GH Update Monday 10/3/16

General Hospital Update Monday 10/3/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Metro Court, Finn is on his phone while with Hayden and informs her that a friend who owes him a favor will help him get into the hospital lab. She reminds him that he could get into a lot of trouble illegally entering a closed hospital but he is determined to do whatever he needs to do in order to find a cure for the disease he originally intended to find a cure for. She goes with him to the darkened hospital. They hide while they overhear Lucy talking to a prospective buyer in the hallway and taking pictures. She reveals she has heard that General Hospital might be for sale. The guy makes it clear that he has no conception about how Port Charles needs the hospital and remarks that the property could be “re-purposed” into condos or other things.

Not far away, Ava urges Kiki to realize that Morgan will need therapy and medication for the rest of his life and if she is with him, she will be burdened with that. Kiki is not listening to her mom while she emotionally demands to know why her daughter would want to commit to a young man who is mentally ill. Right then, Franco enters and urges Ava to leave Kiki alone and stay out of her business although she demands he stay out of her conversation with her daughter. When Kiki makes it clear she will do as she sees fit, Ava urges her daughter to know that Morgan will be there to hurt her again and again. Yet she assures Kiki that her mom will be there to help her pick up the pieces. She leaves and when Franco is alone with Kiki, he informs her he knows, all too well what it's like to have a relationship with someone who has been advised to have nothing to do with you and shares with her what he thinks and feels about Elizabeth. Hearing that, she asks if he is comparing himself to Morgan and remarks to Franco she does not see the connection, reminding him Morgan did not do the abominable things that Franco has done. He reminds her that Morgan has done some very dangerous things due, very similarly to a mental illness that needed to be treated. Kiki then assures Franco that just like having the tumor removed helped Franco reform his life, she knows that when Morgan takes his meds, he will also be able to do so. She admits, however, to Franco that she has concerns about Morgan's moods where she feels afraid to say anything and is walking on egg shells. She also admits that she sometimes wonders if she will ever be able to have a life without these restrictions that exist while being with him. She admits she wonders if there will be something there for her.

Morgan goes to talk to Andre in his hotel room without waiting for another appointment. He informs his shrink that he is losing it and knows he cannot accept going back to Freedman. He admits that there are “things” that his parents and Kiki know about him and have concerns, to which Andre needs to know the specifics. Morgan then informs him that Joe Rivera, Carlos' brother, came to the Quartermaine house and demanded that Michael hand over baby Teddy to him right after Sabrina was murdered and Michael, Tracy and others were mourning the loss and developed a bond with the baby and he assaulted Joe. Andre asks why, to which Morgan admits that Joe had no compassion for his brother nor respect and wanted to take the baby to Puerto Rico where they never see him again. He also admits to Andre that he ran into Julian at Kelly's who provoked him and he was infuriated that this man gets away with murder and believes he had good reason to do what he did. Andre then reminds Morgan that assault in a public place could put him in jail yet, he admits that Morgan is doing the right thing by going and finding his provider right away to discuss it with him. With that, Andre wants to know more about what Morgan was thinking and feeling and what is going on with him. He asks if there is anything changing in Morgan's day to day life, to which he admits he's in school pursuing a business degree. He admits that he was ready to cheat until he found out he could get caught. He shows Andre a jade necklace that his mom gave him when she believed he was making such great progress. He admits to Andre he's afraid that when Kiki finds out his secret, she will break up with him again. He admits he realizes that this is the millionth mistake he's made. Andre urges him to know that people will understand why he felt he had to do what he did, yet Morgan is worried about the consequences. Andre then asks if he is not aware that his disease, just like Sonny's, will follow him around for the rest of his life. He further reminds him that he will have to admit his mistakes to his parents, to Kiki and to himself. He further assesses that maybe the meds are not working as planned, to which Morgan asks if he is now suggesting Morgan go back to Freedman. Andre tells him he's not quite at that point yet although he wants Morgan to go to the lab, do a blood test and get re-evaluated regarding the meds and what is going on with him. He further assesses to Morgan that he “made a mistake” and needs to own that and what he needs to do about it.

Meanwhile, Kiki confides in Franco that she has had reservations about having a future with Morgan when he got out of Freedman. He was a bit needy but she saw he was loving and committed to her. He then asks if he was “wrong” to take her side against her mother's that she should not be with Morgan. He asks if she is in fact, having second thoughts about being with Morgan, assuring her that she has the right to get out if she chooses. She then assesses she loves Morgan and that she would feel “responsible” if she left him when he needs her due to his illness. She then assesses to Franco that she just needed to vent and does not want to worry him about her issues and asks how Elizabeth is doing, to which he admits that he's staying with her and helping her recover. Kiki asks if Elizabeth really has no reservations about being with him and trusts him. He admits it appears that way although he admits to Kiki that his mother thought he may be the serial killer at the hospital.

Dillon walks in on his dad holding his mom hostage and ready to inject her with a needle of lethal poison. Anna has pulled her gun on Paul yet he is not listening to her instructions for him to let Tracy go. Dillon, however, announces to his dad that if he intends to do this to his mom, Paul will have to kill him too. Paul then protests to his son that he had to so this for Susan, to which Dillon demands to know what Susan has to do with his need to kill Tracy. At that point, Dillon assesses that his father has murdered all of those innocent people in the hospital and emotionally demands to know how he could do that. He further tells his dad that he's certain that Susan would not want him to do that and it does not benefit her. Paul still does not drop the needle while Dillon continues to urge him to know what will happen if he goes through with what he intends to do. Anna then attempts to reach Paul and informs him she knows he is not beyond reason, reminding him they have talked and established a meeting of the minds. In response to that, Paul reminds her that he covered for her knowing that she killed Carlos Rivera. He wants her to let him get away with what he intends to do but she firmly continues to hold him at gunpoint and tells him she will not let him off the hook when she can clearly see he is intending to kill his own son. She warns him if he does not drop the needle, she will shoot him. Both Tracy and Dillon urge him to listen to Anna as she warns him that he needs to at the very least, step up and not be a coward, for Susan. Yet he does not listen and looks ready to inject himself. Right then, Dillon wrestles his dad to the floor to prevent him from doing what he looked ready to do.

Ava returns to her apartment when Scott Baldwin finds her and shows her all the money he's made. Noticing that, she asks what bank he robbed, to which he informs her that after he got her brother acquitted, people everywhere now want him to be their defense attorney and pay him top dollar. He shows her the “ring tone” on his phone that has rap music promoting how everybody wants Scott to represent them. She sounds somewhat impressed and he further informs her that he just found out who the hospital killer is. She demands to know if he will have any information she does not have and that he tells her just who it is, to which Scott informs her it's their district attorney. Hearing that, Ava pretends she is surprised. He remarks that sooner or later Paul will get found out and that he'd hate to be the poor fool that would have to represent him. At that point, Ava firmly informs Scott he will have to represent Paul, to which he demands to know why he'd do that and why she'd want him to. He asks her why she'd want him to be a defense lawyer for another criminal, to which she admits that she knew that he was the hospital killer. She motivated Paul to fail to get her brother convicted or else she would expose him. Hearing that, Scott is shocked to find out, for the first time that it was not his legal brilliance that got Julian acquitted and that she was behind it the whole while by threatening Paul in order to do what she and Julian want. He then assesses that Ava did not turn Paul into the police because she wanted him to let both her and her brother get away with what he could easily get them arrested and incarcerated for. She emotionally protests to Scott that Paul has had power over her by holding that flash drive over her head and forced her to do his bidding for him. Now, for the first time, after learning his secret, she finally had power over him. She also confesses that she wanted to reform herself and be a good mom to her daughter yet she's afraid she may have made things more dangerous for Kiki with her choice to be with Morgan. Hearing that, Scott demands to know what, specifically she did, to which she confesses that she has secretly replaced Morgan's bi polar meds with “something else” that can make him appear a lot sicker and more dangerous and motivate Kiki to get rid of him.

While Morgan is finishing up his talk with Andre and ready to own up to his wrong-doings, Franco informs Kiki about how his mom has been blackmailing Hayden's mom not to reveal a secret. He then reveals to Kiki that the secret is Elizabeth and Hayden are sisters with the same dad. Now, he informs Kiki that because he has now revealed the secret that Heather was getting paid by Naomi to keep, Heather is no longer getting Naomi and Raymond Berlin's money and so he no longer has access to his mother's money. He is now out of a job after General Hospital has closed. And he's broke.

Meanwhile, Finn and Hayden secretly and intently listen, in awe, as Lucy protests against having General Hospital bought out and replaced to the guy who is ready to do so without a thought. He does, however, clarify to Lucy that he is considering renovating the building but intends to relocate GH somewhere else. As soon as they walk away, Finn and Hayden come out of hiding and assess how this could affect everyone's life.

Meanwhile, Andre is writing and recording his report about Morgan. Morgan calls Kiki and asks if she might have time to talk, to which she admits she has to work late and cannot leave early since they are already short staffed. Franco listens while Kiki gets off the phone and informs him she feels guilty. Yet he offers to cover her shift while she goes to spend the time with Morgan, assuring her he's on board with her relationship.

Yet, while Morgan sits at The Floating Rib, after hearing that he cannot spend the evening with Kiki, he gets on his phone to take “drastic action”.

Ava then reveals to Scott that recently, when Kiki was temporarily broken up with Morgan, she was dating Paul's son, Dillon. She knows that Dillon wants to be with Kiki and is not over her nor she-him. She knows that her daughter would not be dragged down with Dillon as she is with Morgan because he has his act together and such. Kiki is only obligated to be with Morgan and does not really want that., And so, she assesses, if Paul gets put away, the one thing that will help his son get through that is having the relationship with Kiki and with that, Morgan will really lose it and Kiki will finally see how sick he is. Hearing that, Scott angrily tells Ava that she cannot play with their lives in this way and needs to realize that Morgan has a mental illness that cannot be disregarded.

When Paul wants to protest and make excuses to his son, Dillon tells him he may save his apologies for innocent people like baby Teddy whose mom was taken away from him. Anna then takes Paul away. Tracy gets up and hugs her son and they wonder what to do now.

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