GH Update Thursday 11/3/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/3/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly sits alone in her office staring at a picture of herself and Morgan when Nelle comes in appearing to be working hard and assisting her. Carly thanks her and asks if she could hold all calls in order for Carly to continue her work, to which Nelle agrees. Right then, Sonny enters unexpectedly and Carly stares at him. He informs her that he was setting up a fundraiser for people with mental illnesses and wants to set up the Morgan Corinthos Foundation. Carly asks him to come inside and informs her estranged husband this is very generous of him to set this up but reminds him he cannot afford that. She reminds him of how he set up the foundation for Stone years ago as well as other hospital wings for people who died and for situations he felt responsible for. She knows he had good intentions. Yet, she expresses the need to make it clear to him that no matter how many foundations he sets up or what he does, their son is still dead and nothing can change that. Hearing that, he reminds Carly he knows that and the reason for his new plans are to clear his conscience. He informs Carly that he's gone back to church and wants to do good with charities and living a better life. She assesses she's glad he's doing that although she remains cold and indicates she does not want to talk further. He leaves and urges her to take care. When he goes out the door, Nelle approaches him and expresses to him she thinks the foundation he is ready to set up in Morgan's name is very beautiful and she believes his family should be very proud of him. He walks away and Nelle talks to Carly while she reminisces about Morgan and all the memories. Carly then asks Nelle if she could go and get some of Morgan's stuff from Sonny's house, to which Nelle agrees.

In the Metro Court bar, Jason finds Curtis and indicates that he knows Curtis is working for Julian although Curtis denies it. When Curtis does not reply, Jason urges him to know that they want the same things and so he wishes Curtis would talk to him. Yet Curtis assesses to Jason he (Jason) only wants to exonerate Sonny Corinthos and he's concerned that Jason is determined to take this to the end, even if his boss is found guilty. He tells Jason he knows that Jason is working for Sonny. Jason reminds Curtis of what it means for Curtis to be working for Julian. In response to that, Curtis informs him his job is not to help Julian or do anybody's dirty work. It's merely to find out the truth. Jason then asks Curtis if he can have access to Curtis' phone, to which Curtis shows him the picture he took, from the police station of the file on what happened to MOrgan and declares to Jason that is all the evidence he needs in order to connect Sonny Corinthos to the bombing.

At the PCPD, Dante informs Lulu that there is “somebody” in custody whom the have not seen in a long time. Lulu then looks inside the door and is shocked to see the woman who identified herself as Daphne when they were stuck on the island. They both remind the woman that the information she gave them, as well as her story about helping them, is all false and they need to know what Valentin has asked or hired her to do. She informs them that Valentin has not asked her to do anything. It was Helena who wanted her to do something, to which Dante and Lulu ask what Helena would want her to do, to which she replies it was bear a child.

Maxie runs into Nina who demands to know why she did not tell Nina about her that Nina's brother is not the father of Charlotte. Maxie informs Nina she need not worry. When they get married, Nina will be Georgei's step aunt although Nina is not amused to hear that. When Maxie informs Nina, however, that after Claudette fled, a guy was looking for her and held Maxie hostage, Nina is concerned and hopes that Maxie is alright and at that point, she is attentive to what she is hearing as she informs Maxie she just got a visit from Valentin. When Maxie finds out it was Nina whom Valentin interacted with before he got put away and it was she who turned him in, realizing that Valentin is now running loose, Maxie warns Nina to beware of Valentin because he probably wants revenge. Yet Nina informs her that she believes revenge is not what Valentin presently wants with her.

Nathan goes to find Griffin at the hospital and informs him that someone has been asking questions about Charlotte. He indicates that social services is looking into the fact that Charlotte does not have any legal guardian now that Claudette has fled. Nathan warns Griffin that even if he believes he and all others are taking great care of Charlotte and she should not be taken from him, as far as child protective services is concerned, the only legal guardian Charlotte has is Claudette. And so, very possibly she could be named a ward of the state, Nathan warns him. He informs Griffin that one potential solution would be for him to declare with the state that he is Charlotte's biological father. Griffin however, informs Nathan there is just one problem with doing that which is it would tip Valentin off as to where Charlotte is. Nathan leaves and Griffin finds a nurse to asks her how long it would take to run a paternity test.

Anna runs into Valentin in the hallway at The Metro Court. She reminds him she is still an FBI and WSB agent and would like a simple answer to a simple question which is the reason why he's presently in Port Charles and just what he wants while there. He replies that he just wanted to reconnect with his family, to which Anna tells him she does not buy tat, given he's had many years to connect with them. He asks if she knows all of the crazy members of the Cassadine family, to which she assesses that many of them are dead now, including one of the only family members she respected, Nikolas. When he evades her question of why he's there, he ask her what her agenda is. She informs him that she has reason to question that he even is whom he says he is, to which he asks her why she'd question that. She replies that she knows up until 5 years ago, there was no record that a Valentin Cassadine even existed. He asks her what proof she needs, to which she realizes the only two people who can confirm who he is are Nikolas and Helena who are both dead. She also assesses to him that for someone who has been disinherited, disregarded and abandoned by the family and alone, he seems to have a lot of money and resources. She admits she bets he has some illegal activities for which she knows he does not want to be exposed for. She warns him he better leave Port Charles before he regrets it. She knows he murdered Nikolas. He seems very calm and not worried as he assesses to Anna she does not know him. Yet she informs him she does know him and that he may have had a hard life and was subjected to cruelty in his past. She might have considered that he had the potential to become a good man. Yet she knows the first chance he had, he did terrible things. She continues to taunt him about seeing right through his scam, seeing him as a weak and pathetic little man with insecurities about his daddy never loving him. At that point, he is no longer calm and yells that she shuts up. She then assesses her advice to him is to not stick around because it will catch up to him. He informs her his advice to her is to avoid his family. She warns him if he hurts anyone in Port Charles. if the slightest thing happens and she believes he is behind it, she will have him locked up in Steinmauer faster that he can say extradition. And so she warns him not to mess with anyone if he knows what is good for him. She leaves and as soon as Valentin is alone, he becomes agitated and throws a glass against the wall.

At the PCPD, Daphne informs Lulu and Dante that Helena arranged for her to carry an embryo so that there could be a Cassadine heir. Hearing that, Lulu informs Daphne that that embryo was meant for her and for Dante to have a baby. She tells them the story about Helena and Stavros trying and failing have another heir. At that point, the cops and bailiffs take her out in hand-cuffs and take her away and she tells Lulu and Dante she is truly sorry for their loss. Alone with Dante, Lulu assesses that clearly Helena wanted to taunt them with the embryo and concluded that if she could not have it, they could not either. Dante holds his wife and comforts her.

When Sonny's alone in the house, he calls Diane and informs her he has a legal matter to discuss with her. He needs his entire family taken care of because, he tells her, after Morgan's funeral it will “all be done”. When he believes he's alone in the house, he declares that very soon, nobody will have to see his face again. Yet Nelle enters, hides and overhears him. She then makes her presence known and he asks her what she thought she heard. She replies she did not want to speculate but heard what sounded like his possibly facing legal charges due to Morgan's death and needing help. She sounds like she does not want to get into his business but asks if his family should not know about this. He clarifies to her that his family will not be affected by this after he's gone. And so, he assesses to her, he is asking her not to repeat what she just heard to anyone. She tells him she's sorry but believes that Carly and Michael deserve to know if he intends to leave town. He informs her that he believes he's caused too much pain to them. She then protests she realizes she has not know him long but she can tell his family loves him. She then admits to Sonny that she will feel obligated to tell Carly what she knows. Sonny does not seem to suspect her while she goes off and appears to be finishing her errands. When Sonny is alone in the living room, he continues writing something and puts it in an envelope. He puts Carly's name on the envelope.

Jason goes to find Carly at her office at The Metro Court. She hugs him and is happy to see him and informs him that Sonny is ready to start a foundation for Morgan. Jason looks at the information Sonny left with Carly and is very surprised at all the money Sonny put into it. She admits to Jason she's concerned and suspects possibly Sonny is having another manic episode, realizing she has no way of knowing or controlling if he's taking his medication. Jason admits to Carly he was with Sonny recently and noticed the very negative state of mind he was in, as he attempts to urge Carly to be there for Sonny. Carly firmly replies that she cannot be responsible for Sonny's life, reminding Jason again that no matter what anybody says or does, Sonny caused Morgan's death and nothing can change that.

Curtis gets on the Metro Court elevator when somebody finds him and wants to interrogate and investigate what he is doing.

Lulu and Dante talk about their future with more kids and she admits to him that one thing she learned about the loss of Morgan and watching everybody grieve, was that they are so blessed to have Rocco.

As soon as Valentin is alone in his hotel room, he opens a secret safe from which he takes out a box.

Right then, we see Griffin swabbing his DNA at the hospital and getting the paternity test ready. Anna rushes to find him and informs him she just spoke to Valentin reporting that Valentin may or may not know that Charlotte is in town. However, she informs Griffin, she is absolutely certain that Valentin is hiding something dangerous.

Right when, we see Valentin taking a plastic bag that looks like it could be a DNA sample of something very noteworthy out of his secret box.

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