GH Update Monday 9/26/16

General Hospital Update Monday 9/26/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis returns home, ready to bond with her daughters and happy. Right then, however, she discovers Julian in her living room unexpectedly. She's horrified and startled. Yet right then, she awakens on her couch discovering he's not really there and she' just having a nightmare. We see her with massive bottles and glasses of wine all around her. Right then, Sam enters and sees her mom is in a bad way. concerned she asks her what is going on, knowing all too well what is up. She informs her mom she can see that this excessive drinking is becoming a pattern. Although Alexis attempts to assure her daughter she is fine, Sam firmly assesses she can see she is clearly not fine. Alexis then affirms to her mom that yes, she drank too much the previous night after what happened in court. Yet, she assures Sam, it's temporary. And, she further confirms to her, she has incentive to pull herself together because shew ill soon start working again. Sam then looks at a list of law firms to which Alexis has been applying and reminds her mom she has been suspended. Alexis assesses she's aware of that however, there are jobs she can do part time until she gets reinstated. Sam then assesses that even if that works out for her, it will not solve the problem of her drinking. Alexis then offers to her daughter that she can stay sober and not drink while Sam is unable to drink during her pregnancy. Sam is amazed to hear that. Alexis assures her daughter she need not worry. In the mean time, she informs Sam, she needs to shower, get dressed and get ready for some job interviews. Right then, Sam leaves. When Alexis is alone she picks up the wine bottles and glasses and appears perplexed and uncertain what to do next. She gets on the phone and calls prospective employers at law firms. Yet they make it all clear that they have heard all about her issues, are not about to hire her and inform her every position that is still advertised “has been filled”. At that point, she realizes she has nothing more to do.

Nina returns to Crimson assuming she will be able to conduct business as usual. However, when she walks into what has been her office, she sees Julian in her chair. She demands to know what he is doing, to which he confidently replies he is taking back what is rightfully his. He reveals that he's been looking all over her desk at her ideas and stories and reminds her that she's been running his magazine in his absence, calling all the shots but it's now over. Yet she reminds him that she's been running this magazine since long before he chose to attempt to kill his wife. She also reminds him that he has signed over all authorization of this magazine to her. And so, she informs him, he will not-have any more power over Crimson. Yet he informs her he is not asking for that, to which she asks just what he does want. He replies that he wants her to clear his name. She asks just exactly what he has in mind regarding that and what he expects of her, to which he tells her she can write a story about his innocence with his picture on the cover of the magazine. She refuses to do that but he urges her to see it as a win-win where she gets to boost circulation of the magazine and he gets to prove his innocence. Yet she assesses that that will only diminish her magazine's credibility. He then assesses he was only asking out of politeness. Hearing that, Nina confidently concludes that he needs to get real, given the situation. Yet he adds to her that he is now demanding and she needs to realize this is his magazine. She reminds him that she has the legal rights to the magazine and she does not know how he's going to have any power given his reputation and what people know about him. Yet he gravely informs her she will do what he wants or else she will be sorry, to which she asks Julian if he is threatening her. He replies she may take it that way if she so chooses. He assesses to Nina he knows she has some things going on with her life that are incomplete. He knows that she may have the legal control of the magazine. But he has the financial control of the budget. She then reminds him that she has proof of how he intended to sabotage the magazine in the past and is not intimidated by any threats he could make to her about that. She then tells him if he wants to “reach out” to Alexis and all others whose lives he's destroyed, he will need to do with without her or her magazine. He then leaves.

At the Metro Court, Morgan admits to Kiki that he has not attended Sabrina's funeral because he's afraid it would cause too much stress for Michael and others after the scene he caused a scene the previous night. He knows his brother has been through enough. First Sabrina has been murdered and now he has to give her baby to Carlos' brother. They both realize that Michael could have very well fought for custody yet did not. They also realize it may be bringing up his having to lose Avery and all the grief they both gave him over that. Also, he assesses that Sabrina was there for Micheal when he was all alone and they'd all abandoned him.. Right then, Morgan gets an incoming call and remembers he is enrolled full time in school. He leaves and Dillon enters

Michael goes to the Quartermaine house and is surprised to see Nelle there. She informs him she is has put together some pictures and memories of himself and Sabrina for all the people who loved her. He graciously informs her he appreciates the generosity although she reminds him she knows all too well how any amount of generosity cannot take away a loss like that. She informs him that her best friend in high school was murdered by a drunk driver and how the loss affected her. She then asks Michael if he's ok with her sharing these things about her life. He tells her of course. She then assesses that she and her friend had many pictures and reminders of concerts and parties they attended and all the memories they had together. And then one day her friend's parents got rid of all the things she had of her buddy. She assesses to him that, for that reason, she wants to make certain that he and all others who loved Sabrina will never lose the memories they had of her.

Sonny sits with Jason at a table at Kelly's and brainstorms about how they have to get to the bottom of how Julian got away with several murders as well the hospital killings after some unknown son of a bitch murdered Sabrina. Yet Jason asks him just what his options are regarding the fact that they have an unidentified serial killer on their hands. Yet Sonny asks if he's supposed to let the cops handle this, given just how effective that has been. He further informs Jason that Julian is not afraid of much when he's out and about with Ava at Kelly's and at the Metro Court. Hearing that, Jason assesses how Carly must have been outraged to see the two of them in her hotel. Sonny informs Jason that is not the half of it. Julian had the gall to “warn” them that they better keep Morgan on a leash and away from him. Yet Jason assesses to Sonny that Julian's moves to have a hit man kill Duke and then murder the hit man and then wants to set up his wife for the crime and tries to kill her. That means that Julian is clearly a coward and Sonny needs to know that means that Julian is not going to do anything and is not a threat to Sonny. Right then, Jason leaves and Morgan enters. Sonny asks his son why it was that he did not attend the funeral. Is there anything going on? He wonders why Morgan is burying himself in school work when he could have easily told his professors there was a death in the family. He further informs Morgan he knows he has a lot going on regarding his work, school, girlfriend and all and does not want Morgan to burn himself out. Yet Morgan assesses to his dad there is “someone else” maybe he should worry about.

After the memorial service is finished at the chapel, Paul sits alone haunted by the picture of Sabrina, while remembering murdering her. At that point, he sounds ready to cry and expresses to her that he's “so sorry”. Right then, Tracy enters, overhears what he is saying and inquires just whom and what he is sorry for. He then replies that he murdered Sabrina. Hearing that, she clearly does not believe it and assumes he's merely upset that he lost a case and failed to catch the hospital killer. Yet, she reminds him that the loss of Sabrina hurts Michael and her infant son and many others besides himself. She has no clue and is not connecting to any evidence or suspicion that Paul murdered Sabrina. Tracy “leads” Paul in a conversation about how anyone can blame themselves for the loss of Sabrina. She convinced Michael not to be worried about her returning to the hospital. Had she not done that, Sabrina might still be there today. Michael could blame himself. Other hospital staff could have been there to save her but didnot. Paul failed to find the killer. Yet the only person who can rightfully be blamed is the maniac who killed her. He then admits to Tracy she's right that Sabrina was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yet Tracy comments to Paul that she doesn't think she's ever seen him like this where he's sullen, vulnerable and clearly afraid of something.

Dillon finds Kiki at The Metro Court after Morgan has left and she tells him that she has some “ill” memories. She informs him that she and Morgan did some really dishonorable things to Michael. Yet when Michael was all alone, Sabrina was there for him. She and Morgan did not feel comfortable attending the funeral, having Michael seeing them and realizing that the person who helped him recover from the pain they caused him has died. He assures her that he's certain that Michael would appreciate seeing her and she should not be discouraged from reaching out to him.

Sam meets up with Jason and he informs her that her father went to the Metro Court last night and confronted Sonny. She assesses that does not surprise her. She wants nothing more to do with Julian, and there's no way she will ever see him as her father. Yet she asks Jason if eh is going to take action against Julian that could get him in trouble.

Paul continues to stay back at the chapel alone, addressing Sabrina's picture and continues to protest that he had a need to do what he did.

Tracy returns to the house and find Dillon and assesses to him that there was something “very weird” and out of character about his father when they spoke alone at the chapel just now.. Hearing that, Dillon informs his mom that he saw a very similarly “atypical” behavior in his dad, the night he lost the case. Strangely, Dillon remembers, his dad felt responsible for what happened to Sabrina. It sounded like it was “personal” to Paul . That was very strange given that he and Sabrina barely knew each other. Hearing that, Tracy concludes to her son that she thinks she knows “exactly” what is going on with Paul and his issue regarding the murder of Sabrina. She knows that Paul feels responsible for the loss of his daughter. His failure to protect Sabrina is bringing that out for Paul, she concludes. She urges Dillon to see if he can reach out to his father and find a way to bring Susan Hornsby back to town to re-unite with her father.

Kiki is alone on her phone not knowing what to do regarding reaching out to Michael. She then sends him a text thanking him for taking care of her baby sister.

Sam expresses her concerns to Jason, not only about how he and/or Sonny could get themselves in trouble confronting Julian. She's also worried about her mother after being disbarred, given all that has happened with Julian and the fact that he is now acquitted and able to roam free.

Right then, we then see Alexis coming down the stairs, with nothing left ot do except drink. She walks into her living room and is startled to see Julian standing there.

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