GH Update Friday 10/14/16

General Hospital Update Friday 10/14/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Maxie has met a little girl whom Claudette tells them is Nathan's daughter Charlotte, she tells her fiancÚ he needs to realize this girl is not his daughter. Claudette overhears the conversation and angrily tells Maxie she resents what she is saying. Yet Maxie adamantly protests that Nathan need only look at her color and appearance and can see that Claudette is lying and attempting to pass her off as his daughter. Claudette gets up to leave and declares she is done. Yet Maxie firmly tells her she is nowhere near done. Nathan gets in the middle of their dispute. Claudette declares that she was ready to be civilized about all of this but it's clear that Maxie cannot accept the reality of Charlotte being Nathan's daughter. She gets up to leave with the girl. Nathan then asks Maxie why she's “doing this”, to which Maxie firmly asks him why he cannot wake up and see that Claudette is playing him. He counters to her that she cannot assume that and may not know what she is talking about yet she tells him Claudette is committing fraud right in front of her own child. She tells him she realizes he wants to believe that he has a daughter yet they need to have a paternity test. He protests they have no reason to question this since there's already been a paternity test and so he sees no reason to do another one. Hearing that, Maxie declares that he really “wants” to believe he's the father of Claudette's child. He reminds her that he has no reason to assume he is not Charlotte's father and if he is, he needs to assess that he's lost years of her life that he cannot have again and therefore cannot miss any more. She then admits that perhaps he's right, in which case, if he has a daughter, she has gained a step-daughter. She then admits that maybe she was acting irrationally before and she apologizes. He then asks how he can smooth things over with Claudette, to which Maxie declares she might have the perfect solution.

While Claudette sits in the park with the girl, she declares that she is really excited about her meeting her father, indicating she may have an agenda to break up Nathan and Maxie. Yet we see it's entirely possible she's not lying about anything and has been falsely accused by Maxie. She gets an incoming call from Nathan.

They return to Maxie's apartment. Claudette asks why and what Maxie now wants, to which Maxie admits that the whole situation overwhelmed her and she snapped and is now apologizing, clarifying that she knows that if Nathan has a daughter and she plans to marry him, she has to do what is right by graciously honoring being Charlotte's step-mother. Hearing that, Claudette asks Nathan to take Charlotte out of earshot of her next private exchange with Maxie. She gets up close to Maxie, making sure to appear “gracious” and smiles while being seen by the little girl. Yet she tells Maxie she does not buy a word of what she is hearing. Nathan then takes Claudette outside and declares to her that she has kept him away form his daughter. Whatever she believes about Maxie, he won't let her keep him away from Charlotte, especially if she is in danger. Hearing that, Claudette tells him she is ok with that., while making it clear that she is using this as an “angle” to get close to Nathan. He clearly wants to bond with Charlotte and is happy. Claudette is clearly “happy”. As they speak, Maxie is inside and on the phone inquiring just how long it takes to perform paternity tests.

Sam returns to Alexis and confirms that Morgan got blown up in a car where a bomb was planted. And the car he was driving was Julian's. They both know that points to Sonny yet Sam reminds her mom Sonny is not the only person with means and motive to want Julian dead. Alexis declares to her daughter it's pretty obvious how this tragic thing happened to Morgan. Sam reflects that the loss of Morgan is hideous and tragic since he was a kid with his whole life a head of him. Yet, she reminds Alexis, Sonny is their friend and Kristina's father and they cannot assume the worst about him. Alexis does, however, clarify to her daughter that, given that it was Julian's car that got bombed, if only he had been driving and Sonny had succeeded in what he intended to do, it would make all of their lives much better.

Julian returns to the Crimson office and declares that it's very obvious that the reason his car blew up was due to Sonny attempting to kill him. And what happened was Sonny ended up killing his own kid. Scott Baldwin comes by and leaves with Julian. Curtis enters to meet with Nina. She asks him to come inside and discuss whether there is news about finding her a baby. He admits that finding a black market baby is illegal and dangerous for all involved and he needs to stay on the right side of the law because he wants to practice law enforcement in the future. Outside, Scott informs Julian about his progress in representing him in Carly's efforts to evict him. He declares to Julian that that is not the worse of his problems as he informs him about what Carly may be doing regarding what happened to Morgan. Julian does not listen although Scott advises him to leave town and not get himself into more trouble.

Kristina goes to Sonny's house and cries while hugging her dad over the loss of her half brother. Josslyn comes down the stairs also crying and devastated and declaring that she loved Morgan and will never be ok with the loss of him. The two girls observe Sonny who is clearly not only upset but very uncomfortable to hear their theories and inquiries about how and why it happened and what is the obvious cause of their respective half brother's tragic death.

Not far away, Michael talks to Carly realizing his mom has to face the fact that his dad has killed his brother. He asks if she is really ready to walk out on her husband and the man she loves, to which Carly gravely admits to her son she has no choice. He then asks her if she believes that leaving Sonny is the right thing to do, to which she tearfully and regretfully replies that if she had “done the right thing”, this would never have happened. She angrily tells her son that nothing really matters now that they have to face that because of Sonny's actions and her acceptance of it, Morgan is dead. She later regains calmness and apologizes for yelling at her son but tells him she hopes he realizes how she has to get out of this house and rid of Sonny and feels the way she does. She hugs him and declares how grateful she is to have him and Josslyn. She packs her suitcase and Michael helps her carry her stuff down the stairs to leave. While downstairs, Sonny overhears his daughter and step-daughter wondering what Carly and Michael are doing upstairs. When they declare to Sonny they are certain that Carly would never bail on him or move out, they see her and Michael walking down the stairs carrying all of her luggage out of the house. Michael takes his two half sisters out of the room so that Sonny and Carly can talk alone and he asks her if she's just going to walk away and leave him for good because of this. Carly asks what choice she has, reminding him that he made the choices that he's made. They cannot erase what has happened to their son. That is one consequence of their actions that will never go away. However, she declares to Sonny, there is at least one consequence that she can eliminate from her life and that is the two of them together.

Michael is in the park with Kristina, Josslyn and baby Avery when his oldest half sister wants to talk to him alone. He has Josslyn take the baby so he and Kristina can talk and she demands Michael explain what his mother is doing to their mutual dad. They both know that Carly may do more than simply leave Sonny knowing that he could go down for murder. She asks why Carly is blaming their dad for Morgan's death when it's not his fault. It's Julian's. He got away with murder and gave Sonny good reason to rid the world of him. Plus they don't even know if it was Sonny who bombed Julian's car. Michael urges Kristina to keep her voice down as not everybody knows exactly what happened. Josslyn overhears the conversation and asks why Uncle Sonny would be “responsible” for what happened to Morgan.

Back at the house, Sonny protests to Carly that he “changed his mind” about going after Julian and listened to Griffin when he talked him out of it. He called his contact and asked him to cancel their previous plans for Julian. Yet she furiously tells him it's too late, makes no difference and how can he use that as an excuse and justification. He already chose to disregard what everyone told him and knew he'd regret from going after Julian. Morgan was already in the bar, distraught, damaged, drinking, losing it. The bomb was already installed in the car and you can't go back and change any of that. Nelle enters and Carly hysterically cries and declares that their wonderful, beautiful son was blown to bits and things are not ok. Sonny attempts to comfort her but she screams and demands he not try to touch her. She has Nelle help her move the stuff and they leave together. Sonny then sits alone in the house very depressed and cries.

Nelle goes to meet with Michael, Kristina, Josslyn and Avery. She takes the baby away and Josslyn continues to demand her older sibling stop keeping secrets about Uncle Sonny's involvement in what happened to Morgan. Kristina attempts to tell her her version about how Sonny is not to blame. But Michael takes Josslyn aside as she pleads and demands that he not lie and keep secrets form her and treat her like a baby. She needs to know how and why the bomb was installed in the car that Morgan drove and got killed. Michel admits that it was Julian's car and there's an obvious conclusion as to who put it there and why. She is horrified to believe that her step-father and the man her mom loves could have murdered her brother.

Curtis goes outside the Crimson office and Julian privately meets with him asking if he could help with what Julian needs in taking down Sonny. Knowing that Julian is a murderer, Curtis does not want to help him yet Julian reminds him that after Sonny has murdered his own son, Curtis might have a good chance of getting back on the police force if he can bring him to justice. He offers Curtis money to go and investigate Sonny and how or why his car got bombed and Curtis goes off.

Nelle and Avery return to Sonny at the house. He reaches out to his infant daughter yet it appears she no longer bonds with him.

Carly goes to the park to meet up with her two kids. Josslyn rushes into her mom's arms crying and Carly holds her daughter knowing what she has just discovered. Josslyn warns her mom to know that it's obvious her dad hates Sonny although Carly is unaware of what she knows regarding that. Josslyn admits she never knew what that meant just like she never knew what it meant when people would say Uncle Sonny was a mobster. She did not understand it until Morgan died. Now, she declares to her mom, she knows who and what Uncle Sonny really is and that he has killed Morgan.

While Sonny is alone at the house, he gets an incoming call about someone at his door and goes to let “someone” in at the door. He goes to open his front door and sees Julian standing there.

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