GH Update Friday 11/11/16

General Hospital Update Friday 11/11/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When it appears that Hayden is fatal after being exposed to the pathogen in Finn's lab, he and Laura rush to get her to the hospital. He stays with her and promises he will make sure she is ok but right then he notices she has stopped breathing. They have an urgent need to save her life. And he discovers she's been exposed to Sepsis which requires an immediate injection so that her heart doesn't stop and she doesn't die while they wait for transport to get to the hospital.

At the hospital, Franco does not know what to do after finding out that the man who raped Elizabeth when she was just 15 has been paroled and by tonight he'll be back in Port Charles. She explains that the parole board has let him out, believes the time he's spent in prison is enough, and clearly does not care if he threatens her. Hearing that, Franco promises he will take action to prevent that man from endangering her. Yet Elizabeth urges Franco not to talk matters into his own hands. Before they can continue their conversation, however, she is interrupted when, suddenly, Finn rushes in carrying Hayden and informs the hospital staff that they need to take action before she dies. At that point, Elizabeth and the others rush to treat her. Franco is alone and waiting and is not about to let what Elizabeth just discovered, be put to rest.

Elizabeth rushes with Finn who has informed him he's just found out that Hayden has contracted sepsis. She demands to know just where it came from, to which he replies from his lab. It appears Hayden is still unconscious and ready to “crash”. Yet they get her heart rate to stabilize. Finn assesses that Hayden is still not out of the woods yet. Elizabeth then asks him if he could tell her just what they are dealing with, to which he tells her she just needs to keep monitoring her sister while he leaves. Tracy rushes in to see Finn and needs to know what happened. He assures her and assures Laura that she is stable. Tracy however, wants to leave Hayden to “the doctors”, to which Finn firmly protests that he is her doctor. Yet she warns him that Brad and Dr. Obrecht may have shut his lab down and his privileges at GH could be suspended. Yet he firmly tells her he can then do what is needed in order to save Hayden at Mercy. She realizes that Finn may be escorted out of GH by security yet right then, and they will not hire him. Yet she informs him she has an idea,, knowing that Finn is the only doctor who can save Hayden. Elizabeth then comes out of surgery and confirms she's stabilized Hayden. Tracy and Finn then confirm that they are going to transport her to the Quartermaine house. Elizabeth does not want to be a part of that yet Tracy and Finn remind her Hayden is her sister and saved her life. She then agrees and helps Finn wheel Hayden out of the hospital. Finn thanks Tracy for her generosity and she tells him the way he can thank her is by proving her “right”. Laura observes and remarks to Tracy she has not only shown she cares about Finn but she's done a heroic thing for Hayden.

Franco gets on the hospital computer to look up information on the guy who is now paroled and back in town after he raped Elizabeth years ago. He obtains the necessary information, finds a way to call Baker, and informs him he is a member of his parole board. He is able to find out where Baker is living and where he can find him. We see him write down the new Port Charles address on a slip of paper.

Jordan sits with André at The Metro Court and he admits he believes he needs to be at Morgan's funeral. Right then, Julian enters and reminds them that Sonny tried to kill him by installing the bomb in his car. They need to realize he is guilty and do something about that. Hearing that, Jordan angrily that he cannot tell her how to do her job. Yet he coyly informs them that he has an investigator to get to the bottom of this. Curtis enters and sits beside Julian informing him he has some “intel” on the attempt made on Julian's life. Jordan looks coldly at them both and informs them that her department is investigating the bomb on Julian's car. And, looking coldly at Curtis, she highly advises against any outside contractors in the investigation. When she and André leave them alone at the table, Curtis informs Julian he has a name which is Oscar Jessup. Julian informs him the name does not ring a bell although Curtis asks if he's sure about that. Julian does not answer but reminds Curtis that he pays him and so Curtis needs to stop wasting time with things like finding Pete and instead obtain the proof Julian needs that Sonny tried to kill him.

Max calls Jason to meet him at Sonny's house after he got called by a “broker” who knows about Sonny's involvement or lack thereof, in the bombing of Julian's car. The guy is waiting inside and Jason rushes in and demands he tells them how a bomb got install was installed in Julian Jerome's car that resulted in the death of Morgan, after Sonny asked to call it off. When Jason asks why, when Sonny asked him to call his contractor and call off the hit, it did not happen. The guy replies he does not know what Jason is talking about and had nothing to do with the bombing or failure to cancel the bombing of Julian's car. Jason then asks if he's saying that someone else, who had nothing to do with Sonny, installed the bomb in Julian's car, to which the guy replies absolutely and he can prove it. He affirms somebody else wanted to kill Julian. Jason tells him he wants to talk to his contractor whom he works for although the guy tells him that is not possible. Jason firmly reminds him that Sonny believe he's responsible for the death of his own son and so, Jason informs him, he needs to find out what really happened. Max silently listens and asks Jason if they should “call the boss”. Jason gets up to go to Morgan's funeral and informs him as soon as they find out for sure, he intends to tell Sonny what they have just discovered.

At the church, before Morgan's funeral, Jax finds Sonny and can see he has a gun in his pocket. It appears he knows what Sonny intends to do and warns him that he needs to think before acting. Sonny informs him that after today, he will no longer be a problem for anyone. Not far away, Kristina finds Carly and confronts her for what she can clearly see is her abandoning Kristina's father and getting closer to Jax. Carly protests, explaining that Jax is merely there for Josslyn yet Kristina asks if that is the case, then why is he spending so much time with her (Carly). Carly does not answer that question but concludes that Sonny will have to get through this as best he can. Bobbie finds her daughter. Carly cries and admits to her mom she does not know how she will get through this. Sonny finds Alexis, hugs her and thanks her for coming. She goes to talk to Jax and informs him that she would not be surprised if her ex husband has pulled something in order to get what he wants and make trouble for Sonny today. Nelle goes to find Carly and brings her her earrings that she wanted. She remembers they were a gift that Morgan gave her when he was in junior high. Carly is gracious and suspects nothing yet Nelle keeps the envelope with the letter Sonny wrote for Carly, still inside her purse. Bobbie observes and makes it clear she does not trust Nelle.

Alexis is there waiting for Sam who enters without Jason and asks her daughter why Jason is not there. Sam replies he apparently got “called out on business” and is arriving later. Anna and Griffin enter and talks to Dante and Lulu and Griffin drops the bombshell upon them that he's just found out that Valentin Cassadine is Charlotte's father. Dante and Lulu are shocked to learn that and Lulu agrees that although Claudette lied and scammed and hurt people, she had good reason to lie about Valentin being her daughter's father. She needed to protect Charlotte with good reason because her biological father is dangerous, Lulu assesses.

Josslyn lights a candle with Molly by the alter. Michael joins them and can see that Kristina is angry and very protective of Sonny. He informs his sister she can sit with their dad. Molly can sit with her mom. He and Josslyn can sit with their mom, as he assesses that Morgan will always be a part of them and will hold them together. Nelle then approaches him and informs him they are all lucky to have him as a big brother and so was Morgan. Olivia enters. Sonny sees her, hugs her and is happy she came. She cries and informs him she loves him. Dante loves him. He asks her to take good care of their son. Hearing that, she is a bit concerned at what that may mean.

Kiki enters by herself and admits she does not know why she's there. She unexpectedly runs into Dillon. She admits she's not comfortable being seen and believes Carly does not want her there. However, she wants to be there for Morgan.

The memorial service starts. The priest announces they are all gathered there to mourn the memory of Morgan Stone Corinthos. Everyone is silent while sad music plays. Kristina gets up and announces that she was asked by Michael to speak. She admits she cannot explain how she feels about the loss of her brother. However, she admits, she found a reading in the bible that says that although he dies early, his life meant something and cannot be measured in years. Dante talks about how amazing Morgan was as a little brother to him and how grateful he is to have been a part of Morgan's life. He was a great kid and he's grateful for all the time he had with him. He quotes from the bible that all who believe in him shall receive forgiveness. Right then Josslyn gets up and sings Amazing Grace. Michael talks about who Morgan had a lot of creativity. He reflects how some people took advantage of Morgan's generosity and sensitivity. Yet he always found a way to forgive and have loyalty to all people. At that point, Kiki hears, feels responsible, rushes out the door and Dillon follows her. She cries and tells him that it was her act of breaking up with Morgan, betraying him and failing to be there for him that caused what happened to him. He clearly wants to comfort her although she asks him to go away. She does not know what to do, whether to stay or go and tells Dillon she cannot leave and disrespect Morgan. Yet she's not comfortable inside listening to the eulogies. Noticing that tells her he cares about her needs and that he will be there for her. He tells her she does not need to talk or do anything she does not want to do. He walks back in with her and she is grateful to have his support.

At the funeral, Carly lets everyone know that Morgan's casket is empty, because there was not a body to recover from the wreckage. And so, she informs them, they had to fill it with things like pictures of Morgan and his friends and important things in his life, achievements and symbols of her son's potential in his life. She affirms her son had great potential. He was going to be a great man. And now, she states, as she breaks down crying, that that potential is gone. Jason comes in through the door and comforts her. He sits beside her and Sonny and informs them he has some new information that may change everything.

After it's over, Sonny announces he has something to say. He assesses to all the people that his son is gone. He knows it's all his fault and they probably all blame him. Yet he states, they cannot blame him more than he blames himself. He cries when he admits Morgan's life was not easy. His son deserves to be in peace. But that cannot happen. That is because of him and what he did. He then pulls out his gun and shocks everyone as he admits there’s only one way for his son to be at peace and this is how he can make it happen, as he points the gun at his head.

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