GH Update Tuesday 10/18/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/18/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan is getting ready to spend a romantic dinner with Maxie when she's distracted on the phone. Finally she notices that he has made dinner and planned an evening for them. He informs her that it's his way of making it up to her for the recent situation involving Claudette bringing the little girl whom she is having him believe is his daughter. They are happily together and ready to sleep together while waiting. Right then, however, they hear a knock on the door that Maxie does not answer although they hear the voice of Claudette informing them she knows they are there and that she can smell dinner. She continues to knock until Nathan gets the door. He opens it to see both Claudette and Charlotte at the door. She informs them both that she just realized that they both need to get to know Charlotte, Nathan being her father and Maxie as her son-to-be step-mother. Hearing that, Nathan asks her just what specifically she has in mind regarding him and Maxie getting to know Charlotte, to which she suggests she leaves Charlotte with the two of them for a night. Nathan informs his ex it's not that he does not want to watch her but he had plans. Claudette informs him that she is very busy with things to do and also believes it would be nice for them all to get to know each other. Maxie is clearly not ok with that but when she hears that Nathan does not want to pass up an opportunity to get to know his daughter, she agrees. At that point, Claudette knows that she has successfully manipulated Maxie and Nathan into doing what she wants and runs out the door with her satisfaction. Maxie attempts to engage and talk to Charlotte and right then, the timer/beeper goes off to remind Nathan that he was too distracted to realize he may have burned their dinner.

At the boxing gym, Anna goes a few rounds with the punching bag while with Griffin. He can see that she is upset, distraught and maybe ready to hurt herself, and asks if she might want to talk. She furiously tells him she thought it would finally be over and thought she had reason to believe if she let the cops handle it and stayed the hell out, they'd bring Julian to justice. Yet not only has he gotten away with murder. Morgan Corinthos is dead due to a bomb that was meant for Julian. She knows that Sonny must have been out for blood and is now responsible for the death of his own son. She cries and expresses she is responsible for it too. She knew that Sonny would retaliate, realizing who he is yet she did nothing about it and let it happen. And so now the death of that young man is on her hands too. Right then, she gets an incoming call from Robert and asks Griffin if he could wait for her and maybe have dinner later. Yet he clearly indicates he wanted to share something with her and clearly has his own issues going on right now, for which he needs to vent his own aggression with the punching bag.

Tracy meets with Finn at The Metro Court. He starts coughing and appears sick when Hayden joins them. Tracy leaves them alone to talk and Hayden asks Finn just want happened and he admits that he has done a trial experiment for new drugs on himself. She is worried but he informs her that the alternative is death. She asks where it's doing it, realizing his hotel room is the only place in which to do it since the hospital is closed. She warns him that he cannot do this or he will end up killing himself. He protests that he knows what he is doing although she urges him to be careful. Right then, a guy who previously met and bought Hayden a drink, named Evan, appears. She introduces him to Finn and asks if possibly Evan could get them a table. After they go off, Tracy meets alone with Finn and remarks she can see that he and Hayden have feelings for each other and he's not ok about her being on a date with someone else. With Evan, Hayden listens while talks about a lot of things she does not seem interested in regarding how he manages financial grants. Yet, when she hears that he and his family may manage medical grants, she wants to talk further. It looks like he might have a way to accomplish what she wants. Yet he knows she only wants to meet with him in order to get a favor so he offer her the “favor for her friend” in exchange for her offering him what he wants. At that point, Hayden angrily leaves the table, telling Evan he's disgusting. While Tracy sits with Finn, she tells him she'd like nothing more than to find a way for him to continue his research at the hospital but her hands may be tied until she unravels the mystery of who tried to kill Lucas and Bobbie. While at the table with Tracy, Finn continues to cough uncontrollably. Hayden notices him, sees an urgent situation and then agrees to do what Evan wants in order to help Finn.

Not far away, Franco sits with Elizabeth and tells her if she trusts him, he thinks he knows of a way for GH to re-open and so that she will not have to move away. He asks her how is that.

Later, Elizabeth meets with Laura outside of Kelly's and asks how she and Spencer and Dante and Lulu have been. Laura admits that her daughter and son in law are having a real hard time coming to terms with the loss of Morgan. She expresses to Elizabeth she's glad she ran into her because she has something to discuss with her. Laura admits to Elizabeth that she is considering selling Wyndemere, admitting a major reason is she's not about to live alone in the house with Hayden. Elizabeth admits to her former mother in law that she's spending time with Franco and although Laura admits her reservations about that, she also admits that she has had similar situations having feelings for people that others disapproved of and, she informs Elizabeth if she can see the good through the darkness, that is ok. Elizabeth admits that she is falling for Franco and Laura wants to know more about that.

Right then, Franco goes to visit his mother, Heather, at her institution, making it clear to her his serious feelings about Elizabeth Webber. Although she makes it clear that she does not approve of that, he informs Heather that he's worried Elizabeth will move now that the hospital is closed. Heather asks why, given that they caught the killer of the people there. Yet, Franco informs his mom that although they convicted Paul of killing everyone except for Lucas and Bobbie Jones, he's certain that she knows all about how the attempts were made on their lives. Hearing that, Heather comments to her son that one thing they have in common is they both have wild imaginations. Yet he indicates that she had reason to divert suspicion from herself the last time they spoke about the hospital killings. Heather then admits that he is correct and she attempted to inject Bobbie and then when she failed, injected her son. But they both lived, she assesses to Franco, and so it's no big deal. Also, she informs her son, it was her way to divert suspicion that she knew the hospital had toward Franco. Hearing that, he exclaims that it's unbelievable that she would say that yet admits to his mom he believes she did whatever she did out of some twisted logic of maternal concern. And so, he asks her if she could do one specific thing that he needs out of maternal concern. He needs her to come clean about what she did so the hospital will re-open, protesting that people need their jobs and patients need care. Yet Heather protests to her son she does not believe he could care less about those things. The only reason he wants the hospital to re-open is so he can be with Elizabeth, for which she refuses to help him. At that point,, Franco declares to his mother that this “leaves him with no choice” and he walks out the door. At that point, she demands he comes back but he does not and she is clearly afraid of what he can now do, with what he now knows.

Anna goes to Kelly's while talking on the phone to Robert who has offered her a job and has expressed wanting her to go back to work f r the WSB. Right then, Andre comes by, notices Anna stressed about something and clearly wants her to talk about it. He assesses that Anna has concluded she has no options, future nor purpose for where to live or what to do for work. He then informs her that the Anna he knows would always have a door number 3. At that point, Anna calls Robert back with her terms for what she wants and what she does not want.

Right then, while Elizabeth is talking to Laura outside the restaurant, Franco finds her, smiles and informs her he thinks he has the perfect solution where he can get her what she wants and needs.

While Griffin is alone at the boxing gym and Claudette is free without her daughter whom she's left with Nathan and Maxie, she finds him. She reminds him about what happened when she first saw him. He is clearly not happy to see her and demands to know what she wants. She replies she thinks she's finally found a way for the two of them to be together. Yet he reminds her that they do not have a future together and the only thing they had in the past was her steady stream of lies. She then reminds him that he left the church a long time ago and aren’t' his orders in the past? He asks her just what it is that she wanted to talk to him about, to which she reveals that she brought Charlotte to meet Nathan and has a plan regarding her daughter and Nathan and Maxie. Hearing that, Griffin right away knows that very possibly Claudette plans to leave Charlotte with Nathan and Maxie permanently, concluding that she wants to dump her daughter off so that she can be alone with him. Claudette protests that she knows that Nathan has moved on with Maxie and nothing can change that so she's given up on him. She knows he wants and needs to have his daughter in his life. She knows Nathan is good with children and will be a good father. Maxie might be a part of that too. She knows that she cannot properly care for her daughter yet she sees a future that she could have with Griffin.

Nathan and Maxie order a pizza to have with Charlotte instead of the dinner they'd planned to have. Maxie suddenly gets a rush delivery at the door and knows it's the paternity test that she secretly authorized not long ago to hopefully prove that Charlotte is not Nathan's daughter. While they sit and time drags on with their trying to entertain and babysit Charlotte, not knowing what to say or do or how to act, all of a sudden, Nathan discovers the letter sent to Maxie from the DNA lab, and right away he knows what she has done behind his back. They argue and Maxie suddenly decides to tear up and destroy the results although they clearly have some trust issues regarding this which they both know they must somehow attempt to resolve. Right then, they discover that Nathan is not Charlotte's father right when Claudette is moving in on Griffin wanting him to be the “man for her” and to help her with her scheme.

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