GH Update Thursday 10/6/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/6/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan goes over to the cabin where he thinks he will find Kiki with Dillon. He looks in the window and sees a silhouette of two people kissing and looking like they are ready to sleep together. He is devastated.

At the Metro Court, Anna sits at a table with Griffin and he praises her for taking down Paul Hornsby. Yet they know that the loss of Sabrina will hurt many people including Emma. She also reminds him that the man who killed his father has gone free and they both admit they cannot believe that Julian has gotten away with his crimes. He admits that he cannot accept what happened to his father although he has religious convictions that prompt him to believe it was all in God's plan. He admits to Anna, however, that whenever he sees or thinks of Julian, he feels hatred. He knows that is “not very Christian”. She remarks that is human.

When Alexis is alone in her house, Julian enters. Although she demands he gets out, reminds him she's served him with a restraining order, threatens to call the police and asks what part of that he does not understand, he calmly tells her he's merely there to collect his belongings and then he will leave. Yet he wants to stay there longer than is necessary and still wants to convince her that he cares about her and is not willing to let her go. Anna appears at the door to see him inside Alexis' house.

Sonny goes to the church and appears to be talking to God reminding him that since Julian has gotten away with murder, he has to take drastic action. we see a man who appears to be a priest asking Sonny if he's there for confession. Sonny admits that although he's a member of the church, he knows he will continue to sin and has his own codes that may be different than what the church wants. He reminds the priest he let the courts deal with Julian but they failed. It did not work. Julian is now a free man. He has to get justice on his own and so the priest needs to know what he believes he has to do. Sonny turns around to see Griffin appear and overhear what he is saying. Sonny informs him he was merely there to talk to the boss, to which Griffin remarks he's there for the “same reason”. Hearing that, Sonny firmly remarks he doubts that, knowing that Griffin clearly does not seek revenge. Griffin admits he's asking God for guidance in order to be humble and have mercy. In response to that, Sonny asks just what that gets him, to which Griffin replies by reciting his beliefs. Sonny admits to Griffin that his wife married him knowing who he is and how his business operates. And now she wants him to change. Hearing that, Griffin suggests maybe that's why he's there. Sonny protests that getting justice is not just for himself, reminding Griffin all the people Julian has hurt including Duke's son. Griffin then admits to Sonny that he wants justice as much as Sonny does but asks Sonny a question regarding what gives him the right to serve justice to Julian. Sonny then replies he does not go after innocent people. He goes after bad people. He has resources that not all people have. Hearing that, Griffin asks if he means that might makes right. Sonny then reminds him that Julian is a threat to many people and can go after the people Sonny loves. SO, Sonny asks if he's supposed to just sit back and do nothing.. They both stare at the cross and wonder what to do next, given all that has happened. Sonny remarks he wonders where God was when his stepfather beat his mother and him when he was a child and they were both helplessly at his mercy unable to do anything about it.

Morgan goes to The Floating Rib and indicates this is not the first time he's gone there to drink and the bartender is used to serving him. He notices Nelle there on her phone and informs her he just found out that his girlfriend is cheating on him. She offers her condolences and reveals that she's looking for a place to live, realizing now that she's working for his mom, she can afford some place decent. She does, however encourage him to sit down and talk. He sits beside her yet he makes it clear he's drinking again.

we see Olivia and Ned in bed together happily, admitting that they have to sneak away in order to have their very enjoyable encounter together. They reveal that they are in a private cabin somewhere in order to hide from Julian. She then opens the door and sees an indication that someone is trying to send them a message and she is worried. He urges her not to panic but she informs him this is a threat from Julian telling them he does not want Ned to be the man in Leo's life. She protests to Ned he needs to know that Julian is a vile, hateful, spiteful narcissist who would do this in order to intimidate them. He then concludes he will not be threatened by Julian.

When Anna comes to Alexis' house, she warns Julian that what goes around comes around and sooner or later, he will find out that his actions will back fire upon him. Yet he is not very worried as he leaves. Alexis then informs Anna she may come in although not for long, as she remarks to Anna she knows why she's there. She tells Anna she knows that she ruined her own testimony against Julian. She realizes Anna blames her for that. She protests that yes, she had one drink that day before the hearing but only one drink. She does not know exactly what happened to her in order to prevent her from successfully testifying against Julian so that Anna could get justice. Anna protests that she is upset about that but she is also worried about what is happening to Alexis because of this. Alexis protests that nobody is as disappointed in her as herself. She ruined it all. Anna then tries to talk to her but all Alexis can hear is that she wants her to believe she failed everything. She realizes that Julian is out running free because of her, she protests. She knows what Anna is there to tell her and she already gets it all, she tells her. Anna then urges Alexis to make sure that Julian does not go near her house. She has to get a new lock if he still has keys. Realizing that Alexis has a restraining order which Julian has now violated, Anna reminds her, she is a witness of the violation that happened just now and can help Alexis be free of Julian.

Kiki returns to Crimson with Dillon, indicating that she's merely concerned about what has happened regarding his father. He goes inside the office, arguing that he has to bury himself in work in order not to think about it although there are pictures and constant reminders of his father. It appears the primary reason for them being together is to merely discuss their common issues with their respective parents, which they can both relate and offer each other support for. She protests that Ava raised her and she had every reason to believe her mom was worth something only to be betrayed. He reflects all he has going on with finding out his father is a murderer and she clearly wants to be there for him and nowhere else.

At The Floating Rib, when Morgan talks to Nelle, she reflects that he is drinking, realizing he has a restriction with that, to which he shows her the pills in the bottle. He talks about how everyone including his shrink, his parents, his girlfriend and everyone else believes all he has to do is take them and all will be ok. Yet he takes them every day on a rigid schedule and it does not do him any good. He cannot drink while taking them. She then informs him all she can drink is cranberry juice, given what happened to her involving losing her kidney and informs him she has to take drugs. He tells her he realizes she is in a different situation. His brain is a train wreck, whereas she is sick because she saved his little sister's life. Yet she urges him to know that they are not that different. At that point, he stares at her and kisses, her apparently misreading her “empathy” which she tries to clarify to him. She informs him she can see that maybe he wants to numb the pain of what happened with Kiki. She then tells him she's sorry about his having to see her with another guy and that things can work out for him. she leaves. Alone at the bar, Morgan continues to drink and abuse his health.

Meanwhile, Dillon and Kiki sit at the Crimson office reflecting how they enjoyed being together although they did not sleep together. They continue to reflect how they were both really happy the previous night. It looks like they are ready to become more than friends at that point.

Olivia and Ned go to meet with Julian at The Metro Court. She informs him she got his warning but needs to know that she has a warning for him. She tells him he may not like the fact that there's another man in her life but that does not give him the right to threaten them. Ned then reminds Julian what he did to Alexis and warns him not to mess with him or Olivia or he will be sorry. He sounds calm, however, and as though he does not know what they are talking about, to which Olivia angrily tells him what they are talking about is his death threats. He assures them that whatever death threat they may have gotten did not come from him. He tells them he congratulates them for getting back together, adding as much as he hates to break this to them, he could care less about their personal lives. He reminds them that regarding his kid, he has the legal right to see him and nobody can stop him even if they want to. Yet they warn him that he better not be so casual and unafraid given all he has done. He leaves and Olivia asks Ned if he heard Julian inform them he had nothing to do with the threat. They both realize that Julian did not sound like he cared if they were together and was not worried about being prevented from seeing Leo. They then conclude that the threatening note did not come from Julian. Ned then remembers being in that very cabin with his brother Dillon and it came from him (or maybe from Morgan)

While Kiki and Dillon are together, they reflect that the farthest they went the previous night was kissing yet they want to kiss again.

Morgan continues to abuse alcohol and is unraveling.

Anna affirms to Alexis that many people have motives to want Julian dead. They both know about Sonny's need for that Yet she informs Alexis she did everything she prevented Sonny from killing him, and instead to use a court of law to bring Julian to justice. And now, she admits to Alexis, seeing how effective that was, she would not do that again.when we see Julian alone, getting into the elevator to return to his apartment at The Metro Court, there's a strange and scary-looking man behind him.

When Sonny gets ready to leave the chapel, Griffin tells him if he does not trust God's will to decide what is to happen with Julian and other matters, then maybe Sonny does not believe in God in the first place.

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