GH Update Tuesday 9/27/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/27/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Franco goes to visit his mom, Heather, at the psychiatric facility. He admits that Elizabeth got pushed down the hospital steps probably by the hospital killer. She could have died and needed a blood transfusion. And the only want to accomplish that was to obtain the blood from Hayden. Hearing that, Heather demands to know why her son had to reveal the secret she wanted him to keep about Elizabeth and Hayden both being the daughters of Jeff Webber. He protests that he had no choice except to inform Hayden that she and Elizabeth are sisters in order to motivate her to donate the blood Elizabeth needed. Plus he had good reason to believe Hayden pushed her. In response to that, Heather reminds her son that that is what blood banks are for. Yet Franco reminds her that both Elizabeth and Hayden have the same very rare blood type and it was the only way to save Elizabeth. He tells his mom he apologizes if revealing the secret has cut off her income supply from Naomi. Yet, he reminds her, he is out of a job and a paycheck since the hospital has closed. They both, then, realize that they still have yet to find out who did in fact push Elizabeth, who has been killing people at the hospital and therefore the cause of the hospital shutting down. Realizing that, Heather indicates that maybe she suspects her son of being the murderer, or at the very least realizes and wants him to realize he is a suspect. She reminds him he is her son and capable of the same things she is. He is not ok to hear that and protests that he cannot accept being accused of killing those people. She reminds him that the tumor has not suddenly changed him. She knows his outlet for doing art. When he does not have the chance to do his art, it can cause him to slip into darkness. She then admits that if he's telling her, truthfully, that he did not kill those people, she is surprised. Hearing that she is “not contented” . Realizing that neither of them still have a clue who killed the people at the hospital, he realizes it's entirely possible that Heather is the killer. Yet, again, there's no proof of anything regarding that. Heather then concludes to her son that she was trying to show him that she loves him and wants the best for him. And for that reason she will not give him any money. She wants him to be his own man. Yet he reminds his mom that he cannot find another job. Hearing that, she encourages him to paint and make his mom proud. Franco then gets up to leave.

Hayden goes to find Elizabeth at her house and tells her she owes her money since her mom is in jail and she has nothing. Elizabeth demands to know why, reminding Hayden that she is out of job and has her own hospital bills to pay. Hayden reminds Elizabeth that she is a widow. Nikolas is dead. Since Elizabeth stole her diamonds, then maybe Elizabeth can pay her what she needs in order to save her mother. She reminds her it's the least Elizabeth can do after the blood Hayden gave Elizabeth to save her life. Elizabeth continues to protest that she's lived paycheck to paycheck and has the financial responsibility of her boys. Yet, at that point,, Hayden suggests that they contact their mutual dad, Jeff Webber and hear what he has to say about that as she indicates to Elizabeth she assumes Jeff is rich because he's a doctor, Elizabeth informs her, however, that he's a humanitarian and not a plastic surgeon and is not rich. She, herself, did not grow up rich with Jeff raising her and maybe the reason why Hayden's mother wanted her to mistakenly believe Raymond Berlin is her father is because she knew that Jeff had no money for her. She suggests maybe Hayden work for a living, to which Hayden reminds Elizabeth she worked and did a good job a ELQ but that did not work out for her, for reasons that were not her fault. Hayden notices Elizabeth has a home care nurse, as well as Franco to take care of her. Yet Elizabeth informs Hayden that she does not believe she owes her anything, sister or not. Maybe Hayden get can a job or find a man or do whatever she wants. However, she affirms to her sister, she has nothing but contempt for her and for people like her. And, with that, Elizabeth informs her, she can go now. Hayden then goes out the door. While Elizabeth is alone in her house, Franco returns and she informs him that Hayden was just there demanding hand-outs but she refused her. Franco is happily with her and she admits she appreciates his being there. She asks him why he's going so far out of his way for her, to which he replies maybe he's just trying to be a better person, perhaps a person who deserves to be with her.

When Julian appears unannounced and unexpected in Alexis' house, she holds up a glass wine bottle at him, makes it clear she suspects him and does not want to talk to him much less do what he wants. Yet he reminds her that she “betrayed” him. Hearing that she asks how on earth he would think that. He then concludes that there is no point in his staying there and attempting to get through to her. He informs her that he is accepting the fact that she wants a divorce and to be done with him yet he reminds her that she had good opportunity to testify against him on the witness stand and have him put away yet she hesitated. He admits to her he is interested in knowing why that happened. He reminds her she is s lawyer and knows very well what that jury wanted to hear. Yet she could not even get the words out. And so, he asks her, if that was because of him. She replies of course it was. She had to look at him staring smugly at her when she was on the witness stand and remembers all the hideous things he has done. Yet he asks if she might have failed to testify because she wants to save him. Hearing that, she furiously asks him why he'd remotely think that. Does he not know how he disgusts her and she never wants to see him again? Yet he believes he knows, whether she admits it or not, that she has feelings for him and can't let him go. He admits to her that he believes that what happened in that courtroom was fate. He remembers how much they loved each other and knows that love does not just die. He believes that whether she feels it now or not, she will someday realize the love they will always have for each other. She tells him he can believe whatever he wants but she needs to do what she needs to do as she gets on her phone to call Commissioner Ashford to report an intruder in her house and have Julian served with a restraining order so he cannot visit her again. She makes arrangements but notices Julian is not leaving. He gets up to leave, concluding that he does not intend to violate her restraining order nor prevent her from going through with divorcing him. However, he affirms to her, she needs to know that they will always be connected. He then tells her good bye, for now. As soon as Alexis is alone, she starts drinking again.

Kiki talks to Morgan outside of Perks and he wonders why she is suddenly acting like she's encouraging him to attend school. He reiterates to her that in order to have better employment opportunities he needs a college degree and certification. She wants to see the paper he has written but, regarding that, he instantly assumes that she is going to remind him that he fails at everything he does and will only conclude what a loser he is. He then concludes to her he wants her to motivate him to work harder to make himself better. She then concludes she has some things to do and when she gets back, she intends to celebrate with him. Yet when he's alone, and gets on his laptop, he indicates he is frustrated and discouraged. We then see him pulling out a credit card, possibly ready to “purchase” something so he can pass. Shortly thereafter, Kiki returns and has concert tickets for the two of them to go and see a band. She wants to enjoy the time they have together and sounds encouraging although he is only thinking and feeling negativity. Dillon appears and Kiki talks about Morgan's coursework in marketing. Hearing that, Dillon reflects about his own experience with school and instructors. Morgan makes it very clear that he is very discouraged. Dillon then informs Morgan of a website that can detect whether a student cheated or not and alert the professor. Morgan listens very attentively to that.

Tracy talks to Dillon and Paul. Paul asks her why she would assume that Sabrina's death would make him think of his daughter Susan, to which she replies that Susan is about Sabrina's age and they are similar human beings. Also, regarding Monica, she suspects nothing regarding the fact that he attempted to murder her. Yet she does inform him that all the questions that needed to be asked of her sister-in-law regarding the investigation of the hospital murderer has already been done by the cops. Yet Paul affirms to Tracy that he is the district attorney and needs to conduct his own investigation by talking privately to Monica. Paul leaves Tracy and Dillon alone to talk and she urges her son to attempt to contact Susan Hornsby as she provides the last known address that was in Maine. She then finds a way to track down Susan but realizes that she's familiar with the place where Susan is staying and needs to know why on earth Susan is staying there.

Paul goes to a private clinic, where he is graciously greeted and welcomed by a nurse named Sasha. She leads him to a hospital room to see a young woman who is silent and non-responsive. Paul greets her and acknowledges she is his daughter, whom he calls Suzy Q. She does not speak or even acknowledge her father and sits huddled in a corner, indicating she is emotionally damaged and disabled. He continues to talk and informs her he has a birthday cake and presents for her and reminds her if the things they did together when she was growing up. He admits that he did not quite succeed in obtaining all the presents he wanted for her. But the could not wait to wish her a happy birthday. He goes to kiss her and for the first time, she impulsively stands up and runs off to her bed and away from him. He then goes over to her and tells her how sorry he is to have startled her and wishes more than anything she could trust and not be afraid of him. He continues to talk about how he wants to take away the darkness and help her find her way back. He further informs her that he has made a list of all the people who hurt her. He knows that Dr. Mayes and many others caused what has now happened to her. He assures her they are all gone. He has gotten rid of all of the people; patients and hospital staff who pose a threat to her. He assures her he needs her to come back now. She can now do it. It's time. He then gives her a birthday cake yet she continues to be completely expressionless. He assures her that, with the exception of Monica Quartermaine, he successfully killed them all so they will never hurt hr again. While he continues to urge her to blow out the candles, yet she remains completely non-responsive and catatonic and it does not happen, Paul cries. Unknown to them, Tracy appears outside the door, overhears and is shocked at what she is hearing.

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