GH Update Tuesday 1/2/18

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/2/18


Written by Anthony

Carly and Sonny kiss at the New Year starts. Carly guesses that is the way to bring in the new year. Sonny hates to bring this up again, but he wonders if she got Sam and Jason together. Carly admits she did. Sonny wants to know what exactly she did.

Jason and Sam look at each other on the boat and end up kissing during the firework celebration. They look at one another. They looked freaked out.

Griffin tells Ava over the phone he wishes he was there with her. Ava thinks that bringing in the New Year over the phone is better than nothing. Griffin agrees. Griffin anticipates good things in 2018 for them. Ava will see him later. Griffin cannot wait. Ava hangs up. She looks at a noise maker and New Years hat. She grabs it and leaves her apartment.

Nina is on the phone with Valentin. She is just waiting for him to show up, it is not a party without him. She needs him to get here already. She loves him.

Cassandra guesses that Finn really does care for Anna. She is holding a flower that Finn had gotten for her. Cassandra wonders where Anna is. Cassandra tells Finn to join him. She will not answer her phone. Finn wants to know what she did. Cassandra guesses they could say that Anna is indisposed at the moment. She wants him to stop wasting her time and sit down. They have unfinished business.

Anna asks if Eric has tried her tight enough. Eric doesn’t think you can be to careful. Anna cannot feel her feet. Eric doesn’t think it matters. She will be dead in an hour along with Valentin. Valentin is tied on the other side of her.

Jason is going to see if he can get the engine started. Sam looks at him. He asks what is wrong. Sam asks if he is really going to fix the engine. He doesn’t know anything about boats. Jason cannot imagine that it is that different from a car. Sam thinks it is. Jason asks if Sam thinks that she could do it. Sam is the one who is a diver. Drew walks out. He asks what is going on here.

Nina walks over to Sonny and Carly. She asks if they see Valentin to contact her. He was supposed to show but he must have been delayed. Carly promises to tell him t call her. She leaves. Sonny doesn’t care what is going on there but does wonder what is going on with Sam and Jason. Carly just went to Aurora media. Sonny asks why. Carly sent them champagne and wanted to see if they liked it. She knew that Sam and Drew were going to be at the Haunted Star all alone. So, she tricked Jason into going. Sonny thinks she paid the bartender to mess with Drew’s car and that is not good. Carly feels that this was a special case. It is one of those times where the ends justifies the means. Sonny doesn’t think it will end well.

Griffin and Kiki walk down the stairs at GH. Ava hides behind a tree. Griffin thanks Kiki for helping him with this. Kiki has never been good at keeping secrets from Ava. It has been hard but in this case so worth it. The two hug one another. Ava walks over. Griffin asks what she is doing here. Ava thought she could surprise him and celebrate on his break. Kiki asks if she is ok. Ava is definitely not ok.

Anna doesn’t think he understands. She has a blood condition and if she doesn’t get medical supervision she could die. Eric thinks that will happen regardless at this point. Anna thinks that he just needs to let her go. Valentin informs Eric that when someone murders a WSB agent the results are not nice. Anna doesn’t think he needs the responsibility. He is just a lackey and the number two. Valentin agrees. It is his boss they are after. If he lets them go then Anna will make sure the punishment is minimal. Anna guesses he could get a slap on the wrist. Eric doesn’t think that anyone is going anywhere. Anna cannot help him if she dies. Valentin thinks the WSB is relentless. They are going to come after him. Eric will take his chances. Anna doesn’t want him to underestimate them. Eric doesn’t want her to underestimate Cassandra. If she wants revenge then she can be robust as she is about to find out.

Finn doesn’t think that him and Cassandra have any business together until he knows where Anna is. Cassandra just sent her out for a little bit so they can talk. Finn isn’t doing anything until he speaks to Anna. Cassandra wonders what Anna told him. That she could protect him or she wonders if he actually thought he could take her down himself. Finn wans to know what she did to Ann. Cassandra is dealing with him right now. He has one choice. Either he does what she says or he dies.

Valentin thought that the WSB was on their way to put Cassandra in custody Anna guesses they had a problem. She realized they were on to her. Valentin feels it is her fault. She tapped her phone with the most elementary of bugs. Anna thought that the bug was able to stop her operations. That is success. Anna asks how she discovered it. Valentin threw her phone and it broke. Anna asks how she knew that she planted the bug. Valentin didn’t say anything. She connected the dots. There is only one other person in town that she is doing business with.

Cassandra feels as her doctor, Finn should know that it is not good for her to be worked up. He is an incredible doctor. Smart and an understanding of chemistry that is unrivaled. Cassandra doesn’t think he will leave GH entirely without notice. Anna is going to send a note describing his newly declared love about how they ran off to some place romantic. Finn asks what happens when they don’t return. Cassandra guesses by the time people notice, she will be disposed of, the two of them will be in their new venture in China. Finn will do whatever she wants. He begs Cassandra to leave Anna out of this. She has a daughter and grandchildren. Cassandra asks where they live. She would love to meet them.

Kiki was just discussing a patient right now. Ava asks if those conversations normally end in a hug. Kiki wonders if she is being serious right now. Ava is not kidding. Kiki is so done with this. Kiki recommends she seek counseling. She has this crazy need to control her life. Ava doesn’t control her. Kiki asks how she can say that after Morgan. Kiki recommends she find help. Ava thinks she has a lot of gull lashing out at her. Griffin asks what happened. Ava saw him cozied up with her daughter. Griffin promises nothing is going on. Ava cannot bare him dealing with her perfections. She is sorry.

Kiki gets a text. It is some sort of ticket. Nina walks over. She is trying to cover her basis. She wonders if she has seen any unconscious people. Kiki gets a lot of those on New Years Eve. Nina is looking for her husband.

Sonny thinks that it is hard enough if she keeps poking the bear. Carly doesn’t think that is fair. She knows he doesn’t want Jason flying off to St. Petersburg to investigate ether. Sonny admits he does want him here as well. Carly feels that Sonny wants Jason and Sam back together as well. Sonny would love to see them back together, but it is for them to decide not Carly. Carly knows that. It is just all one big mess. Sonny thinks it will get messier.

Sam says hi to Drew. Sam doesn’t think that Drew will believe the comedy of errors tonight. The boat was on autopilot and then she hit the emergency shutoff. Drew knows. He was worried that she was out here alone. He asks why Jason is here. Jason thought that he was supposed to meet someone here. Sam tried calling him but she had no service. Sam asks where Drew was. Drew explains his car didn’t start and this has Carly written all over it. He asks if she thought that getting them together would help get them together. Jason will speak to her. Drew informs him to back off or Carly will create a real problem for the two of them.

Carly wants Jason to be happy. He has spent his entire life making sacrifices for other people. The two of them are on the top of this list. Carly thinks they are the only people who recognize that. Jason lost his wife and children. People are acting like it is wrong for Jason to come home and take it back. Sonny gets that she wants Jason to pick up where he left off. It isn’t her choice to decide what will make him happy. Sonny thinks she has to learn to live with these things.

Sam informs Drew the only reason they are drifting out here is because of her. Jason asks if they radioed the harbor master. Sam did. Jason asks if the boat is still here. Drew says it is over there. Jason will take it to shore and make sure the toe is on its way. Drew asks if she gets how passive aggressive this is. He thinks that Jason took advantage of this. He is not honest enough or brave enough to go over her himself, so he lets Carly do it. Sam doesn’t think it matters what Carly does or doesn’t do. Drew asks if she is fine with this. Sam doesn’t think she has any right to get involved, but she didn’t get what she wanted. Nothing happened here tonight.

Ava storms back into her apartment. Griffin follows her. He wants to know what she meant by not for the first time. Ava doesn’t want to talk. He demands to know what she meant. Ava followed him and Kiki to the hospital the other day. She thinks it is difficult for her to trust people. Griffin needs Ava to trust her and Kiki. They share a love for medicine. Ava thinks that is it. That is the extent of it. Griffin wonders if she is having an affair with her daughter. Ava doesn’t blame him. She asks wat man would choose her over Kiki. Griffin would and he is disappointed in her. He asks when she is finally going to realize that he truly cares for her. More than he ever thought possible.

Valentin thinks that Anna is slipping. Compromising an entire project over an infatuation with Finn. Anna is not infatuated. They are not doing this. Finn risked a lot trying to take down Cassandra. Anna thinks he deserves Finn’s gratitude. Valentin knows she is wearing a bracelet. Anna says it is a cuff. Valentin thinks it has edges. Valentin wants her to try hard to get it off. It might be the only chance they have for an escape.

Finn thinks that Cassandra has to get over this. They both know the WSB is going to get her. When they do she is going to be in a world of trouble. He asks if she really wants to add hurting Anna to the top of the list.

Cassandra asks if he honestly thought it be easy for him to get Anna back. Finn demands to know where Anna is. Cassandra blows something in Valentin’s face. He asks what that is. Cassandra thinks that is just the beginning of his pain.

Carly hugs Michael. She didn’t think she would get to see him. She wonders how it went at the hospital. Michael explains that everything is fine with Nelle and the baby. Nelle does have low blood pressure. Michael guesses Monica wants her to have less stress. Carly thinks that Nelle brought the stress on to herself. Sonny suggests they step back for the babies sake. Carly gets protecting the baby. Carly needs him to keep his eyes open with Nelle. She will never trust her. Jason walks over. Sonny thinks that Jason and Carly need to talk. Carly asks how mad he is at her.

Sam doesn’t think that Carly runs her life. She does. Sam knows he is upset. Drew is. Drew wanted to spend New Years Eve with the person he loves the most. Especially, given the crazy year they have had. Instead, she stays with her ex. Drew sees tequila and dominos. He knows exactly what they dd. Sam gets that this is a complicated situation. She wonders if he believes she loves him. Drew does. Drew isn’t going to pretend she doesn’t have feelings for Jason. Sam is like any other widow. She loved someone and lost them. She fell in love with someone else. He has a past he just doesn’t remember. Drew doesn’t think she is a widow. Jason is right here. Sam knows and gets that. She knows it makes things more difficult, but it doesn’t change her feelings for him. She wants to be with him. Drew loves her too. He loves her enough to step aside if she wants to be with Jason. He just wants her to be honest with himself. Sam will be honest. When she met Jason she was a mess. He helped her become the person she became today. The person she is today, is in love with him. That is why she is marrying him again. She wants to spend her life with him.

Griffin admits he does see imperfection with Ava. It has nothing to do with her scars though. She is a powerful brave woman. Anyone who has endured the hardships she has dealt with… Ava thinks she caused them. Griffin knows she has tried making up for them. Ava thinks the woman he describes is not who she sees in the mirror. She really believes the barrier between them will always be her scar. She doesn’t even feel comfortable in her own skin. It is not fair to either one of them. Griffin doesn’t accept that. He thinks it is time he gives her his Christmas present.

Kiki just checked with the ER. Valentin has not been committed. She wonders if he checked with the police. Nina doesn’t think that the police are interested in helping her husband. She knows someone who is.

Valentin ask how things are going. Anna thinks things are going great. Valentin just wants to get the hell out of here. Anna wonders if he thinks she doesn’t. Anna can tell that he actually cares about Nina and Charlotte. He doesn’t seem to just think it sounds good. Valentin admits they are his whole world. Anna guesses it is has changed him. He is contemptable with a heart. Anna is free. She actually is free from the chair. They hear footsteps and Eric walks back in. Anna is hiding behind the door. She grabs him and knocks him down. She gets a knife from him and frees Valentin. Anna tells him to go get his wife and daughter. He wishes Anna good luck. Anna wishes him it back.

Finn asks what she gave him. Cassandra thinks that he just inhaled a concentrate of the drugs she has been marketing. It is strong but not lethal. She assumes that it feels good for him. Finn is out of it. He ends up getting dizzy. She knows that drugs have a greater impact on former addicts. She needs him to be able to get the job done. He will make her drugs and she will pay him in his. It is the perfect combination. A chemist and an addict. Finn will not do it. Cassandra thinks it is to bad. He is only a milligram away from an over dose. She might need to save the rest for Anna. She wonders what he thinks. She wonders if Anna would like a high all of her own. Finn regains his balance and goes for the attack.

Griffin admits him and Kiki have been keeping something from her. He has been studying Klein’s formula. Ava thought he said it was to risky. Griffin has been looking to do her surgery legally. Ava wonders if Kiki has been helping her Griffin says she has been his lab assistance. Griffin didn’t want to tell her if it didn’t work out. Griffin showed is research to another doctor. Ava asks if he is saying there is a possibility she could look like herself again. Griffin confirms there is. He needs her to realize he didn’t do this for her. She knows that he thinks she is beautiful just the way she is. Ava knows he did this for her. So, did Kiki. Ava is really overwhelmed. No one has ever gone to these lengths for her before Griffin needs her to get used to it. Ava thinks she might. The two kiss one another.

Kiki is phone with Dillon. She says she loved the picture. She could never forget the buss ride. Kiki misses him too. She hates spending their anniversary apart. Kiki thinks it would be crazy for her to just jump on a plane. She doubts he bought her a ticket. Kiki could either eat cold take out here or study on the plane and be with her amazing boyfriend. She guesses she is going to Nebraska.

Michael doesn’t think he is making excuses for Nelle. Sonny knows he is not. Michael just wants to be a good father. If this child is his then he wants it to grow up as his number one priority. Sonny promises it will be. Michael wants to be half the father Sonny is. Sonny thinks he will be better than him. In the end that is all that matters.

Jason is not mad. He just needs her to hear him. He loves Sam. He will always love Sam. He wants her to be happy and Sam is happy with Drew. They are a family. Carly thinks that Jason could have had a family. Jason thinks every time that he and Sam are together he hurts her. He needs Carly to stop.

Ava lays in bed next to Griffin. She kisses him as he sleeps. Ava thinks she will be whole again and she will make him fall in love with her the way she is with him.

Drew wonders if Sam really doesn’t think that Jason wants her back. Sam assumes he probably does, but Jason cannot offer her the life she needs. Sam cannot be the woman she used to be. The bottom line is that none of them are responsible for what happened. She wishes he wouldn’t go looking for fights. They won. Drew isn’t looking for a fight. It has never been about winning. It is about loving her. Sam loves him too. The two kiss one another. Drew asks how the hell they get off this boat. Sam will wait for with him. Drew suggests they can fix the engine together. Drew wishes Sam a happy New Year.

Carly suggests that they have a New Years toast. She thinks it is against the rules not to. Jason wants to do the toast. Jason has been meaning to say thank you. When he first came to town, he felt lost. As soon as he saw them the recognition he got from them was great. Jason is very happy to be home. They all toast to that. Carly doesn’t think he can be nearly as happy as they are.

Valentin finds Nina. Nina was starting to think the worse. Nina asks what happened. Valentin will tell her about it later. He just wants to hug her right now.

Anna walks into her house to find Cassandra on the floor with a syringe in her chest. She finds Finn wobbling around on the floor in her living room. She begs him to stay with her.

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