GH Update Thursday 1/4/18

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/4/18


Written by Anthony

Sonny tells Jason that Brick is doing everything he can to find Faison. Faison is a pro though. Jason thinks they need to find the writer to get Faison. Jason knows that the guys identity is somewhere in the book but Faison destroyed half the book. Spinelli walks in and guesses they need someone who has the power to reconstruct the book. Which they do have someone.

Lulu gives Dante a jelly donut at his desk. Dante wonders what she wants. Lulu thinks she should be able to just come by with a token of her affection. Dante guesses but knows her better. Lulu asks how work is going. She wonders if has nabbed any bad guys. Dante assumes she means Faison.

At Julian’s pub, Obrecht asks Nina where everyone is. They are all late. Nina is sure that they are all on their way. Obrecht thinks that they should be on time. Nina suggests she not schedule a baby shower location scout on the morning most people are nursing hangovers. Obrecht sees someone over indulged last night. Nina accidently drank decaf. Obrecht thinks that this is just the stylish setting for Maxie’s baby shower. Nina feels that if she put half the effort she does lying about Nathan’s past into this baby shower, it should be a huge success.

Nathan asks about the DNA test that Maxie ordered behind her back. He appreciates it though. Maxie appreciates that he appreciates it. Nathan is trying to be a little sensitive to Obrecht’s feelings. Nathan wants to limit the amount of talk about whether Victor is his father or not. Maxie says the secret is safe with her but she cannot vouch for everyone else. Amy walks in.

Lulu wonders if Dante really thinks she is here to hit him up on information involving Faison. Dante cannot think of another reason. Lulu was next door trying to get all the information possible on Faison. She brought the donut in to be nice. Dante feels like a jerk. He stands corrected. Lulu thinks that if he wanted to speed up her article by sharing his files she wouldn’t object. Dante would. Jordan walks in with Valentin. Lulu wonders what that is about. Dante suggests it is her next big story. Lulu thinks it is her shot at sole custody.

Anna thinks whatever Finn has to say it can wait. Finn needs to tell Anna, he killed Cassandra. Anna thinks he is not thinking clearly. Finn needs her to listen. Anna tells him to go on.

Dante noticed that Valentin didn’t seem t have cuffs on. Lulu knows but he didn’t seem happy and neither did Jordan. Dante asks Lulu to come here for a minute. She needs to watch herself with Faison. Lulu is going through the proper channels. Dante asks what happens if she ends up disappearing like Jason and Robin did. Dante wishes that there was another story she could write that didn’t involve the guy who is on the WSB’s most wanted list. Lulu will consider it. She promises. Jordan walks out and asks if she needs to take away her press pass. Lulu is not here as press. Jordan tells Dante he is in with her.

Obrecht is not lying about Nathan’s origins. Nina is not talking about the current lie. She is referring to the fact that she claimed to be his aunt when she is actually his mother. Obrecht thinks Nina got a baby brother. Felicia shows up. She asks if she is familiar with the concept of punctuality. Nina asks herself what Obrecht is hiding.

Amy wishes them a happy New Year. Maxie says that they welcomed the new year in bed eating ice cream. Maxie has to go. Nathan tells Amy that he would love to know the results of the DNA test. Amy pretends she doesn’t know. Nathan is referring to the one that Maxie asked her to run. Nathan thinks she can drop the act. Nathan explains that Maxie told her. Nathan wonders if the results are in.

Valentin isn’t so sure that Dante should be here. He is involved with Charlotte’s custody. Dante doesn’t think it is the first time or the last time. Jordan asks what he can tell her about Cassandra. Valentin explains that any questions about Cassandra should be directed towards Anna. He asks if he should go. Dante knows that him and Cassandra were partners in crime.

Finn says that Cassandra wanted him to work for her. He had to stop her. She had a needle. He used it against her. He thinks everything was such a blur. She threatened him. She said that she was going to give Anna a fix. That is when he jumped her. Anna asks if he remembers taking the needle. Finn doesn’t but that must have been what happened.

Sonny didn’t know that Spinelli was going to come from Portland. Spinelli would help his friends in anyway. He admits that he loves to have his friends back. Spinelli thinks that nostalgia stunts humans. Spinelli got a few leads from the author’s name. He searched high and low but Faison’s book name doesn’t have anything else with it. He called the publisher, it turns out that someone was already writing a book for the publishing company. Whoever, wrote the book has been corresponding with the publisher. Jason asks if he has a name from he emails.

Felicia thanks Obrecht for organizing this. She hopes it was not too much trouble. Obrecht would go to the end of the earth for her grandchild. This is why she wants Maxie to be involved in the planning of the planning. Obrecht doesn’t think she can approve her ideas if she is somewhere else. Maxie and Lulu walk in. Obrecht hopes she teaches her child to show up on time unlike her. Lulu is shocked Nina is here. Nina asks why she wouldn’t be here for her own niece or nephew. Lulu asks if she can talk to her for a second. Lulu has something to tell her. Lulu just saw Valentin at the police department and it looked like he was in trouble.

Amy explains that the lab has a huge back log right now. Nathan is just glad that she is on top of it. Nathan owes her. Amy thinks she owes him forever. Nathan thinks they are just two friends from now on. Nathan needs to check up on Cassandra.

Valentin asks why he as the victim has to defend himself. Jordan asks if he is really the victim. Valentin suggests talking to Cassandra. Jordan inform him that Cassandra is in the GH ICU hanging by a thread. Valentin wonders how she ended up there. Dante found her passed out in a street from a drug over dose.

Anna cannot believe he is asking her to leave. Valentin doesn’t want to hurt her. Anna doesn’t think he is going to hurt her. Finn guesses Cassandra thought the same thing. Anna thinks that whatever he did was in self-defense. Finn took an oath. He cannot take another persons life. Anna explains that Cassandra is not dead. Cassandra is in the ICU. Finn asks what her condition is. Anna guesses she is stable. Finn believes that he would be a murderer if she dies. Anna suggests she could have been the one to drug her. Finn knows it wasn’t though. Anna admits it wasn’t sadly. Anna thinks what is puzzling, is that when she found him, Cassandra went missing. Finn asks what she means. Anna explains that Cassandra was found in an ally on Charles Street. It is highly unlikely that she got there on her own. Finn asks who moved her. Anna assumes the same person who pumped her full of her own drugs.

Valentin cannot say that he is completely shocked that Cassandra OD’d. Jordan wonders if he has ever seen her use. Valentin hasn’t recently. His relationship with Cassandra ended a long time ago. He honestly cannot tell her if she was using or not. Dante says that the amount of drugs in her system seems forced. Valentin put himself at considerable risk to help Anna bring a case against Cassandra. He asks why he would turn around and kill her. Dante suggests to protect his family.

Obrecht wonders what Maxie thinks about this location for the party. The pub is under new management. The menu has been revamped. She takes her to meet the chef. Felicia congratulates Lulu on her scoop. Lulu thanks her. It means everything coming from her. It was her election that was stolen. She should have been the mayor this entire time Felicia thinks that her career is off and running thanks to this. She asks how it feels to break hard news. Lulu thinks it feels amazing. Sadly, it is old news though now. Lulu has something and it might be big. Faison.

Spinelli guesses the publisher was unable to say anything about the author. Jason asks if he hacked the email. Sonny doesn’t see an ID on the emails. Jason wants to take a look. The first email shows the publisher is really into it but then the publishers emails go unanswered. Spinelli shows them the last email on September, 28th. Jason knows that was the day before he broke out of the clinic in Russia.

Lulu explains that the police confirmed that Faison was in the area as early as September. Felicia is shocked that Faison was in Port Charles. Lulu guesses that he was traveling with Brit. Felicia wonders why he would come to PC if he is a wanted fugitive. Lulu wants to know the same thing. If she was able to contact him and get an interview, it could make her career. Felicia thinks no good can come from crossing the mans path. Lulu wonders if her interview gave the authorities the means to arrest him. Felicia wants her to think what could happen if she puts herself in danger. Maxie thanks Obrecht for her efforts, but she needs to enjoy herself and not try so hard. Obrecht admits for the longest time she never even dreamed of this day. She never thought of Nathan as her son. She needed to keep Nathan safe from his father. Maxie knows the danger is gone. Nathan’s father is dead. Victor cannot hurt anyone anymore.

Spinelli asks if it is any coincidence that the emails stopped before he got away from the clinic. Spinelli is looking for the IP address. He does have one more revolution. Jason asks if this is the full manuscript. Sonny wonders how he got it.

Nina walks into the PCPD and wants to see her husband, Nathan tells her that he is being interrogated. Nina doesn’t think anymore. Nina is not going to calm down.

Valentin suggests he talk to Nina for a minute. Jordan is sure that her brother has things under control. Dante wonders where Valentin was last night. Valentin was being held hostage with Anna. Jordan confirms that Anna said this Dante knows they escaped. Valentin did. The first thing he did was to make sure Charlotte was fine and then found Nina. Dante asks why he didn’t call the PCPD. Valentin assumed that Anna had things under control. All things considered. Dante asks what that means. Valentin thinks that recently Anna has been acting distracted.

Finn doesn’t remember anyone else in the house. Anna asks how he would. Most of the night he was unconscious. A marching band could have walked through and he wouldn’t have remembered it. Anna promises that he is innocent. Finn thinks until Cassandra says otherwise. Anna promises that Cassandra will not be up for a while. She probably has a lot of brain damage. Anna asks how he is feeling. Finn doesn’t think anywhere near as good as he looks. Amy walks in. Finn thinks Anna should go. Anna thinks that only Amy asks her to leave. She asks if Amy wants her to leave. Amy wonders if she would. Anna guesses she will then. She will be back. Finn has given up on telling her what to do. Anna has something she needs to take care of.

Cassandra is hooked up in the ICU. Anna stands over her and looks.

Nathan knows that the woman Nina was pulling the hair of, is now in the ICU from a drug over dose. Nina explains that woman is a drug dealer. She is trying to get people hooked on things they never will kick. Nathan asks how she knows this.

Jordan asks if anyone can verify Valentin’s whereabouts from after the Metro Court. Valentin guesses Nina. Valentin thinks if they want to talk to him further contact his lawyer. Valentin walks over to Nina. He says he is fine. Valentin promises they will have a happier evening tonight. He has something else he needs to take care of. Jordan thinks this is more complicated than she thought.

Amy asks if Finn needs anything. Finn thinks there is only one way through this. Finn needs his wallet. There is a chip inside. Amy asks if he wants to hold on to it. Finn wants her to throw it out. Amy wants to hold on to it. She has a feeling he will get a pass. She doubts it counts as a slip when you are trying to save the woman you love.

Anna knows that Casandra’s guard is on his break. Anna guesses it is just the two of them. Sitting in all these waiting rooms and thinking about Finn. She has had a lot of time to think. She wonders how much damage has been done. She wonders how many lives Cassandra could have ruined had she been given the chance. Anna doesn’t think it is worth risking her living. She thinks it is better if she doesn’t wake up. Anna is about to press a button.

Obrecht asks if Lulu is going to weigh in on the menu selections. Lulu will leave that to her and Maxie. Obrecht doesn’t think that is like her. She is never short of opinions. Lulu is trying to do something good and people are stopping her. Lulu suggests she show her son and the world that she is capable of decency. She needs her to help her track down Faison. It would help her. Obrecht thinks even if she knew where he was, she asks why she would. Lulu suggests he could tell his side of the story. It might be his only chance. Felicia tells Maxie that she is being a good sport about this. Maxie has to make thinks work. Obrecht is family. Maxie knows that she really dragged her feet with giving Nathan his medical records. Nathan will not say it out loud, he seems scared that he will pass his evil genes on to the baby.

Spinelli was able to find where the computer was able to guess what would happen next. Jason thinks this might be enough. They just need to know what this all means.

Felicia stops Lulu. If she did land an interview with Faison, she asks if she would reveal his whereabouts and share what he said off the record. Lulu will tell the maniac anything to get him to talk but then turn him in. Felicia has no leads but would suggest starting with Spoon Island. Lulu remembers that he and Obrecht hid out at Wyndemere there. Felicia knows that he swindled the island away from Ned. Lulu guesses he could hang out there forever and no one would know.

Obrecht couldn’t help hearing her talk to Felicia. She wonders if Nathan is still obsessing over his father. Maxie wouldn’t say obsessing. He is just worried the way any father would be. Obrecht asks why Nathan would doubt the records. Maxie explains the DNA test will confirm everything. Obrecht asks what DNA test.

Nina is sorry for being a pain. Nathan asks if everything is ok with Valentin. Nina thinks now that he has been released things will be fine

Anna shows back up at Finn’s room. He sees she is back. Anna said she would be. He asks where she went. Anna went to see Cassandra. She went to make sure she wouldn’t hurt anyone else again. Finn asks what she did.

Valentin asks Amy is this is Cassandra’s room. Amy says it was. The patient was released to the WSB. She is never going to come to after the over dose.

Anna doesn’t want him to worry. She didn’t kill her. Finn asks if that is the truth. Anna thought about it. She came this close but she called Robert. Finn asks what happens when she recovers. Anna doesn’t think she will regain consciousness. Anna guesses if she does they will make sure she never hurts another person. Finn only has one regret. They didn’t get their new years eve. Anna thinks they always have next year.

Obrecht wants to know about the DNA test. Maxie set one up to prove to Nathan he is a Cassadine.

Nina is sure that there is a perfectly good explanation where Valentin went. Nathan guesses that there always is. Nina wants to be the only one to worry about her husband. Nathan asks if she knows something. Nina knows Obrecht is a liar. If Victor isn’t his father then who is.

Spinelli thinks the manuscript could tell them all they need to know. The author pits the character based on Faison against a new comer. Spinelli says that the Faison character thinks he stole everything from him. The rival refers to himself as his son. Spinelli wonders if Faison had a son.

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