GH Update Wednesday 10/26/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/26/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Anna goes with Griffin to his room after Claudette has left Charlotte with him after knocking him out. He admits he hasn’t a clue how to handle what has just now happened having a child in his care. Yet She assures him that he will be fine and needs to know that God never gives one more than they can handle. Right them, Maxie demands they let her inside so that she can confront Claudette and rushes inside. Nathan follows her and urges her not to take drastic action. Right then, Griffin and Anna inform Maxie for the first time that Claudette is no loner in this hotel room and has left. Maxie sarcastically asks Griffin about the extent of his injury reminding him that she does not grant him an excuse after she got kidnapped and almost killed not long ago. Griffin asks her if she's certain the guy who abducted her was working for Valentin Cassadine, to which she admits she really would not know because the guy disappeared right after turning on the gas and leaving her in the basement. Hearing that, Anna brainstorms about how to track Valentin and his possible employees down via the WSB and her connections. Right then, Nathan gets on the phone and gets an APB on Claudette, finds out she's on a flight headed to Canada and declares he wants to make certain that Claudette and Charlotte are safe from Valentin. Hearing that, Griffin declares they are no longer Natahn's responsibility yet Nathan affirms he is a cop and took an oath to serve and protect and that is what he intends to do.

Alexis runs into Julian at The Metro Court and reminds him that Morgan Corinthos is dead because of him, reminding him Morgan was just a kid and had to pay with his life for Julian's misdeeds and it should have been him that got blown up by the bomb, she tells him. She is clearly drinking and not behaving the way she would while sober, announcing to strange people eating in the restaurant that the man before her is a murderer and asks what they would do if they had to deal with him and he was responsible for a young kid's death. He reminds her she is drunk and causing a scene and protests he did not plant the bomb nor intend for anything to happen to Morgan Corinthos, protesting that Morgan chose to drink and make bad judgment when he should have been taking his meds. He chose to get inside Julian's car drunk. It was due to his worthless parents that Morgan went bad, Julian declares. Right then, Carly walks in, overhears him, hauls off and slaps him really hard and screams that she'd like to hear him repeat that one more time. When he tries to protest and get her calm down, she gets in his face declaring she dares him to shoot off his mouth and to put a knife to her throat. She then yells and demands he gets out of her restaurant and he leaves. Alexis then goes off with Carly and asks if she is alright and if she should call anyone on her behalf, to which Carly assures Alexis she's fine and Alexis does not look so great herself, seeing she's drunk. Alexis assures Carly she is “so sorry” for what happened to Morgan, to which Carly tells her that saying that is meaningless when nothing can be done to bring her son back. They later talk calmly about how although they've had their differences, they have one thing in common, both being mothers who live their children more than anything. They both know what they are facing regarding all of the circumstances that have occurred recently.

Michael goes out to the railroad bridge and Nelle accompanies him. He relives how, when he and Morgan were children, they used to come out there frequently, admitting his parents had a very intense relationship and were not together throughout much of their childhood and he and Morgan spent half the time with each of them. He keeps the key to his mom's old house when she was married to Jasper Jacks. He remembers that Morgan loved it there. She remarks that he was really sweet with what he did for his younger brother. Michael reflects that Morgan ran but always came back and stuck with his family. In response to that, Nelle asks what Morgan would do now that his father failed him. She reminds him she can see that Sonny is drinking and losing it and the only time he's focused is when he's with Avery, to which Michael concludes at least his dad has Avery. Yet she reminds him that Avery is just a baby and he needs to realize if he and his family abandon Sonny at a time like this, something detrimental could happen.

Outside the Haunted Star, Scott Baldwin taunts Sonny declaring his son is dead because of him. Sonny physically attacks him when Jason comes to pull him off of Scott before he does something that will get him into more trouble which he cannot afford. Scott angrily tells Sonny that he got Scott's daughter killed as well as his own son although Sonny tells Scott he killed Morgan by getting Julian acquitted and back on the streets. Jason takes Sonny aside and goes into the boat with him while Ava talks to Scott outside. Sonny continues to drink and furiously assesses that he intended to eliminate Julian. Yet he called off the car bomb and at least had the good sense to know to do that. He knows that years ago he would have gone through with it. And he now knows that the man he hired failed to do the job he paid and needed him to do. And now Morgan is dead because of it. He also reminds Jason that many years ago, he could count on Jason to take action for him in matters like that. The Jason he once knew would have eliminated Julian so that this whole big mess would have never happened. Yet he knows Jason has changed and he can no longer “count on him” the way he once could. He assesses that Carly is gone, along with Morgan's death and Michael has also abandoned him. Hearing that, Jason assures Sonny that he is still there for him, to which Sonny asks what he is talking about, reminding him that he lost Jason long ago. He assesses that Jason is not his friend anymore and needs to leave, admitting that whenever he looks at him, all he thinks about is all that he lost. He does not want Jason there or want his help. He only wants his son back. Jason however declares he will not give up on Sonny although Sonny tells Jason he gave up on him long ago and Jason is wasting his time with Sonny because he has nothing to lose. Jason leaves and when Sonny is alone, he is clearly in a bad way.

Outside, Ava reminds Scott if he antagonizes Sonny, Sonny can call Diane Miller and take legal actions against Scott for something. She then reminds him that he could clearly see that Morgan was losing it and not taking his meds. She also reminds him that it could very well happen that Sonny will figure out what happened, realizing she went to the house to see Avery and had access to Morgan's meds. Once that happens, he could go after her.

Curtis goes to find Jordan in the police interrogation room and needs to know what her plans are regarding the likelihood that Sonny planted the bomb in Julian's car that killed Morgan. She urges him to stay out of her way or she will bring him down with Sonny. Hearing that, he assesses that first she tries to control where he works and now she makes threats to arrest him. She protest she bets he's working for Sonny and lectures him on how that will only get him in trouble and not accomplish anything. Right then, however, she concludes that she now knows he is not working for Sonny. He is working for Julian. He evades that question although she tells him whatever information or evidence he has about Sonny he needs to tell her. In response to that, he reminds her that he went to her for a job and was ready to practice law enforcement with her. Yet she refused to do that so he does not owe her any explanation. He informs her that Julian has lost faith in the PCPD and that is why he is investigating this for him. He concludes he is paid in order to provide a service. Julian wants results and he does not care if she advises him not to mess with Julian. Yet he admits to her that he bets she knows that her department cannot be as effective as he can. He further remarks he bets she's threatened by the fact that he is paid better than the PCPD could ever pay him and his skills exceed what they can do, to which she scoffs at the thought of that. Yet, Curtis asks her if she is not threatened by that, then what is her problem with what he is doing? He concludes if he is under her skin, she either has a problem with letting him win or else she likes it. Right then, she gets an incoming call from Andre and declares she needs to call him back. She then informs Curtis he needs to go, reminding him she knows he has Julian's bidding to do, concluding he will fail at it because he messes up everything he touches. As soon as he goes out the door, he calls Julian to report on his progress and Julian lets him know that it's urgent that he finds out and proves that Sonny planted that bomb asap and it needs to get done.

Maxie and Nathan go to The Metro Cour and she assesses although she does not care for Claudette, she does not want her [physically harmed. That guy who kidnapped her was no picnic, she tells Nathan and knows he could go after Claudette. Right then, Nathan gets an incoming call. He then finds out that the flight he thought that Claudette took, she was not on it.

Alone with Anna, Griffin admits that he is very worried what will happen when Charlotte awakens and wants and needs her mommy. He realizes that he was never what Claudette wanted or needed. He was only another option to her being with Nathan when their marriage was not working out. She did not want him to know he was the father of her child. She then concludes he's tired and not thinking straight, declaring he needs some sleep and they can talk after he's in a better state of mind. Yet he declares that he failed by breaking his vows and hooking up with Claudette. She cheated on her husband with him. He does not think he can be a father and believes Claudette's daughter deserves better than himself.

Carly urges Alexis not to mess with Julian because he's dangerous and assures her she is not afraid of a fight with him.

Michael admits to Nelle he may be able to forgive his father, one day. But right now, all he can remember is his little brother and all the times they had together and all the things they did throughout Sonny for that. Hearing that, Nelle admits she's not asking him to forgive Sonny but he needs to know that someone he loves is in pain. Right then, Michael gets an incoming all from Alexis who informs him his mom is alone at The Metro Court and she thinks Carly could use some support from her son. He then declares to Nelle he needs to go but wants to meet with her later

When Ava is alone in the Haunted Star, she gets an incoming call from an unknown source. She answers and demands to know who it is. It sounds like it may be Nikolas Cassadine.

After Jordan is done talking to Curtis, she calls Andre to forget all about her “work thing”

Right then, Curtis goes into Sonny's office. Shortly thereafter, Jason catches him red handed.

Michael goes to find his mom at The Metro Court, informing her he just talked to Nelle and heard that his dad is not doing so well.

Sonny goes out to the railroad bridge, hearing Morgan declaring to his parents that things are hopeless and they need to give up on him and his and Carly's failure to reach their son before it was too late. He then relives intervening after trying and failing to save Morgan from the explosion He remembers having to inform Carly and hearing her furiously declaring that it's his fault. That their beautiful baby boy is dead and Sonny killed him. Sonny cries and declares to Morgan how sorry he is while he stands alone on the railroad tracks on the bridge.

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