GH Update Thursday 10/27/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/27/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Griffin assesses to Anna that he failed every test put to him when he broke his vows and slept with a married woman. He believes that Charlotte deserves better than him and he cannot be a father to her. Hearing that, Anna concludes in that case, he will have to give Charlotte up. In response to that, Griffin asks how he could be expected to turn his back on his own daughter, to which she tells him if he believes he's unfit to raise her, he will have to give her up for adoption. Anna then clarifies to him that nothing about him gives her any reason to believe he'd be a bad father but nobody knows how they will succeed or fail until they actually have the chance to be a parent.

Jordan is remembering her heated conversation with Curtis where he told her he believes he can conduct law enforcement better than she and the police department can. And he detects she may be threatened by him for that very reason. Valerie finds her and asks about Jordan's issue with Curtis although Jordan does not reveal what is on her mind. She does, however assess to Valerie she is not going to tell her to break up with Curtis, realizing Valerie's personal life may not be her business. Yet, she urges her to know the longer she is with Curtis, the more it will cost her on matters that affect her life, including her job. Assessing that, Valerie knows something must have happened between Jordan and Curtis, to which Jordan admits to Valerie that her boyfriend has been hired and is ready to work for Julian Jerome. And so Valerie needs to know what this means.

Curtis finds a way to break into Sonny's office. Within minutes, however, Jason catches him red-handed. Curtis then asks Jason if he is a friend of Sonny's and if so, how does he think he's helping him by preventing Curtis from doing what he needs to do? He reminds him that he knows all of the things that Sonny has done and gotten into serious trouble over, including his son getting blown up in Julian's car. Jason asks Curtis why he is trying to help Julian, to which Curtis admits maybe that is a mistake yet this has to do with so much more than Julian, reminding Jason that Sonny planted a bomb intended for Julian and Morgan paid with his life for that. That is a fact that nobody can deny. He then asks, and Jason confirms, that due to Sonny's actions, if, the bomb could have knocked out the entire Floating Rib. He asks Jason if he does not see how unstable and how much of a threat Sonny is. He knows that Jason has questions about the bomb and so, he informs him, maybe the best person to ask about the how and why it ended up the way it did, would be the man who set it up in the first place. Jason does not argue as Curtis goes out the door.

Michael goes to find his mom at The Metro Court and informs her that Nelle expressed concerns about Sonny really losing it and needing them to be there for him. Although they are both angry with Sonny and have issues beyond repair, regarding Morgan's death, Michael urges Carly to know that this may be a case when they have to intervene, reminding her that his dad's bi polar condition may be pushing him over the edge and they have to keep an eye on him. Carly asks what he suggest they do, to which Michael replies that Nelle and Max are staying in the house with Sonny and Avery and they need to be there for him. Carly then assures her son that she is not upset with him for letting go of the anger he has for his dad, to which Michael asks his mom if she thinks she ever will be able to do that. She then urges her son not to believe it's his responsibility to put out all the fires. She asks him to reach out for his own interests and not keep everything bottled up. If he is not comfortable talking to her, he should call Jason or Kristina or anyone he can talk to. He admits that he feels as though he failed his younger brother. He admits he's trying so hard not to be angry and blame his father because he did not intend for this to happen but then he knows that his father never “means” for any of the things he causes, to happen.

Sonny is up on the railroad bridge with a gun in hand, ready to take his own life. Right before he raises the gun and gets ready to use it, he hears and sees Robin Scorpio-Drake call to him. He faces her and assesses she is back in town visiting and asks how her husband and daughter are, to which she replies they like their new home in Berkeley but miss Port Charles. She also admits she's concerned about Sonny, admitting to him she is there on this bridge to say good bye to Stone. She remembers all those years ago, when he died and they threw his ashes into the river. She remembers when Brenda showed up and the three of them said good bye to him together. She informs Sonny she believes that Stone would forgive him for his mistakes but would not forgive him for getting ready to use his gun for what she knows he's going to use it for. She then asks him to give her the gun. When he does not, she asks what he intends to use the gun for, to which he replies he could put an end to Julian Jerome. Yet she inquires if he really intends to use it to kill himself. He does not reply to that and she urges Sonny to know that she has been where he is and felt the way he feels. She wanted to end her life and thought there was no reason to live years ago. Yet she got help and now she has a good life with a family and a medical career when she never thought that could happen and is so grateful she listened to people who talked her out of it and saw it through. So she knows, in time, he will feel that way also. She asks Sonny if he really believes taking his life is the right thing to do. She also reminds him that Stone, whom Sonny named his son after, naming him Morgan Stone Corinthos, would be ashamed of Sonny giving up on his life when Stone did everything he could in order to hang onto his. Hearing that, he asks if she's now going to throw Stone in his face, assessing that he caused his son's death. He knows that more people will pay with their lives if he's around any longer. He angrily reminds her that Carly and Michael and all other people do not need him and will be better off without him although Robin protests to Sonny that that is not true.

Anna shares with Griffin her past issues with raising her daughter, Robin. She cries when she relives that she gave up her daughter and could not raise her years ago. She did not reveal to Robin that Robert was her father until she was grown. Yet he assesses that Anna, at least, has a happy ending to her story, to which she protests to him that it took her 5 years to reclaim her daughter as her own and she can never make up for the years they lost. And so, she concludes to him, her story is not unlike what he's facing with Charlotte. Yet he asks what type of role model gives up his own daughter, to which she replies it would be a person who wants what is best for her safety. She tell shim all any person needs in order to be a parent is human instinct and love, and assesses he is not lacking either of those things. Charlotte comes out of her room and Anna assesses to Griffin he now has a chance to prove that. He faces Charlotte, asking if she has been able to sleep and attempts to engage with her. Yet she asks where her mom is and when she will be back, to which Griffin cannot answer that. Yet he informs her that her mom said she loved her daughter to the moon and back and would do anything for her. He asks about her stuffed animal companion whom she sleeps with and if a bedtime story might help her feel better, to which she smiles and replies yes. They go off together and Anna happily observes them. He returns to Anna, who asks if Charlotte is now asleep and if he did not see the potential he has. Yet he admits he's still not certain and believes he needs to talk to his bishop. He notices that Claudette left her locket behind and cannot believe she would not have taken it. Anna knows that is a keepsake she may have left with Griffin while she left her daughter with him and that may means she trusts him and knows he's very capable of doing the right thing.

At the PCPD, Valerie meets with Curtis and informs him she knows that he is working for Julian to take the law into his own hands with Sonny. She asks what he thought he was doing with that, to which he informs her she, as well as Jordan and the PCPD need not worry about that because his business with Julian is over. She asks how or why that could have happened, to which he concludes that some “jobs” are not worth doing. Valerie gets called off and Curtis is alone waiting for her. He cannot help but see the Forensics report on the car bomb. At that point, the paper file drops on the floor. While taking the time to pick it up, he takes pictures of the evidence. Shortly thereafter Valerie returns to him, unaware of what he has just done.

Jordan goes to Sonny's office and admits she knows that Sonny planted the bomb in Julian's car with intent to kill him, and she admits to Jason, she is ready to prove that Sonny is responsible for killing his own son. She shows him a signature of the guy who installed the bomb, to which Jason informs her that is circumstantial evidence that may or may not even point to Sonny. She asks how long Jason intends to defend his “boss”, to which Jason clarifies Sonny is no longer his boss. He's Sonny's friend. Hearing that, Jordan asks him how long he's going to keep covering for his friend and what it may cost him and everyone around him if he continues to do so. Jason argues yet she advises him to steer clear of Sonny for his own best interests, reminding him it will just be a matter of time before she finds enough evidence to put Sonny away for murdering his own son. As soon as she leaves, Jason calls Spinelli to find out if he's made any progress in procuring information from Sonny's phone to help exonerate him.

Robin talks Sonny out of taking his own life. He assures her he will be all right and she need not worry. She asks if he intends to spend the evening alone with his gun, to which he assures her she has his word that he is not lying to her about his intent. Hearing that, she cries and reminds him that the “word” of Sonny Corinthos means a lot to her. Sonny puts his arms around Robin and thanks her for being his friend and for all she's done for him. At that point, she goes off to meet with her mom.

Michael assesses to his mom that Sonny Corinthos will never change. Maybe they should have known better. Maybe it's not his dad's fault that Morgan died. Maybe it's their faults for enabling him. They are both uncertain of what to do at this point or where to go from there.

Griffin sits with Charlotte and she notices her mommy's locket. He informs her that her mommy left it for her daughter to take care of, to which the girl asks if that is until her mommy comes back. He replies yes. She then tells him she will agree to take care of it while he takes care of her.

Anna goes to meet with her daughter, Robin, at The Metro Court and informs her she's glad she came. She knows that Morgan’s family is devastated by his death, and she can help them get through it.

While Sonny is alone on the railroad bridge, he continues to hear Carly declaring to him that whenever she looks at him, she sees the man who killed her son, her showing him the picture of Morgan, declaring their beautiful little boy is dead because Sonny killed him, and her smashing the picture of Morgan on the floor. Suddenly, Sonny realizes he has to take action to make sure Morgan didn't die in vain and puts his gun away.

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