GH Update Wednesday 11/9/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/9/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly is in the church to God admitting she rarely talks to Him and that she has not made much of a habit of going to church. She reflects that the family who adopted her did not although she knows Sonny does attend Catholic Church. She asks how it was that she failed to protect her son. Right then, Sonny enters and assesses to her that it was himself who failed to protect Morgan. She reminds him that Morgan's funeral is the following day and that Jason was right that Sonny is not currently well and has four other kids besides Morgan. He protests to her that he was not there for Morgan. She urges him not to do this because she cannot fight with him on this. Right then, Griffin appears outside, overhears their conversation and then makes his presence known, informing them there are some things he thinks they should know. He informs Carly, assuming she may not already know, that he spoke to Sonny right before Morgan got bombed and actually persuaded him to call off what he planned to do with Julian. He attests to her that he is a witness that Sonny called it off when he saw him on his phone unaware that Griffin was watching him and overhearing Sonny asking his contact not to do what they'd previously planned. Carly admits to him that she is already aware of that since Sonny has informed her. She knows that he would not lie about that. Yet it does not matter since Morgan is dead, she reminds him. Sonny informs Griffin that he does not believe it matters that he called off his plans. It was because of his intent that his son died and it doesn't matter how or why. His son is dead, he assesses and now God is punishing him for the life he has been living for as long as he can remember, as he cries.

Nelle finds Michael at The Metro Court and he expresses his gratitude for all of her help and affirms it means a lot to her, when she gives him Morgan's diary to read as well as the letters he wrote to his brother throughout their childhoods and when Morgan was in boarding school. Michael attentively reads them out loud. He reflects how they spoke about their parents and how his brother annoyed him by calling him Mikey until he threatened to never speak to Morgan again if he did not stop calling him that. He remembers that motivated Morgan to stop calling him Mikey although he admits to Nelle, he would give anything for Morgan to walk through that door right now and call him Mikey. She then reminds him that he still has Avery and his family. He admits that he blames himself for being too busy to be there for his brother. He also does not know how or if he can forgive his dad for doing what he did. He informs her that Sonny crossed the line and could have made different choices but didn't. Hearing that, Nelle remembers noticing the letter that Sonny wrote to his son and asks if he really believes it was Sonny’s fault that Morgan is gone. He assesses to her that what happened to Morgan is a lesson to him that whenever one plans to do anything, they better damn well think about the consequences of one's actions before it's too late to take back what one intended to do. He leaves and Carly sits beside Nelle. She assesses how she's concerned about her family. She realizes she has Michael to comfort her yet Sonny is alone. She feels really guilty and a part of her wants to reach out to him but she cannot because whenever she sees him, she's reminded of what she has lost. She admits she does not know how she's going to get through the service tomorrow. Right then, she hears a voice informing her he will be there for her. At that point, she turns around to see Jasper Jacks, her ex husband and father of Josslyn, She goes up to hug and welcome him back to town. He informs her he found out about Morgan and rushed to be there on the quickest flight. She is really happy to see him and introduces him to Nelle. Alone with Carly, he informs her he was thinking about all the times he had with her sons and being their stepfather. They relive and laugh about all the things they were able to do together. He thanks her for letting him be Morgan's stepfather. She thanks him for all he gave her sons. She then frowns and informs him he may go ahead and tell her she was a fool and selfish, reckless and very stupid to bring Sonny back into her life. She assesses that he probably believes and is correct that it's the fault of both herself and Sonny that Morgan is gone. Hearing that, he asks her if she wants him to give her an “I told you so”, to which she realizes she maybe should not be attempting to corner him in this conversation. He assures her that he loves Morgan and misses him and does not blame anyone for what happened to him.

Sonny stays at the church talking to Griffin who wants him to forgive himself and realize God forgives him. Yet Sonny cries and is distraught when he informs Griffin he happens to know that everybody in his life dies because they are around him. He knows he is the cause if it. And so, he believes he has to take action in order to protect the world from him. Hearing that, Griffin asks Sonny to clarify exactly what he means by what he is now saying. Sonny is ready to confide in Griffin who assures him anything he tells him is in confidence. Sonny admits that he's spent his entire life running in order to cover his ass, in order to build his empire and to do things the way he wants. Yet what does he do when he can no longer run? His son is dead and he cannot run anymore. He's done. Griffin then asks Sonny when he last ate and slept, to which Sonny informs him he need not worry about that. He remarks to Griffin that he(Griffin) appears like he may have some things going on. Griffin admits to Sonny that he is wondering why things are happening in his life the way they are. He wonders if it's God's way of telling him he needs to go back to the priesthood again. Sonny asks Griffin if that is, in fact, what he wants.

Nathan gets ready for when Maxie returns home and has a romantic candle light dinner waiting for her. He reminds her the last time they planned this, they were unexpectedly interrupted by Claudette when she dropped the bombshell of Charlotte upon them. They are first happy to see there are no interruptions until they hear a knock on the door. She does not want to get it but they notice it appears Nathan has gotten a certified letter from Claudette's mother written in French. He translates into English, to Maxie that his ex mother in law writes that she realized she has not had much to do with him throughout the years but she is expressing her concerns that her daughter has been gone now for over a week and she been unable to contact her. She reads a letter from Claudette confirming that it's true that Valentin is in fact Charlotte's father. Yet, she informs Nathan, she did not want anyone to know because if the danger that could come to her daughter from anyone knowing that. She further informs Nathan if he reads this, it means that something has happened to her. At that point, they realize that Valentin is now Charlotte's only legal guardian. He asks what on earth they can do now, to which Maxie replies they are going to fight Valentin and not let him put Charlotte in danger.

Meanwhile, Valentin goes to find Nina and shows her the picture on his phone of Charlotte. She recognizes the girl, having seen her with Griffin and with Nathan and demands to know why he'd have a picture of her. Valentin smirks and confirms that is his daughter. She informs him the little girl showed up at her office Halloween. She previously saw her with her brother Nathan but then found out she was Griffin Munro's daughter. Hearing that, Valentin clarifies to her that she is his daughter. Hearing that, she informs him she does not believe him without proof. He asks her what if all the people who say all the terrible things about him really do not know him and are incorrect. He asks her if she is aware that he loves his daughter and does not want any harm to come to her or to her mother. He asks if she is willing to see that or if she merely wants to believe rumors and gossip which may not be accurate when she does not really know him.

Meanwhile, Alexis is with Danny, baking cookies when she unexpectedly falls asleep on the couch. The cookies burn and the smoke alarm goes off, awakening her. Immediately she can see that there's smoke and calls to Danny. Yet she cannot find him while there appears to be a house fire. She finally finds her grandson and hurriedly rushes him out of the smoke and makes sure he is ok. When he’s outside, she cleans up the mess and admits that unfortunately, there's smoke and the cookies have burned. Right then, Laura comes by and asks Alexis if she had a chance to go through the paperwork, because, she admits, she needs to know if Valentin really has the legal right to Wyndemere. Alexis informs her that it unfortunately appears he does and so Laura cannot sell Wyndemere as she'd previously planned. She explains to Laura that she confirmed that a notarized document proves that hers' and Valentin's mutual father left his entire estate to his son. Laura is shocked and demands to know how or why that could happen, to which Alexis admits she really does not know but it sounds like something orchestrated by Helena. Laura still wonders how it was that Valentin had to hold everybody hostage and then murdered her son and now it appears that Nikolas died for nothing. She breaks down crying while Alexis assures her that she mustn't feel that way and should know that Nikolas would not want her to be discouraged. Laura goes out the door, concluding she needs to go home and start packing because she does not want to be there when Valentin comes in. Alone in the house, Alexis sits by her laptop and looks up something online. She admits how upset and hopeless she feels until she notices Danny running down the stairs admitting he could not sleep because he had a dream about smoke. She reaches out and encourages her grandson to sit beside her while she holds him in her arms and promises to keep him safe.

Finn panics when he returns to the hospital lab and notices that Hayden has entered the room, stepped in the liquid compound and broken glass on the floor and may have gotten it on her hands. He rushes to wash the substance off of her hands and demands to know why she went there in the first place, to which she replies she wanted to warn him that Brad Cooper was on the warpath to get his experiment shut down. He notices she has a small paper cut and is horrified to see that because an open cut means that she is contaminated with the dangerous pathogen. He demand that she takes pills he gives her although she does not want to. He angrily tells her he's not going to let someone else die from this. He is very worried that “this” is all his fault. She is endangered just like his wife. She was his friend and tried to help him and he is responsible for what happened to her just like with his wife. She assure him she is not going to die. Yet he obsessively cleans up the mess and gives her instructions to get medical testing and treatment. Right then, however, he notices she is gone and he calls to her and runs to attempt to find her. Yet she ignores him and goes home.

Nelle leaves after talking to Michael and is shocked and stunned when she turns around to notice Jacks hugging Carly. She stares mindfully and not happily at them, indicating she probably knows Jacks

Sonny assesses to Griffin he appreciates his encouragement and confirms to him he knows his father would be very proud of him and informs him he is invited and welcome to attend Morgan's memorial service.

Laura returns to Wyndemere and runs into Hayden. She informs her that it turns out Valentin does own this property and so she will have to move out as soon as possible, and she suggests Hayden does the same. In response to that, Hayden replies that “that” is the least of her problems. Laura goes upstairs and Hayden is alone, after being infested and contaminated by the pathogen in Finn's lab.

Right then, Finn makes an urgent phone call, stating that urgent measures have to be taken due to a matter of life and death.

Right then, we see Hayden alone in the living room at Wyndemere, gasping, breathing heavily, appearing dizzy and she falls to the floor

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