GH Update Tuesday 10/25/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/25/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While we see the check on the coffee table, Hayden and Finn are kissing and ready to move to the next level. Right then, Tracy knocks on the door and although they don't want any interruptions, she reminds Finn that after the huge favor she's given him, he owes her the courtesy of letting her in. He then gets up to open the door although Hayden does not want him to do so. When she walks in and notices Hayden in her robe, Tracy remarks that it appears last night's social engagement took an unexpected turn. She asks them what happened regarding what Finn might have done with Hayden's “date” for the previous evening. She assesses to Hayden that, the previous night Finn was very concerned about her leaving with that guy. She told him he needed to stay out of it but he clearly did not listen, she informs them, to which Finn admits she's right. He found Hayden, he admits, to which Tracy asks what happened. Did he knock the guy out and drag her out? They both admit that Hayden got the guy intoxicated and also got herself drunk. In response to that, Tracy reminds Finn, and assumes Hayden already knows, that he called her while Hayden was sleeping, and asked if she could give Hayden a job at ELQ. Right away, Tracy concludes that Hayden must have seduced him in order to get him to make the call for her. Yet this is the first time Hayden has found out he's done that and she angrily tells Finn she does not want the job and now concludes that he merely did that in order to get rid of her. Tracy concludes to Hayden she does not trust or respect her and goes out the door. At that point, Hayden immediately suspects Finn for his part in this and announces he need not worry because she is gone. He urges her to wait and asks why she is accusing him of wanting to withhold from her, protesting he is concerned about her doing reckless things and it scares him. She then assesses to Finn that he will not allow himself to get close to anyone because he's afraid of losing them like he lost his wife. He then sensitively admits that may be true although he wants to get past that. Hayden assesses to him that even if that is true, his wife is “still there” and keeps him in limbo so that he no longer has to commit to anyone nor have a future with her.

Elizabeth and Franco meet at the police station although she has to wait for him to obtain something needed. Jordan enters and asks the two of them why they want to meet with her, to which Franco replies that he and Elizabeth want to clear up the last remaining reason that is causing General Hospital to stay closed, and how this new bit of information can enable it to re-open once and for all. He gets straight to the point and informs Jordan that the person who attempted to inject and kill Lucas and Bobbie Spencer was his mother, confirming that this should give them reason to re-open the hospital and enable himself, Elizabeth and all of their staff to get back to work. In response to that, Jordan assures them she will look into Heather Webber's culpability yet, she asks her if they expect her to believe Heather could have escaped from her maximum security facility in order to enter GH, attack Lucas and then conveniently returned to where she's staying, unseen and unquestioned. Franco replies that is exactly what he expects her to believe, reminding her this is his mother they are talking about who is the combination of Houdini and Lizzy Borden all rolled into one insane person. Yet Jordan declares to him that there is no credible proof that his mother committed those crimes. Yet he pulls out an envelope with evidence on the means and motives for a guard to help his mother escape from the institution the night in question. He has proof that his mom paid a guard a 6 figure check and shows it to Jordan. Right then, she starts listening and asks Franco how he obtained the information, to which he answers and asks her if she does not want to look into it and believe there's enough evidence for GH to re-open. Right then, Jordan goes off and asks them to wait there. Alone with Franco, Elizabeth is in awe that he did this and he admits he could not see her moving to another town and be without her.

Jordan later returns and confirms that there is sufficient evidence to prove what Franco told her about his mother. Shortly thereafter, Tracy rushes in and asks Jordan if the cops have found the killer and admits she cannot wait for the hospital to re-open because urgent things need to be done there. Jordan then informs Tracy they have good news. She thinks they've found the perp. Tracy asks who, to which Jordan replies Heather Webber. Tracy then asks Jordan whom her source of that information is, to which Jordan replies it was Franco Baldwin. Tracy is dumbfounded to learn that the person who has done this heroic deed would be that man.

Elizabeth and Franco go off together and she praises him for being her hero in getting her job back and saving the day. She asks if he could tell her how he got the drug dealer who helped his mom escape, to talk. He hesitates but admits that he sometimes knows how to revert to his “old ways” in order to get what he wants. He admits that man believed Franco was a “very very bad man” and that is how he trusted Franco. She admits that she may be falling for him.

Jason has Max meet with him at his apartment to discuss their progress in finding the broker that Sonny hired to put the hit out on Julian that caused Morgan's death, both aware that finding out exactly what happened is easier said than done.. Max expresses how he cannot understand why this could happen to Morgan. He was a great kid. He also expresses to Jason his concerns about Sonny and reminds Jason he is the only person who can help him, given how Sonny could spiral out of control over the loss of his son as well as the fact that Carly is out of Sonny's life. Right then, Sam enters with Danny wearing a pirate's mask. Max leaves and Sam can instantly tell that Jason has something on his mind, to which he informs her that Max is worried about Sonny and so is he. He reflects to Sam remembering what happened when Sonny lost his first wife, Lily. He remembers he brought Sonny his scotch when he asked for it and cleaned up his mess when he broke things. He admits each time Sonny broke down, he continued to take care of him and then, eventually Sonny was diagnosed as bi polar. He knows he needs to be there for Sonny and Sam encourages him not to give up on his best friend although they'd both previously planned on moving to another town. She confirms to Jason that it can wait, knowing Sonny, Carly and their family need them and she can only imagine what Sonny is going through to be losing Morgan and feel responsible for it. Right then, Danny comes down the stairs revealing he's noticed the “grown up” book his parents are reading and knowing it's about babies. They then inform him that mommy is going to have a baby and he will be a big brother. Hearing that, Danny happily announces that is way better for him than having a puppy and asks what names they have for the baby.

Outside The Haunted Star, while a Halloween party is underway, Alexis is on the phone, while she drinks wine informing someone that she can't get away because she's with her girls tonight who are mourning the loss of Morgan. She seems to be having a lengthy conversation with her contact

Inside the bar, Ava meets with Scott Baldwin who seems content although she admits she believes she killed Morgan by tampering with his meds. She realized that Morgan was unstable, had a bi polar disorder and stole the car because his mental illness was not being properly treated. Although Scott remarks he believes she's being overly melodramatic, she reminds Scott she set all the events into motion and Sonny will kill her if he “finds out”. Right then, Sonny enters and asks her what it is that she's worried he will “find out”. In response to that, Scott stands between them, informing Sonny it was a private conversation. Yet Sonny assesses he could tell they were talking about him only days after his son was killed and he firmly asks Ava what she knows about Morgan that he does not, to which she admits it was about Morgan's death. Scott wants to prevent Ava from incriminating herself and tells Sonny the “secret” he and Ava both know about Morgan's death is that Sonny caused it. Sonny then demands Scott leaves so he can hear what Ava has to say and asks her to explain herself. She then emotionally admits to Sonny she realized the state of mind Morgan was in the previous night and that he was clearly intoxicated. She could have stopped him from getting inside Julian's car and driving but did not and pleads with Sonny that Morgan's death is not entirely his fault. It's also her fault. She then goes to talk to Scott and makes sure Sonny hears her angrily accusing Scott of preventing her from going after Morgan. Sonny then goes outside and runs into Alexis, admitting he cannot deal with those two people inside. He shares with her that he feels responsible for abandoning his son when Morgan needed him. She assures Sonny there's no way he could have known yet he protests that his son was suffering. He remembers the last time he spoke to Morgan, he and Carly got angry and he let him go out the door. And he cries when he realizes he will never see his son again. She admits to Sonny she cannot imagine what he is going through. He ask her how Kristina is doing, to which Alexis replies their mutual daughter and Molly have been looking at photos of Morgan and the good times they all had together, assessing how they were all so close; Molly, Kristina, Michael and Morgan and that Sonny was a big part of bringing them all together. Alexis assures Sonny she believes he gave Morgan a good life, yet he informs her Carly does not believe that and left him. Michael blames him also and Dante wants to find enough evidence to charge his dad with the crime that killed Morgan. Hearing that, Alexis informs Sonny that Kristina is in his court and blames Julian, to which Sonny asks Alexis what about her. Does she blame Julian? She then admits that this would not have happened if she had simply done her job and worked to get Julian convicted.

Inside the Haunted Star, Ava and Scott argue and blame the other for what happened to Morgan, she right then discovers that on the very night right before Morgan got in the car, she ran into him and gleefully informed him that Kiki broke up with him and was with Dillon. She cries when she realizes she not only messed with Morgan's meds. She set him up to have his heart broken. She pleads for him to know she did not intend for that to happen. All she wanted to do was protect her daughter, she says as she breaks down crying in Scott's arms. He admits to her he's still her lawyer and hopefully he can be her friend. He admits to her that everyone has had regrets in their lives. She then concludes she wants to go home and they leave together.

Outside, Sonny informs Alexis that Julian went to his house to offer his condolences and expressed he was afraid Sonny would kill him. Knowing she does not want to find out whether Sonny still intends to do so, Alexis concludes she has to go home but urges Sonny not to blame himself for what happened to Morgan and wants to be there for him in this time of tragedy. She goes off and Sonny is alone. Right then, Ava and Scott appear and Sonny informs Scott he is responsible for his son's death. He let Julian get away with murder. Had that not happened, Sonny tells him, his son would be alive. Scott firmly tells Sonny that is called karma as he reminds Sonny he's responsible for Scott's daughter, Karen's death. Scott further tells Sonny his kid is dead because of Sonny. Hearing that, Sonny loses it, physically attacks Scott and causes Ava to worry and call Jason about what might be happening to Sonny.

At The Metro Court, Nina sits at a table with Julian who asks her if she feels the same about him as most other people to which she admits she does not really like him but does not wish him dead. She clarifies he merely tried to sabotage her magazine but did not ruin her life. He admits to Nina that he's caused immeasurable pain to the people he loves and realizes he will have a long way to go in order to win Alexis back. Hearing that, Nina clarifies to him he needs to know that Alexis will never take him back although he believes otherwise. Right then, Alexis enters and drinks right as they speak. Noticing her, Nina asks Julian just how or why he believes he can get Alexis back, to which he replies he knows she loves him. Nina asks Julian to look at his estranged wife and asks if she looks to him like someone in love and Nina urges Julian to be a decent guy and leave Alexis alone as she gets up to leave. As soon as Alexis sees him alone at the table, she goes up to him, coldly admits she knows and could care less that he almost died since the bomb was meant for him. Yet, she reminds him, Morgan is dead because of him.

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