GH Update Monday 10/17/16

General Hospital Update Monday 10/17/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Julian goes to Sonny's home with Nina's fruit basket in his hands. He remarks he's very surprised that Sonny would not have armed guards ready to prevent him from entering. Sonny replies he's never afraid to meet with his enemies face-to face and coldly asks him what he wants. Does he plan to kill Sonny? Julian assures him no and that he offers his condolences for what happened about Morgan, admitting he was a good kid. Yet Sonny does not buy that and demands to know what Julian wants right now. Julian then admits that they need to talk because they both know that the bomb that killed Morgan was meant to kill Julian. Sonny then reminds Julian after he murdered Duke, murdered a witness so he could get away with it and then almost slit his own wife's throat, does Julian think he's going to buy his wanting to call a truce? He stares angrily and Julian who warns Sonny that he is going to pay if he crosses him and he knows how vulnerable Sonny is to have blown up his own son and has now lost Carly. From upstairs, Nelle listens attentively to the conversation. Sonny reminds Julian that not long ago, he (Julian) had Morgan working for him. He finds it offensive that after all Julian has done, he acts like he cares about ending violence and warns him if he does not get out of Sonny's house, he might just balance the scales by ending Julian's miserable life because he can. Julian leaves yet the “basket” he brought in is still there. Sonny throws and smashes it. Nelle then comes down the stairs and asks “Mr. Corinthos” if everything is alright. He assures her she need not worry. But she wants to stay with Avery, informs Sonny she thinks he should not be alone and she can make up a bed in the guest room. Sonny agrees and expresses to her he's glad she's there for Avery.

Franco is alone in the apartment attempting to sketch feet revealing, to himself that he has to occupy his time now that Elizabeth is better and no longer needs him at her house, although he's clearly frustrated with nothing to do alone at his apartment without her. He hears a knock on the door and sees that Elizabeth is there to see him. They are clearly very happy to see each other when she reminds him that he finished off some treats she made when he left her house. He invites her in and informs her maybe she should not be on her feet so soon yet she admits she's tired of being off her feet and looking at the same 4 walls every day. They go through his drawings he's been doing and how they are both really empty and unfulfilled from having too much time and no longer working at GH. He admits that because he missed her, he distracted himself by drawing many pictures of her. She notices many pictures he's taken of her when she was in her hospital bed and in her home. She admits she misses her painting and he tells her she owes him a painting of himself. She asks if he wants her to do it “Titanic Style” picture yet admits that she has to wait to purchase art supplies or anything else and needs her paycheck from General Hospital. Elizabeth admits to Franco that even after Paul has been caught and in prison, she has not heard anything about the hospital reopening. She's looked around but has not found any job openings at any other area hospitals but has heard good things about Rochester. They talk and get up to go and get some of their favorite meals together.

Lucy Coe is alone at The Metro Court thinking about real estate and how she can make money when Tracy sits beside her at the table and angrily tells her she knows that General Hospital is on the chopping block and Lucy is the executioner, reminding Lucy that that is a disgrace to Tracy's family, her deceased father and everyone for whom it was a legacy.. Yet Lucy protest that Tracy's family is the very reason why the hospital was in the mess in the first place. Tracy asks how she could say that, reminding Lucy that she and Monica were trying to save it. Yet Lucy reminds Tracy that were it not for her psychotic serial-killer ex-husband, the hospital would not have had to close in the first place. Lucy assures Tracy she does not blame her for Paul's actions but wants Tracy not to fight her on selling the property. She concludes to Tracy if she wants to save the hospital, there's a very simple solution which would be Tracy buying it herself, suggesting maybe she could save the hospital that way. Maybe she could give back realizing that Dr. Finn and Griffin saved her life. Tracy starts to listen when Lucy tells her maybe she needs to put her money where her big fat mouth is and save the hospital. Tracy concludes she will think of that but in the mean time, she has a business to run which is ELQ. Lucy reminds her that Michael runs ELQ.

Elizabeth and Franco walk in and overhear Tracy says she's worried about what will happen and realizes the hospital needs to stay shut down. Elizabeth comes up and asks why it can't reopen now that they've caught Paul. Tracy informs her that even though they know he's responsible for “some” of the murders, he had an alibi when the murder attempts were made on Lucas and Bobbie. There could be another murderer, which Elizabeth remarks is very creepy and Tracy admits they do not currently have any other suspects in those cases. Although she realizes Port Charles is a lot safer without Paul, it's not enough to reopen the hospital, she tells Elizabeth. She goes off. Alone with Franco, Elizabeth informs him she might call Patrick and Robin to see if they know of job openings at their hospital in Berkeley. Yet Franco informs her that he might have a solution so that she can stay local.

Lucy goes to find Tracy and tells her she really thinks she should reconsider Lucy's idea. Yet Tracy tells her that she is acting just like a jungle predator going after her pray. Lucy then reminds Tracy she thinks she should buy and own the hospital. If she does that, it will not just be General Hospital. It will be Quartermaine Hospital. Not GH. QH. The Tracy Angelica Quartermaine Hospital, Lucy tells her. Hearing that, Tracy appears as though she might be motivated to do what Lucy wants.

Not far away at their table, Elizabeth assesses to Franco that she doesn't know what they will do after what Tracy has just informed them. He then informs her he might have a solution.

Outside of Kelly's, TJ meets with Curtis who informs him he wants to discuss what happened to Morgan. TJ assesses that Morgan drove a stolen car. He realizes it was not the first time he did something crazy. He was worried about his driving a stolen car but had no idea it was the last time he'd ever see him. Curtis then asks TJ just exactly what he saw the night in question. TJ admits that he knew that Morgan was not supposed to be drinking when taking his meds and was clearly spiraling from a manic episode. Curtis can clearly see that TJ blames himself for what happened and believes he could have prevented Morgan from taking the car. Yet he assures him he could not have prevented him from doing what he did nor could have known or prevented the bomb from exploding and killing him. TJ then asks Curtis about his interest in all of this and Curtis admits that he's still wired to be a cop. Knowing that Curtis clearly has a secret, TJ assesses he bets it involves helping Sonny find out who is responsible for what happened to Morgan, reminding him how distraught Sonny is and how he cares about him. Hearing that, Curtis does not admit to TJ that it was Julian who hired him to investigate Sonny and potentially get him in trouble. Yet he assesses to him that it's always terrible when someone that young dies. Yet, if anything good can come from a tragedy like this, it's when one appreciates what they still have. He admits how grateful he is to have TJ in his life and maybe some time they can see a ball game together. TJ happily agrees but has to go off.

Carly is back in her old empty house, alone with her suitcases still there, crying, distraught and in crises. She hears a knock on the door and tells whoever it is that it's not a good time. Yet she hears Jason's voice identifying himself. At that point, she rushes to open the door and hugs him. He enters and informs her she should be at home with Sonny when they need each other at a time like this.

He urges her to know that Sonny called off the hit on Julian and had no clue that the bomb was still installed in his car yet she protests it does not matter as she angrily reminds Jason she cannot go back to Sonny or the house when Morgan is not there and she has to be constantly reminded that she will never see him again. Sonny killed her son, she furiously reminds him. He informs her that she and Sonny need to be “safe” yet she angrily reminds Jason that Sonny did not keep Morgan safe. She assesses that when she remarried Sonny and he was almost killed and confined to a wheelchair for a while, she thought things would be different. Yet she should have known that Sonny would never change. He can see that she is blaming herself but she reminds Jason she is a mother and her first instinct should have been to protect her kids and she could not do that. She did not even learn her lesson when Michael spent a year in a coma. And now Morgan is dead, she reminds Jason. He holds her while she expresses how distraught she is. He tells her he does not want her to alone. She reminds him she's not alone. Josslyn is with her but Jason insists she let him stay there with her.. He informs her she can grieve any way she wants but needs to know what a great mom she is and that Morgan and all of her kids knew it. She asks why, if she was such a great mom, is Morgan dead. Jason replies because of something that could not be explained. She remarks that it's not that hard to explain. Sonny put a bomb in a car that killed their son yet Jason informs her that she needs to realize there may be more to it. He admits that he senses that he needs to find out exactly what happened and not assume without facts. He concludes that if nothing else, it might offer them all some closure.

Julian meets privately with Curtis asking if he's made any progress in finding out who put the bomb in Julian's car. Curtis reminds him that his nephew TJ was the last person to see Morgan alive before the bomb went off. Hearing that, Julian assesses as long as he has the truth, he can take Sonny down. Curtis does not reveal to Julian that he may have reservations about going after Sonny yet Julian admits that at a time like this, Sonny's guard may be down, as he reflects that maybe his top priority and focus should be on rebuilding his life with Alexis, his kids and his grandson. And, he adds to Curtis, he wants to make sure that Sonny spends the rest of his days rotting in prison.

Sonny sits alone in his bedroom drinking and in agony. Nelle asks if she can come in and offers him some tea. He cordially talks to her when she tells him about the stories she's ready to Avery and he tells her all about the stories and fun Morgan used to have with his infant daughter and how she loved him. Nelle then informs Sonny she will be with Avery if he needs anything. She shuts the door behind her and Sonny stares at all of his family photos. He remembers Morgan alive and well as well as himself and Carly in happier days.

Carly knows Jason's heart is in the right place, but she does not care if Sonny called off the hit or who or why the person did not get the message or any other circumstances. No matter what happened , she has to wake up every morning knowing that Morgan is gone, and she can never get him back. There is no closure for that. Jason then reminds Carly that he thought he saved Morgan when he managed to get him to pull over, assuring him everything would be ok. But as soon as he got out of the car, the bomb went off. He believes he should have been able to save her son but failed. Jason cries and Carly holds him in her arms. She asks if he remembers how he objected when she wanted to name Morgan after him. He thought that Morgan Corinthos would be confusing. Sonny named Michael but she insisted on naming Morgan after him, Carly reminds Jason. She says all they have now is his name, as she and Jason hold each other and mourn the loss of Morgan.

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