GH Update Thursday 10/13/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/13/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alone at the house, Michael plays Morgan’s smashed phone where Kiki leaves him a message urging him to call her ASAP because she was worried. He walks around the living room, silent and sullen, looking at all the family pictures. Jason enters. Michael assumes he's there to see Carly and informs him she's sleeping and wants to be alone, yet Jason clarifies to Michael he is there to see him. Michael admits that he and everyone could seethe signs that Morgan was spiraling out of control. He could have intervened before it was too late but did not. He realizes that he confronted Sonny blaming him for what happened to Julian's car and what killed Morgan. Jason assures Michael there was nothing he could have done but Michael furiously assesses he could have been there for Morgan, made sure he was taking his meds and not drinking. Yet he failed his brother. Jason urges him to stop and informs Michael that he tried to get through to Morgan but could not and protests to Michael that his brother was the victim of a chain of many unfortunate circumstances and so Michael has to stop blaming himself. Although Jason assesses that Michael has always been there throughout Morgan's life, Michael informs him a little over a year ago, he abandoned his brother and disowned him. Jason asks if he remembers long ago, when Morgan was born, he was the first to hold him and from that day on, he was always looking out for his younger brother. He goes through the whole history of what he knows about Michael's commitment to his brother yet Michael is nonetheless distraught and devastated to have lost his brother.

At the police station, Jordan and Nathan look at pictures and brainstorm about how or why Julian's car got blown up and who did it. They both realize that Sonny is the most likely suspect and that this will devastate Dante to know that this own father may have killed his younger brother. She informs Nathan that knowing how this is affecting his partner, she sent Dante home a while ago. Dante enters making it clear he does not want to go anywhere. Shortly thereafter, TJ arrives and offers his condolences to Dante. Jordan hugs her son, indicating how grateful she is that he's ok. They go to talk alone in the park and TJ assesses to his mom that Morgan was his friend and more like a brother to Molly than her cousin. She admits to her son that the most likely suspect for planting the bomb in Julian's car is Sonny and everybody has to face that. Hearing that, TJ urges his mom to know how negative this is because he knows how much Sonny loves his kids. In response to that, she asks her son if he believes she does not know what it's like to be a parent worrying about what could happen to one's child, as she asks him to remember not long ago when he was almost killed in that warehouse because of Sonny. She feels guilty for not being there for him. Yet TJ assures his mom all is well between them and he's grateful for her. He informs his mom about the chain of events that he witnessed. He noticed Morgan drinking that night at The Floating when he should not have been and very upset and messed up at the bar. He was there when Morgan noticed the car with the keys and stole it. He feels as though he should have done something to stop him and feels responsible for the fact that he could not, although his mom assures him it is not his fault. Yet she asks if what has happened to Morgan has not woken him up to realizing what a danger Sonny is. She knows that he's been romanticizing and friendly to Sonny but now she really hopes that he finally gets it.

Back at the station, Dante expresses to Nathan that he knew the state of mind that Morgan was in yet he failed to help him. Now Morgan is dead and it's too late and Dante admits he feels like a failure as a cop and as a brother.

Meanwhile, Maxie returns to her apartment with Lulu, talking and having no clue what has just happened in Lulu's family. Yet Lulu is silent, cries and informs Maxie that Morgan is dead. Hearing that, Maxie is shocked and asks how on earth that could have happened, to which Lulu replies there was a car bomb. Maxie reflects she cannot believe that. Morgan was so young, she reflects. Lulu sobs uncontrollably and Maxie holds her in her arms and comforts her. Lulu explains that Morgan drove a stolen car and got blown up by accident. They talk about how Maxie and Nathan will soon find out if he's a dad and he will understand how all parents feel regarding their kid's mortality. She admits that she sure hopes they find out that Nathan does not have a child with Claudette. Lulu then informs Maxie she has one question which is where is Charlotte. Maxie replies that Claudette is apparently hiding her from a dangerous man. She further informs Lulu if that is true, she knows that this man is very dangerous because Lulu knows him. Lulu then asks who it is, to which Maxie informs her he is Valentine Cassadine.

At the station, right when Dante and Nathan reflect what it's like to be a parent and fear something happening to one's child and blaming oneself for not being there, Nathan assesses he has yet to experience being a dad since he never knew about his daughter. Claudette enters with a little girl and introduces her ex to his daughter, Charlotte for the first time. She faces her young daughter and reminds her that when they were recently in the car, mommy informed her that she was going to take her somewhere very important. She then faces Nathan and informs the girl that this is her dad. Claudette looks at Nathan as he smiles and greets her but does not speak. He asks if he gets a hug and she goes to hug him. Claudette then smiles and emotionally reflects to him that she always imagined what it would be like when the two of them get a chance to meet. Dante observes them attentively and asks Nathan if he wants to take the rest of the day off while he covers for him. Nathan then faces his daughter and asks if she wants to go with him to the park, feed the ducks and informs her he'd like her to meet somebody very important to him, and that her name is Maxie. Hearing that, Claudette clearly stops smiling.

At Crimson, Nina talks to Dillon, aware that he appears upset and discontented about something. She asks if maybe Kiki has decided to go back to Morgan, to which Dillon clarifies that Kiki feels as though both she and he are responsible for what happened to Morgan and does not want to move forward with him, believing that. She encourages Dillon not to let Kiki blame herself or shut him out although he knows that Kiki believes she let Morgan down and feels guilty for dumping him for Dillon. Hearing that, Nina tells him he needs to go and find Kiki and realize she needs him right now.

Kiki is alone at the docks crying uncontrollably. Franco finds her, informs her does not think she should be out there alone and comforts her while she cries in his arms. She makes it clear that she feels as though she killed him. She was not there for him and only cared about herself. Franco assures her that she is blameless and needs to know that Morgan had a lot of problems that would have happened with or without anything she had done. Yet she admits to him after they last spoke and he encouraged her to break up with Morgan, she went and spent time with Dillon and Morgan saw them together kissing. Hearing that, Franco assesses she has the right to see other people. Yet she cries as she informs him that Morgan had to see her and Dillon kissing. He was emotionally distraught and needed her and she let him down, abandoned him and dumped him for Dillon. She is the reason he got drunk and stole a car without thinking about the consequences. Franco then encourages her to go home and get some rest.

While Kiki is alone in the apartment on the couch curled up in a blanket crying and not wanting to do anything or speak to anyone, Dillon comes to the door, knocks and talks to her, urging her to please just give him a chance. He informs her she may yell at him and blame him for what happened to Morgan or do whatever she wants at this point. He just wants her to respond and to make sure she is ok. She gets up, goes to the door and opens it to see him.

After Nina encourages Dillon to go and fight for Kiki and he's encouraged Kiki not to blame herself for what happened to Morgan, Franco goes to find Nina at The Crimson office. He admits he spoke to Kiki after finding out what happened to Morgan and is concerned about the state of mind Kiki is now in. Nina informs him that she heard from Dillon what happened to Morgan and reflects to Franco she knows that Kiki is fortunate to have Franco there for her at a time like this. They both indicate they may still have feelings for each other at that point and remember the main thing that broke them up was her need to have a child, which he did not want to be a part of.

Outside Kiki's apartment, Michael overhears while she cries and hysterically admits to Dillon that she recently decided that Morgan had too many problems and was dragging her down. He knew that she abandoned him and wanted to be with Dillon. Michael appears angry when he overhears that his brother's girlfriend intended to abandon him and walks in to demand to know if she intended to break up with Morgan and dump him for Dillon. He confronts her informing her that he listened to the message she left for Morgan before he got blown up. He remarks he does not think it's an invasion of privacy, especially now that Morgan is dead and will never get the message or be able to speak to any of them ever again. He angrily confronts Kiki telling her she felt guilty and was feeling sorry for herself, whining about what a burden his brother was to her. She had complete disregard for the fact that she was Morgan's world. She knew how emotionally damaged he was but did not want to be bothered and decided she'd rather be out screwing Dillon. He lashes out at her telling her she killed Morgan, backing her into a corner while she cries. At that point, Dillon physically tackles him to the floor and demands he stops doing this to Kiki. Yet she urges Dillon to know that Michael is right. The very reason why she left all those message for Morgan was because she knew he was in trouble. They both did this to him. She sobs and screams hysterically to Dillon that she cannot be with him or look at him because he will always be a reminder of Morgan getting killed. She demands he just go. Dillon leaves and then, she turns to face Michael and tells him she is so sorry. He coldly faces her and tells her he's sorry too. He then calms down and apologizes for blaming her, admitting that no matter what any of them say or do or conclude, they cannot undo the fact that Morgan is dead, as he reminds her they both know that this is going to hurt for a very, very long time and the world will never be the same without Morgan in it.

After Nathan has gone off with Charlotte, and Dante is alone at the station, Lulu finds him. He emotionally reflects to her that Nathan just met his daughter for the first time and he was in awe of that. They hold each other, sharing their respective pain and distress.

Nathan enters Maxie's apartment with Claudette and Charlotte. He introduces his daughter to Maxie who happily greets her and asks if she wants a cookie although Charlotte is guarded around Maxie. Claudette is clearly not comfortable with Maxie talking to her child or for Charlotte seeing her dad with another woman. Maxie is also uncomfortable and immediately takes Nathan aside to tell him what she's discovered. She informs him she was willing to welcome his daughter into their lives even if she is Claudette's and respects and honors his right to be a dad. Yet now that she's seen the girl, she is convinced there is no way that she is his daughter and he must know that Claudette is lying.

After assessing what has happened to Morgan, Nina informs Franco that he has had a chance to be a father figure to Kiki and hopefully he now understands her need to have a child. For the first time he wants to encourage her to do so.

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