GH Update Monday 11/7/16

General Hospital Update Monday 11/7/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the parking garage, when Jason asks Pete why he left Julian's car unattended with the key inside, before Pete can answer, a shot is suddenly fired. Pete instantly falls to the floor and at that point, Jason knows he needs to make an urgent call for an ambulance. He wastes no time removing Pete's wallet (which he puts back after searching) and phone from his jacket. Right then, Curtis appears and sees him very clearly. Jason pockets the cell phone before Curtis sees it.

Right when Sonny gets done writing his letter to Carly and comments that he “hopes one day she will understand”, Carly walks in. He asks why she's suddenly there, to which she informs him, for the first time, about what she's discovered from Morgan's private diary that Nelle found and brought to her. Sonny observes and can see that Carly is certain that what this all points to is that something or someone tampered with their son's medication. She protests that everything Morgan wrote in that diary checks out and confirms that he was taking his meds right on schedule and something obviously happened that they need to get to the bottom of. Sonny then goes upstairs and returns with Morgan's meds. Both he and Carly can see that Morgan kept his meds in his room by his bedside table but a full bottle of lithium was missing which they both know was the most important drug that Morgan was on. Sonny concludes they both want a reason, an explanation or someone to blame. But, he assesses to her, they both know it was because of the medication and his failure to take it. Yet Carly seems to believe and to know otherwise, as she reflects how all of Morgan's entries in the diary indicate how he wanted to do good, make them proud and only wanted them to love him. She cries while Sonny assures her she was a great mom and never failed their son. She agrees but concludes that all of that is now too late because he's gone.

As soon as Ava gets the anonymous text of someone telling her they “know what she did to Morgan and they are onto her”, she goes to meet the anonymous contact and find out what they may know. She waits outside a building clearly worried that she will get found out. Right then, she is startled when she notices Lucy Coe enter. Lucy further startles Ava by informing her it was she who sent her the text and asked Ava to meet her there. Staring mindfully at the text, Ava asks Lucy what she believes she saw or knew, to which Lucy informs her she saw Ava toss out Morgan's meds into the trash outside of Sonny and Carly's house the last time she left the house. Hearing that, Ava tries to bluff, acting as though she hasn't a clue what Lucy is talking about and has nothing to be worried about, laughing and informing Lucy that she is nuts and maybe Lucy could use some professional help. Yet Lucy makes it clear she knows what she saw as she explains she was driving and attempting to sell real estate in the area when she noticed Ava throwing the meds in the trash. She then picked it up and found out it belonged to Morgan Corinthos. Although Ava denies it, Lucy protests that Morgan's parents have every right to know what happened to their son and how she was responsible for that. She demands Ava tells her why she should not go and inform Sonny and carly right now just what she's certain Ava did. Yet Ava tells Lucy she shouldn’t do that because it will only hurt them more. She urges Lucy to realize Sonny and Carly should only focus on the good times with their son. Lucy then angrily tells Ava she does not get to play on the parent's grief. Ava then asks Lucy if she does not realize how this will hut Kiki. Lucy responds to that comment by scoffing as to how Ava obviously does not care about her daughter when she messed around with her daughter's boyfriend. Ava then reminds Lucy if she, herself has a daughter, she should realize and be sensitive to how this will affect Kiki. Lucy concludes to Ava that she's not going to tell Sonny and Carly that she saw Ava tossing Morgan's medication. However, she informs her, she is going to hold onto those pills, just for safe keeping, as she asks Ava if she “understands”, to which Ava replies yes, and grimly concludes it would be so Lucy could blackmail her later. In response to that, Lucy happily remarks that would be a “great idea” and wonders why she “didn't think of that herself”. Ava gets up to walk away when Lucy tells her she has another tip for her which would be maybe Ava should seriously consider coming clean. She reminds her if she saw her tossing those pills, who knows? Someone else might have seen her also.

Elizabeth takes Franco back to her house, informing him that her boys are at her grandma's house and they have the whole place to themselves. She indicates she wants him to do something for her. Elizabeth talks to Franco about her plans to attend an art class realizing she's out of practice. He is happy and she wants to show him her drawings. She informs him that she really wants to stay on pace with the class. He goes through them and asks if she wants him to critique them, to which she clarifies no. She wants him to pose for her. Right then, he asks her if she may have an at home spray tan kit and gets ready to take off his clothes. But she clarifies she wants to do a portrait of is face and he may keep his clothes on. She informs him she believes a portrait would be more intimate. He waits somewhat awkwardly while she draws and at that point decides he wants to see her drawing although she informs him she's not ready for that. She admits she was afraid that he may not like her drawing but he assesses it shows her courage and intent. She thanks him but remarks she wishes she could be as courageous and unafraid in her life although she's afraid she is not anymore. Yet he smiles and assesses to her he believes she is not lacking in courage. Right then, they grow closer, kissing and look like they might be ready to sleep together.

Lulu appears very stressed and expresses to Dante that their son got her clothes stained by the chocolate Halloween candy he's gotten. She also informs her husband maybe he needs to teach Rocco how to wash his hands and she realizes she may be overreacting. He then remarks that it's hard enough to keep track of one kid hopped up on Halloween candy and so it may be a good thing they do not have 2. Later, he assesses to her that he knows they need to talk about what is going on yet she assures him although she was upset about not being able to have another child, she is now over it. She also reflects to her husband how she cannot imagine what Sonny and Carly are going through with losing a child. And so, she concludes and he agrees, the should focus on how blessed they are to have a wonderful son. Right then, they look at all of their memories and they admit how happy they are to be together. Right then, he finds the engagement ring he gave to her when they first got married and he proposes to her again.

While Griffin is having dinner at the Metro Court with Anna and Charlotte and bonding with his daughter, they notice Valentin not far away and are obviously uncomfortable to see him stare at them and at Charlotte. Griffin then goes to confront and informs Valentin he needs to stay away from his (Griffin's) daughter. Hearing that, Valentin smirks and informs Griffin that Charlotte is his (Valentin's) daughter. Griffin then gets back to Anna after she has found a picture that Charlotte just drew. Both Anna and Charlotte want to encourage Griffin to see that he should be a father to the girl regardless of whatever he may have heard. Yet Valentin shows them a birth certificate naming Charlotte as the daughter of himself and Claudette and that her legal name is Charlotte Cassadine. Griffin and Anna clearly do not want to believe Valentin yet the DNA test comes back to confirm what he says. At that point, Griffin is devastated although Anna assures him that although he has reason to be furious with Claudette for lying to him and playing both him and the girl, she was merely doing what she thought was right in order to protect her from her biological father. At that point, Valentin notices them and “calmly” asks if “everything is alright here”. Right then, as soon as Charlotte notices him, she makes it very clear that she knows and is very attached to Valentin and runs up to him while he picks her up, holds her and they express how happy they are to see each other after all this time. He smiles in satisfaction while Griffin and Anna observe them grimly. Right then, the three adults know they need to distract Charlotte and have her go and draw more pictures so that they can talk alone. He explains to them how and why the birth certificate and everything on it is valid. He then concludes he will go off for a while and leave Charlotte in both of their very capable hands. Griffin then angrily warns him if he's lying about any of this, to which Valentin reminds him it was Claudette who lied, as they well know, reminding Griffin he knows he was Father Munro, and remarking he's “really sorry” Claudette got them involved in all of this. He concludes he will compare his DNA with Charlotte's and will return after it's done, reminding them he will keep an eye on both of them as he declares he is not going anywhere. When he leaves and gets on the elevator, Charlotte happily waves good bye to him while Griffin and Anna conclude their main priority is to keep her safe.

After Jordan's heated discussion with Curtis, André enters, after having just walked in on their dispute and wants to know more about it. Curtis leaves and Jordan explains that once again, Curtis was illegally interfering in another police investigation and she wanted to make sure he understood the consequences of his actions. He then informs her he was hoping she could have dinner with him. He informs her that he plans to attend Morgan's funeral although Carly was angry with him the last time they spoke. Morgan was his patient, he reminds Jordan and so he feels he owes him that. that he realizes everyone has to get to the bottom of what happened to Morgan as he knows, as Morgan's doctor, he has to wonder what may or may not have happened regarding the meds. He also expresses what he can see are her concerns about Curtis and how Curtis obviously knows how to provoke her and make her question herself about how she does her job. He does not believe she should be intimidated or provoked by Curtis or anyone. He then confirms that he does not intend to act like a psychiatrist in this conversation. He only intends to talk to her as her man, telling her he thinks she is pretty great just the way she is. At that point, they both put aside their previous conversation and kiss. He affirms to her that even super woman needs some sustenance so he wants to take her to a Tai place that might not be as good as he can cook but they can enjoy being together. Right then, she goes off to get ready and leaves her phone on the table. André then notices an incoming call from Curtis.

At the parking garage, after jason discovers Pete is more than likely dead, he makes an urgent phone While Jason is at the parking garage removing Pete's wallet and phone from his jacket, Curtis appears and informs him it looks like he's destroying evidence. Jason informs Curtis that an unknown shooter came out of nowhere, and he remarks that it's entirely possible it came from Curtis. Yet Curtis informs Jason that he has an alibi. He just got back from having his discussion with the commissioner and he's certain she will corroborate, whereas he reminds Jason, it does not look good for him. He further informs Jason he knows this guy by his first and last name and knows this is the guy who left Julian's car unattended which was probably the same time that “someone” planted the bomb. Then, he reminds Jason, he finds him there, talking to the only person who could implicate Sonny. Now he's dead. And so, Curtis assesses, it's Jason who should be worried about a good alibi. At that point, Curtis informs Jason that maybe that could motivate Jason to provide some information, to which Jason scoffs and asks why he'd share anything he knows with someone who worked for Julian. Hearing that, Curtis tells Jason he may suit himself but Curtis could easily share what he knows about what Jason has done right here and now, with the cops. They argue until Curtis concludes that maybe they can make a deal where he keeps his mouth she about what he knows regarding Jason having access to Pete's cell phone if Jason let him access what is in Pete's phone. Right then, they both brainstorm and find a lot of interesting revelations on Pete's phone. The cops and paramedics come and Jason communicates all he knows and it seems they suspect nothing from either Jason or Curtis for the sudden shooting of Pete. Curtis calls and leaves a message for Jordan confirming he did not like the way they left things and he'd like to reconcile their differences. However, right then, André picks up her phone and angrily tells Curtis he better leave Jordan alone. A cop assesses with Jason about what the motive for murdering Pete would be and clearly rules out a robbery since nothing was stolen. Yet he finds it very odd that Pete does not appear to have a cell phone anywhere, to which Jason concludes he's sure that “if” Pete “had one”, he's sure it will turn up somewhere.

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