GH Update Thursday 10/20/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/20/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Nathan and Griffin have both caught Claudette in the lie about Charlotte being Nathan's daughter, she takes the girl to the apartment and introduces her to her “real daddy” whom she declares is Griffin. Yet at that point, Charlotte refuses to greet Griffin and runs into Nathan's arms, clearly confused and not believing her mom is telling the truth about who her daddy is. He then takes Claudette aside, out of earshot and demands to know what she is doing. He reminds her that “their daughter” is confused. He needs to know why she falsified the paternity test to have Nathan believe he was her father, to which she replies because Nathan is a cop. He comes from a wealthy family and she believed Charlotte would be safer with him. Nathan then returns and hears Claudette protesting that she wants what is right for Charlotte, makes it clear he's surprised and inquires what is up when Griffin reports that only an hour ago, Claudette was ready to have everyone believing Charlotte was Nathan's, intended to leave her with Nathan and Maxie and not look back. Both guys are very confused and know they cannot trust or believe a word Claudette tells them. Griffin admits it's ironic that right before she came to the gym tonight, he was thinking about re-committing to the church. She laughs at that and tells Griffin he needs to grow up. She does not buy that. She knows that he has no intention of doing any such thing. Nathan does not believe a word she says and seems to side with Griffin, knowing she is manipulating and playing both of them. However, she reminds them that a dangerous man is after Charlotte and they both need to know they could all be in danger. Hearing that, Nathan asks if Claudette planned to run away with Griffin and live their lives off the grid, in fear of Valentin Cassadine.. At that point, Griffin concludes that they need to see if Anna could help them, reminding them that she has ties with the FBI, CIA and the WSB, and may have resources to help them with Valentin. Nathan agrees that makes sense, knowing that she is also the former police commissioner and the fact that Valentin was supposed to be extradited back to Greece and in prison but is roaming free in Port Charles. Nathan protests that Anna is the most qualified person they know and she might be able to help Claudette and Charlotte stay in hiding and safe from Valentin. Hearing that, Claudette admits that she has a lot to process and cannot give them an answer about that right now. She is primarily focused on her little girl, she tells them as she gets ready to take Charlotte home. Right then, Griffin faces the girl, admits he realizes she does not know him but promises they are going to get to know each other soon. She emotionally protests to both guys she knows they have good reason to be angry and distrust her. But, she protests, she only did what she thought was right. She leaves with Charlotte. Alone with Griffin. Nathan reminds him that they have good reason to question anything and everything that comes out of that woman's mouth. Yet, at that point. Griffin assesses to Nathan that he has “something he needs to tell” Nathan, to which Nathan asks if it's about Claudette or something else. Griffin then replies that he believes that maybe God put Nathan in his path so that he could own up to what he did with Claudette and the vows he broke. Hearing that, Nathan assures him he does not believe Griffin owes him an apology, realizing he shot and could have killed Griffin. He also admits his concerns about what appears to be Griffin at least considering being with Claudette. He warns him that he needs to know that he will regret it, given the person Claudette is.

Maxie goes to find Claudette in her hotel room and hears loud music playing and so she assumes Claudette is there and merely refusing to answer the door. She goes inside and is startled and afraid when she sees only a dangerous man who is identified as Valentin Cassadine, She runs for the door and tries to prevent him from hurting her but he captures her, prevents her from leaving and covers her mouth while she screams and struggles. He ties her up, puts a gag in her mouth and demands that she tells him everything he wants and needs to know or else she will be in danger. He removes the gag from her mouth and announces the first thing he wants to know is where Maxie stashed the little girl. In response to that, Maxie calmly replies although he may not understand, she hasn't a clue what he is talking about. He indicates to her that he believes she is Claudette although she protests he is mistaken. He may go and look at her ID in order to prove she is a completely different person, she tells him. At that point, Valentin concludes that he kind of believes her but wonders why she was looking for Claudette in the first place. He also concludes if she was ready to find Claudette, she was probably ready to find or might already know where the little girl is. And so, he concludes, he needs her to tell him where they are. She then assures him that she has no reason to help or protect Claudette and does not care what happens to her. And so, she “negotiates” with Valentin, if he takes her to a secure place, she will tell him what he wants to know. He obviously does not trust her although she informs him she has may connections. Her fiance is a cop and her stepfather and family members have ties to the WSB. And so, she informs Valentin, he has incentive to do things her way. Yet he makes it clear to her he could not care less what she says and does not trust her.

While Valentin lays down the law to Maxie that she either tells him where to find Claudette and the little girl or he will kill her, Claudette returns to her hotel room with Charlotte, both scared to see the room has been torn apart and someone has been there. Right then, the little one asks her momma, in a scared voice, what happened to their room.

Sonny is alone at the house when he sees Carly returning, admitting that she is back with him for good, assessing that yes, there is a serious issue with what has happened to Morgan. Yet she assures him, she will always love him and is not going anywhere. Right then, however, he awakens to realize it was only a dream and Carly is not really there.

In real time, Carly is with Michael while she moves back into her old place. She angrily demands to know how this could have happened. She wants and needs answers as to why Morgan got into the car, why he was drinking and why the meds he was taking were not working. She admits to her son she cannot rest and will not accept what has happened until she's uncovered and unraveled every detail. First, she informs Michael, she needs to know about Morgan's sudden drinking, how, when and why it happened. She assesses and recaps what happened when Morgan got expelled from school. They both find it very confusing as to how and why Morgan went down hill when everything was going well. They both have every reason to believe Morgan was taking his meds, getting therapy and was even willing to get his blood work done. She goes off, at that point, admitting to Michael that she needs to get some answers. Shortly thereafter, Andre comes by and admits to them that although Morgan willfully called him and arranged to get the blood work for his meds, he never showed and so there is no evidence of anything regarding when or if he was taking his meds. Carly then concludes to Griffin if he cannot answer that, he needs to answer why he let her son out of Freedman when he clearly was not well and not ready to leave at that point. She asks if he could explain to her why, when her son was getting his in-patient treatment at the facility and Andre was closely monitoring him and his meds and was unafraid to restrict and prevent him from returning home until he was ready, he suddenly decided it was time and all was well. She urges her son's doctor to explain to her what he knows that she may not understand. In response to that, Andre admits he's very confused about the whole thing. She then faces Andre admitting that she did everything she could. He told her she needed to stop hovering over her son and let him make his own choices when he got discharged from Freeman, although it was against her instincts. Yet she listened to him. So now, she angrily tells Andre, he needs to answer for what happened to her son. Although Michael urges her not to blame the doctor, she demands Andre gets out of her house. He admits he is not making excuses for him self and wants to find some answers although he has none. He leaves. Alone with Michael, Carly sobs in her son's arms, regretfully declaring that she knew there was something wrong with Morgan yet she failed to take action until it was too late. And now her little boy is dead, she yells as she cries and Michael comforts her. He assesses to his mom that Morgan was bi polar. It's completely unpredictable what may have been happening with or without meds. Yet they need to know that that is not what killed Morgan. What caused his death was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hearing that, Carly clarifies that the reason Morgan is dead is because his father installed a bomb in a car and killed him.

Right then, while Sonny is downstairs and unaware, Ava goes into Morgan's room and “returns” the meds he was supposed to be taking that she previously replaced, still not known to anyone. She has reason to believe she's completely alone and unseen while she is in the room. However, the bottle falls and rolls underneath the bed. She then attempts to reach and fish it out from under Morgan's bed when Nelle enters, makes her presence known and inquires to Ava just what she is doing there. Ava is obviously startled and afraid that she's been found out. She then attempts to explain to Nelle that although she may not know this, there was a time when Ava and Morgan were “good friends” and so that is why she went into Morgan's room when she was upstairs to look in on Avery. Nelle asks if Mr.Corinthos knows about this, to which Ava replies that she does not want to bother him when he's going through a time like this. When they hear Sonny coming up the stairs and Nelle steps outside with her back turned to Ava, Ava quickly reaches underneath Morgan's bed to grab the bottle of meds and puts them in her purse. Nelle leaves them alone to talk and Sonny demands Ava tells him what she was doing in Morgan's room. He later decides he could care less and just wants her out of his house, yet he has no suspicions of why she was in his deceased son's room. When Sonny and Nelle are alone in the living room, she assesses she can see that whenever looks at Ava, it appears things are “dangerous”. And so, she asks Sonny, how and why could they have had a child together? Sonny admits to her that he'd rather not talk about the whole thing. However, he admits to Nelle, it's correct that Ava is dangerous. He further admits to Nelle that he needs to protect his little girl from Ava because she is toxic. Nelle then remembers that Ava said something about Moregan and asks Sonny if he also believes that he needs to protect Morgan from her, to which he admits to Nelle that Ava played and manipulated his son. He admits to her that he blames her as well as himself for what happened to Morgan. He further admits that he does not know how he will ever get over this. His heart is frozen. And he will hate Ava for the rest of his life.

Right then, after leaves the house, she stands outside the door protesting that Sonny is incorrect that only he is suffering and feeling the way he does about the loss of Morgan.

Shortly thereafter, we see Sonny alone in the house when Carly enters with Ava. He is surprised and shocked to notice the two women getting along, trusting one another and siding against him. Carly states to her husband that she is going to let Ava take Avery against his wishes. He demands to know why she'd do that, to which Carly replies that Ava did not get their son killed and so she can be trusted with Avery when he cannot. He then awakens and is startled to be having such a horrific dream. Again, Nelle observes him and asks if he is “alright”.

When Carly is alone in her house, she goes and stares at a picture of Morgan, cries and tells him how sorry she is to have not taken better care of him. Right then, she gets an incoming call from Nelle. Carly asks her if Avery is alright, to which Nelle replies she's fine. Yet she informs Carly her concerns about Sonny, to which Carly firmly tells her she does not want to hear about it.

Sonny sits alone in the empty house with Morgan's baseball and mit in his hands. He looks upward and talks to Morgan, professing if it could just be himself in that car instead of his son, as he tells him how sorry he is.

Right then, outside the house, Ava puts the meds she wants to hide in a trash can. We then see “someone” taking them out shortly thereafter.

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