GH Update Wednesday 11/2/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/2/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth and Franco are kissing in the GH elevator and mutually happy that the hospital is re-opening. She praises him for identifying his mother as the killer of Bobbie and Lucas, which has restored all of their jobs. They get off the elevator to see a big meeting and celebration with Monica speaking and all the staff gathering around. She announces that there are people deserving recognition for this very positive event. Elizabeth and Franco sound encouraged believing she will mention him but, instead she mentions only her sister, Tracy Quartermaine for being instrumental in getting the hospital to re-open. Tracy then speaks and admits that she did persuade other board members to re-open. Yet, she informs everyone that it appears some people want to sell the property. And so, she concludes, with Monica, that the best thing to do is for all staff to work and make the hospital the best it can be. At the end of the announcement, everyone goes off. Elizabeth and Franco run into Hayden who informs them that she does not believe that Franco has the right to be there, reminding them they cannot trust what his psycho mom says or does or that he's not just like her. Elizabeth confronts her, reminding her that Franco at least works there which is more than can be said about her. Hayden, however, informs Elizabeth that she probably has not seen Hayden's badge, as she informs Elizabeth that she is GH's new financial manager. Not far away, Griffin addresses Finn, reminding him that he notices Finn's very risky medical condition that could be a liability to the hospital, and which indicated he may be taking drugs. He reminds Finn that he covered for him and gave him the benefit of the doubt and therefore he now hopes that Finn has taken actions to resolve his issue. Right then, Tracy confronts Griffin and firmly informs him that Dr. Finn is valued and trusted and he need not bother him. Alone with Tracy, however, Finn informs her he does not expect her to jump to his defense in matters like this, reminding her that his withdrawal symptoms and his presently incurable illness could come back and cause consequences not only for him but for the entire hospital, until he finds a cure. She then indicates to him she can see that he and Hayden have mutual attraction, reminding him that he is her friend and so she is noticing that and remarks she does not know what he sees in Hayden. He then asks Tracy why, if she dislikes Hayden, would she give her a position of authority at the hospital, to which Tracy admits that regardless of their differences, Hayden has relevant experience to bring to the table. He remarks he finds it odd that she would not offer Hayden a job at ELQ but will offer her a job at GH, to which Tracy indicates she has a plan although she's not revealing exactly what it is.

Not far away, Obrecht finds Franco, realizing he's sitting by himself with no friends nor fellow staff members who trust him even though he's been cleared of all charges. He admits that he is the town par-Y-a (pronunciation) as she admits that she is also a suspect in the murders and equally unpopular among hospital staff. She also indicates she wants to encourage and support him with what he hopes to accomplish in his personal and professional life.

Finn finds Hayden and congratulates her for her new position, which she credits Tracy for and the fact that Tracy believes he can walk on water. Yet he assures her she was given the job because she earned it. She then stresses to him she believes she owes him an apology as she clarifies to Finn she had no right to demand that he get over the loss of his deceased wife. She realizes that it was heartless and showed lack of respect to demand he put a time-frame on his grieving. Hearing that, he smiles and sounds as though he assumes it's a given that she now wants to develop their relationship as “buddies” and spend more time together. Yet she looks at him without smiling and apologizes of he misunderstood what she just said, as she clarifies she has no plans or interest in being “buddies” with him. She clarifies if all he can offer her is to be lunch buddies, that's not fair to her. And so, she concludes, she thinks it's best if their relationship remains strictly professional. She walks off yet Finn looks at her in a way that indicates he wants more than friendship with her. Tracy observes and remarks to him what she can clearly see.

At the police station, Valerie talks to Curtis at The Metro Court who admits he knows her schedule and wants to have dinner and be together for the evening. She notices, however, he's on his phone and he does not tell her the specific details. She concludes she realizes there are things about his job he cannot reveal just like there are things about her's which she cannot. Yet, she assesses, she's glad he's no longer working for Julian Jerome and that he's right when he told her some jobs are just not worth the money. He agrees although we see him very mindful of what is on his phone, indicating he may be hiding something from her. Shortly thereafter, he is distracted and sets his phone down. She is then able to notice that he's taken a picture of Morgan's entire case file. He returns and tries to justify and sweet-talk her but she is clearly angry to find out he is lying to her about canceling his plans to work for Julian and that he never stopped. She asks if he knows how bad it is that he took advantage of her position with the PCPD in order to have access to the files. He protests that he had every intention of ending his ties to Julian. Yet he could not help himself when he saw the file fall on the floor. She then concludes that it may be due to her rooky inexperience on the job that she left the file lying there for him to see. But, she protests, he's her boyfriend and should not be betraying her trust and keeping this secret. She then reveals to him that all of the warnings she's heard about him are true. Hearing that, he demands to know exactly whom has warned her about him. She indicates to him that their relationship is done and now she has to determine whether she should turn him in for tampering with police evidence.

Jason stays overnight with Sam at Mercy hospital after the staff tell her she needs to stay there just to make sure everything is ok with her baby. He assures her that it appears there is no reason to worry and they should make more plans together for their future. He does inform his wife that he contacted her mom but she did not answer. Hearing that, Sam remarks that is very rare and unlike Alexis who always returns calls.

At Anna's house, Griffin asks if she would want Charlotte to stay at her house, to which she assures him yet. She believes Emma will welcome a younger girl and she also realizes he needs to stay on the safe side until they know what type of threats are being made to Claudette and if Valentin is involved. Shortly thereafter, Dante comes by, revealing he is upset as he informs Anna that he and the cops have been going through Morgan's things and they realize if Julian had been caught and sent to prison, very possibly his brother would be alive today. He admits to Anna that he feels that he's failed as a cop and as a brother although Anna wants to assure her former detective he need not blame himself. She does however inform Dante of a way in which he can help her as she asks what he may know about Valentin Cassadine. Dante then assesses to Anna he knows that Valentin is the bastard son of Mikkos Cassadine and he held many of them hostage in a house in Greece. Dante also recalls Valentin speaking about being a fisherman and bringing his catches to Nikolas once when Nikolas was a kid. He then jogs his memory and notes, to Anna that he has another memory of what Valentin indicated about himself when he met him at the house in Greece.

Alexis awakens in the morning, on her couch after drinking and passing out the previous night. She attempts to straighten things and clear the bottles and glasses. She hears a knock on the door assuming it's a business contact whom she is expecting and encourages them to come in since the door is open. Right then, however, she is startled to see that it's Valentin. She informs him he is not welcome in her house and needs to leave. Yet he reminds her that whether she likes it or not, they are family. He further informs her that he would like to offer her a job as he reminds her she is his sister. She reminds him do anyway after he murdered Nikolas. Yet he indicates he may know something she does not. She remarks that even if they are biological siblings, she is nothing like him. Yet he reminds her that they are both Mikko's bastards. He also picks up the knife that Helena gave her, reminding Alexis that that woman murdered her mother(and his?). He remembers her original name as Natasha and that the two of them are both Cassadines and both deserve to inherit everything. He concludes if she make a goo faith effort to validate his claim and “make a case for him” (although he does not specifically indicate exactly what it is he wants her to do for him), he will leave, go back to Greece and never bother her or anyone in her family again. He asks her what she says to that, to which Alexis hesitates to answer. Right then, before they can continue their conversation, Sam and Jason walk through the door and Jason immediately rushes toward Valentin ready to confront him and protect Alexis from him. Alexis urge her son in law not to confront or physically harm Valentin because he's not worth it. Valentin then leaves, remarking to Alexis he was going to offer her a drink until he found out she no longer plans to drink, as she'd previously indicated. Alexis asks them what the prognosis was with Sam's most recent contraction, to which they assure her all is well. Jason goes off and when Sam is alone with her mom, she demands to know just what she walked in on when Valentin told Alexis that he had an “offer” for her.

Obrecht talks to Franco about his transformation from when he used to be a murderer. She admits to him she can clearly see his strong feelings for Elizabeth and the jealousy that goes along with that. And so, she asks him to consider how long it will take for the “ticking time bomb” to cause him to potentially do something that could get him into serious trouble. She tells him she knows that he is hiding what is going on with him from Elizabeth, afraid that she will not love or accept him if she knows his deep dark secrets. He protests he does not believe he's hiding anything from Elizabeth. Yet Obrecht clarifies to him that a person who really loves him will accept him for who he really is and all of his flaws so he won't have to be afraid of losing them as he appears to be. He assesses he's not worried about his future with Elizabeth yet she asks if he is really ok with Elizabeth acting chatty and friendly with the young and handsome Dr. Munro. Right then, Franco goes to find them talking and happily together and makes it clear to Griffin that Elizabeth is taken as he holds her and interrupts their conversation. Elizabeth clarifies to Franco that she and Griffin were merely talking about single parenthood. He then admits that he has a bit of a jealous streak as he engages and grills Griffin about his previously being a priest and breaking his vows. Not far away, Obrecht observes.

Right when Sam and Alexis discuss what it will mean having Valentin in Port Charles and what he intends to do, Anna goes to open a hotel room door at The Metro Court and Valentin comes up behind her to make his presence known and greets her.

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