GH Update Wednesday 10/12/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/12/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy is on the phone demanding to know why she was not informed of the plans to sell General Hospital when she is a member of the board. Yet she hears she is somehow “barred” and the person will call security if she goes to their meeting, even though she reminds them that her family ran the hospital for years and further tells them maybe she will call security on them when she shows up. Her son Ned enters the room and greets his mom. He can see she is very on edge, and she instantly assumes her oldest son believes he has to worry about her, given what she just found out about Paul. She informs him maybe he should worry about his younger brother, instead, given that although she has no more ties to Paul, he will unfortunately always be Dillon's father. In response to that, Ned comments to his mom he has a feeling that Dillon may be taking care of his grief a certain way, as they speak. Monica enters and Tracy informs her sister-in-law that a developer wants to turn the hospital building into luxury condos.

Dillon finds Kiki at The Metro Court and they are ready to make plans. She wants to be with him but is distracted when she sees notification, on her phone, of a concert she'd previously planned and gotten tickets to see with Morgan. He asks her if she's getting second thoughts about ending it with Morgan, to which she replies no. She knows she needs to break up with him the right way although she does not understand why Morgan will not return her messages.

Ned goes to talk to Dillon at the Crimson office, reminding his younger brother that he was in a “bad way” not long ago yet he can see Dillon is feeling much better as Dillon alludes to his older brother that he's not going to let his life be ruined by worthless people. He is moving on, knowing he has good people in his life like Ned and their mutual mom. In response to that, Ned assesses he's glad to hear that but knows that the “credit” for that may be due to someone besides them. Dillon admits to his brother that Kiki is, in fact, the very reason why he's smiling, to which Ned assesses he's happy for him. Yet Ned asks about the “threat” that he and Olivia found, asking if Dillon did not put it there, then who did?

When Kiki is alone at The Metro Court, Ava finds her daughter, takes her aside and informs her they need to talk. Kiki wonders why her mom appears distraught and crying as Ava informs her that late last night, there was an accident that involved Morgan. Hearing that, Kiki asks if he's in the hospital and where she'd go to see him, to which Ava informs her daughter there's nowhere to go to see him. He's gone. Hearing that, Kiki asks her mom why she'd say that, remarking if this is her latest plan to break them up, it's a very sick thing to do. Yet Ava urges her daughter to know that she is not making this up. Yet Kiki protests that she will call Morgan and he will answer. However, she then realizes that would explain why Morgan has not returned her messages. Ava explains the whole thing to her daughter and they both realize a major thing that set Morgan off and caused him to lose it was seeing her alone with Dillon. At that point, Kiki sobs uncontrollably and runs off.

Dante calls Michael to the station. He can clearly see his younger brother has no clue why he needs to talk to him about. Dante then admits to Michael that it's about Morgan, informing him their brother is “gone”, to which Michael is puzzled as to exactly what Dante means by that. Dante informs Michael that Morgan is dead, to which Morgan remembers talking to Morgan only last night and having no idea how or why it could happen. Dante explains that Morgan got into a car that blew up on him. Hearing that, Michael asks why Morgan would be a target of someone planting a bomb, to which Dante clarifies that Morgan was in the Floating Rib, drinking. The bartender took away his keys and somehow he got a hold of Julian's car. They both assess the bomb was meant for Julian and was a hit that went wrong. Michael instantly confirms to Dante they both know that nobody wanted Julian dead more than their dad. Right then Sonny comes in through the door with Jason behind him. Michael faces his father and stares coldly at him as he informs him he knows that Morgan was driving Julian's car and it exploded. Sonny avoids his son when he demands to know how a bomb got installed in Julian's car. Jason then asks if they can do this somewhere a little more private., Michael furiously demands his dad tell how this happened. Although Sonny protests to his son that he never meant to hurt his brother, he cannot assure him, as Michael pleads, that he is not the reason Morgan is dead. him how he could justify what he did. Jason physically restrains him while he reminds Sonny that he adamantly lectured his son not to go after Paul or take the law into his hands because of Sabrina. Yet Sonny could not do the same with Julian and Morgan had to pay for it with his life.

Carly is in her bed having dreams about her family. She awakens to see Bobbie standing over her bed and asks her mom what she's doing there, to which Bobbie informs her daughter that Sonny contacted her, concerned about Carly being in such bad shape, and so she came right over. Hearing that, Carly asks her mom what about “last night”, to which Bobbie asks her daughter if she does not remember what happened. Carly then calmly reflects that recently she and Sonny confronted Morgan for cheating and getting expelled from school and she now knows they should not have been so hard on him and should have been more supportive of her son, realizing he's trying really hard and is doing his best. And so, she assesses to her mom, realizing that it's never too late to turn one's life around, as soon as Morgan comes home from work today, she's going to pull him aside and tell him she loves him. At that point, Bobbie urges her daughter to stop and to realize that Morgan is not coming home today because he's gone. Hearing that, Carly protests that was just a nightmare she had where Sonny told her he was gone. Bobbie then firmly tells her daughter she wishes it was only a dream also, but it did happen. She explains to Carly she was so overcome and upset that they gave her a pill so that she could calm down. Carly then gets up and goes down the stairs refusing to listen, informing her she needs to get ready to talk to Morgan and help him and all. Yet she notices Sonny's jacket covered in mud, remembers her husband coming home last night, dirty, looking like hell and having a horrified look on his face. She then remembers the whole thing yet she urges her mom to know that it could not be happening. Her beautiful wonderful handsome little boy Morgan cannot be dead. She breaks down crying in her mom's arms. Shortly thereafter, Dante comes by. Carly asks him to tell him what happened. He explains the whole thing about Morgan getting drunk at The Floating Rib, taking Julian's car and a bomb exploded in the car and killed him. At that point, she inquires and instantly answers the question of why there'd be a bomb installed in Julian's car, who put it there and she concludes that Sonny may have had something to do with it. Dante admits the cops do not have information about that yet they both know what is obvious. He leaves.

At The Metro Court, Lulu meets with her mom and wants Laura to consider having a relationship with Kevin. Laura assures her daughter she and Kevin have resolved their differences and are now friends again. Yet Lulu wonders why she only wants to be friends and if her mom believes she could ever trust Kevin again. Olivia comes to talk to them, happily suspecting nothing. Lulu gets a call from her husband and leaves her mother and mother-in-law alone at the table to talk. They both assess being mutual grandmas, about Olivia's baby and relationship with Ned and Olivia wants to find out if Laura has been seeing Dr. Collins. She encourages her not to give up on someone who makes her happy just because of reservations she may have.

While Dillon is happily talking to Ned at Crimson, suspecting nothing, Kiki enters the room. Dillon can see that she is crying and emotionally distraught and needs to know what is going on with her. She tells him. He is shocked to hear what happened to Morgan, tells her he's sorry and assures her he will be there for her.. Yet she informs him she cannot go through with this because they are the reason Morgan snapped. He saw them together, she protests and that is how and why he lost it. Dillon protests to her, however, that Morgan has had serious mental health issues that had nothing to do with them or the situation, yet she cries and argues that if they had not chosen to have their secret entanglement when Morgan was in this state of mind, he'd e alive today. She leaves and gets on the elevator.

Michael returns to the Quartermaine house with Jason behind him and informs them what happened to his brother. Tracy and Monica are horrified and upset. Tracy then tells them it's pretty obvious what happened when a bomb exploded in Julian's car and who planted it there. She lashes out at Jason telling him that this is the last straw. Sonny cannot get away with killing his own kid. When Jason protests, she tells him she does not think he has any right to get involved in this and has lost that right when he turned his back on this family, Monica then urges her to stop this and tells Tracy that's “enough.” With that, they leave them along to talk. Alone with Jason, Michael assesses he knows that Morgan stole the car because he was manic. He was manic and they were not paying attention to the signs and so they are all to blame. Yet there was only one person who installed the bomb that killed him. Hearing that, Jason assesses he knows where this is going and Michael needs to realize that Julian had a lot of enemies besides Sonny yet Michael asks him if he really believes that anyone other than Sonny is responsible for that.

Kiki rides on the elevator and plays the songs to the concert she was going to see with Morgan before she decided to break up with him and be with Dillon. She breaks down crying when she listens to the music. Dillon is seen alone in the Crimson office. Ava goes to find Bobbie, making it clear that she's crying and very upset and tells Bobbie she's terribly sorry for her loss and cannot imagine what she must feel. Bobbie then ass Ava if she ever loved her grandson, reminding Ava that Morgan was just a kid and did not know what he was doing but she knew better. Ava cries and confesses that she loves Morgan and knows many others did too. Ava then gets on the elevator and leaves.

Lulu goes to meet Dante in the police interrogation room and is shocked to see her husband furiously throwing chairs and extremely upset. She asks him what is going on, to which he replies that Morgan is dead he he's certain he will have to arrest his father for murdering him. Lulu suggests to Dante that maybe there's a mistake and Sonny did not plant the bomb in Julian's car. Yet he knows what his father intended to do. He further informs his wife that Morgan was the first Corinthos he met when he first came to town and his brother had his whole life ahead of him. He cries and Lulu holds him and comforts him.

Carly plays the recording of the message she put on Morgan’s phone, urging him to reach out to her and realize things will be alright. Sonny returns. She faces her husband, informs him this is Morgan's phone where she left a message for him. Yet he never got the message and never will because he got in a car and a bomb blew it up. Carly furiously shows Sonny a picture of Morgan as a child. She screams at him that their beautiful little boy is dead and he killed him. Sonny silently cries and does not respond as she throws and smashes the glass with the picture on the floor.

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