GH Update Tuesday 11/8/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/8/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Finn is alone in the hospital lab doing a scientific experiment and recording what he's doing on his voice recorder. He appears as though he's trying and failing to find a cure for this disease and his efforts have been one step forward and two steps back. He continues to do his experiments when Brad walks in, remarking he was hoping that Finn would no longer be doing this. He gets ready to throw one of the beakers out and dump out what Finn has prepared when Finn screams at Brad demanding he put it down. Yet Brad seems as though he needs to know what is going on. Finn congratulates Brad on his marriage but demands he hands over the beaker. Right then, Brad can see that Finn is shaking and stares in awe at him, wondering what is happening to him. He can tell that Finn has some sort of secret which he suspects may be illegal or breech security. Yet Finn angrily tells Brad that he is interfering in something he knows nothing about it and if he has concerns he needs to file a formal complaint with Monica. He demands that Brad leaves the room. Brad leaves but warns Finn this is “not over”.

Outside in the hospital, Tracy goes to talk to Hayden and needs to know what she is doing regarding the budget. A man who accompanies Tracy makes it clear that he does not trust having the hospital's future in the hands of the daughter of one of the world's biggest swindlers. Tracy reminds him that the board voted for Ms. Barnes and although it may not be what he wants, it was decided and she has complete faith in Hayden's expertise. The guy makes it clear he will not have that although Hayden affirms she hopes that she can achieve success and a solid reputation within this hospital by proving herself to be a valuable and trusted asset. The man warns them if Hayden does not put GH back in the black, she will be run out of there. Tracy demands he leaves her alone to talk to Hayden. Hayden thanks Tracy for standing up to “that bully”, yet Tracy informs her that she has the same concerns. Her family needs this hospital to succeed financially and otherwise. And if Hayden fails with accomplishing that, Tracy warns her, she will run her out of there even if it breaks Finn's heart, she tells her. Hayden then protests to Tracy she intends to work and earn her pay and do what GH requires of her, to which Tracy asks if she also intends to prove herself to Finn. Hearing that, Hayden assures Tracy that regarding herself and Finn, that ship has sailed. Yet Tracy reminds Hayden she can clearly see that Finn cannot take his eyes off of her. Right then, Brad goes to find out from Tracy if she has signed off on Finn having full access to the lab and his dangerous experiments and asks why. She replies that Finn has the right to do what he is doing yet Brad expresses concerns about the fact that the hospital was in danger for a long time and he has serious concerns about Finn's own safety and how it could jeopardize the hospital. He admits to Tracy he saw Finn shaking and appearing to be very sick and if Finn keeps going like this, he may end up in the morgue. He leaves and when Tracy is alone with Hayden, she notices Brad on the phone and goes to inform him she understands his concerns. Yet Brad informs her he does not' think she fully understands how serious this is. Finn could be having dangerous pathogens or God knows what else, in that lab. He affirms to Tracy he is not going to risk his life, just because Tracy may have some blind loyalty to the guy.

Finn continues his experiment when he breaks and shatters a flask on the floor. He grows agitated and worried. Right then, he leaves the hospital lab with the broken glass and liquid on the floor.

Shortly thereafter, Hayden goes into the lab to see if she can find him. She does not but notices the broken glass and dangerous liquid on the floor. She steps on it and sees that it may have damaged her new shoes. Right then Finn gets a call from Tracy warning him that Hayden has gone to find him. He goes back to the lab and is very worried to see that Hayden

Franco and Elizabeth are together after she's done her drawing and they kiss. He asks if she wants to continue drawing or kissing. They talk about his history with art as well as hers'. And they wonder how they should spend the rest of their evening. He talks to her about how kissing could be seen as art when they reference Romeo and Juliet and many other things and asks Elizabeth what her take is on that. They grow closer while talking about art and being there for each other and they kiss more. She asks if he wants to go upstairs and takes his hand. Right then, however, her phone rings. She gets it and sees it's an important call she cannot ignore. Franco knows that she is very worried about what she has just heard, to which she informs him that the man who raped her when she was just 15 is now eligible for parole and she's very worried and afraid of what will now happen. She explains that this guy took nude picture of her friend who was also underage and post them online. Her friend's family pushed for him to get the maximum sentencing. When that did not work, she informs Franco, she spoke to the parole board and made a statement. She relives all that happened including her own recovery for speaking out against it. She informs Franco that the parole board is now ready to release him, believes he's been rehabilitated and no longer a threat to society and apparently he's been counseling other sex offender inmates. Franco then asks Elizabeth if it's possible that this man is now changed yet she informs him there's no way because there was no brain tumor to be removed. He then concludes what she needs to present her case to the parole board in order to prevent this guy form being released. Shortly thereafter, she gets on her computer and is completely engrossed in her typing. Noticing that maybe she wants him gone, Franco gets up to leave. However, he sees her crying and comes over to her, puts his arms around her and holds her.

Alexis sits with Diane at The Metro Court and asks for her legal expertise about the document that Valentin gave her regarding his alleged legal right to take Nikolas' property and all of his rights. Alexis makes it clear that she is not comfortable being seen by the many people who knows them both now that she's no longer the successful lawyer she once was. Alexis again asks Diane questions about the document to which she replies that Alexis' long lost father changed his mind and willed everything to her brother, Valentin. She explains that hers' and Valentin's mutual father wanted the entire estate to go to the oldest living male heir and so that means Valentin gets it all. Hearing that, Alexis admits she's worried about Spencer losing everything including his house.

Not far away, Julian and Curtis go to the bar and order drinks. Julian asks for a martini but the bartender informs him that Carly has left him with strict orders not to serve him. Julian then asks the bartender's name and warns him if he does not serve him the martini, he will file a lawsuit and the bartender will regret it. Curtis then urges Julian not to make trouble but asks if the bartender can simply cooperate with the customers, knowing it will be a lot better than a lawsuit. Right then, the bartender does what Curtis asks of him. Julian then asks him what he may have accomplished with finding out Sonny's intent with the car bomb, to which Curtis replies that it's obvious to many people, when they see him, that he is not working for the cops nor working for Sonny. And so, he warns Julian, maybe he needs to exercise caution regarding that. Julian confirms that he fired Pete for being incompetent with the keys in his car but asks Curtis what he may have found out about Sonny. Curtis informs Julian that it's entirely possible that Pete was working for Sonny and was somehow persuaded to put the bomb in Julian's car. Right then, Alexis and Diane see Julian and angrily confront him. He asks about Danny to which Alexis furiously tells him he will never go near their grandson again. She continues to drink on her way home.

Jason returns to Sam and she asks him if he got any information from Pete about the circumstances surrounding the bombing of Julian's car. He replies that Pete did not have a chance to provide any information because he was instantly shot dead. Sam admits she wonders who might have Pete shot in order to keep him quiet. He is not worried when he reveals to Sam that there may be ways to find out whether Pete or others he knows were working for Sonny and what could be the reason for why Pete left Julian's car unattended with the keys in the ignition. He shows her the phone he obtained from Pete and admits that hopefully he'll be able to come up with some clue as to why the bomb went off in Julian's car after Sonny called it off. She reminds Jason that they do not know if Pete intended to double-cross Julian or intentionally left the keys in the car or intended to bomb him. They are merely assuming and need to cover all bases in order to find out what all was involved. He lets her access what is on Pete's phone. They find out the name of the person who called Pete to distract him when he left Julian's car unattended with the keys and they both conclude see it was probably not coincidental. She admits she knows that Julian has many enemies personal and professional. Jason asks how many want him dead and if it might have had nothing to do with Sonny or his men.

At The Metro Court, after Curtis suggests to Julian that perhaps Pete was secretly working for Sonny to bomb Julian's car without his knowing, Julian considers the possibility of that and warns Pete if he wants to get paid, he should not be defending Sonny Corinthos, reminding Curtis that Sonny's hands are way dirtier than his yet nobody is keeping Sonny's grandson away from him. Curtis then reminds Julian that he hired him to find out who put a bomb in Julian's car, knows Julian believes Sonny did it, to which Curtis admits he's inclined to agree with him. It's fine with him if Sonny goes to prison for that, he clarifies to Julian. Yet, he firmly reminds Julian, one thing no one can claim is that Sonny Corinthos has not suffered because of the man who's responsible for the death of his own son. With that, Curtis gets up and walks away.

Not far away, Tracy enters and admits to Diane that although the hospital has re-opened, she's very worried about the financial debt that still threatens keeping it open. Right then, as soon as he is alone, Julian sits beside a man who indicates that they are in business together to get the hospital property renovated into luxury condos. Not far away, Tracy appears and observes them talking.

When Finn finds Hayden in his research lab, he is horrified to see she's stepped in the liquid mess on the floor and demand she shows him her hands after she may have touched it. She asks what he's getting so freaked out about and it's obvious he knows what may have happened to her after she's come in contact with what he's produced in the lab.

Alexis returns home to bake cookies for Danny and act like everything is alright. Right then, however, shortly thereafter, we see her appearing to be passed out drunk when Danny is there and wonders what has happened to his grandma. Right then, she's awakened by the smoke alarm. She rushes into the kitchen knowing the cookies have burned. She goes rushing for Danny but cannot find him and it appears there's a house fire.

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