GH Update Monday 10/24/16

General Hospital Update Monday 10/24/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny is ready to leave Carly's home and urges her to reconsider breaking up with him, reminding her he cannot go through the loss of Morgan without her. He attempts to kiss her but she pulls away and hears the doorbell ring. Dante is at the door. Carly lets him in. Sonny asks his son what he's doing there, to which Dante replies that at the crash site, they found something. Sonny asks his son what, to which Dante pulls out a plastic bag with more of Morgan's possessions. She notices that it’s a jade piece of jewelry that she gave her son not long ago when he was in school because it symbolized peace. Sonny then asks his oldest son if there may be evidence that his brother is alive, to which Dante admits they have no evidence that Morgan survived yet his body has not been found. H also promises to bring whomever did this to justice. He leaves and Carly concludes that maybe if they wait to hold off on the funeral while the cops are going through the wreckage, they might find something like a buckle or shoe or something they could bury with Morgan.

Finn is in his hotel room with Hayden sleeping on his couch. He looks adoringly at her while she sleeps and encourages her to awaken. However, when she is awake and aware of what is going on, she immediately sits up expressing panic and is startled and not ok with what is going on nor aware of where she is or why. He reminds her this is where he lives and she's stayed there before. She then apologizes and explains that she commonly panics when she is unaware of when or where she fell asleep and admits it's a bit fuzzy and to what exactly happened the previous night.

At The metro Court restaurant, Griffin sits with Anna and they brainstorm about the mystery of the whereabouts of Valentin Cassadine. Laura enters and admits to them she's overheard his name mentioned. Griffin introduces himself and Charlotte to Laura and asks what she may know about Valentin, to which she gravely replies that from her experience, Valentin will not stop until he does what he wants to do. Yet she's happy to see them and meet Duke's granddaughter. She then finds Kevin and they have their dinner date together. Back at the other table, Griffin asks Anna why it is that she finds the phone picture she has of Valentin to look familiar. She admits she's not really certain where or when she saw him before and brainstorms about how he became known. She realizes that up until the event on Cassadine Island, nobody had really heard of Valentin. Griffin then informs Anna that somehow, Valentin got to know Claudette and is apparently threatening her and Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Nathan goes looking for Maxie and knows she was in Claudette's room. Right away, he concludes he knows that she is in danger and that it's likely that the kidnapper mistakenly thought Maxie was Claudette and that is why he kidnapped her.

Right then, the captor leaves Maxie alone in the basement, tied to a chair and it looks like she may suffocate with the gas furnace and no oxygen in the locked basement. She attempts to talk her way out of being hopeless, reminding herself that she knows how to think of a way to not let this cause her to die. She then manages a way to break out of the chair and gets up to walk around and attempts to find something she could potentially use to pick the lock. She does not find that but does find an old phone. She hopes and actually finds that the phone has power and immediately dials.

Meanwhile, Nathan gets on the phone to report Maxie gone while in Claudette's room. Dante goes to meet with them and she assesses that housekeeping must have cleaned the room before they got there. Right then, Nathan gets an incoming call from Maxie. He immediately asks if she has any idea where she is, whom the guy is or what his agenda his and she admits she hasn't a clue. He assures her that they can hopefully trace the call yet she reminds her fiance she may not be able to wait because there is gas leaking in the basement and she could die soon. She panics when she tries but fails to give Nathan information she may remember and they lose their phone connection. Nathan calls to her but the line goes dead.

 While Laura sits at the table with Kevin, he notices that she seems a bit pre-occupied. She admits she is, apologies and informs him she just heard that Anna got some information on her phone about Valentin Cassadine.

At the other table, Anna urges Griffin to know that he should not hesitate to develop a relationship with Charlotte and should know that Claudette is very foolish to not want him to know that she had his child. Yet they both can see that Charlotte is not comfortable around either of them and wants her mommy to come back

When Hayden gets done showering, she admits to Finn that she has just found out, for the first time in her life, that she is not Raymond Berlin's daughter. She's Jeff Webber's daughter and that's a lot to process. She also reflects that the check she obtained for him to fund his research and hopefully save his life should benefit him. Yet he informs her that he cannot accept that check, assessing that although he's impressed by how she persuaded that jackass to procure the money, he realizes that Evan only gave it to her in the first place because he mistakenly thought he slept with her. When he realizes otherwise, there could be some problems that could come back to haunt them both, he reminds Hayden. Yet she is not worried and expresses that the guy probably has no clue that nothing happened and is right now bragging to his buddies as they speak. Hearing that, Finn asks Hayden if that is how she views “all men” when they sleep with a woman, as mistakenly believing they performed when they fell asleep and did nothing. They continue to talk about both of their priorities, whether his days are numbered or whether he has a future and if so, whether either of them want her to be a part of his life. Right then, they start kissing and both declare that they are ready to take risks and continue, ready to sleep together.

While Carly and Sonny are talking in her house, right then, Kiki comes by and admits to her ex boyfriend's parents that she wishes she could go back and change all of the things she did wrong and all the arguments she had with Morgan. She breaks down crying when she admits that she caused Morgan pain before he died. Hearing that, Carly immediately wants to know exactly what Kiki knows about what was going on in her son's heart and head during his final moments, and Kiki hesitates to answer but admits that Morgan suspected that she was ready to have sex with Dillon and so he went to a cabin where they were together although she urges Carly to know that she and Dillon have never slept together and Morgan got the wrong idea. Although Carly does not accuse her of lying about that, she needs to know how and why Kiki was with Dillon in the first place, firmly reminding Kiki that not long ago, she saw her kissing Dillon. She further reminds Kiki she urges her to be straight with her son and not string him along if she could not commit and if she might have had feelings for Dillon. Yet Kiki assured Carly as well as Morgan that she could commit to him and was over Dillon. Yet, Carly furiously concludes and declares to Kiki, she could not follow through with that, and she lied and betrayed Carly's son. She was a hypocrite and a liar and a cowardly little girl who could not be honest to Morgan. She got his hopes up and strung him along. She's the reason why he lost it and got in the car and that is why he's dead. Hearing that, Kiki cries uncontrollably. Sonny urges his wife not to yell and berate Kiki when she's feeling this way, comforts Kiki while she cries and goes to the other room to talk. Kiki professes to SOnny that everything Carly accused of her was true. She abandoned and betrayed Morgan and strung him along. Yet Sonny assures her that he does not blame her for anything, expresses his appreciation for all she's done for his son and she is grateful to hear Sonny tell her that. He assures Kiki he knows his son always wanted the best for her. Kiki leaves and Carly asks Sonny if he believes she was unfair to Kiki, to which he admits he knows she's grieving and he realizes that Kiki lead Morgan on and bailed on him for another guy. Yet she's a kid, he reminds Carly and so it does no nobody any good to tear her down, as he reminds Carly her knows whom she is really mad at. Hearing that, Carly angrily reminds Sonny she's mad at a lot of people including him, the sanctimonious Dr. Maddox who declared Morgan was ok when he was clearly not, the entire family including herself and everyone who had a part in this. But it makes no difference because her son is dead. Sonny wants to get close to her although she continues to remind him she cannot do that because whenever she sees him, she sees the man who killed her son. She demands Sonny get out of her house. He leaves.

Nathan goes with Dante to find Maxie and manages to rescue and carry her out of the basement after she's passed out. He struggles to get her to awaken and she opens her eyes and acknowledges him. At that point, Dante leaves knowing they will be alright.

When Claudette is back at her hotel room, Griffin enters and asks her what is going on, to which she admits she was worried about someone breaking into her room and called security. He reminds her that Charlotte is downstairs with him and Anna and she needs to know where her mom is. She calmly replies she's sure that Charlotte will be ok and safe with him and has complete confidence that he will be a great father to their daughter. Hearing that, Griffin immediately knows that means she intends to leave Charlotte with him and abandon her daughter. In response to that, he urges her to trust him that they can do something to make sure that Charlotte is safe so that she need not take such drastic actions. She tells him she agrees to do that but as soon as his back is turned, she grabs a heavy weight and knocks Griffin out from behind. While he's lying passed out on the floor, Claudette tells him she's sorry, heads out the door after encouraging him to take care of Charlotte. Shortly thereafter, he comes to, gets up and notices that Claudette is gone. He then gets on the phone to see if he can track down Claudette, giving a description of her. Right then, Anna enters with Charlotte and he informs her what happened. Anna asks why Claudette would knock him out and flee, to which he replies she's probably intending to skip town.

Right when Laura assures Kevin that whatever may have happened to Valentin, they need not be afraid of him, we see Claudette boarding her flight to return to Canada. And right then, out of nowhere, she notices a clean shaven man come up and sit beside her. She is horrified when she identifies Valentin and he makes it clear he is confident that he can find her wherever she goes.

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