GH Update Monday 10/10/16

General Hospital Update Monday 10/10/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Morgan is driving drunk after taking the keys to Julian's car, Jason drives behind him and finally convinces him to get out of the car and talk, promising that they will “fix things”. However, as soon as Morgan gets out of the vehicle, it appears to blow up in an explosion. Jason rushes to put out the fire from the explosion that has suddenly happened. When it appears he cannot find Morgan or get him out of the car, Jason gets on his phone to send ambulances and paramedics to the scene right away.

Back at The Floating Rib, Julian's hired man informs him that his car has been stolen. Assessing all of that, Julian then realizes that he could be in serious trouble for what could happen to whomever stole his car. TJ returns to Molly who can clearly see that he's been assaulted and needs to know what happened. He admits that her cousin Morgan assaulted him when he attempted to prevent him from taking the car and getting himself into trouble. Hearing that, Molly expresses concerns that Morgan should never be drinking much less driving when he's bi polar and required to take meds. Dante walks in. Julian notices Sonny's detective son and informs him that the cops need to do something after his car has been stolen. Molly and TJ sit nearby and overhear. Dante grudgingly assures Julian he will do his job although he clearly is not happy to see him roaming free asking for police assistance. TJ approaches Dante and tells him he thinks he knows who stole Mr. Jeromes car, to which Dante asks whom that would be. TJ replies it was Morgan

Meanwhile, Dillon is lost in thought remembering being with Kiki, declaring and confirming with her that they have not gotten over each other. She realizes she has to break up with Morgan and realize who she really wants to be with. She leaves a message for Morgan unaware of what has just happened.

At The Metro Court, Carly and Sonny are both also unaware of what has happened to Morgan. He has just gotten done speaking to Griffin who has convinced him not to go through with what he intends to do with Julian. Carly can see what appears to be a major change in her husband. He admits to her that faith sometimes finds a person when it's unexpected. She then asks if he is saying that he will not go after Julian to which he admits he realizes what he has to lose if he does. Carly declares she is grateful because she knows how hard this is for him and informs him he's made her very, very happy. She assesses she's encouraged that everything will be alright for their family. Sonny assesses so is he and they get ready to go home together. Nelle finds them and informs them she got tickets for Josslyn and others to see Shawn Mendez. Carly is really happy to hear that. Kiki enters and asks if Morgan is nearby. They reply they have not seen him and Carly remarks she “thought and hoped” that Morgan would be with her, reminding Kiki that Morgan needs her at a time like this, especially when his parents cannot get through to him the way only she can. Sonny concurs to Kiki that he knows how much his son relies upon her and is very grateful for all she's done for him. Hearing that, Kiki is silently indicating she's not comfortable with what she is just hearing. Carly asks her if “everything is alright”. At that point, Nelle takes Kiki aside and informs her she ran into Morgan at The Floating Rib and he seemed in a very negative state of mind and he indicated he thought that he and Kiki might be breaking up. Hearing that, Kiki is clearly very upset and overcome with guilt.

Finn and Hayden meet with Tracy at a table not far away and inform her that they “overheard” something at the hospital when they were recently there after it was closed and dark. She is not worried hearing that, knowing that Paul has been arrested, and informs them it would only seem the hospital will re-open in another month. Yet Finn clarifies that may not happen since he and Hayden heard that General Hospital will be for sale. Hearing that, Tracy tells them she doubts that and would know if it was happening, since she's on the hospital board. Yet Hayden clarifies that Lucy Coe and a realtor appear to be keeping it a secret. Hearing that, Tracy remarks that Lucy Coe has been a major thorn in her side for a long time. They both clarify to Tracy that they heard the plans are to relocate the hospital after selling or renovating the property where it was before, although they would not say exactly what the plan is or what will happen.

Tracy goes to find Dillon at Crimson, admitting she was concerned about what might be going on with him after finding out what his father has done. And so, she remarks to her son, she did not want him to be alone. Hearing that, Dillon clarifies to his mom that he was not alone and feels pretty good, and further remarks that one good thing came of this big mess with his dad. Hearing that, she asks what, to which he admits to her that Kiki was with him and they declared they want to be together. Meanwhile, Dillon declares to his mom that he believes Kiki is the right person for him. She “gets him”, he tells his mom, and hopes that she will some day accept that. Tracy then remarks to her son she now realizes she is in no position to give anyone advice nor be a judge of character, given that she trusted his father. With that, she declares she is in full support of Kiki if she makes Dillon happy. She then informs her son that a contractor is considering turning GH into condos. They both want to fight it. He admits that whenever he thinks about the man he once knew as his father and realizes now that he never knew him, he feels like he's drowning. He reflects that if General Hospital may be closing down for good, that could be the final straw.

Alone at the table at The Metro Court, Finn reveals to Hayden that he may have an opportunity although he does not want to et his hopes up. Hearing that, she assesses to him that maybe he will be able to get the closure he's always wanted and be able to move on with his life. He gets a signal on his phone reminding him to take his prescription drugs. At that point, he knows he needs to go off somewhere where he's alone and she will not know what he's doing. Nelle comes by and informs Hayden that a man came by and wanted to give Hayden a business card that she presents to her. Shortly thereafter, Finn returns to Hayden and they see that a strange man not far away has ordered her champagne. She clarifies that this man is the president of an investment firm.

While TJ and Molly are talking to Dante at The Floating Rib, Julian reminds his hired man that he knows if something happens to Morgan, Sonny will seek revenge upon Julian although he can clearly see that nobody could care less that his car has been stolen.

Outside in the parking lot, Dante calls the fellow officers to inform them that his younger brother is driving a stolen car, may be drunk, yet he urges them to go easy on Morgan and realize he is in a fragile emotional state. Molly remarks to him that her sister Kristina saw Morgan recently and noticed that he is losing it right when everyone thought he was making positive progress. Dante then gets an incoming call informing him what has happened, right when we see fire fighters at the scene of the wreckage when nobody knows what has happened to Morgan or if he's alive or dead. Dante rushes off.

Molly and TJ go back inside The Floating Rib and face Julian, indicating that they do not care about him and will not let Morgan get in trouble. He then meets with his hired man, while on his phone, still trying to access what may have happened to his car on GPS. He realizes he cannot trust anybody to help him with what he wants, realizes the guy got distracted after abandoning and leaving the keys in Julian's car and is responsible for what happened. With that, Julian fires the guy. Kiki comes by and asks if he may have seen Morgan, to which Julian remarks to his niece that he did but then knows that her “over-medicated boyfriend” stole his car and drove drunk. With that, he strongly urges Kiki to get rid of Morgan just like her mom wants because she needs to know how it will only drag her down if she stays with him. Molly and TJ know that very possibly, Julian will use Morgan's bad choice to ruin his life and to make him pay, just in order to stick it to Sonny.

Sonny and Carly return to the house and she admits that on their wedding day, right when she was waiting to marry him, Jason walked in and informed her Sonny had been shot. She knew, right away, that something was wrong although love got them through. He then reflects how he let his hatred for Julian drive him away from his family distract him from what is more important which is his wonderful and beautiful wife. They go upstairs together. They talk all about how special they are to each other and have their intimate moment together, get undressed and sleep together. Shortly thereafter, she gets a call informing her that the sprinklers went off at The Metro Court because of a fire. She informs Sonny she has to rush off although she still suspects nothing, intends to return soon and make Sonny her primary focus.

Dante rushes to the scene of the wreckage and demands to know where the car is and where is Morgan. Jason gravely replies that Morgan “was there” and then he “wasn't, as he explains to Dante all that happened when he first found Morgan, after he stole the car and he talked him into pulling over. It looked like Morgan was going to listen to him but as soon as he got out of the car, it suddenly exploded. Dante is devastated to hear that.

In the parking lot, Kiki cries while she continues to call and leave messages for Morgan, urging him to call her, realizing that she hurt him and telling him she needs to talk to him.

Julian finds Dante and Jason at the scene and demands to know what happened to his car. Dante admits he does not have the details but knows the car exploded.

While Carly goes to the Metro Court and still suspects nothing, she talks to Sonny who also suspects nothing. Sonny wants to wait up for his wife, since he doesn't want to go to bed alone. As soon as Sonny gets off the phone, Jason comes to the house to talk to him. Sonny can tell something very tragic has happened and asks Jason what it is. Jason replies that it's about Morgan.

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