GH Update Friday 10/7/16

General Hospital Update Friday 10/7/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Julian is getting off the Metro Court elevator when Carly tells him she needs to give him something even if he is not interested. He opens up an envelope she gives him and warns her that she does not want to “push him” although she confidently confirms to him that “it's already been done”. Jason appears and asks Carly if there is a problem there, to which she asks Julian if they do. She reminds him she's discussed it with her attorney and found out she has adequate grounds to evict him from his apartment on the property and never serve him again at The Metro Court. Not far away, Julian gets on his phone to call Scott and ask if he could offer him legal representation after Carly has taken action to evict him. Jason talks to Carly realizing that she's got something on her mind. She admits that Morgan got expelled from PCU. She thought everything was going well. He was taking his meds, ready to enroll in school, doing well at his job and getting his act together. Yet now, he's really losing it and everything is going down the drain for him. He asks her if maybe the meds just need a while to kick in and wants her to not worry. She then hugs Jason and assesses he is right. She's merely worried about her baby boy but is encouraged to believe that everything will be alright. Jason goes to find Morgan.

Meanwhile, in the Crimson office, Kiki and Dillon are passionately kissing. At that point, she pulls away and he apologizes, assessing that he's crossed the line and taken advantage of a good friend. Yet she clarifies to him that he did not take advantage of her or do anything she does not want him to do. She acknowledges they both know that she kissed him back although he tells her that he was sharing his pain about his father with her. Yet she admits to her she knows it's more than that and that she does not think she ever completely got over him. Hearing that, he asks what about Morgan. Kiki admits to Dillon that when Morgan first got out of Freedman, things were a little bit awkward. But then, little by little, they re-connected and things were great for a while. But just recently things change. Hearing that, he makes note of what he is hearing as she admits she loves Morgan but knows that it's an unhealthy relationship where he leans on her and makes her a crutch. She knows she's making sacrifices, doing back-flips and losing sight of who she is and what she wants in her life. She realizes that she may have been mistaken to get the idea that Morgan is the one for her. She cries, regretfully admitting that she has gone back and forth between him and Morgan and using them both and she wishes it could stop. He urges her not to feel bad and to please listen to him as he her he did what he thought was the right thing by going back into the “friend zone”, giving her and Morgan their space. Yet he admits that he never completely got her out of his system. At that point, they kiss again, and she declares to Dillon that she cannot move forward with him until she is completely honest with Morgan, realizing her present boyfriend will not take it well when she breaks it off with him.

Alexis is alone in her house, drinking and in a negative life condition when she's startled to hear the doorbell ring and see Sam and Molly at the door. They happily announce to their mom that they are surprising her and see she is not entirely comfortable to see them or have them see her in her present state. They immediately ask if she has been drinking. She informs them that the glass and bottle of wine on the table belonged to Anna Devane who just recently left. They seem to want to believe that and visit with their mom although she asks them both why they are there and not on dates. In response to that, Molly reminds her mom that last they spoke, she heard that her mom got a new job that they wanted to celebrate with her. Hearing that and realizing that nobody will hire her, even for jobs beneath her, Alexis does not know how to respond to that. She does not want her daughters to worry about her. As soon as Molly goes into the other room, Sam tells her mom she did a good job of convincing her youngest daughter everything is ok but her oldest daughter may know better. With that, Sam informs her mom she may have a perfect solution for her. Before they can continue their conversation, Molly enters and remarks that social media is alleging that Alexis wanted to go to Julian's hearing drunk and refuse to testify against him so that he could go free. Although Alexis reminds her daughter that free speech is legal, Molly remarks it's cruel and un-called-for and she wishes they would just leave her mom alone. Again she asks her daughter if she does not have a date with TJ and Sam-with Jason. Yet they both know they need to make their mom their highest priority.

Morgan continues to sit alone at The Floating Rib, noticing his “futile” medication schedule and continues to ask the bartender to serve him more alcohol. He notices Ava and Scott Baldwin enter and she stares, very mindfully at Morgan. Scott sits at a table with Ava and reminds her she owes him his legal fees. She evades that but he reminds her that he can see she is noticing Morgan and has shared with Scott that she's replaced his medication with placebos. Hearing that, she reminds Scott that she confided in him about that under attorney-client privilege. Yet he warns her to stay away from a kid who clearly has a screw loose. She disregards what Scott advises her, remarking that at a time like this, Morgan might “need” her. In response to that, Scott remarks it will be her funeral. She then goes and sits by Morgan who tells her he wants her to leave him alone. Yet she asks him if he “found” Kiki, to which he replies he sure did. Not far away, Scott talks to Julian on the phone reminding him that both he and his sister owe Scott some pretty steep legal fees. While Morgan talks to Ava, the bartender refuses to serve him any more alcohol. She urges him to know that she merely wants to protect her daughter. Yet he tells Ava he knows she does not care about anything or anybody except herself and remarks to her she finally got what she wanted. Hearing that, she asks what he is talking about, to which Morgan replies that he just caught Kiki and Dillon sleeping together. Hearing that, she is shocked and goes back to sit with Julian and Scott. Alone at the bar, Morgan, again, asks the bartender to pour him another drink, to which he reminds Morgan he already told him he's done for the night. Morgan then gets ready to pay him and puts his keys on the table and the bartender takes his keys although Morgan tells him he “cannot do that”. The bartender remarks yes he can and instructs Morgan to take a cab.

Julian gets out of his car with his own “hired man” and goes inside The Floating Rib, asking the guy to wait outside for him. We see that this guy has a wound on his arm. The guy's phone rings, he gets distracted and leaves the keys in Julian's car while he goes off and the car is unattended.

Griffin urges Sonny to know if he believes in God and if he honor's His commandments, how will he be able to live with himself if he goes through with what is in his heart? How will he be able to face Carly when he has the blood on his hands after committing a fatal sin ? He warns him he does not want the sins of the father visiting upon his sons. Hearing that, Sonny asks him if he ever gets tired of sitting in judgment of “us flawed sinners”. Yet Griffin tells him if he was at peace with his actions, he would not be seek solace in the house of God. He further tells Sonny that Sonny may think he's “all high and mighty” but nothing could be farther from the truth, as he informs him he's done terrible things which he regrets. Sonny asks him if he believes he's saving himself by getting into Sonny's business. Yet Griffin does not want to end this conversation. Sonny reminds Griffin that Julian murdered his father. He murdered the only witness who knew what Julian did who was the father of an infant. Julian also attempted to murder Alexis and almost slit her throat. Sonny asks Griffin why he expects him to turn the other cheek and when will he be able to have the right to defend himself? Yet, hearing that,, Griffin remarks that it appears that Sonny has doubts about what he is doing. He reflects that he realizes that nobody can walk on water like Jesus. However, they can listen to Jesus. Sonny then reflects that Jesus is divine but he is human. Griffin then remarks to Sonny he does not know what Sonny did in his past but he knows what he is planning to do now and it's wrong, as he reminds Sonny he has the chance to make this right for himself, Carly, his kids and everyone in his life. Sonny walks away and when he's out of earshot, gets on his phone. He asks his contact to “cancel the job”, to “not worry about it”, and to tell the “contractor to stand down”. Griffin observes him from a distance and stays inside the chapel after Sonny leaves. He then faces the hands of the statue of the holy figure and thanks the Lord for helping Sonny to know the goodness and mercy that is in him. He asks Him to help Sonny find peace.

Morgan leaves The Floating Rib when Julian enters to see Ava with Scott Baldwin. Outside the bar, Morgan walks and TJ Ashford finds him, greets him and can clearly see he is not alright. He offers to drive him home although Morgan remarks he sees a car right in front of him with keys. TJ informs him he will not let him go through with what he is considering doing. Morgan then informs TJ he's right, as he thanks TJ for helping him, realizing he's not going to steal a car and drive drunk. However, as soon as TJ leaves and he's alone, Morgan gets behind the wheel.

Inside, Ava sits at the table with Julian and Scott, expressing concerns about the possibility that Morgan would be driving, hoping he will call a cab. Julian does not want to discuss it, reminding his sister he's in the middle of a crises., and asks why he should care about that, to which she replies because Morgan is dating Julian's niece. Yet Julian suggests his sister look on the bright side, knowing that if Morgan really screws up, Kiki will finally dump him once and for all. Won't this be her golden opportunity, he asks her? Isn't it obvious that Morgan is a mess? Yet Ava protests to her brother that although that may be true, she does not want to see anything “bad” happen to Morgan. Julian finds it odd and wonders if his sister merely has a “soft spot” for her “ex boyfriend” although she protests that is not true. Scott listens attentively knowing very well what Ava is talking about, thinking and feeling about what is happening to Morgan right now.

Outside, Jason meets with TJ who informs him that Morgan has just taken someone else's car and is driving drunk. Jason goes after him in his vehicle and calls him, reminding him what he just did. Yet Morgan informs Jason it no longer matters. His life is over. He's an embarrassment to his entire family. Jason protests his parents love him yet Morgan argues that they hate him. He got kicked out of school for cheating. How stupid is that? Jason then protests to Morgan he knows he's going through a lot right now but all this can be fixed and asks him to please just pull the car over. Yet Morgan continues to drive and not listen although Jason urges him to let Jason help him and pull the car over. Morgan then notices an incoming call from his mom, where we hear Carly leaving a message for her son telling him she wanted to call and tell him how sorry she was for how they ended things when they last spoke earlier today. She sensitively tells him she knows how upset he is about school but it's just a set-back as she encourages him everyone has had them and they all know he will rise above this. She informs him nobody wants him to be perfect. They love him for who he is knowing he's good and kind and worth so much. So, she urges him to call her back.

Jason flashes his lights behind Morgan and finally persuades Morgan to pull into a stop where they can talk after confirming that Morgan trusts him that much. Julian just finds out that his car has been stolen. And as soon as Morgan gets out of the car to talk to Jason, we see an explosion and it looks like the car has blown up.

Sonny returns to Carly at The Metro Court after talking to Griffin and deciding not to go through with his previous plan. She is happy to see him and remarks that something is “different” about him. He is no longer wound up so tight and seems relaxed. They both seem ok and suspect nothing.

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