GH Update Wednesday 10/5/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/5/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dante goes to Sonny's house and Carly informs him that her husband is not there and got a call which she's not certain the nature of. Dante asks if it's “coffee related” or Sonny's “real business”. When she evades his question, he clarifies that he is not there on police business. He's there as family, as he reminds Carly that they both know that Sonny intends to take drastic action with Julian, and he informs her they need to face what is at stake there. When he lectures her about what they both know what Sonny is capable of, she reminds him that she wholeheartedly agrees with him and has been lecturing Sonny with the same thing. And so they let the courts and police handle the situation with Julian. She asks Dante just how effective that was and if he really odes not understand how Sonny has good reason to do what he may now be doing.

André finds Morgan sitting a the bar at the The Floating Rib and reminds him that he warned him about the consequences of mixing his meds with alcohol and so he demands to know why Morgan is disregarding that. Yet Morgan informs his shrink that although beer bottles and a bar surround him, he's not drinking. He's there to order food to go and proves it when an employee brings him a bag from the kitchen. He also promises to commit to his sessions as his shrinks wants. However, as soon as he's alone, he orders “another beer”. Right when he drinks, Darby finds him and he informs her that he got expelled from school thanks to her encouraging him to buy the paper to submit. Yet she reminds him that he needed to run it through the plagiarism filter which he was unaware, but which she has successfully used in order not to get caught as he has. He then reflects that he's very upset and discouraged and has been pushing Kiki away. Hearing that, Darby reminds him that she might not want Kiki in the picture although she reflects that Kiki has been there for him when most girls would have bailed on him. And so, she advises Morgan, he should hang onto Kiki and not let her get away, and do it before it's too late.

Kiki finds Tracy sitting at a table and very discontented at The Metro Court. Tracy angrily admits that she needs to contact her son Ned because she realizes that Dillon is going to have some serious issues involving finding out his father is a murderer. Kiki informs her she heard about Mr. Hornsby and realizes that it's a shock for her as well as for Dillon. She further informs Tracy that she had issues that made her want to isolate but realizes that she needed to reach out and talk to others to get through it and offers to be there if Tracy needs to reach out and talk. Yet Tracy makes it very clear that she is angry with Kiki since she is the girl who tossed Tracy's son aside. She goes and talks to Olivia who encourages her to leave work, find Dillon and send him her love.

Ned goes to find Dillon, who appears to be in denial about his father. He makes it clear to his older brother that he wants to take all the things in his possession that remind him of his father and burn them so he can get his father out of his life forever. Ned informs his younger brother this reminds him of his 8th birthday party where their mutual mother dressed him up in clothes he did not want to wear so that he could meet dignitaries he could care less about. All he wanted was to meet his father. He then smelled his father's cigar and was elated to have his father's attention and feel as though he was king for a day. He concludes to Dillon, it was all fun and games until his father got in trouble and his mom got threw him off the property. He then took the cuff links that his father gave him and threw them away. Hearing that, Dillon asks if he is comparing their respective fathers, reminding him that his father is a serial killer and Ned’s father is simply a loser. Ned then clarifies to his brother that the point is that both of their respective fathers will always be a part of their lives and the memories will always be there and they can't just make that go away. Shortly thereafter, Kiki finds him and Dillon asks if she could help him find a fishing rod that his father gave him many years ago. She instantly finds it when he realizes he could not although he spent a long time looking for it. He then observes the fishing rod and reflects to Kiki how his father very rarely visited and had time for him during his childhood. Yet one day, Paul gave him a fishing rod and appeared to have time for him. He should have realized that his father's regard for him was all a big lie and he was so stupid to fall for it. At that point, Dillon cuts himself on the fish hook and Kiki notices he's bleeding.

Back at The Metro Court, Ned enters and greets Olivia. She realizes he has a lunch date with his mom. He goes and greets Tracy and she makes it clear to her son that she is upset and does not want to talk about what happened although he wants her to talk about what happened when her ex husband tried to kill her. He then informs his mom that they have to kill Paul Hornsby. Hearing that, Tracy asks her son if she just heard him correctly. He informs her he wants his mom to have peace in her life. She may think that she can live in denial and bury herself in ELQ work, he tells her. Yet he knows that she will never have a days' peace until she deals with what has to be dealt with.

At Paul's cell block, when Ava fails to get him to do what she wants and he is not wiling to let Scott Baldwin represent him, Jordan goes and informs him that she is about to transfer him to another facility. He then informs them both that he has something to tell them that could change many things. He informs her he plans to plead guilty in order not to put the courts and his family through more hell. Hearing that, Jordan informs him she will let the DA's office know and she leaves. Alone with Paul, Ava informs him she does not buy the “new and benevolent” Paul Hornsby and so she'd like to know what is really going on with him that would make him want to plead guilty and accept his consequences. Hearing that, she assures him that as long as he prevents her from going to prison for murder, she can be trusted to help him. Yet he does not want to be a part of that, encourages her to be grateful for her freedom, be there for her daughters and declares to Ava that he wants them to go their separate ways.

When Kiki is talking to Dillon, Ava goes to The Metro Court notices her daughter is no longer there and asks Olivia where she went. Olivia coldly replies that Kiki has gone to offer support to her friend who just found out his father is a serial killer. Hearing that, Ava makes it clear she's very satisfied to hear that her daughter may be spending time with Dillon and likely to break up with Morgan.

Sonny goes to the station where he sees Michael trying and failing to get justice. Michael stares at a cop's gun in a holster and is ready to grab it when Sonny observes his son with what appears to be his obvious intent. He takes his son aside and informs him he knows what he intends to do, urging Michael not to take the law into his own hands with Paul Hornsby murdering Sabrina. Hearing that, Michael asks his dad if he does not plan to take the law into his own hands with Julian. Sonny admits that he knows what he is capable of. Yet, he urges Michael to know that he is not a criminal. If he takes a gun and uses it on Paul, he will be seen as a criminal for the rest of his life, as he knows Michael does not want. Michael does not listen nor sound like he cares. Sonny then asks his son if he wants to throw away his future over a piece of trash like Paul Hornsby.

Sonny later returns to the house and Dante informs him that he is worried about his dad. Sonny informs his oldest son he need not worry about him. The people he needs to worry about are Michael and Morgan because they both need all the help they can get. Dante tells his father that he knows what he is up to. Sonny assesses to Dante that he is a very good cop. Yet he needs to realize that people get killed all around him. Dante reminds his dad that he also has a family and an obligation to protect his own son. He knows the way things work and how innocence gets caught in the cross fire. He declares to his dad that he's not going to let his son become a part of this and if he has to choose between Sonny and his own son, Sonny will lose. Carly then comes down the stairs and informs Dante that he cannot be coming there and inflicting his beliefs given all that has happened. He protests she needs to know the consequences for Sonny if he goes through with what he wants, to which Carly faces Sonny and warns him that he needs to think before he acts. Sonny then assures Dante that contrary to what he may believe or assume, he does not intend to kill Julian. However, he informs them both, he will never stop protecting his family from danger.

While Paul is in his jail cell lying flat on his bed, Michael comes to find him. Paul sullenly remarks he expected to see Michael and wonders what took him so long. Michael informs him all he wants is answers. Why did Paul kill Sabrina? Hearing that, Paul admits it's “complicated”. Michael reminds him that Teddy's uncle took him back to Puerto Rico. At one point, Teddy will come back to Port Charles to see them all and ask what happened to his mother. Paul then sits up and informs Michael that when the time comes, he may tell Teddy that his mom died a hero. He then tells Michael the whole story about how after he tried and failed to inject Monica, Sabrina found Monica, saved her life and he could tell that Sabrina knew that he was the killer. We then see the flashback of his struggle with Sabrina and his fear when he relives it. Tracy comes inside to overhear when Michael furiously demands Paul tell him just how long it took and just what he thought and felt when he took her life. At that point, she urges Michael not to do this and realize it's not worth it. He turns to her and admits he thought that coming there would give him satisfaction or closure. Yet all he sees is waste knowing that Sabrina was a good and loving person and had to die Tracy then tells him the best thing he can do for Sabrina is to home and take care of himself, leave Paul to rot and realize he's not worth his anger and emotions. Paul sounds very depressed. She faces him and assesses that he has nothing and if he ever considers contacting Dillon again, he will regret it.

André goes to see Jordan at the station and knows she has been very busy and in a crises because she was unable to see that the DA is a serial killer. She assesses to him that she is a police commissioner and should have seen what was under her nose all the while. And, for that reason, she informs him, it's over. He asks what she is talking about, to which she replies she is resigning. Hearing that, he tells her she cannot resign. She reminds him that Julian Jerome went free because of her as well as what happened with the hospital killer. Yet André tells her it's her responsibility to prove that she is an excellent commissioner as well as the first African American woman to achieve justice at a time like this.. He leaves and Michael comes upstairs. Jordan informs him that surprisingly, Paul pleaded guilty so there will be no trial.

Kiki bandages Dillon's hand and assures him he will only have a small scar. He then remarks that hopefully he will not end up like his dad. In response to that, Kiki reminds him that one could assume that she could end up like her mom. Yet he assures her that he knows she is nothing like Ava. She assures him that he is nothing like his father He is a good and kind man and needs to know that people love and care for him and will be there for him if he needs support after all that has happened.

Back at the Metro Court, Morgan goes looking for Kiki and Ava is gleefully satisfied to inform him that her daughter is choosing not to be with him and is right now with Dillon. Yet, she informs Morgan that Dillon has just found out his father is a murderer and is in an emotional state. Kiki is probably just there to comfort him, she tells Morgan, and there is nothing romantic.

When the guards bring Paul upstairs and Jordan sees him, she asks how on earth her case against Julian could have failed. In response to that, he informs her she may ask Ava.

While Ava sits alone at The Metro Court, she overhears André on the phone inquiring why his patient, Morgan Corinthos did not follow through on what he promised with his meds.

Morgan goes outside a cabin that looks to be where Dillon and Kiki are alone. He sees a silhouette of the two of them kissing and getting ready to sleep together, and he is devastated.

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