GH Update Monday 1/8/18

General Hospital Update Monday 1/8/18


Written by Anthony

Jordan just got off the phone with DA Campbell. He was pretty appreciative that Dante was able to close the door so fast on Cassandra. Apparently, the feds are too. Jordan thinks that every once and a while justice does prevail.

Finn is getting dressed in his hospital room. Anna walks in stating that she cannot leave him alone for a second. She wants to know what he thinks he is doing. Finn states he is going to leave. Anna didn’t hear any doctor say he could leave. Finn is a doctor and he is ready. Anna asks what the rush even is. Finn needs to tell the police what he did to Cassandra.

Maxie thinks that Nathan is the strongest man she knows. He will be fine. Their baby will have a father who loves and protects his family. Maxie doesn’t think their baby will turn out to be anymore like Faison than they did. Lulu overhears this and asks what they said. Maxie explains they are having a private conversation. Lulu needs to know what is going on. They are freaking her out. Nathan thinks they have to get used to saying it out loud. Faison is his father.

Carly walks into her living room and Joss is dancing along to the CD that Oscar made her. Carly wonders what all this is. Joss wonders if she likes the dress. It is for the ball. Carly doesn’t remember hearing anything about any ball. Joss says it is the Mad Hatters ball. It is in February, but she wanted to jump on getting the right dress. Carly suggests she leave the tags on in case she finds something better. Carly wonders if Kim knows that Oscar asked her to the ball. Joss says he hasn’t asked her yet. She thinks he will. He has something important to ask her. Joss goes to change. Carly thinks her baby is growing up so fast.

Sonny asks Jason how Spinelli is doing. Jason guesses he is still in shock. Sonny doesn’t blame him. His daughter has a sibling that will be related to Faison. That cannot be easy. Jason knows Spinelli will make things right. Sonny thinks that Spinelli is odd but a good guy. Jason suggests he tell him that sometime. Sonny prefers to appreciate Spinelli from a distance. He guesses they won’t be able to get any research from him for twenty-four hours.

Drew explains that he doesn’t know himself. Sam thinks he does. He might now have dates or details, but he knows his own heart. She asks what he wants to do. Drew wants to love and honor her for the rest of their lives. Sam says they should do it then. They can get married today. Sam wants whatever is going to make them belong together. Drew guesses they can go to city hall right now.

Anna would like him to concentrate on getting better. Finn claims he is better. Anna wants him to wait and then they will leave. Then they can plan what they would have done on New Years Eve. Finn doesn’t think he has anything to worry about if he was in self-defense. Anna knows he was drugged. Finn thinks a woman was given brain damage for something he did. She might be able to dismiss that but he cannot.

Dante has tied up all the loose ends. Jordan will be going to the hospital to fill in Anna. Jordan thinks that Anna practically crucified herself with bringing Finn in. Jordan thinks that it is best she tell her that this is all over. This will be one less thing for them to worry about.

Finn doesn’t want the police coming after him. Anna doesn’t think he has any memory of actually hurting Cassandra. Even if he did, he was just trying to protect himself. Finn knows that she threatened her and he couldn’t let that happen. Anna will not let him say a damn thing that happened. Sonny walks in and asks if it is a bad time. Anna will come talk to him in the hallway. She thinks Finn needs a nap. Anna goes into the hallway and Jason is there. She wonders if this is about Faison. Jason needs to talk with her about his son.

Maxie guesses Obrecht couldn’t dodge it anymore. So, she finally gave up and told them Faison is Nathan’s father. Lulu asks if she has any idea where Faison is. Nathan doesn’t think she will ever tell them. Maxie wonders why anyone would want to know where Faison is. Lulu wants to interview him for Aurora. Maxie asks if she is insane. Lulu feels it make a great read. Nathan thinks they should shelf this. Nathan feels she has had enough stress for the day. Maxie is fine. Nathan will see them later. Lulu can tell Maxie is staying strong for him. She remembers how freaked out she was when she found out Charlotte was a Cassadine. Maxie is terrified. Faison is a sociopath. She asks what happens if the baby inherits the genes.

Carly wonders how things are going with Oscar and Drew. Joss guesses they all spent Christmas together. Carly is sure that Oscar appreciates that she stood by him. Joss asks if Carly listened to her Christmas CD. Carly thinks it is very signigant for Joss. Joss goes to get the door.

Drew wants to get the marriage license. Sam thinks that this time they can use the correct name. Drew has a drivers license will his real name. Sam thinks that she has forty dollar too. Sam wonders what is wrong. Drew explains that they have a problem. Sam thought they have a lot of documents. Drew explains that they cannot get married until after the marriage license has been created. They could have a judge sign off on it. He asks if they know any judges. Sam guesses her mom knows some but then she would call Molly and Kristina and make a big deal out of the whole thing. Drew wants this to just be us. Sam suggests they go and get the license now, because they have the documents. Drew meant every word and every vow to her.

Joss thinks that Oscar’s time was great. Oscar wises Carly a happy New Year. Carly will give them some privacy. Oscar asks if everything is fine. Joss thinks so. She wonders what he wanted to talk to her about.

Jason just confirmed that Faison has at least one son. Nathan West. Sonny went to go talk to Obrecht and walked into a family situation. One thing lead to another and she blurted out that Nathan was Faison’s son. Anna realizes this has to do with Maxie. Anna asks why they are telling her this. Jason feels that Nathan is not the son they are looking for. They also know that Faison didn’t write the manuscript. It was a story about the son taking revenge on his father. They think this Sinclair guy is the son they are looking for. Sonny wonders if Faison had another relationship with a woman. Someone who carried his child. Anna guesses there is one woman in particular.

Dante tells Nathan that he closed a case already. He wonders if everything is alright with Nathan. Nathan guesses it will be for now. He found out who is father is.

Lulu needs Maxie to calm down. Maxie just gave Nathan a positive spin bordering on blatant lies. She doesn’t want to believe that her child will grow up with some personality disorder. Lulu doesn’t think this noble act is the way to go. Maxie doesn’t want to be terrified that their child will grow up like their grandfather. Lulu doesn’t think that will happen. Her baby has the best parents. It doesn’t matter who the grandparents are.

Jordan walks into Finn’s room. Finn is glad to see her. Jordan has come to talk about Cassandra.

Maxie knows that they couldn’t obtain Georgie’s medical records, so Ellie and Spinelli were all over it. Researching, diseases that skip a generation. It’s called recession. Lulu doesn’t think cruelty doesn’t get passed down. Nathan is amazing and generous. All of that comes from him. Maxie wants to believe her more than anything. She wonders how she can be so sure.

Nathan never believes Obrecht’s story but never pushed it. Then Maxie got pregnant and they needed records for the baby. He never thought this was something they could find. His father was Faison. Dante is sorry. Nathan asks how you forget who your father is. Dante thinks you learn to live with it and you do.

Anna explains he had a henchwoman and would do anything for Faison. Anna doesn’t think it be good to figure out who she was. She has been dead for decades. Jason assumes there would be record of a son she might have had. Anna doubts it. Faison always covers his tracks. Jason thinks it all makes sense. They just have to get to the son. Anna will tell the WSB to have them look into what they have uncovered. Anna would tell them to be grateful for what they have right now. Sonny assumes she would want to be rid of Faison. Anna would love that, but it is up to the proper authorities. Jason cannot do that. He needs to know why this happened. Anna asks why he does. She knows that from experience. Faison has already taken five years of his life. He doesn’t need to take anymore. Sonny feels there is a hell of a lot that Anna is not saying.

Joss asks if everything is good with Oscar and Drew. Oscar thinks. Oscar wanted to talk to Joss about something. He finished the book last night. Joss asks if he really came over to talk about Edward. Oscar cannot believe that he is related to those people, but it is super cool. Carly comes over with snacks She wonders what is going on. Joss guesses nothing. Absolutely, nothing.

Jordan thought that Anna would be here. Finn tells her that Anna stepped out. He can speak for himself though. Jordan thinks Anna would want to hear as well. Jordan says that there has been a development with Cassandra’s case. Finn thinks he has to tell the truth. Jordan wonders if he is making an official statement on Cassandra. Finn is. Jordan wonders if he is in any shape to do this. Finn has to get this out. Anna walks in. Anna explains that Cassandra was threatening to come after her, but she had already drugged him silly. He was to incapacitate to do anything about it. Jordan says they know who drugged Cassandra and left her to die in the ally.

Dante doesn’t think there is any comparison on who their fathers are. Sonny is flawed but he does have a code. He would have no idea what it would be like to go through what Nathan has. Dante was undercover with Sonny for months. He was rage filled. He didn’t know what to do with it. He realized he did get to choose. There are things about his father that he got to teach him. There are things he rejected and didn’t take those on. He at least got to know who he was as a person. He knows he grew up a rich kid. He could have been entitled. Instead, he became a cop to help people. He already is a good man. It won’t change.

Lulu knows his baby will grow up safe. She cannot wait to meet the beautiful and kind individual that her and Nathan are going to raise. She knows this because she knows both of them. They will raise the baby in a safe home. The Cassadine’s are a nightmare but Charlotte is a beautiful little girl. She promises that Maxie has so much joy in the world. Maxie thinks she is grateful to have a best friend like her. She is even grateful that Obrecht hid Nathan from Faison. Lulu is shocked that Faison doesn’t know that Nathan is his son. Maxie has been so focused on the baby she didn’t even think about that. She has to go.

Carly tells them to give her a shout out if they need anything. Oscar asks if he did something wrong. Joss thinks he is just complex. Oscar asks if they are having a fight. Oscar is sorry. Joss wonders for what. Oscar doesn’t know why she is upset. Joss tells him to go. Oscar leaves and slams the door. Carly wonders if he is ok. Joss thinks he is a jerk. He didn’t ask her to the ball. Carly is going to get the door. Oscar walks in wearing a mad hatter hat and quoting Alice in Wonderland. He gets down on his knee handing her the hat. He wonders if she will go to the ball with him.

Sonny says that the child would have been born in the late eighties or early nineties. He realizes that isn’t an easy task but that is all they have. He thanks Brick on the phone. Jason could talk to Spinelli. Sonny thinks that this is going to be to hard for Spinelli right now. Jason can only imagine how this is going to affect Anna. Sonny thinks the kindest thing that they can do for Anna is put a bullet in Faison’s head. Not until they find out why he replaced him with Drew. Jason is not even sure that matters. Sonny asks what that means. Jason wants to stop Faison and make sure he doesn’t hurt anyone else. Answers are not changing things. Sonny assumes that it doesn’t bring Sam back to him.

Sam never occurred to her. Drew guesses it is not a big deal. Sam has a way to fix it. She is just dreading it.

Jordan explains her Cassandra’s accomplice admitted to everything. He apparently didn’t have the stomach for murder. Finn points out he tried to murder Cassandra. Anna overpowered Eric. He went back to see Cassandra and she tried attacking him. That is when he heard them and ran and his. She guesses this chapter is now closed. They can live their lives now. If Finn needs anything she can let him know. Anna thanks her for delivering this news to them personally. Jordan wouldn’t have it any other way. She leaves. Anna doesn’t know if she believes Eric’s but his account clears Finn. Finn guesses it is time for him to see what the New Year holds. Including, getting the hell out of here.

Sam guesses there is no time like the present to do this.

Sonny knows that Jason hasn’t mentioned at all what happened on New Years Eve. Jason doesn’t think there is nothing much to say. Sonny heard something might have happened with him and Sam. Sam calls and needs to see him as soon as possible. Jason tell Sonny he has to go.

Sam tells Drew that he is on his way. Drew asks if she wants to do this alone.

Joss ask if this was a setup. He planned to do this but then he second guessed things. He thought that it might be lame and she didn’t mention anything about the dance. He panicked. When she kicked him out, he realized he was being dumb. He never would have known had he not asked. He thought he might as well go big or go home. Joss thinks he really is a little mad but all the best people are.

Nathan needs to do what he can to make sure that Faison doesn’t get near Maxie and the baby. Dante knows that Faison hasn’t lived as long as he has by being stupid. He is probably on the other side of the world right now.

Maxie walks into Sonny’s office. She wants to say sorry to Sonny for earlier for kicking him out of the pub. She does wish that it was still a secret though so that Nathan and her would never have known. Sonny needs Maxie to relax. Maxie needs no one to tell anyone ever that Sonny will not tell anyone.

Joss wears the hat. He thinks it looks better on her than him. Oscar asks if it is ok with Carly for him to take Joss to the dance. Oscar has to get going. Joss will walk him out. Joss gives him the hat back. She is glad he asked her to the dance. Joss thinks it will be a special night. She is going to blow his mind.

Sam thinks it be easier if she handled this alone. Drew will be in the office down the hall. Sam has this.

Maxie cannot believe Anna knows. Sonny thinks that she is family. If anyone is going to protect her it is her. Sonny doesn’t think that Jason would tell anyone. Maxie suggests Carly might find out and she could accidentally say something. Sonny doesn’t think that anyone will hear that Nathan is Faison’s father. Maxie doesn’t want to think about this. If Faison finds out the truth, they will have no idea wat he will do.

Lulu shows up at the station. Dante will be back in a bit. Lulu tells Nathan she has some contacts on Faison. She suggests they work together and bring him down for good.

Dante asks Jordan how things went with Anna. Jordan thinks things look fine. It felt like Finn would have confessed to attacking Cassandra. Jordan doesn’t think he could swat a fly last night. Dante thinks that everyone is happy at least.

Anna will not have him leave without a doctor signing off. Anna guesses if he insists on leaving then he is coming home with her.

Sam looks at her wedding photo to Drew. Jason walks in.

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