GH Update Monday 10/31/16

General Hospital Update Monday 10/31/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nina is alone in the Crimson office working when she notices Charlotte come through the door. She stares happily at the girl and goes to happily greet her. Charlotte is looking for her mom. Not far behind, Griffin follows her, urging her not to run ahead of him after they've gotten off of an elevator. At that point, he cordially introduces himself to her, clarifying that he is the father of the girl whom they previously believed was Nathan's daughter. Nina indicates that whole thing is kind of hard to process and admits that she was hoping that her brother would let her care for Charlotte. She also asks just where Claudette is, to which Griffin replies that she disappeared. Nobody knows where to find her and she left Charlotte with him. Realizing she is alone and might not mind company, she invites them to attend the Halloween party upstairs in the restaurant. She takes out a huge box and allows Charlotte to choose any costume she likes. Charlotte decides to be a nurse.

At Wyndemere, after Laura has suddenly found out that she does not have the legal right to sell the house, due to the fact hat Spencer does not legally own it, everyone wants to know just who does own it. The unidentified guy wearing the mask, (whom everyone believed was Kevin) removes his mask and reveals that he is Valentin Cassadine. Dante pulls out his gun and points it at Valentin, demanding that he put up his hands. They all demand to know how or why Valentin could have escaped form prison. All of the people who remember being held hostage by him are there to remember the experience they had, ( i.e., Laura, Kevin, Sam, Lulu, Dante, as well as Ava who walks in the door and is shocked to see him.) Lulu angrily reminds him that he murdered her brother and that she believes he's lying when he says he got released from prison. Ava also remembers seeing Nikolas being murdered and is equally angry to see the man who murdered him walking free. He pulls out paper to prove it although they believe he probably forged or falsified the information. He then encourages everyone to call the Greek authorities if they do not believe him and protests that he killed Nikolas in self defense. He notices Alexis standing beside Sam and acknowledges that she is family to him as well as to Nikolas. She coldly tells him he will never come near her nor any of her family although he knows about her other daughters, about Danny as well as Sam's new baby. Dante then gets off the phone and confirms it is true that the Greek authorities found that they had to drop the charges against Valentin because they had no evidence against him. Alexis then realizes that she handled the legal matters after Nikolas' death and realized that Valentin has immunity and can get away with all the things that nobody wants him to get away with. Valentin then happily assesses that this is his home and he invites everyone to have a drink and stay. Laura then demands to know how he could be the owner of the property, to which he shows Alexis information and asks if she would like to “do the honors”.

A Halloween party is underway at The Metro Court. Franco talks to Kiki about whether she should move forward with Dillon or not, and he-with Elizabeth. He turns around to see Elizabeth with Jason and is not happy. She comes over to talk and assures him that Jason merely came to pick up Jake after he was done trick or treating and they joined their son together.. Jason takes the boy off and Elizabeth faces Franco asking why he has to always assume the worst whenever she's with Jason, to which he informs her he has good reason for that. He admits he remembers all to well that a year ago at this time, she was engaged to him and so unable to let Jason go that she kept the secret from him about who he really was. She assures Franco she is over Jason and ok with the fact that he's moved on and reminds Franco that not long ago, he was unable to get over a relationship he recently had. He assures Elizabeth that he was in love with Nina but that has now ended. He asks Elizabeth if she does not want more with him than what they previously had, to which they do not have a chance to finish that conversation.

Not far away, Dillon goes to find Kiki and she hesitates to talk to him, reminding him of what she was previous feeling after the circumstances surrounding what happened to Morgan. She remembers that Morgan was moody and difficult to be around while she was with him, before he died. She was ready to break up with him at that point, and realized that being around Dillon seemed so easy. Although he wants to encourage her to embrace that, she does not and assesses to him she now knows she was being selfish and disloyal and admits to Dillon she needs him to go.

Charlotte rushes upstairs to the Halloween party, rebelling from her daddy and refusing to listen when he asks her to wait and not run into the restaurant and bar. Franco and Elizabeth are distracted from their conversation when they see her. Elizabeth goes to talk to her and to Griffin. Kiki find Franco, notices the dissatisfied look on his face and asks what is up with him, as they overhear Elizabeth warmly engaging with Griffin and his daughter. Kiki urges Franco to realize the two of them simply have something in common, both being single parents, adding that insecure, jealous and possessive men can turn their women off, as she remembers all too well. Franco then goes to intervene and indicate he does not want Elizabeth talking to another man. She asks him what is his problem, to which he admits that the first time they were together and ready to move forward in their relationship, he got arrested and it ended. The second time it happened, she got pushed down the stairs and almost died. And it appears they don't have any real time or opportunities for their relationship to grow.

Sonny is alone in his house, lost in thought and envisioning Morgan when the doorbell rings. He gets the door and is happily in awe when he sees “Morgan” at the door. He stares at his son in awe and is overjoyed to know that it was all a nightmare that it was only a nightmare he and Carly and everyone lived, with the belief that Morgan was dead. He stares intently at his son, apologizes for the falling out they had the night before he has killed, and welcomes him back. Sonny notices the young man whom he believe is Morgan angrily turns away from him, reveals he is not Morgan and does not want Sonny to touch him. Sonny then grabs the boy and demands to know who he is. Jason enters and pulls him off the boy before he gets into more trouble. Sonny then assesses to Jason that, for a moment, he saw and believed that Morgan came back to him. Yet he now realizes that Morgan is dead because of something he (himself) did. He admits to Jason he now realizes this strange kid was merely celebrating Halloween and possibly doing a prank and he's afraid he may have hurt him, to which Jason assures Sonny he did not hurt the kid although he scared him. Jason warns Sonny that the cops want to charge him with the bomb that blew up Julian's car. Yet, encourages Sonny to know that perhaps they can beat the charges, due to some new information he now has. Yet Sonny clarifies to Jason it does not matter what happens because Morgan is gone. He hears Morgan affirming to his dad that it's right that he killed his son.

When Sonny continues to “hear” Morgan talking and taunting him, Jason is concerned and asks Sonny how much he had to drink, to which Sonny admits that he is not losing sight of what needs to be done regarding his bi polar disorder. He informs Jason he realizes he is a bad man with many failings yet he is not a coward. He assesses his son may be dead because of him. He may have to live with that for the rest of his life. He may not be sober, he declares to Jason, but he will be sane. Hearing that, Jason then assesses to Sonny that is ok and he will stay there in the guest room with him. Sonny “hears” the ghost of Morgan instructing his dad to send Jason away and have the courage to face what he did. Sonny then assures Jason he will be ok and Jason may go home. Jason agrees and urges Sonny to call if he needs anything and with that, he leaves. As soon as Sonny is alone in the house, he calls Diane to see if she can help him get his affairs in order. He stares at the ghost of Morgan staring at him, knowing he has to confront his demons.

Dillon goes up to talk to Nina who asks if he had a chance to see Kiki, to which he replies he did yet Kiki was not ready to have anything to do with him. She offers her condolences but urges him not to give up. He then notices Nina has a book about babies. She admits to him that she is trying really hard to get over her need to have a baby. She has been making progress but every so often, something happens that makes it hard. She specifically shares with Dillon that just earlier tonight, when she least expected it, a beautiful little girl ran into her office alone. Yet she found out that this girl had a dad as well as a mom. Dillon later goes downstairs to see Kiki, after his pep-talk from Nina and informs her that he accepts her boundaries and does not want to push things. He just wants to take her picture. She agrees as he assesses he realizes it may take time for her to get over the loss of Morgan but he promises to be there when that happens.

Valentin declares that he intends to live at Wyndemere and get to know all of his family and the good people in town. Yet Lulu demands to know why he'd want to be around all the people he terrorized.

Elizabeth admits to Franco that she wants to get to know him, really get to know him, before they move to the next level. She realizes he is wondering when it will be the right time to sleep together and she assures him when the time is right, it will happen. She kisses him, wishes him a happy Halloween and goes off.

At Wyndemere, Laura takes Alexis and Sam aside, reminding them that that man killed Nikolas and they cannot trust that he will not kill more people. She admits to Kevin she is not ok with Valentin shooting and killer her son getting away with it, taking her house and wanting them all to gather around and act like one big happy family. It's insane, she tells him as he holds her. Not far away, Lulu expresses the same concern to Dante.

While Griffin is attempting to bond with Charlotte and promises to keep her safe, Valentin goes to find Nina at the Crimson office. Realizing she had him arrested and had no reason to assume she'd see him again, Nina stares at him and is startled.

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