GH Update Tuesday 10/11/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/11/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court, Nelle notices that Franco does not have a way to pay for his consumption as he attempts to find a valid credit card but has nothing to give her as a form of payment. He then informs her that he and her boss lady (Carly) have had a relationship so maybe she will waive the payment for him. At that point Nelle asks for his name, to which he replies Jason Morgan. In response to that, Nelle informs him she knows Jason Morgan and this man is not Jason. Carly also enters and confirms that Franco is “no Jason Morgan”. Yet Franco informs Nelle that he and Carly were once engaged, to which Nelle informs him she's never heard that. Franco protests that this food he is ordering is for Elizabeth. Carly reminds him if he cannot pay for it, he cannot take it and needs to leave. He continues to protest that although he knows Carly does not like Elizabeth, she needs to realize that Elizabeth did authorize what she thought was donating her deceased son's kidney to save Carly's daughter's life. At that point, Carly angrily tells Franco he may take the food for Elizabeth and get out of her hotel. After he's gone, Carly assesses to Nelle that Franco is not her favorite person nor is she proud of the fact that she almost married him. She realizes Nelle is also interested in what Franco revealed about Elizabeth believing she had donated her son's kidney to Josslyn (which they both now know clearly did not happen). She reflects to Nelle that she has a very interesting past and a reputation around town. She tells Nelle how she thinks it's great that Nelle wants to be a teacher. Yet they both realize that Carly has yet to take care of what happened to the sprinkler system at the hotel. Nelle then promises her she will go and take care of that.

Sam goes to Elizabeth's home and remarks she's glad she is recovering and going to be alright knowing that not everyone Paul Hornsby targeted at the hospital was as fortunate. They also talk about the baby Sam is having with Jason. Sam assesses she realizes the two of them may never be friends yet she believes that maybe, for the sake of the families, the two of them could co-exist, to which Elizabeth agrees. Yet she informs Sam that one of the things that all people in her life have to accept is that Franco is now a part of her life.

Julian goes to find the cops after his car has gotten blown up. Dante is there and less concerned about Julian's car than about Morgan whom they still cannot find in the wreckage. Dante attempts to find Morgan and privately cries when it appears that his younger brother may have been killed.

Jason goes to Sonny's home. Sonny notices his clothes are torn and soiled, asks what happened and Jason informs him there's been an accident. He informs Sonny that Morgan took a car and drove it under the influence, further explaining that he went after Morgan in his vehicle and convinced him to pull over so they could talk. Yet, as soon as Morgan stepped out of the car, Jason explains to Sonny, it blew up.

As soon as Sonny finds out what has happened to Morgan, he rushes to the scene although Dante restrains his dad from entering the car. He informs Dante and Jason he believes this can only mean that Morgan got out of the wreckage ok, there's no reason to worry and they must now find him. Yet Dante urges his dad to know that they have not found Morgan and they cannot assume he's alive and well and everything is ok. Yet Sonny does not listen and rushes off. Alone with Jason, Dante assesses that Morgan stole Julian's car. And very likely, the reason it blew up is because of Sonny.

Ava is alone at hers' and Julian's mutual apartment when her brother returns. He needs his sister to inform him if anybody has seen them or suspects them. She replies not that she knows of and he instructs her to help him protect himself from being seen or noticed. She can see her brother is very worried and afraid of something and asks him what is up, to which he informs his sister they are in trouble. She asks what happened and he informs her that his car blew up, to which Ava asks who would blow it up and suggests it could be Sonny., clearly assuming there's no cause for worry as long as Julian is ok. He informs her, however, that Morgan was driving his car when it got blown up. Hearing that, Ava is hysterical and distraught knowing what that means for Morgan. She urges her brother to assure her that Morgan could not be dead. Yet, having no clue why she'd be so worried, and realizing what everyone will assume happened, Julian is not worried. He clarifies to his sister that clearly Sonny planted the bomb for him (Julian) yet Morgan got in the car and got blown up instead, which makes Sonny responsible for killing his own son.

At the crime scene, Dante concludes the very same thing to Jason and is horrified to know that his father’s war with Julian has cost Morgan his life. Sonny then returns and continues to tell both of them they will find Morgan and he will be ok. Yet Dante continues to remind his father there's no way Morgan could have survived. At that point, Sonny rushes and calls to Morgan that he needs to find him. At that point, he and Jason leave together to find Carly

Jordan finds Dante and asks her detective what he knows about this explosion and if he believes that someone might be targeting his brother, to which he replies that it was not Morgan's car. It was Julian's. She then assesses that clearly somebody wanted Julian dead, to which Dante reminds his boss that Julian has a lot of enemies. Instantly Jordan concludes it was Sonny who planted the bomb in Julian's car. She faces Dante and informs him that she will not go after Sonny tonight realizing what he is going through although she has to do her job. She assesses she can see Sonny is not the only person grieving here and tells Dante she is so sorry for his loss.

While Sam is talking to Elizabeth, Franco returns and Sam makes it clear that although she respects Elizabeth's choices, she will never like or be comfortable around Franco. She reminds Elizabeth that although it's her business who she dates, Jason is the father of her son and he has the right to know who she allows near his son, to which Elizabeth confirms to Sam that she respects Jason's rights and Jason needs to respect hers' and Franco's privacy. Sam angrily tells Franco the only reason she tolerates him is because she does not want her husband to go to jail for confronting somebody as worthless as him. Jake comes down the stairs. Sam cordially greets him and he greets her back. Yet he tells all three of them he knew they were fighting and he does not like hearing people speak ill of Franco. Franco then takes Jake aside and explains to him the reason Sam and others don’t like him is due to the fact that, a while back, he (himself) was “not a nice person”. Hearing that and incapable of understanding how Franco could ever be “bad”, Jake listens as Franco admits he had a disease growing in his brain, which has since been removed and he's been cured, that caused him to hurt Sam as well as many other people. Jake asks him if he's told them he's sorry to which Franco admits that he never told many people that he's sorry because it seemed pointless and as if, no matter what he does, they will never forgive him for what he used to do. Jake then asks Franco if he is now trying to do good, to which Franco assures him he does intend to do the right thing and promises Jake he is “not going anywhere”. Both Elizabeth and Sam mindfully listen.

After Sonny tries and fails to save Morgan, he goes home with Jason, clearly knowing what they are facing having to tell Carly what has just happened. Jason wants to go inside with Sonny but Sonny urges Jason to go home to Sam and his boys and assure them that he loves them.

Ava demands that Julian tell him why Morgan would steal his car, to which he replies to his sister it may have merely been a prank, given one will never know what goes on in that kid's mind. He reminds her she needs to know Morgan was clearly drunk on top of taking his meds. Ava remembers going up to Morgan's bedroom and replacing his meds with something he was unaware he was taking. She cries and her mascara drips when she admits to her brother that Morgan's state of mind is because of her.

Jason goes to Elizabeth's home where she, Sam, Jake and Morgan can all see that something has happened. He wants to be upbeat for Jake although he realizes that sooner or later they will all have to know what happened.

When Sonny returns to Carly, she can see by his soiled and torn clothes and appearance, as well as his grave expression that something has happened. He tells her “it's Morgan”. She hears that and tells her husband he cannot tell her and she will never believe that their baby boy is not ok. She's his mother, she protests, and she'd know. Yet he informs his wife that they have to accept that Morgan is dead. She breaks down crying as does Sonny while the camera moves from their house to outside the window.

Julian concludes to Ava that he need not worry nor should she. Sonny intended to kill him and wound up killing his own son instead. The cops will have enough on their plate with Sonny not to be giving him a hard time right now. Yet she drinks, cries and is distraught knowing what she did to Morgan. She then remembers, as we see all the scenes, of when she and Morgan first met, started sleeping together and enjoying each other's company and all the times they spent together. She remembers that she once loved Morgan and he-her. She remembers replacing his meds in order to make him lose it and so Kiki would break up with him. She breaks down crying, sobbing, yelling and throwing things realizing what she has done.

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