GH Update Wednesday 10/19/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/19/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny sits on the living room floor staring at pictures of his kids and we hear a child's laughter when he remembers Morgan as a child playing hide and seek with his dad. He goes looking for his son and hears his voice asking daddy to look for him. He goes off but only finds a shoe and does not find little Morgan until the little one comes up to daddy to demand to know why he can't find Morgan. He turns around, notices that Morgan is not really there and only in his dreams. He is clearly talking in his sleep and drawing attention. Nelle comes into his room and asks if he is alright. They go downstairs and Nelle shares with Sonny she watched her best friend die when she was in high school. Her friend was with her and she let her get in a car with a drunk driver. The car struck the tree and she lost her best friend. She always wonders why that happened and feels the way he feels. He then admits to her that he saw Morgan but not the one she knew. He was a little boy. He was hiding, playing games and called to his dad to come find him. And Sonny admits that at that point, he could not find Morgan. He then assures Nelle he is fine. She need not stay and take care of Avery. Nelle informs Sonny he need not go through this alone, reminding him Jason just called. Kristina was looking for him. And there are a lot of people who care about him. Sonny concludes to her, however, if he cannot be with his wife, he'd rather be alone. He tells her he's sorry for her loss and wants to be courteous although he is clearly sullen.

At The Metro Court, Hayden is determined to find a way to get the hospital to re-open, knowing that Finn needs to do his research to save lives including his own. She sits at The Metro Court with Evan who talks about his financial investments while it's clear neither she nor he are interested in the other. However, when it appears that he might know how to buy back the hospital, she is listening to him. He realizes she has no interest in him except to get this favor from him and so he indicates he will only do it in exchange for something. At first she tells him no way. But she notices Finn coughing uncontrollably while he sits at a table with Tracy not far away and she reconsiders, informing Evan she will do what he wants. They go to his hotel room. She is only willing to do what he wants in order to get what Finn needs. Evan is happy to get what he wants and she wants to drink with him in order to get it over with. He wants to go through with their plan (to have sex). But she reminds him he promised her a check which she needs him to make good on. He makes it clear that he sees her as a prostitute. She then affirms to him there are certain things she “will not do”, to which he declares he will keep his check.

Back at The Metro Court, Finn notices that Hayden went off with this guy and clearly expresses to Tracy that he has problems with that. When she asks why it would matter, given they are consenting adults, Finn admits he has concerns that Hayden might do something she regrets, to which Tracy asks Finn if that would be a problem for him. He then makes it clear he needs to go up and find out what is going on, informing Tracy he has good reasons to do a chivalrous act. Yet Tracy informs him that if he does not find a cure, his time is limited. So he can either spend that time intervening in other people's lives or he can spend it focusing on himself. She concludes it will seem to her if he focuses on the latter, he will have more time for the “former”. She then gets up to leave.

In the hotel room, Hayden wants to cash the check but Evan clearly wants her to “earn” what she wants him to pay her.

Finn notices the check on the table that Evan billed to his room, finds out where to go and appears outside the room ready to intervene. He then finds the hotel room after Hayden has drugged Evan and gotten him to pass out. He rushes in, finds Hayden and wants to make certain Evan did not hurt her. Yet she assures Finn he was too drunk to do anything. She wants to make certain that the check Evan wrote to her before he passed out is still good. Hearing that, Finn demands to know what check she is talking about, to which she happily shows him the check Evan wrote (which will pay for what Finn needs) and reveals that she drugged this guy so that he would not be able to have his way with her nor be able to cancel the check. She assures Finn all is well. This loser who thought she would be a prostitute will never be aware of what she just did. Yet Finn informs her he is a bit concerned about the drastic action and risk she took. She asks just how he managed to find her, to which Finn admits that he looked at the bar bill to find the room number. Hayden then asks just what his concern is and would have been if he had saw them “legitimately” sleeping together. She seems very curious and intrigued to find out how Finn will answer that question. She then happily concludes that he came by to find out if she was having sex with that jerk because he did not want that and wanted her to be with him. She knows that he may be afraid he does not have much time left, but if that be the case, he does not want to miss out on being with her. She assesses to him she knows that he is still alive and well with a heart that is still beating. He can clearly see she is drunk and comforts her in the hotel room while Evan remains passed out on the floor.

While Maxie and Nathan are alone in the apartment with Charlotte after Claudette has dropped the girl off, the DNA test results have been rush-delivered to Maxie. At first, Nathan is not ok knowing she does not trust him and did this behind his back. Yet they want to see the results. Although they both suspect Claudette of lying, Nathan asks why she'd lie about this and urges Maxie to know there must be some logic behind all of this. Maxie tells him it's obvious what she wants which is to manipulate him. He protests that he knows Claudette is not “interested” in him. It's Griffin she wants. They notice that the results say Charlotte is not his daughter yet he questions why it was that the previous test said she was. He asks Maxie just where she got the DNA sample and if that is more valid than the other one. She reminds him that all they have for proof that the lock of hair Claudette gave them to test belonged to Charlotte was Claudette's word. Maxie concludes that if Claudette's scheme is to go after Griffin, she needs to look into that. Nathan informs her he will do that and he goes off.

At the boxing gym, Claudette tells Griffin about her scheme to leave Charlotte with her ex and his new fiancé because it might be the best thing for the girl, her safety and all. And she makes it clear that it will enable and justify her being with him. She kisses him and takes off her clothes. He is ready to participate with her but pulls away, declaring he cannot. Yet she reminds him he's already turned away from the church. And so, why can't he run away together with her? Nathan appears and informs them both that he happens to know that he is not Charlotte's father. Griffin is.

Dr. Obrecht is on the phone hoping to get another job at Mercy Hospital without success. Sitting near her at the bar, Ava overhears her and gets worried when Obrecht informs her that she knows something must have went wrong with Morgan's meds in order to cause him to do what he did that got him killed. Ava concludes to her that they may never know. There's no point in attempting to find out and they must know that the tragedy will remain a mystery. Yet Obrecht firmly expresses to Ava she's certain that Sonny and Carly will seek evidence as they have the right to do. At that point, Ava panics and goes off where she's out of earshot and calls Scott to see if he can help her and protect her legal rights when she's worried what could happen to her. Remembering what she did to Morgan's meds and the fact that Sonny and Carly may very well find out if an autopsy is performed, Ava knows she has to get access to where Morgan used to keep his meds. She goes to the house and finds Sonny, urging him to let her see Avery. He is clearly not happy to see her and informs her she cannot go upstairs because the baby is sleeping. She offers her condolences for Morgan, to which he tells her he does not want to hear her speak his son's name, reminding Ava she ruined his son's life and he does not want her in his house. She then admits to Sonny she understands he may have had motives and justifications to install the bomb in order to kill her brother and knows he must be devastated that it accidentally went off on Morgan instead. She somehow wants to know where Carly is, to which Sonny replies his wife is not there. Hearing that, Ava asks if Carly left him. He does not reply when Ava reminds him he won't make it through this without Carly. He urges Ava to stay out of his business. Yet she tells him, for Avery's sake, she has to be concerned about his. She sounds like she may have sensitivity when she urges Sonny to know that he can't let Carly walk out of his life. They all need her. Sonny finally agrees to let Ava go upstairs to see Avery, in order to get her to leave his house. He suspects nothing when she rushes into Morgan's room and remembers to return the bottle of meds that she took from the room. Yet it drops and falls underneath the bed. She attempts to reach underneath for it. Yet Nelle comes by, sees her and demands to know what she is doing there.

While Obrecht is alone at The Metro Court, she gets an incoming call from Maxie asking if she could come by right away because it's an emergency. She assures Maxie she is on her way. When she arrives at the apartment, Maxie informs her that she happens to know that Nathan is not Charlotte's father nor is Obrecht her grandmother.

At the boxing gym, Nathan confronts Claudette and informs Griffin she knows that she falsified the test results to make it appear he was Charlotte's father. She got the hair from his mother's brush and not from Charlotte. Hearing that, Claudette does not protest otherwise and admits that is true. Hearing that, Nathan demands to know why she would do that. She had to break his heart and cheat on him and he needs to know why she'd want him to falsely believe Charlotte was his daughter and not ever let Griffin, the man she clearly “wants”, know that Charlotte is in fact his. He, right away knows there must be more to this than she is revealing. Griffin also demands to know realizing how this makes absolutely no sense.

When Obrecht hears Maxie's assessment that her son is not Charlotte’s father, she immediately asks if she can “use the restroom”, to which Maxie agrees, suspecting nothing. She returns to Maxie who informs her that Claudette fooled everyone by falsifying DNA and informs her future mother-in-law, that she found out otherwise. Before Obrecht can say or do anything more, Maxie tells her she has to go off and will return shortly and needs Obrecht to stay there with Charlotte.

Nathan returns to the apartment, sees his mom and demands to know what she's doing there. Claudette returns to pick up her daughter with Griffin behind her. She happily introduces Charlotte to her “old friend, Griffin”, who smiles and faces the girl in awe and happiness to think she is his.

Maxie goes to Claudette's empty hotel room, assuming she must be in there when she hears loud music. She knows someone is in there and tells Claudette she better come out and stop hiding. Yet she sees a strange guy who is Valentin Cassadine. She runs when she sees he's dangerous. But he prevents her from leaving and covers her mouth.

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