GH Update Friday 11/4/16

General Hospital Update Friday 11/4/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam and Jason wait in their vehicle in the parking garage wondering if a guy will show up. Jason is determined to find out how and why the bomb that Sonny intended to cancel went off in Julian's car, which resulted in Morgan's death. He remarks he realizes some things do not add up and he needs to get to the bottom of it. He admits to Sam he has examined everything that happened the night Morgan drove and he followed him up until the bomb went off. He finds it very odd that Julian's hired man left the keys in the car and left the car unattended, to which Sam agrees that does not sound like the guy is a professional. Also, the guy whom Sonny hired to take care of Julian may have some answers. Right then, Julian's hired man, Pete appears, walking and on his phone. Sam gets out of the car and talks to him, introducing herself as Julian's daughter. She is able to persuade Pete to listen and trust her and then she drives off so that Jason and can talk alone to Pete in the parking garage and informs him he needs to know what happened the night Morgan Corinthos got blown up by the bomb. He notices Pete evading the question as he demands to know how and why Pete left the car unattended with the keys inside and makes it clear to Pete he's determined to get to the bottom of this at any cost.

At The Metro Court, Kiki grimly admits to her mom that she's not certain she will be welcome at Morgan's funeral. Ava urges her daughter to know that she has every right to be there and feel welcome yet Kiki admits that when she last spoke to Carly, she was furious and told Kiki that she broke Morgan's heart by doing exactly what Carly asked her not to do and which she agreed not to do. Ava protests that Carly has no right to blame Kiki for Morgan's state of mind and encourages her daughter to believe that she should not have to feel intimidated while working for Carly. She further informs Kiki that it's not worth it for her to have a waitressing job if she has to endure this from her boss. Kiki asks her mom what other options she has and just whom she believes would hire her when she's crying and emotionally traumatized all the time. Ava then suggests maybe she take a break from work. Maybe go to school or get out of town for a while and travel. Kiki then asks her mom if she's trying to get rid of her, to which Ava replies of course not. Kiki then tells her mom that’s good because she can deal with Carly, as she informs Ava that although Carly lashed out at her and blamed her for what happened to Morgan, Sonny has been nice to her and does not want her to blame herself. Hearing that, Ava admits that maybe for once Sonny did something right. She continues to protest to her daughter that she needs to listen and know that she (Kiki) is not responsible for what happened to Morgan. Ava grows stressed and worried, reiterating that that and reliving what she did in order to mess with Morgan's meds and her intentions for doing that. Kiki informs her mom that Morgan would not have stolen the car if he was in his right mind. And she was the cause of what happened to him. Yet Ava urges Kiki to know that there were many circumstances involving his drinking, the bartender taking his keys so he had no car and the fact that he got into Julian's car. Yet, Ava firmly tells her daughter, the reason Morgan got blown up by the bomb, which killed him, is because of Sonny and it's nobody else's fault that he is dead

When Carly is in her office at The Metro Court, Nelle comes by and informs her that she found something of Morgan's. Carly observes a diary that Morgan may have been trying to hide and asks Nelle if she read it, to which Nelle admits only part of it. Carly notices her son's handwriting and is fascinated to see what he's written. Nelle then asks Carly if she wants her to go so she can be alone. Carly replies she's ok if Nelle says as she reads what Morgan wrote about realizing he has to take meds and do the right thing and have a future with Kiki. He writes he realizes he is bi polar and that he has to accept it and that it does not have to ruin his life. He writes that he knows things can and will work out and how and why he needs to do the right thing, which he expresses should be especially for his mother whom he loves and he knows that she loves him. She then brainstorms and concludes that Morgan had been keeping a chart and check-list in order to keep kept track of his schedule each day for taking his meds. She discovers that Morgan has had every intention of accepting responsibility for his actions, like he was encouraged to live a good life and do good. She goes to find Morgan's account of how he was provoked by a guy harassing Kiki once at Perks and was tempted to assault him but did not. She concludes that her son was sane and sensible, exercised control and good judgment and she now has no reason to believe that he willfully chose not to mess up nor have any negativity in his life. Carly then goes through how, throughout the time Morgan was working at Perks and going back to school, he had every intention of having his act together yet could not understand why it was that “something” was happening to him.

Carly then concludes that Morgan never stopped taking his meds. Although Nelle suggests that maybe his dosage needed to be adjusted yet Carly knows that there's no way that bi polar medication could become ineffective so quickly. Unless, she concludes, he was not taking the right dosage amounts and was unaware.

Right then, as soon as Ava is done talking to Kiki and she's alone, she sees a text message on her phone. She notices it's blocked without any identification of who sent it. She looks at it and sees a text that says: “ I saw what you did to Morgan. I am on to you.”

Jordan calls Curtis into her office and informs him she happens to know that he took pictures of the Morgan Corinthos files. He broke the law and he will have to pay the consequences. He protests that he does not know what she believes he has done but she angrily informs him that Valerie told her boss all about what he did. She reminds him that she warned Valerie against being with him yet she did not listen and he needs to know that he put Valerie's career at risk and she now knows she was right that Valerie should not have anything more to do with him. Hearing that, Curtis seems upset and not wanting to lose Valerie. However, he realizes that Jordan means business and concludes he will cut through the chase, as he asks her just what it is she now intends to do. She assesses to him she does not want TJ's uncle put behind bars. So she will not do that to her son. She also realizes if she takes action against him, it will hurt Valerie. Yet she knows that he is dishonest and unworthy of her respect or trust, just like when he was on drugs years ago, and she wants nothing more to do with him. She now knows that all he has done, which he told her he was doing for TJ, for Valerie and for the greater good, he only did for himself. She concludes he has no integrity or honor. She will not take legal action against him but she will make certain that he never gets to practice law enforcement again if she has anything to say about it. He affirms to her he is not about to leave Port Charles, to which she tells him great if he wants to work for low lives like Julian Jerome and congratulates him for finally finding his calling. Hearing that, he is very insulted and calls her a bitch. They get into a big argument at that point and he reminds her that he knows her secrets just like she knows his.

Valentin goes to Alexis' home confirming that she is agreeing to his offer and she smiles as she replies to him that she is ready to do what he's asked of her. She lays down the law to him that he needs to only think of her as Alexis Davis with whom he will do business and he may only call her Ms. Davis or Alexis. He may not call her Natasha or sis, as he's addressed her by both of those names. He calmly replies that he agrees to those terms, to which she replies that is good. She then informs him that all she intends to do is fulfill her agreement with him so that he will get out of Port Charles and leave everyone alone as he's agreed to do in exchange for her agreement to him. She reminds him that he murdered her nephew and she is interested in finding out how it is that he now owns Nikolas' estate, given that Nikolas would not sell it to him. She also reminds him that Ava Jerome was with Nikolas before he was murdered and that Ava could be a good witness in a court of law that he murdered Nikolas, even if Valentin got good legal representation. There were other witnesses as well, she reminds him. Yet he reminds Alexis they were on a private island and he has notarized documents to exonerate him. Yet Alexis tells him she knows better than he does how and why charges against him will, in fact stick, regardless of what he believes he knows. Yet, hearing that, he does not seem at all afraid and continues to smile. She continues to remind him that he will never be welcome anywhere in this town. He then agrees to leave but reminds her she is still on retainer so she needs to look over a copy of something that is notarized. He leaves and she looks over the papers. Outside her house, Valentin gets on his phone, appearing as though he's confirming something.

Anna talks to Griffin at her house after he's run his DNA sample at the lab in order to prove that he's Charlotte’s father, realizing he cannot take any chances of losing her. She informs him that she is ready to thoroughly investigate Valentin and whatever secrets and agendas he may have. Griffin asks her how Valentin behaved when she interrogated and confronted him and if he appeared threatening or abusive, to which Anna replies no. He was unusually calm and like he wanted to appear courteous. She reflects that the most important thing is that little girl in the other room, to which Griffin concludes that maybe he needs to talk to his bishop. She asks if he wants to give up on his career and dreams for practicing medicine, to which he admits it is hard to do that but he believes God sends people on paths for reasons and having Charlotte in his life is the sign that God has given him. Right then, they both happily interact with Charlotte and the three of them go to The Metro Court for dinner and Griffin appears to be making good progress bonding with the girl. However, right then, Valentin appears and stares coldly at them and Anna is worried as they see him sitting alone at a table. Griffin assures Anna that he's not worried. Right then, he goes to confront Valentin and warns him he better stay away from his daughter. Hearing that, Valentin asks if he means Charlotte, to which Griffin angrily confirms yes. With that, Valentin smirks confidently and informs Griffin that Charlotte is his (Valentin's) daughter. Hearing that, Griffin appears shocked and stunned.

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