GH Update Wednesday 9/28/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/28/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Anna returns to Port Charles and enters Kelly's. Griffin meets with her and she admits how angry she is and how she blames herself for Julian getting away with Duke's murder. She should not have moved to Berkeley with Robin and Patrick. She should have stayed in town not only for the hearing but also to do something about the hospital killings. She reflects that Sabrina was nearly a part of the family and Emma loved her. How will they explain to Emma that Sabrina is gone? She admits that she spent her life practicing law enforcement only to see the systems fail and she's infuriated and very discouraged. She realizes that Sabrina was the last of many murders in the hospital and cops believe the reason she was murdered was she saw who tried to kill Monica and they had to prevent her from identifying them. He asks her if they have made any progress with the cuff links that Officer Spencer found in the hospital lab, to which Anna admits not much has been done. She remembers when she left for California, they had an airtight case against Julian. They knew he killed Carlos with obvious motives. They had evidence as well as Alexis' testimony and his taped confession.

Paul is alone with his daughter Susan in her room at the secret institution. He has a birthday cake for her with candles and continues to urge and beg her to blow out the candles and respond to him. Yet she remains completely non-responsive although he informs her that he has “eliminated” all the people in the hospital who have hurt her. Tracy appears, stands outside the door and hears everything. She then realizes she may not want Paul to see her so she turns her back and heads to the elevator. Paul, however, notices his son's mom and asks what she is doing there, to which Tracy replies she found out where Susan is staying. She and Dillon were concerned that he’s kept that secret. Yet, she assures him, maybe coming out there was a mistake. She realizes it may not be her business and does not want to infringe upon his privacy. Paul admits to her that Susan can barely talk or think and he's staying in the area so he can stay and visit. She again apologizes for coming by without saying anything to him and realizes this is a very private matter. He then concludes to her that now that she's there, he would like to talk to her about Susan. He then admits that he has felt overwhelmed and things have “gotten away from him”. He reflects that he could not see or anticipate Sabrina's death. He further admits to Tracy that it was really good to be able to talk to her at the church and although they are not family anymore, they are still friends. He can sense that Tracy is onto him when she refuses to have dinner with him and wants to give him more time alone with Susan.

Nathan and Maxie meet for lunch at The Metro Court. He informs her that he has heard that the results of the paternity test for Claudette’s daughter will be completed and sent to him soon. He apologizes for this sudden bombshell yet she urges him to realize this is not his fault. It's all on Claudette, she assures him, as she talks about how his ex did not have the regard for him or for his mom and suddenly drops the bombshell that he has a daughter and his mom has a granddaughter and it may not even be true. Claudette enters. Maxie reminds her they have no reason to believe her because she's lied about everything. He then reminds Maxie that she had a conference call with Crimson. Yet she informs him it can wait. He encourages her to go and let him attempt to resolve his issues with Claudette alone. Maxie then goes off. Alone with Nathan, Claudette admits to him she knows things have gone horribly and she was wrong to have hid Charlotte from him and now wants him to be a real father to their daughter. She wants him to be a part of their lives and hopes he wants Charlotte to be a part of his. He then assesses to her that he wants to wait a few hours and that he has just run a paternity test. Hearing that, she reveals that she is kind of nervous about the fact that he's done that without informing her. With that, she gets up to go. Maxie returns and reminds Nathan that the reason Claudette rushed off so fast is so she can do damage control before she gets exposed. She continues to protest that it's obvious that bitch has been lying to them the whole time. Claudette then returns to her room and calls Griffin asking if he could come and talk to her. He demands to know why but she protests she is not playing games and needs him to get there because it's very important.

Griffin comes by Claudette's hotel room and demands to know what she wants. She replies that she just met with Nathan and Maxie and realizes she kept a secret they should have known about. Hearing that, Griffin asks her why she urgently called him regarding that, to which she admits to her former extra-marital partner that the circumstances involved in that might have something to do with him. She reveals to him that shortly after she had the affair with him and broke up with Nathan, she discovered she was pregnant. He asks if he heard that correctly, to which she affirms that 9 months after that time, she gave birth to Charlotte. She further informs Griffin that she is almost positive that Nathan is the father because they were not careful and did not use protection whereas she and Griffin did. Yet, he asks her if she is saying she is really not certain that her daughter is Nathan's child. Although she sounds as though she “believes” Nathan is the father, she realizes she does not know. He concludes that the reason she is doing that is to have Nathan wondering if he's a father. He also then realizes and reminds her that she was perfectly fine not to tell him about this only an hour ago. Now she suddenly has this urgency to tell Griffin about the daughter that could be his. Is there a reason? She replies that Nathan just informed her that he was running a paternity test. She admits to Griffin she wanted to let him know he may possibly have a daughter.

With Nathan, Maxie admits that only 5 years ago, if this had happened, she would have done everything she could to prevent him from knowing or having a relationship with his daughter. With that, she reflects that maybe she's a lot more like Claudette than she realizes. Yet, she assesses to her fiancé, she now knows all too well what it's like to be separated from one's child. And so, she concludes to him, if in fact he and Claudette to have a daughter together, she knows that Nathan will step up and commit to loving and raising her and she will completely support him with that. She promises him all of her reservations are about Claudette being a liar and not about him being a dad. She knows he would make a great father and it's ok if now he is hoping that Charlotte is his. He admits he's not certain he knows what he is feeling. He realizes that Claudette probably does have a daughter whom she's keeping a secret. And, he admits to Maxie, even if Charlotte is not his, he still wants to protect her if what Claudette says is true. Nathan gets the results and calls Claudette to inform her while she's talking to Griffin in her room. Maxie and Nathan go to Claudette's room and realize they need not be surprised to see Griffin there. Nathan has the sealed envelope in his hands with the results and concludes now is the time to open it and see the answer.

When Anna is alone at Kelly's, Jordan meets with her and protests that she knows she did not screw up the procedure with the wire tap at Alexis' house when she got the confession from Julian. She did everything the way it was supposed to be done. She knows it went successfully and they have all the evidence they need. Remembering she was right with her, Anna realizes that is more than likely true. Jordan protests that clearly somebody messed it up for them and covered their tracks very well. Anna reflects as much as she does not like or trust Paul, he was right there with them and he followed the protocol and did not make any mistakes, willfully or otherwise that they could see. Jordan informs Anna that she noticed Alexis lost it on the witness stand and something happened to her before she arrived at the courtroom. She appeared like she was drunk although she protests she only had a glass of wine. Alexis could not get the words out to testify and collapsed into Julian's arms when she stepped down from the witness stand. They both realize they do not have any good answers as to why Alexis fell apart at the hearing. They both realize that they've already talked to her and have not gotten any answers. Anna then concludes the best thing to do now is talk to Paul.

André runs into Curtis at the gym and admits that he likes to work out the same as others do. Curtis informs him if he’d like to use the punching bag, it's free for him to use and he will leave André alone with his workout. Yet André encourages Curtis to go a few rounds with him in the ring. Curtis wants to know about the investigation that André got involved in with Jordan regarding the hospital killer yet André does not want to discuss it with him. Curtis tells André he knows that the reason he is not discussing it with him is because of Jordan. André then admits to Curtis that he has concerns about how Curtis disrupted Jordan's life for a long time. Hearing that, Curtis informs him that it happened a long time ago and he and Jordan have since resolved their issues. And so, he informs André, perhaps it's he who is out of the loop. André looks like he might want to physically hurt Curtis when Jordan walks in the room to see them together. She overhears Curtis encouraging André to hit him and demands to know why. He clearly evades her question and leaves. She then observes André furiously going at it with a punching bag and demands to know why, seeing it clearly appears to be personal.

Tracy does finally agree to come back to Paul's hotel with him yet it appears he cannot find his wallet. She asks him what the big deal is. She can pay the check at the steak house, she tells him. Yet Paul scrounges all over the room, panicking and he gets an incoming call from Anna. Tracy asks him if he's going to answer it, to which he replies it's not important. With Jordan, Anna admits she needs to get some answers although Paul is not answering his calls. She can't just sit around and wait, she concludes. Anna finds Olivia Falconeri who admits to her that she is concerned about Julian roaming free when she has Leo with her, knowing he might find her son. She knows Anna is attempting to get inside Paul's room and she gives Anna the keys to find what she is looking for before Paul returns. Anna comes across many papers and files that do not look significant. But then, suddenly she finds the cuff links and stares at them in shock and horror knowing what that could prove.

When Paul is searching all over but not finding his wallet, Tracy suggests that they skip dinner since he will have to cancel his credit cards and it could cut into time he could spend with his daughter. He suddenly finds his credit card. She assesses that is good and now they can go. Yet he tells her he suddenly has an idea. Why don't they order in? She wants to go outside the door. Yet Paul knows Tracy is onto him and at that point tells her he's “sorry, he can't let her leave”.

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