GH Update Friday 10/28/16

General Hospital Update Friday 10/28/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly is on the phone informing a guest about the up and coming Halloween party at The Metro Court although she is clearly not in the mood. Bobbie comes to talk to her daughter and they discuss how Josslyn is adjusting to what has happened and how Carly is holding up as well. She encourages Carly to go home and leave her job aside and they both reflect how they miss Morgan. Bobbie admits that when BJ died, the last thing she wanted to face was the horrible truth that she was gone. She picked up extra shifts at the hospital and threw herself into activities with Lucas and anything she could think of in order to be distracted. She admits to Carly that one never gets over the death of their child, as Carly admits to her mom that she cannot deal with the pain.

Alexis is alone in her house dusting and cleaning while she talks about how her husband betrayed and tried to kill her and she has lost her career and is now about to make good of her life and be productive. She is angry although she continues to clean and straighten as well as pouring a bottle of wine out in her front yard. She gets on her phone to order something for delivery. Shortly thereafter, Sam enters with Danny dressed as a bear. Alexis hugs and picks up her grandson and he reveals that he's named his unborn sibling Scout. They have Danny go off in order to talk alone and Sam admits to her mom that she stopped by for a specific reason, to which Alexis asks if it would be to talk about Laura's invitation. They later engage with Danny who reveals to his grandma that he and his parents are moving and asks if she is coming with them. Sam admits to her mom that she and Jason are considering moving to Aurora. They want to put a little distance between them and all that is going on in Port Charles and yet not be too far away from their family and friends. Alexis then admits to her daughter that she has more than enough time on her hands without a husband or job or a life and can help them move. A guy comes with a delivery. Danny rushes to greet him but Alexis looks at him suspiciously. Yet she brings it inside, urging Sam not to lift anything for her while pregnant. She then faces her daughter, smiles and affirms that she is ready to go back to Wyndemere and face all the memories she had of that place.

Lulu spends time with Maxie at the apartment while they talk about the kids enjoying Halloween. Maxie shows her best friend a picture of Georgie that Spinelli gave her, reflecting the characters they have dressed up as. Lulu shows Maxie a picture of Rocco in his Halloween costume. Lulu asks Maxie if she and Nathan are really certain they want to have their wedding on New Years Eve, to which Maxie assures her that they are certain, given that date was when she and Nathan first met. Lulu however expresses her concerns about the guy kidnapping and threatening to kill Maxie and they wonder who he is or what was involved in his allegedly mistaking her for Claudette, as well as the fact that Claudette has left town and nobody knows where she went. Lulu notices Maxie staring at her phone and knows she is awaiting a call from Nathan. Maxie admits that she does not care for Claudette but hopes Valentin is not after her. She then shows Lulu a pre-wedding gift given to her

At the PCPD, Dante walks in to surprise Nathan with Rocco dressed in a police uniform. Nathan smiles and greets his partners' son. He dismisses the boy to go and collect some candy while he talks alone to Nathan, asking him how things are for him about Charlotte. Nathan admits that he realizes he may not be Charlotte's father but he gets to be Georgie's stepfather. He also realizes that he and Maxie will soon get married and can have kids together. He then gets on his computer and reveals to Dante that it appears that Claudette did not board the flight back to Canada or may have used a false name and there appears to be a glitch that delays him and he has to wait. He admits that although he wants Claudette to leave town and get out of his and Maxie's life, he hopes she is ok. Hearing that, Dante assures Nathan that everything he's heard indicates to him that Valentin Cassadine is locked up tight. Nathan gets an incoming call from Maxie who informs him that she has a pre-wedding gift she thinks he will really like. He goes home to join her and they enjoy their pre-wedding gift together. Shortly thereafter, he gets notification on his laptop that will show him footage of how, when and where Claudette boarded the plane.

Laura comes to the door at Wyndemere and sees Kevin wearing a Halloween mask. She happily greets and invites him in. He admits to her that he wants to be with her when she gets ready to sell Wyndemere. Shortly thereafter, Lucy comes inside, to which Laura asks her if she's there to inform her there's something wrong with the sale of the property. Lucy assures her everything will be fine with the escrow and everything else and assures Laura that she is the realtor who can do everything the way the seller wants. Yet Laura admits she does not want to throw away her memories of Nikolas. Lucy asks her where she plans to stay, to which Laura replies she will stay with Dante and Lulu for the time being. She hears the doorbell ring and sees what appears to be a guy with the same mask Kevin had. She assumes it's Kevin, although he does not speak nor remove the mask and she encourages him to come inside.

Nelle takes a picture of baby Avery in costume at Sonny's when he comes out to see them. She's surprised that he's back from where he just went and informs Sonny that Ava just called about taking Avery trick or treating and informed Nelle she cleared it with him. Sonny assures Nelle that is fine with him although he advises her to have the guards follow her. He is clearly depressed.

Nelle later goes to meet with Carly at The Metro Court and shows her pictures of Avery with everyone except for Sonny which worries Carly. Nelle admits that she is very worried about Mr. Corinthos. Carly then concludes that she approves of Nelle making Avery her top priority although Nelle assures Carly that her loyalty is to her (to Carly). Nelle encourages Carly to go home, as Bobbie would also like her to do and informs her she (Nelle) will oversee The Metro Court for the Halloween party. Carly then goes off and Bobbie is alone at The Metro Court with Nelle and informs her that perhaps she should thank her, given that her daughter obviously needs some down time and Nelle has given that to her. She remarks that she finds it very noteworthy that Nelle has done everything to make herself indispensable to Carly and indicates she may be suspicious of Nelle. Hearing that, Nelle sounds like she does not understand yet Bobbie affirms that Nelle clearly knows everything about Carly's life and it's a little bit too convenient and not credible.

When Sonny is alone in the house, Kristina comes to talk to her father and informs him she is there to help with the planning of Morgan's funeral. He admits to his daughter he is not involved in planning his son's funeral since he failed with all the planning in Morgan's life. Kristina then urges her dad to please not do this to himself and realize all the great things he did for Morgan. Yet Sonny declares to his daughter if he had done the right thing, Morgan would still be here today. She notices her dad drinking and expresses her concerns about that and reminds him that when she last saw Morgan, he was drinking and she failed to intervene. And now, she reminds him, her brother is dead. She breaks down crying about how, the very last time they spoke, she did not realize she'd never see him again and had to argue about petty things with him. Sonny then remembers himself and Carly lecturing and expressing their discontentment for Morgan's failures the last time they spoke. He then concludes that Morgan needed him but all he did was yell at him. We then see the flashback of Morgan protesting to his parents about how he's tried everything he can to do the right thing and get better, yet concluding that he will never be able to live up to what his parents want, as he furiously stormed out the door. Sonny reflects that he should have stopped his son at that point. He admits to Kristina that his son felt judged and not loved unconditionally. Kristina assures her dad that her brother knew he loved him yet Sonny protests they do not know what Morgan was thinking or feeling the night they lost him. He admits that if he had it to do again, he would have told his son that one mistake does not have to ruin his life or cause anyone not to love or respect him and he'd promise to be there for his son. But because he did not do that, we will never know what might have happened if he had done what is too late to do now. Kristina then informs her dad about a party and invites him to join her but he assures her he's fine and he wants her to go off and enjoy her evening while he stays home. She asks him to promise he will let her know if he needs anything. As soon as Sonny is alone in the house, once again, he relives his final argument with Morgan right when his son was rushing out the door. And at that point, he envisions himself urging Morgan to wait and not go out the door. At that point, Morgan turns to ask his dad what he has to say, to which Sonny takes his son aside and assures him that he won't discourage him just because of one mistake. He is able to inspire his son with positivity and reach him, assuring him that he will always be there for him because he loves him. He hugs his son and Morgan affirms he loves his dad. Yet he gets up to leave although Sonny encourages his son not to go. Morgan assures Sonny everything is ok and goes off. Sonny is awakened to the here and now when his doorbell rings. He opens it to see “Morgan”. There's no conclusion as to whether he's really there or in Sonny's dream.

Sam and Alexis go the Wyndemere and join Laura, Lulu and Dante. Not far away, the silent guy with the mask (whom they all assume is Kevin) stands nearby. Lulu talks to her mom about her memories of Nikolas. Alexis notices the guy in the suit who wants to serve her alcohol and informs him she will not drink until her daughter has her baby. He says nothing. Lulu engages in a conversation with him, assuming he's Kevin, expressing her encouragement for his spending time with her mom. The real Kevin walks in the door. Alexis is spooked to see that this can only mean there's an unidentified stranger wearing the mask.

While Nathan is on the computer with Maxie, attempting to find out the whereabouts of Claudette or be able to know what could have happened to Valentin Cassadine, he notices another confusing “glitch” that does not confirm what he needs to know.

At Wyndemere, Laura gets a phone call that informs her for the first time that she cannot sell the house. She hears it does not “belong to” Spencer. She demands to know whom it does belong to. At that point, the guy wearing the Halloween mask removes his mask to reveal that he is Valentin Cassadine.

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