

Jason shows up at Sam’s office. Sam thanks him for coming. Jason wonders if something is wrong. Sam says it is not life or death but there is an issue that needs to be addressed. She needs a divorce.

Alexis asks Molly what is going on with her landlord. She asks if Curtis has proven anything. Molly says not yet. As sketchy as the boiler incident is they cannot prove sabotage. Alexis thinks she has to be patient. Something will come up. Molly tells her that TJ and she will expose the landlord for the greedy rat that he is.

Franco feels that the painting is just a reminder of when he was three and almost killed a child at three. The darkness was always there. He assumes he has to tell her. It will feel good to tell her. She will say he was just a kid. He asks what happens if she doesn’t. He would die if she goes back to Jason. Franco needs to keep his mouth shut. Franco cannot risk losing the best thing he ever has had. Franco is sorry for what he did to Drew. Kevin is standing at the door.

Ned is on the phone with the redeveloper. He informs him that he is no longer working with ELQ. He thinks that he will have to deal with Michael moving forward. The developer doesn’t think that will go very well. He hangs up. Olivia does think that him leaving ELQ is best for everyone. Olivia thinks that his business experience brings him a leg up. Olivia will not let this g.

Carly asks if Michael has any reaction at all. Michael guesses Nelle is working at Ava’s gallery. Carly wonders if this bothers him. Michael would prefer she got employment somewhere else. It is not his choice though. Carly reminds him that this is the woman responsible for his brother’s death. Nelle and Ava together is not a good thing. Michael doesn’t think this is his call. They told Nell to get a job. She got one. Carly thinks this is strategy to getting Michael back. Michael sees Nelle for who she really is. Michael is playing a game with Nelle too.

Sam admits that her marriage to Drew is not legal. They used the wrong name. They were going to do it again. They went down to get the license and it turns out they are still married. Jason guesses she needs a divorce. Jason says ok. Sam knows it only changes things on paper, but it is important to her. She needs this for her family. Jason gets it. He will sign the papers. Sam doesn’t want to complicate things. She thinks they should agree on things before they bring lawyers in. They need a reason for the divorce. There is adultery, imprisonment… Jason doesn’t think any of those are them. Sam asks what is then.

Jim introduces himself to Julian. He thinks he has a great place around here, He was hoping to do something for him.

Molly suggests a rent strike the local news might even want to cover this. Alexis needs her to listen. Molly would love to out this creep to the whole city. Alexis tells her se will not do this.

Julian wants to know why he would sell a place he just bought. Jim explains he is offering much more than he paid. He could go to a much better area. Julian thinks it is a pass.

Molly wants to know what happened to standing up for the little guy. She wonders why she doesn’t want her to do what is right.

Laura thinks if you told her four months ago she was going to marry Kevin, she would have laughed. Elizabeth wonders why. They were serious. Laura told herself that was enough, but she was scared. She knows Elizabeth has been in love and it didn’t work out. Laura might be gun shy She guesses this is why you take the risk. The way he looks at her and makes her feel.

Kevin thinks that is a fascinating painting. He thinks there is beautiful depth. A mirror image of the boys. Kevin had a twin. He died some time ago. He made peace with it. He thinks he sees peace in the painting. These boys are companions. They are trying to get to this idealist world. If they could break through they would have everything. That is what he thinks at least. Franco guesses that is one way to think of it. Kevin asks if he is trying to figure out where to hang it . Franco is sending the painting to storage. It sends a different set of emotions for him. Kevin thinks he needs to face his emotions head on.

Michael hears everything that Carly is saying. He really does but he has no way of stopping Nelle from associating with certain people. Carly guesses the more he pushes against something the more she pushes to do it. Michael has to get Nelle to think that she is going to win him over. Carly is scared that Michael will fall for her. Carly thinks that Michael is going to become more vulnerable to Nelle. Michael was the baby once. He only cares about the child.

Sam knows the other night on New Year’s Eve she is sorry. This isn’t happening because of that. Things just got so screwed up for him. It isn’t his fault. They didn’t know what was ahead for them when they got married. She wouldn’t have changed it. Jason wouldn’t have either. Jason said those vows because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her more than anything. He wanted to make her happy and still does. If divorcing her makes her happy then he will.

Alexis thinks for the sake of her sanity she doesn’t want her to escalate this. At least not until they hear from Curtis. Alexis tells her to say ok. Molly says ok. Molly needs Alexis to take her own advice when it comes to Julian. Molly loves Alexis. She leaves. Julian thinks Alexis is right. Molly doesn’t think anyone asked him.

Laura is sure that Kevin is already putting up posters for the campaign. Elizabeth does think she would make a great mayor. Elizabeth thinks it must be nice to have Kevin in her corner. Laura agrees. Laura thinks that sometimes the way to find happiness to to let go of what feels safe. She loves her. Elizabeth loves her too. She leaves. Elizabeth guesses she has to go for it.

Carly guesses that her warning her off Nelle is kind of ironic. Michael asks why she would say that. Carly thinks given how she behaved when she was pregnant is giving what comes around. Michael doesn’t think what Carly did was good. He does think that she made the best choice for him though. Carly just worries about him. Michael has to go and talk with Ned. He will talk with her later. Michael asks Olivia if he is interrupting. Olivia has to get back to work. Michael believes that the companies strength comes from being a family operation. He does think that he can come back. If he feels that he was treated with anything but respect he is really sorry. Ned accepts the apology. Michael asks if he will reconsider then.

Franco comes home with the painting. Elizabeth walks in and kisses him. She welcomes him home. Elizabeth has been thinking they have not set a wedding date. They need to do that right now. She cannot wait to marry him.

Sam thinks it is strange to thank him for ending their marriage. Jason guesses they didn’t keep the promises the way they were meant to. Sam thinks that Jason has made her happy and whole. Or at least she is in a place where she could become whole. Jason wants her to just live. Jason is glad that she is living the life he couldn’t have given her. He walks towards the door. Jason thinks that she is going to have to say agreed upon differences. She loves Drew and he cannot agree with that.

Laura asks if Jim left the business card for Julian. Julian says he is right over there. Laura introduces herself. She was really hoping to get to talk to him about the redevelopment project. He only has good intentions for PC. Laura guesses he knows she has a particular interest in that street and the people who live there. Laura asks how his vision will benefit those people.

Olivia tells Carly easy. She is going to take the finish off the very expensive bar. Carly assumes she knows about Nelle and Michael. Carly doesn’t think it is right for Nelle to be a part of the family. It drives her crazy knowing that Nelle is going to be calling all the shots. Olivia will help in anyway she can.

Ned is glad that Michael has come to his way of thinking. Michael thinks the Charles Street project is off the table. Michael wants Ned to run the South American decision. Ned doesn’t think you send someone like him off to the boondocks. He thinks that it would be painfully obvious that he is the one who should be running ELQ and not him.

Elizabeth doesn’t want to wait anymore. She is done being comfortable. It is easy for people like them to stay safe. Elizabeth loves him and wants to marry him. She wants to rock the boat. Franco will rock whatever she wants him too.

Carly thanks Jason for coming. She is so freaked out about this. She thinks that Jason is the only person who can stop Michael from making a bad choice. Carly realizes he was with Sam. She asks what happened. Jason explains that Sam asked him for a divorce.

Alexis shows up at Sam’s office. She wonders what is so urgent. Sam needs her help divorcing Jason. Alexis asks if she really does again. Sam guesses the marriage is still valid. They kissed the other night. It was life going back in time. She needs to let go. Alexis will only let her do that if she is letting for the right reasons.

Julian thinks that Alexis is worried about Molly. Molly can tell that Alexis asked for him to keep an eye on her. Julian asks if that would be a bad thing. Molly doesn’t want Julian anywhere near her. She will call Sonny, Jason, or Drew, or even the garbage man. Anyone but him.

Jim feels that growth comes with cost. Laura doesn’t think it should. She wants to show him around personally. Jim thanks her but he is committed to the project. This is a struggling neighborhood that has finally found its potential. He hopes she has a great evening. Jim leaves and Kevin walks in. He asked what he missed.

Olivia walks back over to Ned and Michael and wonders if everything is ok. Ned thinks that Michael just confirmed his choice to leave ELQ. Michael is sorry he feels that way. The door is always welcome if he decides to come back. Ned doesn’t think that he is ever coming back. Michael leaves. Olivia wants Ned to carve up his own path. She thinks he is smart and has a head for business. He knows everyone here. He knows who to trust and rely on.

Elizabeth could look into the Metro Court for the wedding. She thinks about other locations. Franco is chugging milk. Elizabeth thinks that is a little weird. Franco was supposed to pick up more on his way home from work. He will be back then they can plan a wedding when he gets back. Elizabeth suggests practicing for the honeymoon. Franco guesses practice makes perfect.

Carly feels that Sam is rushing into marriage with Drew to avoid her feelings for Jason. Jason doesn’t think she is avoiding her feelings. Carly doesn’t think it matters that they were together before. Jason thinks that Sam needs a safe and stable life. Carly feels the one thing that Drew cannot offer her is Jason. Which Sam will not admit to.

Alexis knows there are a lot of emotions right now. Sam agrees. Alexis knows things are ridiculously confusing. If she marries Drew right now then it might not be a good idea. Alexis doesn’t want her to do anything right now. She needs to make peace with her past before she even thinks about marrying Drew.

Elizabeth goes to open the door and Jim is at the door. He is doing redevelopment. He wanted to speak with Franco. She explains he is not home right now. Jim actually thinks he knew Bobby Frank when he was a kid. He loves Elizabeth’s house. It was all part of the ELQ redevelopment. Franco shows up and Elizabeth introduces him. She explains he might have known him when he was a kid. Jim thinks that he has really grown.

Laura feels that this could be a disaster for Charles Street. Laura thinks this is criminal. She doesn’t see how this can be stopped. Kevin sees that person is right across from her.

Olivia knows he loves PC. It is his home. Ned thinks Olivia would make the perfect politicians wife. Olivia asks what he says.

Kevin feels this is her chance to be a champion for the people she loves. Laura agrees.

Ned agrees to run.

Sam thinks that Jason was her first love and that will never change. She will always love him. She is not going to act on her love. Alexis thinks that over time Sam is going to get better with this.

Carly does want this for Jason but she knows he will be fine. She is worried about Sam. Drew isn’t going to deal with having a wife in love someone else. Jason explains that Sam says she is in love with Drew. Carly feels it is in the same way she loves Jax. She wonders who is a better guy than Jax. He knows what she means. She wants to know who can give her children a better life. He is not nearly as toxic as he thinks. She was fine before with his ties to Sonny. The night before he went away they were happy. They were going to figure out a future together. They can still have it. Jason cannot if Sam doesn’t want to.

Sam is actively choosing to marry Drew because she loves him. She loves the life they have together. She wants everyone to know it. Alexis guesses they can get her a divorce.

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