GH Update Thursday 11/10/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/10/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

It's morning. Carly awakens in her house after falling asleep on her couch when Jax is there with her. She admits for a while she stopped dreading today. Yet, she now knows that it's there and she has to get through this. She has to get ready for Morgan's funeral. She makes it clear she's very happy to have him there, thanking him for staying with her last night, admitting it was nice when she felt alone and lost, and she could talk to someone who loved Morgan like a son. Hearing that, he asks her, what about Sonny? She admits that every time she thinks of Sonny, she's reminded of all the bad choices they made together and how they failed their son. He urges her not to blame herself although she clarifies it was her fault for getting back with Sonny and believing he'd changed. She reminds her ex that she failed to listen to him and so many others when they urged her not to get back with Sonny. Yet she did not listen. She vents about all the things Sonny has done and how she ignored and lied to herself about it all. And now because of that, her son is gone. Yet Jax wants to share the happy memories of being with her and Morgan. She looks at Jax as she reflects that Morgan was a great kid, remembering all the great times they had together when he and Carly were married, and he knew that the two of them belonged together. Shortly thereafter, Nelle comes by and Carly informs Jax how helpful and supportive Nelle has been to everyone. Carly goes upstairs to change. Alone with Nelle, Jax asks her if he can inquire about something personal, which is when her kidney was removed, did she remember anything about the surgery? She then talks about how her father could never keep a job and needed money. She reflects to Jax she can see what a great father he is to Josslyn who never stops talking about him.

Sonny is back at his house dressed in a suit, looks at a picture of Morgan and tells his deceased son today is the day and he promises to make it right. Nelle arrives and informs Sonny that Carly asked her to come and pick up a dress for the funeral. She sees that Sonny looks depressed and asks if he wants to talk about anything, urging him to know it's not good to keep things bottled up. Yet Sonny snaps and demands she gets that he is not in the mood to talk about anything. He then apologizes for snapping at her and asks how Carly is, to which Nelle admits that she was sleeping on the couch. She also informs Sonny that Jasper Jacks arrived into town for Morgan's funeral. She notices that Sonny does not want to be around people and she firmly tells him although this may not be her business, she believes he is making a big mistake. He needs to be there for his family and they for him, as she lists Carly, Michael, Kristina, Dante and Avery as people in his life whom he cannot leave. He replies that the people who have counted on him will not have to worry about him anymore after the funeral. He then gives her an envelope and makes her promise not to give it to Carly until after the funeral. She does and leaves.

Alexis can still smell the burned cookies from the previous night and sprays the air. She notices she went on her laptop the previous night to find a site that checks for signs of whether one is an alcoholic. She gets ready to get dressed when Sam comes by dressed in black, acknowledging that she knows Monica dropped her son off to stay with Alexis, and right away, she can smell that something has burned in the kitchen. Her mom informs her, while with Danny the previous day, they had a little mishap with the cookies. In response to that, Sam asks her mom what happened, to which Alexis admits to her daughter that she fell asleep and burned the cookies. Sam asks if she can use her mom's computer for a moment. Alexis panics when she sees that the last site she visited was searching for answers to whether or not she has a drinking problem. Kristina comes by and Sam hugs her and they catch up. While her two daughter's talk about Morgan's funeral, Alexis goes to close out the website and shut down her laptop. Kristina remarks to her mom and big sister she plans to attend the funeral with her dad and be there for him, as she expresses her concerns that it appears everybody blames Sonny for Morgan's death when it was Julian's fault. Hearing that, Sam clarifies to her younger sister not everybody blames Sonny. She and Jason sure do not, she assures Kristina. Sam spots an almost empty bottle of wine and remembers Danny informing her that his grandma fell asleep and he could not awaken her even after there was smoke and they could clearly hear the smoke detector. Alexis tells her daughter she's sorry that Danny was frightened and assures her daughter she took care of the situation as quickly as possible. Sam asks her mom if she was drinking while watching her son. Alexis informs Sam that Laura was there and needed a drink when she was told that Valentin Cassadine is Mikkos' heir, not Spencer. She firmly protests she was not drinking but admits to Sam how her life is overwhelming and more than she can handle right now. Sam is sensitive and assesses to her mom that maybe after what has happened to Morgan, she may be over the top in keeping Danny safe.

At the hospital, Franco finds Elizabeth and brings her some coffee, asking if she's alright and if she got any sleep at all the previous night. She is happy to see him but admits she is not ok with the sudden revelation that the man who raped her when she was 15 has gotten paroled. He wants to hear an update about her attempt to contact the parole board and speak out to prevent the rapist from posing a threat to her. Yet she is stressed and buried in work, not wanting to be reminded of her traumatic experience which she'd previously put behind her. She graciously sits beside him and reflects that she wanted to continue what they were doing before she got the unexpected and startling phone call. He assures her there is no rush for them and it's ok to take things one day at a time. She assures him that she's ok with him although she does not say much more. He then remarks he does not know how she is managing, when she admits she was young and did not know how she would have survived without her ex husband Lucky who found her in the parking lot and protected her and healed her after that. When she lost him, there was Jason who came into her life in a critical point and put her on the path where she is now, reflecting how he always made her feel safe.

Finn rushes to find Hayden at Wyndemere, and Laura find it odd that he's taken the boat all the way to Spoon Island in order to inquire of Hayden is there. Right then, we see her, in the living room, alone and passed out on the floor. She awakens, shortly thereafter to overhear their conversation before thehy enter the living room. She reminds Finn that she already told him the previous night she was fine, and as he can see, she informs him, she still is. He demands to know why she bolted out of the hospital the previous day, reminding her they needed to draw some blood in order to find out if she was exposed. Laura listens attentively and asks what Hayden would have been exposed to, to which he replies there are dangerous pathogens. Hayden does not want either of them in her business and Laura demands someone tells her just what happened. He makes it clear to her, and informs Laura that he is very worried because she was exposed to dangerous pathogens. When Laura hears about that, she demands that Finn tells her about this disease that Hayden may have been exposed to. He informs her that he is going to make certain that Hayden is ok but she needs to realize how serious this is. Hayden clearly does not want Finn in her business, reminding him she does not owe him any explanation about anything. She also indicates to Laura she need not worry, knowing Laura could care less about her and assures Laura she will soon be out of her house. Yet, at that point, Hayden falls over and Finn catches her. Right then, they look adoringly into each other's eyes. She appears to be getting sicker and, Finn struggles to save her and informs her he needs to urgently get her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Brad admits to Elizabeth that he's very worried about the safety working there from having Finn in the lab having access to all of these dangerous materials. He is upset that certain people can get away with anything. He also expresses to Elizabeth it's obvious to see that Finn is a risk practicing medicine in the hospital with his hands shaking and all the symptoms he has. Hearing that, she informs Brad that Finn is an addict.

Not far away, Franco is lost in thought thinking to himself out loud about the type of person who would rape a woman, in his attempt to connect and be there for Elizabeth. Right then, Dr. Obrecht notices him and asks him what is up, to which he admits it's complicated and confides in her that Elizabeth was raped many years ago. The man who raped her has now been paroled. He expresses to Obrecht he believes he's been very supportive but Elizabeth just informed him that Jason Morgan is the man who makes her feel safe. Apparently he does not, he concludes, as she would not even let him stay with her last night after finding it out. Hearing that, Obrecht asks him if he expressed his feelings about this to Elizabeth, to which he replies no. She then asks if she has not stressed this to him before, that keeping a tight lid on his feelings will only lead to more distrust. Franco then asks her if her advice is to share his true feelings to Elizabeth. She replies that his issues with Elizabeth's history with Jason is not going to change and he needs to find a way to expressing instead of repressing it. Hearing that, Franco reminds her that Elizabeth survived a rape and last night she was made to relive all the feelings and memories. And what is he supposed to tell her? That he's “sorry” to have had Sam believing he raped her and have to live with what Elizabeth has had to live with. In response to that, Obrecht clarifies there's a difference between a real rape and the “illusion” he perpetrated on Sam.He Franco clarifies to her that Sam had to live with the same thing, due to what he did as what Elizabeth had to live with. And so, he concludes, there's nothing wrong with Baker, the sick rapist, and Franco with his sick illusions. She asks if they've found out whether Herr Baker is going to be released, to which he replies he does not know. Elizabeth is going to find out today. He assesses that he cannot undo what he caused for Sam but he wants to make certain Baker never goes near Elizabeth again. He is later with her when she gets an incoming call from the parole board informing her Baker has been released and nothing can be done about it. At that point, Franco appears as though he's ready to take the law into his own hands against Baker.

Not far away at the hospital, Brad returns from the lab and informs Elizabeth that he's found out the substance Finn has access to. It's a foreign substance which is very illegal and Finn could get in serious trouble having it in his possession. Right then, Obrecht overhears comes out, claps her hands and declares that Brad has done a great job in hopefully ridding this hospital of Finn. She calls Monica and states although this is not the first time she's made accusations of Dr. Finn, she now has proof, as Brad is beside her listening and ready to corroborate, that Finn is using an illegal and dangerous pharmaceutical for recreational purposes.

Kristina goes to Sonny's home before the funeral and he tells his daughter he wants her to know that she's supported him through all of this. She's been by his side, he tells her, and he just wants her to be able to make peace with losing her brother. In response to that, she promises her dad she will try. He tells her he wants her to thrive and be the best person she can be and to find love and the happiness she deserves and not let anybody tell her she has to settle for anything less than the best life she can have. He urges her to do that for her brother. Hearing that, Kristina comments to her dad that that sounds like a “good bye” and asks him just where he is going. In response to that, Sonny assures his daughter that he's not going anywhere. He just wants to make sure she's ok and that he has not failed her the way he failed Morgan. Hearing that, Kristina assures her dad that everybody mourns the loss of Morgan and misses him. She affirms what happened to Morgan was not his fault. It was Julian's. He threatened her dad and he had to defend himself, she assesses. Sonny then affirms to his daughter she need not defend him. She need only know he loves her and always will. He knows he did not say that enough to Morgan. She goes off and Sonny informs her he needs to stay behind and check on something. When he's alone in the house, he reaches into a locked safe and pulls out his gun. When they get to the funeral, Kristina remains protective of her father and confronts Carly when she can clear see her stepmother may be moving on with Jax and abandoning Sonny.

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