GH Update Tuesday 10/4/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/4/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly waits at the house for Morgan who has not come home the previous night and talks to Sonny about her concerns. Morgan enters through the door and makes it clear he wants to avoid his parents while he runs up the stairs. Sonny however, demands his son tell him what just happened to him. He makes it clear to them that he did not spend the night studying and is clearly upset about something he does not intend to share with them. Sonny gets a phone call from Morgan's professor informing him that Morgan has been expelled from school. In the conversation, Sonny assures the contact that he realizes if his son did something to violate the rules, he needs to accept the consequences. Carly then demands to know what has just happened, to which Sonny replies that Morgan apparently paid to have an academic paper written for him and they caught him. Morgan comes down the stairs, ready to talk to his parents about “something” in order to distract them. However, Sonny demands his son answer when and how he intended to tell them that he was cheating in school. He evades answering and Carly urges her son to tell her how he could do what he did, to which he angrily tells his parents that he was hoping to be a success and make them proud. Yet he should have realized that no matter what he does, he will fail. And so what is the point, he asks as he storms out the door. Carly calls André's office and finds out that Morgan went to see his shrink the previous night and revealed everything to him. At that point, they both realize that some things are very odd and don't add up. Sonny assesses to Carly that bi polar disorder is complicated yet they cannot give up or assume their son cannot be fixed. She wonders and is very worried, however, and demands to know why it appeared Morgan was doing so well yet this is happening and what if there is no way for him to recover or get any better. Back at the house, Sonny assures Carly that Morgan is strong and will get through that. The reason is they will be there for him every step of the way. He informs her they will just have to give him more time. She then assesses to Sonny she just hates to see their son struggle like this. He assures her that Morgan will have a happy and healthy life and they can get through this.

Ava finds Scott Baldwin at The Floating Rib and asks him why he promised to represent Paul when he after he's gotten arrested for murder, as she'd asked and he promised. He then agrees that he should do that but is in no rush, remarking that it's not like Hornsby is going anywhere.

Paul is in his jail cell wearing an orange jumpsuit when Jordan comes to talk to him. She furiously assesses what he has cost her department and how shocked and horrified she is to finally, suddenly discover that he is the hospital killer. She assesses that he has been paid to uphold the law and prosecute criminals and now, because he allegedly wanted to protect his daughter, he went after hospital staff and innocent defenseless patients to seek revenge and take advantage of them. That makes him a hideous bully and the lowest of the low she declares and leaves. Ava and Scott Baldwin enter to talk to Paul. Yet he is not encouraged to see either one of them regardless of their protests that Scott is a successful lawyer willing to go to bat for him. He informs them that although he appreciates the gesture, he already has an attorney.

Claudette meets with Griffin at The Floating Rib. She informs him that not long ago, she went to see him when she opened a night club, while she left Charlotte home. He remembers the time he spent with her although he is learning for the first time that she has a daughter. She talks all about how she saw Nathan as her knight in shining armor as he had been to her when they first got together. Yet Griffin listens attentively to her admitting what later happened is that he changed. She then talks about when she later broke it off with both Nathan and himself and about the man she later started seeing who appeared warm and heroic and capable of meeting her needs at first. Yet he turned cold and told her if she left him, Charlotte would be in danger. She then assesses Griffin now knows how and why she had to find Nathan; in order to protect her daughter, reminding him that Valentin told her if she defied him, Charlotte's life would be in danger. He reminds her that she has found a very convenient reason to contact Nathan.

At the apartment, Nathan gets off the phone with a contact and confirms to Maxie that he's found out that Claudette has no reason or cause to keep him from seeing Charlotte so he has access to go and see his daughter. Yet she reminds him that it's entirely possible that Charlotte is not his daughter since the only DNA that was compared to him was the lock of hair that Claudette provided, which they do not even know came from Charlotte in the first place. She continues to tell Nathan that for the very reason that he is kind, caring, compassionate and loyal, it's very possible Claudette is using that to manipulate him and have him falsely believing that Charlotte is his.

At The Metro Court, Curtis finds Nina and informs her that maybe she should not be getting ready to have a baby and picking out names since he has not been having much luck finding one for her. Yet she makes it clear that she does not intend to give up and may consider find a baby from a foreign country. He expresses concerns for how that could end up yet she continues to remind him that she intends to help a child and make a child's life easier and would like his help with that, for which she intends to pay him. Yet he makes it clear that it may be easier said than done.

Nathan and Maxie declare their love for each other and are ready to take it to the bedroom when Nina suddenly surprises them. She asks them of the progress they've been making on their wedding, to which Maxie admits that they have had some other specific things on their minds. In response to that, Nina asks “like what”. When they answer, Nina is shocked to find out that her brother had a child with that woman and she kept it from Nathan the whole time. She assesses that Nathan would make a perfect father. Yet Nathan informs his sister that a criminal is coming after Claudette and threatening Charlotte, or so Claudette is telling him that. Nathan informs Nina that he intends to commit to Charlotte and give her a home. Yet both Nina and Maxie admit that having him live in his and Maxie's mutual home will be a big step. Maxie assesses that although she has a daughter, Georgie does not live with them. Nina admits to her brother that for Maxie to hear about all of this and make this adjustment may be a lot to ask of her. However, she concludes to both of them, she might have a solution for them. They both wonder what she means by that and Nina replies that her perfect solution is that she can take Charlotte.

Curtis goes to talk to Jordan at the station, reminding her of how he brainstormed and came up with just as good if not better insights than she could about the hospital killer, not long ago. He asks her if she would consider letting him back on the force. She reminds him how he worked with her years ago and she invested her time and work only to have it all ruined and wasted because he was secretly using. She asks if he thinks it was easy for her to turn him in. She admits that she does not regret her decision to this day, however, although he wishes, after all this time that she would. Curtis finds out that Jordan does not regret turning him in, reminiscing her that it cost him his career. He asks if she might have only did that in order to protect her own career. She reminds him that she tried to talk to him and did everything she could do in her power to get through to him and get him to quit using. She was not so worried about herself but about what could happen to him if he kept doing what he did. He asks if she is saying she turned him in for his own good. She replies of course she did it for his own good. All she wanted was for him to get clean, get his act together and come back on the force. He assesses to her, in that case, then she has reason to give him a chance to be on the force now. Yet she informs him that too much has changed. Too much time has gone by. He's not the same man as he was then. He then realizes that he should not count on her to help him or be there for him.

After Paul informs Scott he does not need his legal representation, Scott then tells him he will wash his hands and let Paul stay in jail. He leaves and when Paul is alone with Ava, he asks her what kind of bribe she is exercising upon him by offering to have Scott represent him. She angrily tells him she is sorry that he is in this terrible situation but there is no reason to drag her down with him. She reminds him that he did horrible things in order to protect his daughter. She realizes she made a serious mistake also. Yet, she reminds him that it will not help his case or his situation if he turns her in. Paul protests that he did what he did in order to protect Susan. And now the world is safe for her. And he realizes he had to lose himself along the way. Ava then assesses she does not understand why he had to do what he had to do but realizes he believed he had to protect his daughter. He informs her he realizes he deserves to be punished for what he did. It may be a relief in some ways for him to be in there. And, he informs her, he believes the same is true for her. In response to that, Ava informs him that he has now accomplished what he intended for his daughter. Yet she has to keep her daughters safe and can't do it if she goes to prison. Yet he does not buy that she really cares about them and is only playing the mommy card in order to save herself.

Not far away, Kiki is talking to Nelle when Michael comes by and informs them that he just found out that DA Hornsby murdered Sabrina. Hearing that, they are in shock especially Kiki realizing that Dillon has just found that out that his father is the hospital killer. Alone with Michael, Nelle informs him she cannot imagine how Paul could have done what he did. Not far away, Morgan enters and runs into Kiki reminding her that he called her and she did not have time for him last night, (giving him reason to be upset and “relapse”), although she protests to him that he must not have checked his messages because she called and left a message informing him she could get off work and be with him after Franco arranged and encouraged her to do so. Yet it does not matter to distraught Morgan who can see it's too late and his world is shattering around him. She informs him that there are some things that have just happened that give everybody grave cause for concern, informing him she just heard that DA Paul Hornsby murdered Sabrina. He is shocked to hear that and informs her that he just got expelled from school.

Michael talks to Nelle about how it's entirely possible that Paul let Julian go free in order to protect himself from “somebody” who might have known his secret. But who would have motive or incentive to let Paul get away with murder in exchange for his letting Julian be able to do so?. At that point, he makes it clear that he believes he may now need to take the law into his own hands in order to prevent more corruption from happening. He gets on the elevator and Nelle gets on her phone to call Carly. Sonny gets the phone and she informs him that Michael was really upset after finding out that Paul Hornsby killed Sabrina and she's afraid of what he might do.

While talking to Ava and finding out they are not making any progress with a mutual benefit, Paul notices Jordan enter the cell block. He then informs her that he has an idea of something he can do that might be of benefit for her.

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