GH Update Friday 9/30/16

General Hospital Update Friday 9/30/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Julian is back in his old condo apartment when his hired man asks if he's going out tonight, to which he replies he no longer has the life or the options he had before he got convicted and then unexpectedly acquitted. He realizes he has to regain his family's trust and make them believe in him again, he declares. Unexpectedly, Sam comes in to visit her father and coldly announces to Julian's hired man her name and her intent to visit Julian. She coldly informs her father they have “a lot” to talk about. She informs him that he needs to stay away from her and her mother and all other people. She informs him that although he was acquitted, everyone knows he's guilty. Although he argues, Sam urges him to know there is nothing left for him in Port Charles and he has to leave. He protests to his daughter that he has business and reason to stay in town. Yet she urges him to do what is right, for the first time in his life, for other people. Her mother cannot live with him in the same town, nor can many others after the people he got away with murdering and all he has done. She also emotionally reminds Julian that if he stays in town, sooner or later somebody will kill him. She reminds him that Sonny, as well as Anna Devane and many others want justice for Duke. He then asks her if she is expressing concern for him and wants to protect her from Sonny and really does love him, to which she informs him she could care less what happens to him. He's dead to her. Yet she's seen enough people die. She does not want to see more corruption happening and more lives getting ruined because of him. With that, she suggests that maybe he should invest in his time shares and get a place in a foreign country where nobody will come looking for him as he must realize that nobody in this town wants to see or know anything about him ever again.

In the boxing gym, Sonny meets with a guy whom he is apparently hiring and asking to keep everything private about what they've discussed. The man agrees and leaves. Jason enters and informs Sonny he thinks he has a solution for Sonny's “Julian problem”. Sony replies he need not worry about Julian because he has the whole situation handled. Yet Jason can sense that Sonny is keeping secrets. Sonny then admits that he is going through an independent third party and wants to keep it a complete secret what he plans to do, which he admits to Jason will result in Julian dying. Hearing that, Jason reminds him that he has to know the cops will suspect him right away. Sonny asks Jason if he has a better idea, to which he replies Sam will go and see him and persuade him to leave town. Yet Sonny reminds Jason the longer he lets Julian roam the streets, the longer he will be vulnerable. He reminds him that he, himself, is not the only target Julian has. He has to protect his wife and kids. He asks Jason if he would not be concerned if his wife and kids were in danger. Sonny further admits to Jason that although he promised Carly he will back off and let the law handle Julian, they need to realize that did not work and so he now needs to take action. He affirms to Jason that he's already made his decision. Jason then urges him to at least hear him out as he reminds Sonny that Julian is Sam's father and could be Danny's only bone marrow donor. Yet Sonny reminds him there are other options. Jason then urges Sonny to know that he has to protect himself given that if something happens to Julian, it will be traced back to Sonny. He urges Sonny to give him the name of his “broker” so that Jason can handle some things. Sonny then admits to Jason that he cannot just like this whole thing go. He leaves and goes home to Carly.

Carly meets with Morgan and gives him a gift to celebrate how proud she is of the fact that he's handling his bi polar issue, taking his meds, making good choices and attending school. Yet he makes it clear that he is not ok and has something going on that he's not admitting to his mom. She invites him to have dinner at the house with her and Josslyn, just like old times, when he returns. He thanks his mom but informs her he's meeting Kiki after classes and work. He goes off. Shortly thereafter, Ava comes by. Carly asks her why she’s there, reminding her it's not her night to be with Avery. Yet Ava informs Carly she has bought some clothes for her daughter and would like to go upstairs and see her. Carly coldly informs Ava that Avery is sleeping and Ava may leave the clothes downstairs. Yet Ava clearly wants to have access to Morgan's bedroom and be unseen. She then reminds Carly that she and Sonny need to have grave concerns about Morgan's state of mind given that he almost got arrested for threatening Julian in a public place and is completely losing it. Carly argues that Ava does not know what she is talking about. Morgan is getting his act together, taking his meds and Ava has no business assuming and believing that he is dangerous. Carly further informs her that Morgan's impulses to attack Julian do not make him unstable. They make him human, given what Julian is and what he did. They continue to argue, at which point, Carly finally agrees to let Ava go and see Avery and then get out of her house. As soon as Carly's back is turned, Ava pulls her “secret item” out of her purse and gets ready to go upstairs. Shortly thereafter, she returns and assesses to Carly that regardless of what Carly thinks of her, she knows what Carly cares about Avery. They both know that her life could be affected by the actions of her brother and some potentially violent and dangerous men. Carly reminds her that Julian killed people and Ava has no business judging Sonny or Morgan. Ava then reminds her that regardless of any of that, given what they both know about what could happen, Avery could be caught in the cross fire and they will all regret it. With that, Ava walks out the door.

Sonny returns to Carly who informs her husband that Ava just came by. She admits that although she did not listen or want to hear what Ava has to say and loathes that woman, the concerns about Morgan being unstable and a potential danger to himself and others might be something to look into. Sonny then remarks to his wife, that with bipolars the tendency to get into trouble is always there, to which she admits to him that she knows what he's very capable of doing, or what he is very possibly already doing as they speak, against Julian, gives her cause for concern.

Morgan goes to The Metro Court, talks to Kiki and remembers when he last spoke to Dillon, being informed how professors can find out if students cheat and get them in trouble. He makes it very clear that he needs to know the verdict of the paper he just now submitted, afraid of the consequences of his actions. As soon as he's alone at a table, he calls Spinelli and asks if he could get him out of a jam right now. He explains to Spinelli that he needs him to somehow remove the evidence that he cheated on a paper at school. .He will accept failing the course and realizes there is a zero tolerance policy for cheating so he will greatly appreciate Spinelli's help with that. Kiki comes by and overhears that Morgan is talking to Spinelli. Before they can talk further, Ava appears. Kiki asks her mom what she is doing there, to which Ava informs her daughter that she was hoping they could go and see a movie together tonight. She urges Kiki to realize that they have to start somewhere and she is making efforts to re-connect. Yet Kiki coldly informs her mom that she and Morgan have plans. Hearing that, Ava admits to her daughter she is surprised that she would continue to spend time with Morgan, remarking she must realize how dangerous and unstable he is, given that he attacked Julian in front of many witnesses in a public place not long ago. Hearing that, Kiki protests that Ava has no business judging Morgan. He's doing great, in school and their relationship is great. Ava protests to her daughter that her boyfriend is not doing as well as he wants her to think and she needs to know that Morgan will take a turn very soon and it won't be for the better. Hearing that, Kiki asks her mom just how she would know that. Morgan gets a callback informing him that Spinelli was not successful in destroying the evidence that he cheated. He then gets another call asking him to be at someone's office the following morning.

Sam returns to Jason and informs him that she tried although she did not succeed in persuading him to leave town. Jason remarks to her at least she tried although she reminds Jason, as he knows all too well, that there's reason to believe that if Julian does not leave town, someone besides him will be hurt.

Alone in his condo, Julian assesses to his hired man that he knows Sonny Corinthos intends to kill him and they have to not only prevent that from happening but beat Sonny at his own game.

Carly emotionally attempts to urge Sonny to know there are other ways to make Julian pay and to disempower him besides killing him. He then replies that if something were to happen to Julian Jerome, it will not be on his hands. With that, Sonny walks away.

Anna meets with Dillon at The Metro Court in order to ask if he knows the whereabouts of his father, to which Dillon admits he has not seen or heard from Paul and is not really concerned. Anna then admits to Dillon that it's imperative that she find Paul and know what is going on with him right now. She also informs Dillon that she cannot disclose the specific details of her concern about his father. He asks if his dad is in trouble and Anna admits that the concern she has is in regard to Paul's daughter, Susan. Hearing that, Dillon admits to Anna that is odd and coincidental that she'd bring up Susan when he recalls his mom just recently expressing her concerns about how Paul has reacted to Sabrina's death and her conclusion it might have had something to do with Susan. He then informs Anna that the last he heard, his mom went to find his dad at the institution where Susan lives. Hearing that, Anna asks Dillon if he’d know if Tracy may still be there, to which he replies he'd assume she would be.

Paul knows that Tracy is onto him and knows he is the hospital killer. He realizes his only option is to kill her although he admits he does not want to do that to the mother of his son. She continues to attempt to talk him out of what he believes he has to do, convincing him that he may not be able to plan this the way he wants and how he may not be able to get away with what he's done without her help, which she won't be able to offer him if she's dead. She asks if he will be any good to Susan after he does what he intends to do, to which he emotionally asks her what other choices he has, when it's clear to see that Susan is a shell and completely damaged and he cannot let the people who put her in this state continue to roam free. Tracy get an incoming call. She answers and both Anna and Dillon are able to hear her scream very loudly through the phone before Paul crushes her phone on the floor and the connection goes dead.. She screams as Paul ties her up and shortly thereafter, there's a knock on the door. Paul goes to open it and a strange man informs him that he and his wife were walking nearby and wanted to make certain everything is ok when they heard something that gave them cause for concern. He informs Paul they heard a woman a screaming. Hearing that, Paul makes efforts to assure the guy everything is ok and informs him he merely had the television on too loud. The guy sounds like he may not buy that but leaves. Paul then gets back to Tracy who is bound and gagged in the bathroom of the place where he's staying. Later we see him having Tracy tied to a chair. He wonders what to do and concludes the only thing to do is pull out his needle and inject her with lethal poison when Anna comes through the door, sees him and demands he stops right now. She pulls her gun oh him although Paul demands she puts it down, protesting that she will not be able to kill him before he puts this needle into Tracy’s neck. He does not listen to Anna's repeated instructions to put down the gun. Yet Dillon enters to see his father attempting to kill his mother and tells Paul if he does not let her go, he will have to kill his son too.

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