GH Update Friday 10/21/16

General Hospital Update Friday 10/21/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly is alone in her house thoughtfully staring at a happy photo of Morgan. She remembers angrily telling Sonny that he could not leave well enough alone. He had to be the one to finish Julian, and now their boy is dead. She remembers furiously smashing a picture of Morgan right in front of her husband while she accuses him of killing their beautiful little boy. She hears her doorbell ring and goes to get the door. It's Sonny who is there asking if he may come in. She coldly lets him in, informs him he may say what he needs to say and then he needs to leave. He then informs her he believes they should have a memorial service for Morgan yet she informs him that she has already set a date of Nov. 11 and made arrangements without him. Hearing that, he demands to know why she has not told him, to which she coldly confirms she's telling him now. He protests it's not right, to which she replies that's true. It's “not right” to have to plan one's son's funeral. He urges Carly not to shut him out of the memorial service plans for Morgan yet she is cold and reclusive toward him, confirms that's what she's doing and asks him to get out of her house. Sonny protests that he loved their son more than anything and she cannot “take” this from him. Yet she reminds him that he took Morgan from her. She admits she realizes he's grieving but he does not get to be a part of this event. She cries and reminds him she begged him not to retaliate against Julian, warning him that somebody was going to get hurt. Yet he did not listen to her. He did not think about his wife or kids or their safety. He did what he was determined to do, reminding him even if he believes he intended to keep Morgan safe, he failed with that because Morgan is dead. She then calmly admits that she's blaming him for Morgan's death yet she realizes she is as much to blame. She put him in harms way. She knew that having Sonny in his life would endanger him. Yet she married him again and took a chance and Morgan paid with his life. She admits to Sonny when she looks at him, she sees Morgan and the life he will never get to have. He will never get to be a husband or father or grow old or experience the joys that one lives for. She assesses they lost their baby because they made their choices and further informs Sonny she will not stop him from attending Morgan's funeral and knows Michael will not object to his being there. Sonny is ready to go out the door bur urges Carly to know he doesn't think he can go through this alone. She reminds him they are not grieving in the same way. He then informs her they are both grieving for Morgan. He was their son the best and worst of them. And so, he reminds her, they are the only owners who know what they are both going through and what they are feeling. He urges and begs her to come home with him because neither of them can go through this alone.

Jason goes to see Sam at their old apartment and informs her he was ready to take a ride and think about things like what will come next. He admits he was thinking of Morgan and Michael. He informs Sam that they found Michael right after he found out his brother died. He thought that maybe Michael and his dad would be there for each other. Yet , he informs Sam, Michael instantly concluded that he knew that Sonny planted the bomb that killed Morgan. Instantly a wall came up and Michael is clearly furious and not speaking to his father. Hearing that, Sam informs Jason she bets and believes that Michael will find a way to forgive Sonny and they will reconcile, to which Jason confirms that even if that happens, Sonny will never forgive himself. He declares to Sam that he cannot risk what happened to Morgan happening to his wife or his kids. And so, he concludes to her, he believes it would not be a bad idea and asks how she would feel about them leaving Port Charles. Hearing that, Sam asks if he's serious about that, to which he reminds her that when they got married, he made a commitment to put them first. He realizing that Sonny works so hard to protect his kids. Yet this tragedy happened to him. One would think that this could not have happened, but he felt the need to go after Julian and it did. Hearing that, Sam reminds him he no longer works for Sonny. Yet Jason concludes that simply living here under the present conditions makes everybody vulnerable. Yet Sam asks if he's really prepared to leave this town and all the people he loves behind, reminding him that she cannot abandon her mom and sisters who need her. He then suggests that maybe they don't go too far away so she can see them when needed and maybe just move a few towns away, concluding he just wants her and the kids to be safe. He concludes he certainly wants to make certain that Sonny, Carly and Michael are ok but then he wants to leave and move elsewhere. They both consider a town called Aurora and wonder if they can have a future there. She agrees that she's willing to try and kisses him. Right then, she feels the baby kicking. They share the moment of interacting and bonding with their unborn child. Jason promises the baby that his or her parents will never leave him or her.

Felicia meets with Anna at The Metro Court. She finds it odd that she was ready to meet with Maxie to discuss wedding plans and wonders why her daughter never showed nor is she answering her phone. Anna declares that she is now concluding that her home is in Port Charles. Felicia is happy to hear that but knows she has to go and find Maxie and leaves.

Nathan is also at the station leaving messages for Maxie yet getting no answers nor seeing his fiancÚ. Lulu comes by and asks Nathan how things are going regarding Claudette and his daughter, to which he replies he found out that Charlotte is not his daughter. She's Griffin's. They conclude that everything Claudette says is a lie. In response to that, Lulu inquires if that might also means that Claudette is lying about being on the run from Valentin Cassadine. He admits he's not even certain if Claudette even knows Valentin Cassadine nor is he a threat to her and Charlotte. Not far away, Dante is on the phone and appears very stressed attempting yet failing to find out answers about the bomb that killed Morgan. Lulu then talks privately to her husband about her concerns of how he's is obsessing about this and maybe needs to stop working this case. She reminds him this is his brother's murder and he's too close to this case. He argues to his wife he will not recuse himself from this case. Although she wants him to take a break and come home with her and Rocco, he protests that he feels responsible, given that he was never there for his brother. He was too busy and so now he has to do everything he can to find out who killed Morgan. Lulu then puts her arms around her husband and declares she loves him while she walks away and lets him get back to work. Right then, Jordan comes out of her office and addresses Dante, informing him she believes his wife has a point. He coldly informs his boss it's his job to get to the bottom of this. Yet she reminds him that this case will involve his arresting and charging his own father with murder. And so, she asks, if he is really prepared to go through with all of this.

The strange and dangerous guy named Gary is holding Maxie captive, tied to a chair and unable to move. He asks her if she is hungry, to which she replies she is not and does not like the breakfast with bacon and eggs that he has for her because she's a vegetarian. She questions why she should help him or what incentive she has. He asks her what he'd need to do to motivate her to talk, to which she appears not to be afraid and is confident she can out-smart him, as she tells him if he prepares her an omelet with goat cheese, it might encourage her to tell him what he wants to know. He then reveals to her that he may be married and/or have kids, to which she's intrigued and shocked. She then sounds emotional, informing him she has a daughter who needs her and she pleads with the guy to please let her get back to her daughter.

When it appears Dante gets a lead from the Forensics team, Nathan concludes that there may be something not right about Maxie being MIA and he goes off to take action.

Claudette goes to find Griffin at the Metro Court with Charlotte accompanying her and informs him that it’s obvious that Valentin trashed her hotel room while she was gone. She appears very afraid while she declares to him that Valentin knows they are in Port Charles and knows where to find them. She urges him to either come with them or say goodbye to his daughter right then and there because he will never see them again. Griffin notices Anna sitting alone at a table, approaches her and informs her that they (himself, Claudette and Charlotte) need her help. Claudette raises objection and asks him how or why they should trust this woman with their sensitive issue and believe she can help them. Griffin concludes that Anna has all the connections to the WSB, the whole big Cassadine history and was Port Charles' police commissioner. Plus, if Charlotte is in fact his daughter, she's the granddaughter of the man Anna loved and lost. He then introduces them. Anna happily greets Charlotte and wants to hear everything Griffin is willing to tell her. Yet Claudette is too afraid to trust them and leaves Charlotte with Griffin, so she can go to her room. As she's approaching the door, she's on the phone making a plane reservation for one to Calgary when Nathan appears behind her looking for Maxie. She says she has not seen her. She also informs Nathan she is worried because her room got tossed. She cannot keep Charlotte there. It's not safe. She is not going to rely on the cops. They cannot help her and neither can he. Nathan opens the door to her hotel room and sees everything is perfectly in order. However, he does discover something that belongs to Maxie and feels she's in danger.

Back at the table at The Metro Court, Anna happily engages with Griffin and the girl whom they believe is his daughter and Duke's granddaughter, confirming to them that she wants to stay around and has important people in her life. On her phone, she looks up Valentin's dossier and recognizes his picture.

Dante goes to Carly's to find her and Sonny and informs them he just came from the crash center and they found something.

Lulu goes to get a manicure with her mom and wants Laura to tell her about her progress on having a “date” with Kevin, to which Laura sounds encouraged although taking it slow with him. Lulu also asks if she is really sure about selling Wyndemere, to which Laura declares to her daughter she thinks it's time that they all leave everything Cassadine behind them. Lulu informs her mom if she wants to sell Wyndemere because she no longer needs the property, she's all for that. However, if Laura plans to do so in order to get the Cassadine curse out of their lives, Lulu admits she finds that very unrealistic and knows it may never happen. Laura tells her daughter she is concerned and warns them all to be very careful and cautious of Claudette and the whole mess, as its been confirmed she's a pathological liar. Also, Laura confirms, if Valentin Cassadine is involved and she's been with him, that's all the more they need to use caution.

While Maxie is being held hostage, Gary leaves her alone in the basement of a house and releases gas from a furnace. She is very worried that she could suffocate and die and yells for him not to leave her and for someone to help her. Yet he walks away while she's alone and tied up feeling unable to breathe.

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