GH Update Wednesday 1/3/18

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/3/18


Written by Anthony

Franco walks downstairs and Elizabeth is opening the portrait of the twins. Franco wonders what she is doing with it. Elizabeth guesses that they sent it back. It is all his again.

Alexis shows up at Julian’s pub. She says hello to Molly. She is so glad that she wants to have breakfast but isn’t sure why she wanted to meet here. Molly promises that Julian is not here yet and the avocado toast is amazing. Alexis wants her to get whatever she wants she is buying. Molly wonders if she really wants to pay for all of them. TJ and Curtis show up. Molly informs them that Alexis is buying. Curtis actually already ate breakfast. TJ ran into him this morning. They both went to go and check on Stella. Alexis asks if everything is ok with Stella. Molly guesses for the moment. Curtis is sure it is only a while before the landlord tries to pull another stunt. Alexis asks why it feels like she is not just here for breakfast. Molly admits she is not. TJ wants to take their landlord down and they need the best lawyer in town to do it.

At the Metro Court, Olivia thinks that Michael and Ned are starting the New Year right. She asks what she can get them. They order coffee. Olivia walks away. Ned thanks Michael for agreeing to this meeting. Ned knows he has issues with the Charles Street redevelopment. Michael doesn’t want to sacrifice the character of the street for sake of redevelopment. Ned thinks that there is still a way to preserve but still keep the property values going up. Michael knows that Lomax seemed to think that as well but didn’t seem to care about the people living there that would be forced out. Ned feels that this is a whole new ball game. Michael needs to make sure he is not going up against the people of Charles Street.

Olivia informs a waitress to take extra special care of the gentlemen at table four. Julian walks over and thinks she has an act for business. Olivia knows he didn’t come all this way to compliment her management skills. Julian appreciates her honesty. Julian wants what is best for their son, which means more time with his father.

Jordan walks over to Anna at the hospital. She hands her a cup of tea. She asks if there is any word on Finn. Anna explains he is stable. Cassandra dosed him with drugs. She should be charged with assault and attempted murder. Jordan guesses they would have to find her first. Jordan explains that Cassandra has disappeared.

Laura is reading a book at their hotel room. Kevin suggests that instead of going on a tour they can explore each other. Laura feels it be a shame to not see the Mayan ruins. Kevin needs to spend as much time as possible with his lovely new wife before she becomes the new mayor of PC.

Molly reminds Alexis what happened on Christmas. The landlord did the exact same thing last night. The landlord will not do basic maintenance on the building. It is basically harassment. Alexis explains that negligence isn’t harassment. TJ thinks that turning off the heat is though. Alexis thinks they will have to document all of this. Then they have to write a letter and expect the situation immediately. They can take him to court but all he will end up having to do is pay a fine. TJ asks if he really only gets a slap on the wrist.

Ned shares Michael’s concern about Charles Street. He just wants an open mind. Jim shows up. Ned introduces Michael and Jim. Jim admires the vision that Michael has for ELQ. He clearly has a vision of a much older man. Michael is well aware of Jim’s business sense. Ned wants to get down to business. Jim wants to turn these properties into nice properties. Michael remembers something that Tracy said about diamonds. A jeweler has to be very careful or they could shatter the entire thing. Michael thinks that Ned would agree.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Ava doesn’t want it in her upcoming show. So she has returned it. Elizabeth suggests that they put it up in the house. Franco doesn’t want it in the house. It is just a huge reminder of all the secrets Betsy kept. Elizabeth thinks he has been a little distracted since the note showed up. Franco didn’t know what was real or not in his childhood. This is just the latest reminder. Elizabeth knows the two of them deal with the truth only. It is their family way. Franco agrees. The two kiss one another. Elizabeth has to get to work. Franco suggests she take a personal day. Elizabeth feels he can save his energy for later. Elizabeth is going to be late. She leaves. Franco looks at the portrait.

Anna says that when she left her house, Cassandra was on the floor passed out. There is no way she just walked off. Jordan doesn’t know what to tell her. There was no body. Jordan thinks if she hadn’t said it happened she wouldn’t believe it at all. Anna thinks it sounds like a professional wipe down. Jordan asks what kind of professional. She is currently dealing with assault and Finn’s OD. She asks what kind of operation has she been running in her town.

Laura doesn’t understand why Kevin would keep bringing this up. She is flattered that he thinks she would be a good mayor. Kevin thinks she would be a great mayor. Laura plans to fight for the Charles Street area but she wants to table it for a moment. She wants to see the ancient Mayan ruins.

Jordan asks if she really ran a sting on a major drug dealer and never thought to give her a heads up. She wants to know what possessed her to get Finn involved. Anna explains that Finn could get access because she has a lot of issues and he is a specialist. She tried to cut Finn loose but he wanted to stay involved. Jordan thinks that Finn made a mistake somewhere. Anna is the one who made a mistake.

Olivia doesn’t want Julian to push his luck. She let him tag along during the Santa visit. Julian needs more time with his son. Olivia thinks that Leo’s needs come first. Olivia has full custody. Julian has a place of business now.

Kiki walks into Elizabeth’s house with a bag. Franco thought she was visiting Dillon in Nebraska. Kiki guesses that was the plan. She is so angry she needs to break something. Kiki starts ripping up Betsy’s card. He asks what has her so freaked out. Kiki says that there was a storm so she couldn’t even see him. She thinks that fate hates her. Franco thinks it hates both of them. Kiki thought Ava was going to sell the painting. Franco did as well. He guesses that it is like a boomerang.

Elizabeth walks over to Anna. Anna explains that the drugs were forced on Finn. She used the drugs as a weapon. Elizabeth will check on him and get her an update. Jordan walks back over. She still has no idea where Cassandra is. She will call in Valentin for questioning. Anna doesn’t think he will know anything. He was tied up right next to her. Jordan is in charge now she thinks. Elizabeth walks over and says Finn is asking for her. Anna goes into the room. Finn promises he is not contagious. Anna is so sorry that she blackmailed him. Finn wouldn’t have changed a thing. Finn came back to her place to celebrate. He asks how much time he lost. Anna assures him that it was just last night. Finn promises that Cassandra did this and he didn’t use. Anna knows. She thinks it is great he is here. The nurses and doctors know how to treat him. Finn assumes that she found him. Anna was not going to let him get away with that mess without clearing it up. Anna wonders if he wants to talk about the mess with Cassandra. Finn guesses she knew everything about them. She wanted to take him away to work on her drugs. He couldn’t let her hurt Anna.

Jim shows Michael an artist rendering of the Charles Street redevelopment. They will be incorporating the existing buildings as much as possible. Ned loves it. Gutting the inside but keeping the outside nice. He shows them the ELQ arena. ELQ arena can host basketball and hockey games. It would host concerts too. Michael guesses his design team has thought of almost everything. He wonders what happens to the residents who currently live there.

Molly doesn’t understand how a landlord cutting heat is not harassment. Alexis admits that it is if they can confirm it is intentional. So it is likely that the landlord is doing it to other people. If they can get enough people to go against him then the landlord would go to jail. Molly has never even seen the landlord. They wonder how they get the proof to take him town. Curtis can do that.

Jordan wonders how Valentin got involved in this. Anna heard that he had worked with Cassandra before allegedly and she went to him. Cassandra wanted him to work with her. He was threatening his wife and child. Jordan asks what happened to him after they broke free. Anna doesn’t know. She supposes he went to Metro Court. Anna went home because she was worried about Finn. She wasn’t capable of moving. She is probably recovered now. Jordan thinks that Anna is worried about Finn. Anna thinks that he is her responsibility. Jordan suggests she feels more than responsibility where Finn is concerned.

Laura thought it was amazing. That couture was 2000 years old. They built all of that without one metal tool and it is still standing today. Kevin guesses it makes them think about how they cannot save things themselves. Kevin thinks that the job wants Laura. He can prove her destiny is to be the mayor of PC. This pot is the key to her future.

TJ thinks that they have no money to pay Alexis. They cannot pay Curtis. Alexis wouldn’t charge them. She is a pissed off mom. Curtis is the same way. He is all for family helping family. Curtis explains that while he works within the law, he will have to use a few gray areas. Alexis explains that if he breaks the law then she cannot use it in court. Curtis suggests she not ask and he will not tell. He wonders if she can live with that. Alexis smiles.

Olivia wonders if Julian really bought a bar. She thought there was a law against an ex-felon having a liquor license. Julian is not a felon though. Olivia guesses he is not some sort of paragon of good. Olivia wonders what Julian’s angle is. Julian is trying to provide a stable life for his children. Julian walks over to Ned and Michael’s table and eats some of the food before leaving. Ned asks if there will be provisions made to affordable housing. Jim thinks that he can deal with it. Michael will give his proposal consideration. Jim explains he is their first choice to work with. Ned asks if Michael is trying to kill this deal. Michael thinks ELQ has made profits and shown growth. He is proud of that. He doesn’t think that he sees that as something important. Ned thinks that Charles Street development needs to make money and he wants it to be them.

Franco feels the best thing he could do is to destroy the painting. Kiki disagrees. The painting means something. He hasn’t painted in months. She thinks that this painting and him have unfinished business.

Anna thinks that Finn is a close friend. Anna had Finn plant a bug in Cassandra’s phone. It was a simple bug because he is not experienced. She thought a simple bug would be easier to detect and she realized she was being betrayed so she targeted Finn. Jordan gets a call. Elizabeth doesn’t know the details of what is going on but she does know something about Finn. He has the same feelings they all share. Life is random and if the two of them have the chance at happiness then they should go for it. Jordan gets off her phone. Dante just got word. Cassandra has been located.

Kevin shows Laura the symbol for marital bliss as well as one for humanity. He thinks the private and public go together. Kevin thinks the most important one is the sun. If there isn’t someone good to lead them then the public and private and fall. Laura asks if he found this somewhere amongst the rubble of the ruins. Kevin admits they could lock him up. Laura asks if it was made in Taiwan. Kevin thinks she would be great as mayor. He will kiss a baby if he has to. He will wear a shirt that says first husband. She has to want it though and that is up to her.

Alexis thinks what he doesn’t disclose doesn’t concern her. Alexis wants them to let Curtis do his job. Julian shows up and asks if everything is good. Curtis says it is fine. Alexis has to deal with the check. She tells them to go ahead. Julian asks if she wants to talk about it. Alexis doesn’t.

Michael asks if Ned forgets what Edward used to say. Never take something that sounds to good. They want the entire Quartermaine name for a scheme. They cannot buy that kind of endorsement. Ned thinks that someone else will take the deal if they don’t. Michael doesn’t want to take the first offer. Ned thought he was brought back to bring in new business. He brings in a winner and Michael hates it. Michael’s choice is final. Ned quits.

Franco thinks that Kiki should have the painting. Kiki says the bag is full of Christmas gifts for him and his family. She hopes he realizes how lucky he is to have a family. She wants him to deal with things before he loses the best thing to ever happen to him.

Anna asks if she can stand in the room. Elizabeth says he just drifted off to sleep. Finn is whimpering. Anna touch’s his head. Finn has to tell her something.

Alexis is glad that Molly and TJ are standing up for their rights. She is glad that Curtis is going to help. They might be over their head though and she doesn’t know what they are dealing with. Curtis cannot be around all the time. Julian could keep an eye on things unless she prefers he don’t. Alexis thinks no. Julian guesses that means yes.

Ned is out. Michael is sorry that this didn’t work out. He had to use his best judgement. The door is always open though. Michael leaves. Ned guesses this started out as a bang. Olivia wonders if ELQ’s loss is the cities gain. She suggests he run for mayor.

Laura loves how much faith he has in her. Laura will continue to fight for Charles Street, but she doesn’t have to do it from the mayors office. Laura reads on the pot that they should put their do not disturb sign on the door before they go back to PC.

Franco gets a present from young Drew in a dream that is a rabbits foot. Drew called him his best friend ever. Franco wakes up and finds the rabbits foot. Franco wonders why he tried and killed him then.

Jordan tells Elizabeth to try to convince Anna to go home.

Finn has to tell Anna something. He killed Cassandra.

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