GH Update Friday 1/5/18

General Hospital Update Friday 1/5/18


Written by Anthony

Anna tells Robert on the phone that Cassandra only just left his house. She wants him to let her know when she is in custody. She hangs up the phone. Anna tells Finn she loves it when a fan comes together. She is celebrating. It is finally over. Finn guesses he should start packing now that mission is accomplished. Anna doesn’t think he was ever her prisoner. Finn feels it hurts a little for her to see him leave. Anna suggests that he wait for Cassandra to be in custody before he leave.

Valentin is tied to a chair. He asks if this was necessary. Cassandra feels that he should be happy that she didn’t shoot him for his wife to find him dead.

Nina tries texting Valentin again. She wonders why he is not here for their anniversary.

Dante wonders what Lulu and her boss were discussing. Lulu was discussing her next assignment. He had an idea for her. He asks what the next big story it is she is working on.

Sonny kisses Carly. He wants to know where Jason is. Carly doesn’t know. There was somewhere he had to be. Sonny wonders if he found an earlier flight to Saint Petersburg.

Drew finds Kim at the hospital. He asks if she has seen his mother. Kim tells him that Monica left a little while ago. Drew needed a lift. His car will not start and he was supposed to meet Sam a little while a go. Kim suggests a car service. Drew tried but everyone is trying to get somewhere by midnight. He realizes this is not her problem. Kim asks where he is supposed to meet Sam. Drew says the Haunted Star.

Sam wonders why Jason is here. Jason was supposed to meet Sonny here. Sam explains that she and Drew rented this place out for the New Year. Jason asks if they are moving. Sam guesses they are. Jason asks if Drew is driving. Sam explains the boat is on autopilot. They have to shut it off.

Finn doesn’t think there is a reason for him to stick around here when she is out getting rid of Cassandra. Anna points out that you don’t say a patient is cured until you get the results back. Finn guesses he should stay out of a abundance of fear. Anna doesn’t care what he does. Finn thinks she refuses to tell her real feelings. Anna feels satisfaction that Cassandra will be put away for a very long time. Anna wishes he could just acknowledge her success. Finn thinks it is their success. Finn guesses she is asking him to leave then.

Cassandra didn’t realize that he had become stupid with a wife and child. He betrayed her in the most obvious way. Valentin didn’t betray her. Cassandra says that when he knocked her phone out of her hand, Eric discovered this.

Nina wants to know why he is not answering. She wants to know why he is not here yet.

Lulu wants something bigger than the Lomax story. It is old news. Dante asks what she settled on. Nina walks over and tells Valentin to call her back. Lulu walks over. She asks what is wrong. Nina explains that Valentin is late. He is not picking up his phone and no one is at the house. She doesn’t know what to think.

Carly feels that Jason is more than capable of taking care of himself. Sonny thinks that they both know that Jason is capable of handling himself in a shoot-out but otherwise Carly refuses to let him be. Carly feels that he also gets involved. Sonny tried to convince Jason that Sam is the only one for him, but it didn’t work. So whatever she is planning isn’t going to work.

Drew guesses that Sam is not answering. He isn’t worried. The reception on the Haunted Star is sketchy at best. He rented out the entire boat so that they could have it to themselves. Kim thinks that is nice. She suggests the captain. Drew explains it is on auto-pilot. Drew just wanted to be completely alone on the boat.

Sam thinks that this is frustrating. Jason doesn’t think this is her fault. Sam thinks the auto-pilot did everything it was supposed to do and now they are in the middle of the harbor. Jason guesses that is because they shut it off. Sam thinks it is supposed to be her and Drew not Jason. She shouldn’t have done this. Jason guesses it is a safety precaution. Sam thinks anything is possible. Sam thinks that they are going to be stuck on this harbor for a few hours. She better call Drew. She has no service. Jason doesn’t have any either. She guesses they are stranded then. Jason is sorry about this. Sam doesn’t think this is his fault. She thanks him for not saying I told you so. Sam should have realized what was going on. Jason has a feeling that this is happening because of him. Carly told him to meet Sonny here. Sam realizes that Carly was at Aurora. She heard they were going to the Haunted Star. She must have found a way to delay Drew. Jason knows she took things to far tonight. He will talk to her. Sam doesn’t think that there is anything he can do to change Carly’s mind. She thinks he did the right thing and stepped back. She is trying to convince her to change her mind.

Carly guesses they will wait and see. They can let nature take its course. What happens will happen. Sonny asks if Jason is somewhere with Sam because of Carly.

Nina explains the babysitter just called. She was giving Charlotte a bath earlier. Lulu guesses she is ok then. Lulu wonders about Valentin. Nina assumes he will be here in a minute. Lulu asks why she is so worried then. Nina assumes he is just picking up a gift. It is their anniversary. Lulu thinks it is so sweet. An anniversary of one year ago today when she teamed up with Valentin to keep Charlotte away from her own mother. Dante asks what is going on. Lulu thinks Valentin is up to his neck in something and Nina is covering.

Valentin will not be blamed for something he didn’t do. Cassandra asks who did it then. Valentin doesn’t know. If he bugged her phone then he wouldn’t have been caught. Cassandra knows he lies as easily as he breathes. Cassandra tells Eric to beat the truth out of him,

Anna thinks he is eager to leave. Finn thinks that she is throwing her out the door. Anna wasn’t going to throw him out into the cold. Anna doubts they are negotiating the rest of their lives. They are just talking about having New Years Eve together. Anna guesses he could just leave if he wants though. Anna thinks he is so scared. Anna is not very good at this. She asks if he wants to stay. Finn says yes.

Jason tells Sam that they are treating this as a disabled vehicle and they are not in any shipping lanes so they are not a priority. Sam guesses three hours before they can get back to shore. Jason finds dominos and challenges her to a game. Sam wonders if it is the same rules. Jason says whoever loses the round takes a shot of tequila. Sam thinks he is on.

Anna has champagne and sparkling water. Anna can make a killer cheese sandwich. She wonders if that sounds ok. Finn cannot think of a better way to start the new year.

Cassandra wonders what Valentin was so eager to hear. She wonders if he was planning to take over her operation his self. Valentin explains that he was married a year ago tonight. Valentin thinks that Nina wanted to strengthen the custody case he had with his daughter. Valentin feels that his relationship with Nina is idea. He thinks she knows that that he didn’t do this. Cassandra tells Eric to let Valentin go. Eric says that her factory has been taken over by the government.

Dante wonders if Nina has reason to believe that Valentin is involved in something criminal. Nina asks if she is arrested. Dante says she is not under arrest. Nina will find Valentin by herself.

Lulu and Dante walk over to Sonny. Sonny got two thank you cards in the mail. He didn’t need that. Lulu guesses Charlotte was under the impression that if you get a gift you have to say thank you. Dante tells him that Charlotte loves the doll he got her and Rocco wants to bring the bike upstairs to sleep with it. He wants to ride it every day. Lulu thinks it is amazing how much Sonny drops for his family. She assumes he is looking for Faison. She asks if he has had any success. Sonny could ask them the same thing.

Kim is sorry. She knows traffic is ridicules. She wonders if he could grab her glasses from the glove box. She only needs them sometimes for distance and when her eyes are tired at night. Everything falls out and Drew asks if this is the original CD. Kim asks if he listened to the original CD.

Jason asks how Sam is doing. Sam asks how he is doing. That was her first shot. He has had two. She doubts this is what Carly had in mind. Jason doubts it. Sam thinks it is crazy. She was like her least favorite person. Never good enough for him and now she is the only one who can make him happy. Sam is not with Drew because of Carly. She is with him because she loves him. A lot has changed in the past five years. Jason woke up at the clinic and had no idea how much time had passed. All he could think about was coming home. Sam wonders if he thought she would be waiting. Jason is glad she went on and lived her live and had all these people. He does miss her. He does but he cannot miss the life they didn’t have. As long as she is happy he is good. He thinks it is time for her turn.

Cassandra guesses someone found her factory using the bug in her phone. Her operation is completely lost. Cassandra will crush whoever did this to her. Valentin thinks that she better get out of the country and pick up the pieces, live to fight another day. Cassandra wonders who sabotaged her. She never got involved with anyone else unless… She realizes Finn. She knew Anna was his girlfriend but since she never tried hiding from her she never assumed she would go for her business. Cassandra thinks that Finn played her perfectly. They have to move at once. Cassandra has to tie this off. She has to take care of Finn and then Valentin. His marriage will not see the new year.

Finn and Anna toast to better days. Anna thinks this is a good year. Finn has to go. He doesn’t mean to go. He just needs to get a fresh start between them. He will not be long. Anna doesn’t want him to be.

Sonny doesn’t know where Faison is and thought he did. Sonny gets asked to speak with someone. An employee tells him to tell Carly that he is happy to take care of any special projects she has moving forward.

Sam wonders if Jason is drunk yet. Jason isn’t. Sam doesn’t think it is fair here because it takes him so much longer to get drunk. Sam has never achieved at seeing him drunk. Jason thinks it is her move. Sam thinks he made a stupid play. He thinks that he is losing on purpose to not see him drunk. Sam guesses he is to polite to get a lady drunk unless she is his lady. Jason suggests they go on the deck and see some fireworks. Sam puts her coat on guessing it is supposed to keep her warm.

Anna gets a call. She asks if he has Cassandra in custody. She will lock everything up and stay armed until he does. Anna assumes Finn has walked in and says they have a problem.

Carly, Sonny, Dante, and Lulu all toast to the new year. Lulu cannot wait to see what the New Year brings. Dante suggests that Sonny share the information he has on Faison. Sonny will if he will. Lulu wants to text Laura to make sure that he is having a good New Year. Carly thinks that Dante and Lulu are doing well. Sonny tells her the bar tender is available for any special projects that she might have. Carly thinks the employees are always looking for extra work. Sonny wants to know what the truth is.

Dante asks Lulu why she is asking about Faison. Lulu thinks he made Drew believe he was Jason. He is on everyone’s mind. Dante guesses Faison is the story that she is going after. He is dangerous. He is a bad guy and needs to stay away from him. Lulu will if he does. Lulu thinks they have a problem if he is not ok with this.

Carly may have arranged for Jason and Sam to get stuck somewhere tonight. Sonny wonders if it is dangerous. Carly says it is very private. She paid the bartender to tamper with his car. Sonny thinks that Drew is going to blame her. Carly doesn’t care. She is doing Drew a favor because Drew is never going to be happy with Sam. Sam is only going to be happy with Jason.

Drew didn’t think that it sparked any memories. It did sound nice though. Kim thinks he liked staying in the moment. He just likes to enjoy a song and a sunset. He used to say, don’t waste what is right in front of you.

Sam thinks it is a nice night for fireworks. Her children should be here. She asks if he can admit something. When he gave the city money to rebuild the footbridge, he did it because fireworks were so good. Jason had a lot of reasons. Fireworks were one of them.

Finn walks back into Anna’s house saying he didn’t mean to cut things so close. He calls for Anna and cannot find her anywhere. Cassandra is there though.

Valentin wishes Nina happy anniversary while he is still tied.

The ball drops as Nina is alone. She wishes Valentin a happy anniversary.

Lulu and Dante kiss one another. Dante wants Lulu to be safe. Lulu promises she will be.

Sonny tells Carly to get over here. He knows her intentions are good. He thinks his life means nothing without her. Carly loves him the same way.

Kim and Drew are stuck in the car. She wishes him a happy New Year. Drew decides to get there on foot.

Sam tells Jason it is beautiful. Jason looks at Sam and agrees it is beautiful. He starts to dance with Sam. They look at each other in their arms. They end up kissing one another.

Carly shows up at Sam’s office. She wonders if she has a minute. Sam does. She is glad she came to see her. If she hadn’t then she would have come to see her. Carly assumes because of New Years Eve. Sam thinks she is trying to force her back to Jason and she needs to stop. Sam thought she was on her side. Sam hates hurting Jason. Jason is her past. Drew is her present and future.

Ava goes over the job requirements with Nelle. She will find them under the preferred clients. Nelle is going to spare her the trouble in firing her. She quits.

Kiki drops a bunch of a binders on the floor. Griffin offers to help her. Kiki thinks that she is fine. She gets this for being in a bad mood. Griffin guesses this is some mood. Kiki explains that Dillon bought her a plane ticket but the flight was canceled. She decided to still be productive by studying all night. She didn’t. Griffin wonders why not. Kiki explains her mom.

Jason points out that they know that the author is the son and the Faison is the original author. Jason knows that Brit said that Faison didn’t write the book. Jason guesses that the person writing the book, the client hired to get rid of Jason, and the person keeping him alive are all the same person. Sonny guesses it is Faison’s son.

Maxie thinks that Obrecht loves Nathan. She just doesn’t understand that there is a love between love and honesty. Especially, when it comes to her. Obrecht asks what she implies. Maxie is saying that Nathan doesn’t believe her when she says that Victor is his father. Obrecht promises that the medical records are accurate. Nathan walks over. He believes they belong to his father. He just doesn’t believe that it is Victor Cassadine. He asks if his father is someone else. Obrecht claims that Victor was his father. He said he was. Nathan suggests that he might not have been. Maxie knows that Victor was running his own clinic of terror. He was holding Robin prisoner, had a Jason Morgan double. He had Helena running around. Obrecht thinks that Victor was the father. Maxie suggests that since Victor is dead that she just decided to go with it being true. Obrecht asks to what end. Nathan assumes someone she wants to keep secret. Obrecht thinks that they are both in good health and the pregnancy is going normally. He needs to say a prayer in thanks and stop looking for trouble where it doesn’t exist. Maxie wonders if Obrecht has a point. Nathan tells them that Amy has the DNA test results.

Spinelli guesses that they now know that Faison has a son that is bent on taking down his father. Sonny thinks they need to figure this out to make sure that he is on the right track. Jason knows that Klein was being paid to keep him alive in the clinic in Russia. Sonny asks what he was paid for. Jason doesn’t know. Spinelli assumes that he was supposed to be used for some future event. Spinelli guesses the gun play at the Aurora launch were a diversion to get Jason back. He didn’t let that happen. He got the last call from the client covering his tracks. Sonny knows that now he has Faison who wants him dead and knows the guy is a traitor.

Griffin thinks that Ava adores Kiki. Kiki thinks that doesn’t always translate into getting along. Her mom and her have a volatile relationship. She doesn’t like to get called on her nonsense and sometimes she does it. On New Years Eve she was treating her like competition. She asks what is going on with her.

Ava asks why she is quitting on her first day. Nelle points out she did hire her without an interview. Ava knows she did excellent work for Carly and Nina. Nelle is a good assistant. Ava doesn’t understand the problem. Nelle thinks the problem is that she was studying to be a grade-school teacher. She doesn’t know anything about the art world. Ava asks if this has been a waste of her time. Nelle was trying to meet Michael halfway by getting a job. Carly might think that this baby was a way to trap Michael. The truth is that the baby took her by surprise.

Carly admits to manipulating the situation on the Haunted Star. She isn’t trying to force her back to Jason though. She is trying to save her from the pain that comes after. Sam doesn’t think their lives are anything alike. Carly thinks she knows she loved Jax. He was a great guy. She thought they would spend the rest of their lives together. She couldn’t stop the hold that Sonny has over her heart though. Jax is a dream come true and Sonny is a nightmare. Her first loyalty is always to Sonny. She will always take it. Carly cannot stop how she feels about Sonny, because of that she broke Jax’s heart. She shouldn’t do that to Drew. Drew walks in and asks what she shouldn’t do to him. Drew knows she was busy New Years Eve. He doesn’t suppose that she came to say sorry. Carly is sorry she hurt him. Drew knows she would do it again in a heartbeat. Carly really wants to get to know Drew for who he is now. She is still his friend regardless. Drew doesn’t think she gets to become involved in his marriage. Carly was just trying to save him, from a marriage to someone who cannot stop loving someone else. Carly walks out. Drew asks if Sam is right.

Ava wants Nelle to consider her position here. She can focus on being a good assistant and she can learn about art in general. Nelle thanks her. She hopes she can justify her faith in her. Ava is sure she will be able to shimmer in this job. She admits that this is all an act for her. She lies away in bed wondering if people are not telling her the truth. She worries that her scars bother then more than they say. She doesn’t have to worry about that much longer. She has a meeting with a plastic surgeon. If it is a success then she will once again be the woman she was and then there will be no stopping her.

Griffin admits that Ava is not going to feel normal until her scars are gone. Kiki wonders if he told her about his research yet. Griffin did. She is meeting with the doctor today to schedule the procedure. He just had to make some adjustments to make sure it was legal in this country. Kiki wants to feel happy for Ava. In a few weeks she will be good as new but Morgan will still be dead.

Jason knows that after the Aurora debut, Brit and Faison spent the next month in different cities against Europe. Sonny assumes that she went to check on the traitor to see where he was double crossed. Sonny guesses that Faison knows his son is out to get him. Spinelli assumes that Obrecht warned him not to go after Jason. She purchased a phone just to do it. Her traced the call but the call must have been a warning to flee. Sonny suggests that they just have to invite Obrecht here and do this all over again for some chat.

Obrecht explains that Victor was killed in a lab explosion. There is no trace of his DNA. Maxie points out his nephew lives in PC. She submitted it to the lab. Obrecht suggests that she should have used a swab instead of a toothbrush. She asks if the test was ordered illegally. She thinks it would be invalid. Nathan thinks that it would be valid, Obrecht doesn’t think she can tamper with the DNA test because she didn’t know about it. Obrecht thought that her and Maxie could coexist for her son. Maxie understands Obrecht better than she thinks. This is about more than just her feelings here. They need to know the truth. Obrecht thinks that he will delete the email. Nathan already knows what the email says.

Carly walks into Ava’s gallery. Nelle asks if she can help her. Carly needs to see Ava. Nelle explains she is not here. She asks if she can take a message. Carly asks if she is working for her. Nelle just started. She did tell her to get a job.

Griffin thought that she had forgiven Ava for her role in Morgan’s death. Kiki thinks that the more she learns about medicine, the worse things become. She purposely sabotaged his sanity. Her motive was far less sympathetic than she thinks. Ava wanted Morgan for herself. They had two affairs. When Morgan came back to her she couldn’t stand it. She couldn’t deal with her young beautiful lover with her daughter. The bipolar was just an excuse. Kiki knows why it happened and there is nothing they can do about it. Griffin suggests that when Ava has the procedure things will change. Kiki thinks that Ava will never change. Griffin knows that Ava loves her and he hopes in time, that love will be enough to heal them both. Kiki thinks that she is lucky to have him.

Sam thinks that what happened with Carly, Jax, and Sonny has nothing to do with her. She is not that selfish. Drew thinks she is the opposite of selfish. Sam thinks that Sonny wants Carly and he went for it. It is not them. Drew wants Sam to tell him what she wants.

Nathan explains that there is no DNA match. Valentin is not his cousin, so Victor is not his father. She lied. Obrecht explains the medical records are accurate but they aren’t Victor’s. Nathan asks who he is then. Obrecht doesn’t think he is anyone he needs to know about. Nathan needs to know for his child. Nathan doesn’t like having to go after Obrecht. Obrecht loves him more than anything. Nathan begs to know who his father is. Spinelli runs over with Sonny and Jason. They need to speak with Obrecht. Maxie tells them they need to go. She did just tell the Godfather of PC to leave. Maxie is incredibly glad that Jason is alive. They are having a crisis. Sonny asks if this has anything to do with Faison’s son. Obrecht asks how they knew.

Carly says that one of the artists donated her piece to Morgan’s foundation. If it doesn’t sell she needs everything including the piece sent back to her office. Nelle thinks it is so generous of Ava to do this for her. She thought she was going to have to get a job waiting tables. Carly thinks that Nelle and Ava deserve one another.

Ava needs a few minutes with Kiki. She knows she treated her unfairly. She has been emotional lately and she overreacted. She thought she was spending to much time with Griffin.

Sam wants their life that they have with their children including Jake and Oscar. Drew wonders about Jason. Sam wants him to be happy as well but he has to get that happiness by himself. So, does Drew. She knows he loves her. He has a whole other past that he has not even started to explore yet. She wonders what he wants for himself.

Sonny thinks that Obrecht knew that Faison was in PC looking for his son and she knew it. Obrecht did no such thing. Spinelli traced the call. Obrecht tells Nathan to arrest them. Nathan asks if Faison really has a son. Sonny thinks they are pretty sure. Obrecht thinks they barged in at a critical time. Nathan knows that Obrecht reacted to Sonny saying that Faison had a son. Maxie asks what is going on. Nathan knows now why Obrecht was keeping it a secret. He is so sorry. Obrecht wishes he would leave it alone. Nathan guesses that his father is Faison.

Nelle thinks that Carly really should be nicer to her. She only has one kidney and she is pregnant. If her blood pressure spikes it could endanger her grandchild. Carly guesses she shouldn’t make random accusations that she will sleep with Ava’s boyfriend. She could just drug him. Or she could blackmail pictures of him for her. Nelle thinks that they are completely different. She got pregnant with someone she loved. She was screwing her own step-father and cheated on him with a drunk. Carly knows that is true. She had one great advantage. A friend who found the good in her. There is no good in her though. She could only find a user like Ava.

Kiki only was with Griffin to help Ava. Ava knows the reason now. Kiki thinks that Griffin just wanted to help Ava. Kiki stocked up on the supplies. She asks if she really thought that she was sneaking around on her. Ava thinks that Griffin is the first man to ever want her for herself. Their relationship is pure. She cannot be the woman he thinks she is. Kiki cannot have her projecting her problems on her. Griffin walks over to tell Ava that the doctor is ready to see her now. Ava hopes that the doctor tells Ava everything she wants to hear. Ava thanks Griffin for getting herself so close to what she wants again.

Maxie thought that Faison was Brit’s father. Nathan guesses he is his as well. Nathan asks Obrecht is if this is true. Nathan could get another DNA test to prove than him and Brit are full siblings. Obrecht admits it is true. Nathan promises it will be ok. Spinelli didn’t think this would transpire this way. They leave. Nathan thinks she owes them the truth. Obrecht loved Faison but she never deluded herself that he was a good man. He rejected Brit. When she become pregnant again, she knew that Faison would take the baby if it were a boy. When he was born she entrusted him to her sister. She desperately wanted him with her. It was more important to protect him from Faison. She knew she was right.

Sam thinks what her and Drew have been through is like an earthquake. It is like they have to grab on to something as tight as they can. Sam thinks they have to choose how to handle things. Sam wonders if Drew wants to find out who Andrew is. Drew knows where to start. He could ask to see if any of the men he served with remember anything. Drew might sit across from someone and he cannot remember or someone died for him and he cannot remember them. He cannot dishonor the memory or experience to jump start things. Sam thinks that is because he is chief Andrew Cain. Sam thinks that is who he is and who she loves.

Obrecht says that Faison never suspected that she had a son. Nathan needs Obrecht to leave no. Obrecht thinks he will have a child himself. He will understand. When you love a baby you do things you never thought you would. She loves him. When his anger has cooled. She prays he will forgive her and allow her to be part of her grandchild’s life. She leaves crying. Nathan is sorry. Maxie isn’t. Faison being his father is a lot to process. She wouldn’t change one thing about Nathan. To his beautiful eyes to his generous heart. Nathan wonders what else he inherited. Maxie thinks that all that matters is that they love each other. The two hug.

Spinelli guesses that his beloved daughter Georgie will have a half-sibling whose grandfather is Faison. Jason doesn’t think it is the babies fault. Spinelli didn’t imply that. Jason did when Sam was pregnant with Danny. He thought the father was Franco and she needed to promise him it didn’t matter. Jason knows he screwed up. He needs him be ok with how things are. Spinelli can do that. Jason knows he can. Spinelli guesses that they need to locate Faison. Sonny asks if there is anyway that Nathan could be the author. Spinelli doubts it. Sonny guesses that means Faison has another son that Faison hates. They have to find the son and use it to draw Faison out into the open.

Griffin asks what Ava wanted. Kiki says she said sorry for being secure and overreacting. She thought they were spending to much time that. She guesses he already knew that. Kiki doesn’t care what she thinks. Griffin enjoys their friendship and doesn’t want things to change. Kiki needs to learn to do things on her own. Ava tells them that the procedure is going to happen tomorrow. Kiki hugs her. She thanks them both so much. Tomorrow, it will be like nothing ever happened to her.

Carly will talk to Michael about giving her an allowance so she doesn’t have to work for Ava. Nelle thinks that there is a lot she can learn. Carly tells her that Ava shot Connie and left her to bleed out. The only reason that she isn’t in jail is because the confession disappeared. She also switched out Morgan’s pills. This is one more reason to watch her step. Nelle doesn’t think Ava would hurt her or her baby. Carly thinks that Ava would do whatever she needs to get what she wants. Carly doesn’t care about Nelle, but she is carrying Michael’s baby she cares about the child.

Sam thinks that people will be there to help Drew. She knows that because he would do the same for them. Sam thinks he knows his own heart. He asks what she wants to do. Drew wants to love and honor him as long as they both shall live. Sam suggests they get married today.

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