GH Update Thursday 9/29/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/29/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan and Maxie go to Claudette's hotel room after Nathan has received the test results that will prove paternity of Claudette's daughter. Griffin is there and Nathan remarks he is not surprised to see that he's there, given the very likely possibility that he (Griffin) is the father. Nathan then opens the envelope to reveal the results and Maxie urges him to confirm that Claudette is mistaken that he is the father of her child and Griffin is. The test results reveal that Jonathan is the father. Griffin is clearly discontented and goes outside the room. Maxie confronts Claudette reminding her that she's lied about everything she's said and done since she came to Port Charles. So why would the only thing she's told the truth about have to be this? They go outside Claudette's room and Maxie asks her fiancÚ if it's possible that Claudette falsified the test results, to which Nathan confirms no. At that point, Maxie encourages him to stay with Claudette and do what is needed in order to commit to being a father. She assures him she knows they will both figure this whole thing out and see each other later. Alone with Claudette, Nathan clarifies he does not want to hear what she has to say except for how it pertains to Charlotte and when and how he can see and meet her. He asks Claudette where she is and Claudette clearly is not willing to give him a simple answer.

When Laura is flying overseas, she is surprised to see that Kevin is sitting beside her. He admits that he is there to see her. She makes it clear she does not want to talk to him and when they next land and change flights, she will make sure she stays away from him. Yet he informs her that they are stuck there and there's nowhere anyone can go while on this flight. She asks if he really went out of his way to fly to Switzerland for the sole purpose of finding her and how on earth did he arrange to get a seat right beside her? He replies that he knows how to do things, given that he's a psychiatrist. He concludes that he is not going to give up until they discuss what happened the last time they were together. She angrily reminds him that she shared so many personal things with him and he betrayed her trust. Yet he pulls out a book that he wrote and demands that she just read it. She then looks at it in awe. She realizes that he had already told her that he tried and failed to get this particular book published although she encouraged him to do so. Yet he reveals to her that she falsely accused him of violating her privacy with a book about her. He was not about to do that. She then assesses he did not have to go to these lengths in order to prove this to her. She then informs him that she did intend to see him the next time she visited Port Charles. She pulls an envelope out of her purse and informs Kevin it's from Spencer. Yet he reminds her that Spencer did not like him and wanted him to leave him alone. Yet, Laura clarifies to Kevin that her grandson wanted to apologize for being rude to Kevin and to thank him for taking a bullet for his grandma. She also reveals to Kevin that she thinks about him and he means a lot to her. He asks her about Spencer, to which she informs him that he's doing pretty good at his new school overseas. She realizes she had to make certain that the school was safe and secure and it appears to be. She realizes that if it were not, she would not be able to leave Port Charles. She does realize that Valentin Cassadine is in prison in Greece yet she realizes she cannot take any chances. Hearing that, Kevin affirms to Laura she's an amazing protector and her grandson is very lucky to have her in his life. He then asks her to read the inscription of his book. She sees that these are his thoughts and observations of the bravest and most wonderful woman he knows who is smart, witty, heroic, beautiful and a survivor. He could not imagine anyone have to face what she has with honor, fortitude and grace.

Sam is sleeping and intends to awaken, get up and start her day but Jason urges her to rest while he takes care of her while she's pregnant. He also knows she has a lot going on regarding her two parents. Sam informs him that she never saw her mother drunk or hungover before although the last time they spoke, Alexis promised to not drink until Sam's baby is born. She realizes that there is a lot more to what's going on with Alexis than that, given that Julian has humiliated and betrayed her and now he's free. Jason then asks Sam just what they should do in order to stop what is going on. He reminds her the only way for Julian to leave for good is if he “wants to”. Hearing that, Sam asks how “they” are going to make Julian want to, to which Jason clarifies it will not be the two of them. It will be her. She assesses she will go and talk to Julian and Jason may go and talk to Sonny, as she knows that Sonny has to understand that what he may intend to do to Julian could go wrong. They both know that Sonny has motives and propensity to kill Julian. He could arrange for an accident that the cops may suspect yet not be able to prove that he's responsible for. Sam then urges Jason to communicate with Sonny because maybe only Jason can do that. She reflects to him she can see if Sonny gets involved in this, it will hurt Carly, as Sam admits, she has seen Sonny's wife change and it looks like Carly cannot accept any more violence or for Sonny to do what she used to accept him doing. Jason asks if she wants him to tell Sonny all of this. Sam informs Jason she'd like him to at least try to get Sonny to see that leaving Julian alone is the best option. Jason then concludes he could get Sonny to somehow persuade Julian to leave town. With that, he gets up to go somewhere with a plan of action.

Anna is able to get keys to Paul’s hotel room at The Metro Court and go inside while he's not there. She looks around but does not find anything in his possession of much significance until she comes across the cuff links. She seems to connect and know there is something very significant about Paul. Immediately, she gets on her phone to call Jordan and inform her that she needs her to come and meet with her right away. Jordan promptly arrives and asks what she has. Anna then shows her Paul's cuff links which Jordan is obviously familiar with and realizes that would have to mean he's the hospital killer. Jordan admits she knows that those very same earrings were found in the hospital lab when Valerie was doing the investigation of the hospital killer. Yet, she informs Anna the fact that Paul owns cuff links just like the ones in questions does not prove anything about him and is only circumstantial. Anna clarifies, however, that one thing they do know about Paul is that he's killed before. She informs Jordan that Paul admitted to her that he murdered Sloane because he abused Paul's daughter. Jordan however questions what that would have to do with motives he would have to kill hospital patients and staff. Anna then realizes that they have to find out what the connection is and how they were all his targeted victims. Anna then remembered Paul informing her that his daughter needed to see a social worker who may have been one of the murdered patients at GH and she wonders if there is a connection.

When Tracy has found Paul and overheard his conversation with his daughter (which reveals that he is the hospital killer), she pretends she has not heard anything and suspects nothing. Yet he knows otherwise and knows he has to prevent Tracy from leaving the room where she is with him, knowing what she could and will probably do with the information she now has about him. She at first attempts to get him to know that nobody else in the town has any idea about what she now knows. However, she affirms to him, since what he is now doing can jeopardize their son's future, she thinks he owes her an explanation as to why he has done what he has done. He then talks about how Susan was abused and got out on her own when she was a child. He tried and failed to save her yet regrets the fact that he was not there for his daughter. He also informs Tracy, for the first time that Susan got into an abusive relationship with Sloane. She's very surprised to hear that as well as his admission that the hospital staff that Tracy knows all too well have also abused or neglect or somehow failed his daughter and he holds them all responsible for that. He explains to her that when his daughter was raped, that idiot, Dr. Mayes screwed up her rape kit. The only witness was Mrs. Prescott (one of the murdered GH patients) who refused to testify. So there was nothing he could do to protect his daughter or get justice. Yet Tracy demands to know what Monica had to do with that, to which he replies that Monica told him there was nothing she could do about it. She urges him to leave Monica out of this and realize that he need not resort to drastic actions in order to save himself and not get found out. Yet he realizes it is too late. Too many people are going to connect him to the crimes and he has no choice except to do what he now believes he has to do. He admits that neither Sabrina nor Elizabeth had any part of this and he regrets doing what he did to them. At least he can be assured that Elizabeth will be ok. Yet Sabrina was not so fortunate. Realizing that Tracy knows that and will probably not keep the secret that he murdered Sabrina, Paul clearly realizes this only means he cannot let Tracy live. She then assesses to Paul she realizes his need to panic but he needs to think about his son. If he loves and wants to protect Susan, he must do the same for Dillon whom he knows will be traumatized to find out his father murdered his mother. Yet he then reminds T Also, regarding Susan, she asks if he is completely delusional to believe that his daughter will praise him and get better after finding out that he murdered many people. Paul realizes she is probably right. Yet he knows he has to kill Monica in order to protect himself. He knows Tracy will try to prevent him from doing so. And so, he concludes, he has to do what he has to do.

When Maxie is alone in her apartment, Griffin comes to see her. She asks why he is there, to which he replies he just wanted to see if she was ok. She affirms to him that it does not concern him what is going on with her. She admits she is upset yet realizes that, short of a time machine that could re-write what already happened, she does not know what anyone could do to make things right with this. She cries and Griffin holds her and comforts her. She then concludes that she does not have to let this ruin her relationship with Nathan. They can use it to make them stronger. Yet she admits to Griffin that she needs to know how and why he was a man who took a vow of celibacy yet slept with a married woman. He then reveals to Maxie that when he was with Claudette, he saw that she was a loving person. Maxie then admits to Griffin she realizes that he wants to see the good in Claudette yet she knows he just does not understand what kind of a person Claudette is. She then concludes she is done letting Claudette ruin and disrupt her life. If Griffin has “interest” in her, he may go and see her, Maxie tells him.

Nathan needs Claudette to tell him how he can see his daughter yet she continues to evade that. He reminds her that she has scammed and kept many secrets from him for a long time. He realizes she can do what she intends to do and he cannot change that. But since there is a child involved who is his, he is very willing and able to report her to the Canadian authorities and take action if she does not yet him see his daughter and make sure she is alright. She then admits to Nathan that she lost both her husband and Griffin but then miraculously had Charlotte. And that was the one good thing she got to keep. She did not want to lose Charlotte. Yet later, she got involved with a very bad man. Hearing that, Nathan assesses that still does not tell him anything. Yet she asks if he is unaware that she is scared about revealing where Charlotte is and he must know she does not scare easily. Nathan then concludes he will leave that alone but wants to know about “this man” whom Claudette was with. She then talks to Nathan about how this man is “cold and calculated”.

Anna and Jordan find out that Susan is now in an institution and Paul has secrets that could point to his being the murderer. Jordan goes off to attempt to get a warrant. Anna remains alone in the hotel room and goes through the dresser drawers to find any and all possible evidence, receipts and possible proof of what Paul is doing. She then finds a bill sent to Paul from the hospital where Susan now resides.

Anna gets on her phone to take action against Paul when Paul looks ready to attempt to strangle Tracy with his tie.

Laura admits to Kevin she has to sort out her feelings for him.

When Nathan asks Claudette the name of the man she lives in fear of. She reveals his name is Valentin Cassadine

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