GH Update Tuesday 11/1/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/1/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nelle sits in the office of The Metro Court going through Carly's desk when Michael enters and asks if she is ok. She replies she is ok and told his mom she could return home while she finishes up some work for Carly. Michael then clarifies to Nelle he is not there to see his mom. He's there to see her. He informs her he'd like to thank her for what she said to him while they were on the bridge. He admits to her he now realizes that he was so caught up in his anger for what his father did and the loss of Morgan that he could not see that Sonny is hurting also. Hearing that, Nelle asks Michael if he's now decided anything, to which he admits that he is committed to being there for his mom knowing she needs him after the loss of Morgan and the ending of her marriage to his dad. Hearing that, Nelle asks if he has now decided to also be there for his father. He admits that he knows his mom cannot be in the same room with his dad, after what has happened. He does not want to abandon either of his parents although he realizes were it not for his dad, Morgan would still be alive. He then asks her if she could keep checking in on Avery and “find reasons” to stay in the house, although he realizes he cannot “expect that” of her, he would much appreciate it, he tells her. He realizes that his father may need help and she assures him she is only happy to help him. Michael however, realizes and expresses to Nelle that he could tell she was upset about something when he arrived and so, he admits to her, he would like to know what is on her mind. She then replies that she has only known him and his family for a short time but can clearly sense the pain they are all feeling regarding Morgan's death and all. In response to that, Michael concludes he will not “push it”. Wanting to give her a chance to put her work aside and go home, he offers to walk her out of his mom's hotel while he leaves. Yet she tells him she has work to do. As soon as he's gone and she's alone, she reads an intriguing note.

Robin visits with her mom and they catch up on old times and their families. Anna confirms that she's glad her daughter is there and they can talk face to face. She hears a knock on her door and is surprised to see Griffin with Charlotte asleep in his arms, unexpectedly. He declares to Anna that they need her help. Robin greets him remembering him and is surprised to see the girl with him. She asks him whom Charlotte is, to which he replies she's his daughter. She finds it very odd that he admits he's a priest who's found out he has a daughter only a few days ago. He informs them both that Dante just informed him that Valentin Cassadine has escaped from prison and he's heard he's the dangerous uncle of Nikolas, he's been threatening Charlotte's mom and she's had to put her daughter in hiding. For that reason, he's very worried about Valentin being at large in town.. Hearing that, Robin admits that Nikolas is her friend although she has not heard favorable things about Valentin and she assures Griffin that she and her mom will get to the bottom of this. He explains that Claudette apparently had a romantic entanglement with Valentin since the last time he saw her, and when she broke it off with him, he went after her and she and her daughter had to go into hiding. Anna assesses all of that and how it ended up with Claudette running off without any way of knowing where she went and leaving Charlotte with Griffin. Yet Griffin clarifies that he did not quite find it credible when Claudette informed him that Valentin was after her. It seemed too convenient and made no sense that he suddenly showed up in Port Charles right after she told him and Nathan the story and then suddenly disappeared and left Charlotte with him. Yet, he assesses, regardless of whether he can trust or believe what Claudette says, he has reason to believe his daughter could be in danger and he needs to protect her. When Griffin goes upstairs with Charlotte and Anna is alone with Robin, she assesses to her daughter that Griffin is a great man but has lead a very sheltered life and so he may not have the resources in order to protect himself from dangerous things like Valentin or whatever is posing a threat to him and to the girl. He comes down the stairs with a sleeping Charlotte and asks if it's alright if he puts her down on the couch. Anna tells him of course and both she and Robin listen attentively while Griffin assesses to his daughter that only a few days ago, he did not even know that she existed and this is all new to him. Anna assesses to her daughter she has uncovered files on Valentin, how dangerous he is and all the places he has traveled to and terrorized.

At The Metro Court bar, Ava meets with Julian and expresses to her brother, all that “someone” has done to her and many others. He asks whom she is talking about, to which she replies Valentin Cassadine. She frantically urges her brother to know that it's obvious the reason this man is back in town after killing Nikolas is because he's after her. And so, she informs Julian, she needs his protection. He then agrees to have his guys look out for her. She reflects how she mourns the death of Nikolas, realizing all of the choices she could have had if he'd lived. Julian comments to his sister that perhaps she could have fallen in love with him, At that point, Julian can sense his sister may have a secret for which she may be torturing herself with, to which she replies they all have secrets as she reminds her brother of how Sonny is a danger to him, given all that has happened. In response to that, Julian assures Ava that Sonny will not be a danger to him, to which Ava inquires just how and why he would know that. He does not answer and she accepts that but assesses that Sam and Alexis are affected by the untimely return of Valentin, given they are related to him and all. Hearing that, Julian is instantly fixated on whether Alexis may be in danger while all alone, believing she needs him, and revealing to his sister that he clearly “needs” Alexis.

Jason returns to Alexis' home where Sam and her mom reveal to him that Valentin Cassadine is back in town. Alexis warns her son-in-law that she now knows that Valentin has been released from prison. There's nothing anyone can do about it and he may be ready to make Port Charles his permanent home. Sam then recalls when they were all in Greece being held hostage by Valentin. She remembers he was a bit rattled and afraid of something and had a vulnerability which she doesn't see now. When Jason says he wants to go find Valentin himself, she gets upset and doubles over in pain. Although Alexis has called for an ambulance, Jason refuses to wait and scoops up Sam to take her to the hospital.

When Nina is alone in her office, Valentin comes to visit her. She is startled to see him, reminding him that he should be in prison, in Greece after he killed Nikolas. She also expresses she does not understand why he'd seek her out after she turned over information that he was ready to kidnap Spencer Cassadine and, knowing it was she who turned him in to the cops and put in prison. He expresses that he still thinks about her and remembers how beautiful she is. He admits to her that he needs to connect with his nephew yet Nina listens to him and assesses she is not buying or trusting anything he has to say. He looks attentively at her and makes it clear he would like to see more of her although she coldly affirms to him she is not “into this” or “into him”., and she further informs him she does not want to see him in her office, in a hotel room or anywhere else, as she walks to the door ready to dismiss him. Valentin, however, smiles smugly at her and affirms to Nina she is a beautiful woman but a terrible liar. She informs him that all he was to her was a “hook up”. Yet he is not convinced when she continues to tell him she is not interested in seeing him again. She reminds him after all of the people he's hurt in this town, if he thinks he can just come back to town and charm his way back, he will be in for a rude awakening. He smirks, indicating he may know something she does not. He wants to look at the book that Nina is reading as well as her thoughts about having a baby, but she insists she's just doing research for her magazine. He suggests that she look up his name in the baby book and what it means. She seems to find that intriguing and looks dreamy-eyed as she holds the book to her chest.

Alexis and Jason accompany Sam to Mercy Hospital. The medical staff assure them she will be fine but needs some rest. Alexis returns home and Jason stays with Sam. She awakens and assures Jason he need not worry about her although they are both worried about Valentin. She reflects that after seeing that Valentin has escaped and beat all these charges, she's worried it will be like Julian all over again. Jason assures his wife he's not really concerned about that as long as it does not affect his family. Later the staff tell them they intend to monitor Sam for the night and it's “just a precaution”. When they are alone, Jason expresses he is not worried. Yet he wants her and the baby to rest.

Alexis returns to her house where she tries to ignore the large box of wine she ordered. She gets on her phone to leave a message for Molly and then for Kristina to call her when they get a chance. Yet neither respond. It's late. She's all alone in the house with nothing to do. She then goes through some mail and is tired. She seems unable to sleep while waiting for callbacks. She stares at the large box and then decides to go and open it and pulls out a bottle of wine. She pours it into a glass and drinks alone. She then opens a second bottle and continues drinking although she's clearly tipsy.

While Sam falls asleep in her hospital bed, Jason leaves a message for Alexis to let her know her daughter and unborn grandchild should be ok and to please be in touch so they know she's ok, but Alexis is passed out on her couch.

At the Metro Court, Julian expresses to Ava how he is worried about Alexis for other reasons than just Valentin.

While he watches over a sleeping Charlotte, Griffin prays to God to watch over and keep his daughter safe and grant him mercy as well as the wisdom he needs.

In the other room, Anna is on her phone to Robert informing him she needs to unravel an urgent case regarding Valentin Cassadine as well as Duke's son and needs him to get on this ASAP.

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